[Catalyst Daily #1] Birth 2012 TV Launch / Associated Press coverage / Special Letter from Barbara / Jerusalem / Mainstage at Agape
First and foremost, let's all take a moment today to send our healing intentions and prayers to the people of Connecticut for their heartbreaking losses. May their hearts and families mend and may we create a world in which such senseless killing becomes a thing of the past.

Birth 2012 Actions:

Start watching our original programming on Birth 2012 TV, launching today with don Miguel Ruiz and our host Stephen Dinan. You can watch programs any time, and also share comments with friends! On our new TV channel, the acclaimed film "Road to Peace" with the Dalai Lama is now available on demand.

Tune into "Harmony in the Holy Land"! Our partners in Jerusalem have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to create healing, hope, and unity on Dec. 21-22 with global prayers and a music event. Watch the amazing video, contribute and spread by clicking here.

Also, access the new Global Broadcast poster—now available for you to print and distribute in your hometown, or just email it to friends. Please spread far and wide! Click here.
Barbara Marx Hubbard on "Modeling the New" at UPLIFT
A Special Planetary Birth Day Letter from Barbara

There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

From: Barbara Marx Hubbard

December 14, 2012

Dearly Beloved Pioneering Souls:

I am so glad to be able to write to you and share this wonderful moment together!

We are now about 4000 Agents of Conscious Evolution and many hubs growing every day. Marvelous evolutionary teachers, masters, and activists have inspired us. We are becoming an evolutionary movement of pioneering souls, a growing community of and for the emerging planetary culture of cocreation.

In this very moment, we are on an epic journey toward our Planetary Birth. We are placing the energy of our love, life purpose, and creativity at the very tip of the tipping point to . . . [read more]

Debuts Today: Daily Catalyst and All-new Birth 2012 TV
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

We're now moving to almost-daily issues of the Catalyst, and each new edition will be short but packed! The Catalyst will now appear in your inbox early and contain news and features, just as before. It will also include a schedule of the day's special activities: live shows, movies, events, and campaigns.

In particular, today we are delighted to introduce an advanced digital TV viewing player that is simple to use—check it out here; this page is your portal to view the upcoming Birth 2012 broadcasts. (It is now a main menu item on the home page of Birth2012.com.) To help you get acquainted with how it works, each day—beginning today!—we'll be airing hand-chosen documentaries, news, and daily interviews with guest luminaries. Look for the listing of the day's programming in each new Catalyst. Each News program begins with "three minutes of love," hosted by Stephen from our studio in Los Angeles.

In today's interview, you will experience the love and wisdom of the "grandfather" figure of the Birth 2012 movement, don Miguel Ruiz. He offers insights on remembering the truth of who we are and using this time to awaken to the recognition that we are all cells in a larger body.

In regard to the events of December 20-22, please note that we are working from two schedules. They appear in two links under the Events tab at Birth2012.com. The first submenu, "Birth 2012 Broadcast Schedule," covers the minute-by-minute broadcast schedule; just below it you will see a second link containing the "Twelve Waves of Unity" schedule, which provides only the special moments of globally synchronized activity. These will be updated daily.

Today's Feature Film: Road to Peace - Ancient Wisdom of the 14th Dalai Lama

Journey with the Dalai Lama as he demonstrates simple ways to treat each other with love and practice peace. Road to Peace brings us the Dalai Lama's spiritual and humanitarian message like never before. At the heart of his key teaching of Universal Responsibility is a profound call to action. He expresses that we all have a duty to look after the planet, as our future depends on it. "If we combine our knowledge, skills and expertise with our will power and determination, then no matter what problems we face, we can solve those problems forever." —HH Dalai Lama.

Grassroots Video Submissions Invited Once Again

Given the success of our video contest, we've decided to reopen our video submission portal so you can continue to submit short pieces (under two minutes). It's not a contest, but we may select your video to appear in our 33-hour broadcast, or in Karen Everett's forthcoming documentary.

Birth 2012 Hits Associated Press Wires!

Thanks in part to our intrepid PR team, an AP piece entitled "Mayan Prophecy Sparks Dread, Celebration Worldwide" appeared yesterday that gives us accurate and significant coverage. Incredibly, syndication of the story to media worldwide has filled ten pages on Google already! The full story is here, but stop a moment and savor what AP writer Jack Chang wrote about us, appearing on page 2 of his piece:

" . . . The mystery isn't only inspiring dread: Some are . . . joining a global counter-movement promoting the date as the start of a new era of hope. Thousands of New Age adherents are expected to fill ancient sites across Mexico in the days leading up to Dec. 21, while their spiritual brethren party in hotspots as diverse as Culver City, Calif., and Byron Bay, Australia. One of the biggest movements is Birth 2012, which is using the Mayan date to launch what it hopes will be a global spiritual reset. Some 40 events around the world will mark the change. 'We've activated this campaign for three days of love,' said movement co-founder Stephen Dinan. 'Let's have generosity and kindness be the operative fare, rather than people hunkering down in fear.'"

The Mainstage at Agape: Anchor for the Birth

Most of us know that the December 22 Gala at Agape Spiritual Center includes top transformational leaders, artists, and visionaries—it's what Stephen sometimes calls the "Global Golden Moment." We'll all be participating as millions join in prayer and blessings worldwide, and we'll be watching the incredible lineup during those four hours. But what happens at Agape, and in virtual space, on Friday, December 21? During this gateway to the new era—this rite of passage to "Day One"—we'll have much to do, and much to contemplate. We'll be practicing loving acts and words as part of our pledge to the Three Days of Love; and, if we are not at Agape, we'll be watching the incredible events of the Global Webcast, including the 12 Waves of Unity every two hours.

But bear in mind that Agape will be the anchor throughout. The 33-hour broadcast will be launched from Agape at noon (Pacific), Dec. 21 with Stephen and Barbara introducing the First Wave of Unity, which is hosted by Unify/Be the Peace. Candles will be lit worldwide, and Shiva Rea will appear on the mainstage to introduce the "Yoga Wave" in these opening minutes. From this point on, Agape will be holding the space for all of us with a 13-hour vigil that that continues until 1:00 am on Dec. 22 (Pacific time). If you are at Agape during the vigil, there will be talks, music, meditation, prayer, and celebration led by Michael and Rickie Beckwith. And so, when not cutting to the various feeds from all over the world, the folks in our director's booth on site at Agape—led by Michael Binkow—will frequently cut through the day to the mainstage at Agape. It is from this sacred space that we will originate many events and most introductions to Waves of Unity, plus dialogues with Barbara by Stephen, Oscar Miro-Quesada, and Neale Donald Walsch, and much more. Get better acquainted with it here in the broadcast schedule.

Support a Beautiful Campaign for Harmony in the Holy Land!

UNIFY Jerusalem/Harmony in the Holy Land is a weekend of Interfaith Harmony events in Jerusalem on December 21st and 22nd. Prominent leaders of the Abrahamic faiths—Islam, Christianity and Judaism—will offer prayers and meditations from sacred sites including the Al Aqsa Mosque, The Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, including during global meditations on the 21st.

Harmony in the Holy Land will be the pinnacle concert event in Jerusalem on Sat. evening, Dec. 22nd when interfaith leaders and musicians of the Abrahamic faiths join together in a musical prayer for peace that will be live-streamed as part of our 33-hour Birth 2012 global broadcast, immediately before the Birth 2012 event in Los Angeles. We realized that restoring harmony in the Abrahamic family is key to the birthing of a new era which is why we reached out to Aliza Hava to create it. We are very excited to be offering a powerful message of peace from the Holy Land as part of this global birth of a new humanity.

Please help this initiative out by contributing and spreading the word to friends and allies!

Welcoming Committee Members Declare "Interdependence"

According to beloved Welcoming Committee members Ashok Gangadean and Dot Maver, it's high time for us—as planetary citizens—to formally declare our global interdependence. Ashok is convening a series of special ceremonies around the signing of a novel document he calls a "Declaration of Interdependence," which he personally authored. The first signing took place on December 1 at a "town meeting dialogue" at Haverford College, where Ashok is a professor of global philosophy and founder-director of the Global Dialogue Institute. The second will be held at historic Constitution Hall in Independence Square in Philadelphia on December 21. This signing will be followed by a celebration at Wainwright House in Rye, New York, where more signatories will acknowledge our interdependence, as our own Victoria Friedman co-hosts. Finally, the document (with all signatures) will be presented to representatives of the United Nations on December 22 at another important rite of passage. "We see this call to 'we the people' as an historic moment that coincides with the global Birth 2012 celebrations," said Ashok. "The Declaration of Interdependence seeks to bring forth today the same Global Light of Reason that, I believe, was tapped by the founders of our American ethos and reflected in our founding documents." You can read this beautiful document here.

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