[Catalyst #14] "Unprecedented" Birth broadcast / U-Day in Thailand / Sing in unison globally / Bob & Noel complete national tour
If you're planning on joining us for the Los Angeles Birth 2012 Gala along with Barbara, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield and more, we suggest you get your tickets soon, here.
Feeling and Harvesting the Communion
of Souls Everywhere on Earth
Radical Amazement at Global Upsurge for the Birth
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

I can't find a suitable word to express the blooming and buzzing growth of the environment around our Birth 2012 effort. This is what I can tell you: As I daily witness the heroic endeavors of Stephen Dinan as he assembles the 33-hour Birth broadcast, of Barbara as she embarks for Byron Bay to create her theatrical piece, of the ACE students in all their creativity, plus the work of groups outside our movement—like U-Day of Thailand, Shyla Nelson's global sing-a-long, and the "One Billion Om's" project, all featured in this issue—I sometimes drop into a state of amazement. You too may feel the same cumulative effect when you check out the rich line-up for our Birth 2012 broadcast on December 20-22 or read about the radical challenges faced with equanimity by our broadcasting team led by Charlie Gay and Stephen Fantl, covered in our feature story just below. Another inspiring expression is the 22 videos you have submitted to our "I am birthing . . ." contest, and I must say that I was moved to tears by the diversity and sincerity of your birthing projects, such as this adorable piece about a teacher and her children working on global sustainability. (The results of the video contest will be announced next week by Karen Everett and myself—our thanks for all submissions!)

This grand convergence of activity on behalf of a new era shows that Birth 2012 is no longer just about "us" who read this. It's also about what Barbara refers to in this week's video as the "communion of pioneering souls" everywhere, and it's about a myriad of other aligned initiatives around the world that we'll all soon witness in the extraordinary Birth 2012 broadcast.

Birth Broadcasters Step Up to "Unprecedented" Challenges
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

What's it like to put together 33 hours of audio-visual programming from a few dozen locations worldwide on a limited budget? Just ask the executive producer of the Birth 2012 broadcast, Charlie Gay, and the members of his expert production team that will be headquartered at the broadcast's technical hub in Los Angeles at the Agape Center. You might also want to hear Stephen Fantl's account of the trials just ahead for he and his ancillary technical team based in Oregon; Stephen's responsible for providing the live event feeds from such countries as Australia, Israel, France, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Thailand, China, America, India, France, Ireland, and Guatemala—all of which will be blended for the Birth 2012 broadcast that begins on noon (PST) on December 21 and culminates with four hours of programming from the Birth 2012 Gala in Los Angeles at Agape Center on December 22.

In this broadcast extraordinaire, the producers must deal with multiple locations in multiple time zones; handle live concurrent feeds streaming in from several far-flung locations; and move content through up to four digital pipelines—with much of this occurring in middle of the night, thus requiring that technical teams work in shifts. And that's just the beginning: Then this raw input gets routed to the LA team that has to decide—on the fly—what particular feed will be switched on live for the global broadcast to potential millions of viewers.

"I've managed shows with a high number of locations," says Gay, "but the Birth 2012 broadcast is the longest stretch of programming of this kind ever attempted . . . [read more]

Want to Respond to the Planetary Crisis? Then Sing with Shyla!

Beginning at 2pm (PST) on December 21, one of the most inspiring elements of our Birth 2012 broadcast—an event not to be missed—will be the global simultaneous singing phenomenon being sponsored by the Good Earth Singers of the One Earth, One Voice campaign. The angelic and charismatic Shyla Nelson, a classically trained American singer and performer who is the movement's founder, says she created the initiative "as rallying call to harness the unifying power of song as a response to our planetary crisis." Her goal is to mobilize 15 million people to sing in unison a Nigerian song entitled "Ise Oluwa" as way of "calling on world leaders to end the violence against the earth, the One Earth." The Birth 2012 broadcast will be receiving a feed from the Good Earth Singers that switches between the various locations of the synchronized singing around the world, such as Sydney (covered by the Australian BBC) and Nigeria (covered by major Nigerian TV).

Nelson is currently traveling around the world carrying a hand-blown glass globe as part of a 99-day global campaign to spread the word. She has generated international support in more than 45 countries, enlisting world-renowned musicians, scientists, environmentalists, and world leaders. Here's the sheet music and a video of a Nigerian Yoruba elder singing an authentic rendition of the song.

U-Day Event in Thailand: Born of the Spirit of Birth 2012

Sometime in 2009, Ben Bowler—an Australian-born visionary, social entrepreneur, and interfaith educator—experienced the same impulse that led the Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard to evolve the Birth 2012 movement.

"I realized then that I wanted to create something around the Mayan calendar end-date that would be positive," says Ben. "I envisioned a global event that would leverage the mythos of the date towards something constructive and useful: a celebration of unity that could bridge religious and cultural divides." And today Ben is the convener of U-Day 2012, one of the large events that is independently inspired by the same spirit as Birth 2012. U-Day and its musical segment U-Nite! will be an important live feed to the 33-hour Birth 2012 broadcast.

Bowler's music and interfaith extravaganza will be held in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand . . . [read more]

Enhance the "Field" through Synchronized OMs Worldwide

Also to be covered in the Birth 2012 broadcast is the One Billion Om's Globally Synchronized Meditation, an unprecedented effort to unite us all to meditate, pray, and "Om" at the exact same time for three minutes (simultaneously around the world) on December 22nd. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the renowned yogi, mystic, visionary, and humanitarian, will provide the hosting and leadership role for the event. A spokesperson for the effort said, "Our goal and intention is to have one billion people chanting Om simultaneously. By aiming for a billion people, we are reaching out to enough people to have a massive impact on planetary consciousness. It is our intention to continue these 'global meditation days' every year until the one billion goal is reached."

Bob and Noel Complete Their Nationwide Birth 2012 Tour
By Noel Marshal and Bob Warner

It's been a life-changing journey! On November 25 we facilitated our 93rd and last Birth 2012 gathering. Since departing from Ocala, Florida on June 5, we've driven over 20,000 miles, with stops in 48 states and two Canadian provinces, consuming over 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel and eight tires. But what really mattered is our experience of humanity's heart, for we met and fraternized with nearly 2,000 of our soul-family members for the first time.

We were amazed and touched by their hearts' longings for a better world, for community, for the opportunity to share their gifts. We have been awed by the humanity of the good work of so many who are standing tall in heart-led lives . . . [read more]

Share Birth 2012 on Facebook

We have more than doubled our Facebook fan numbers from 5,000 to over 11,000 in the past few months. Our FB afficionada, Julie Krull, asks that we work with tips listed below to grow the page even more in our final few weeks. Let's give a huge viral push for Birth 2012 by going to the Facebook page and doing the following:

  1. Use the "Share This Page" function. To find it, go to the right side under the large banner, where you will see a "wheel" icon. Click on that icon and select "Share." This will allow anyone to "Share this Page" on their personal timeline, a friend's timeline, in a group, or on their fan pages.
  2. "Share" posts often and tag the Birth 2012 page. How? Click "Share" under a post on the page. In the comment box above write something—preferably a personal message—and tag the Birth 2012 page by typing: @Birth 2012.
  3. "Like" and "Comment" on posts! This helps get the interaction rate up and allows your personal friends to see activity on the page. The more likes and comments, the more interest is generated, and the more people are attracted to the page.

Announcing the Birth 2012 Bracelet

Is there a relationship between gems, crystals, jewelry, and the evolution of consciousness? If you—like many of us—think there is a connection, you may like the Birth 2012 Bracelet. This masterwork by Shareane Baff of Intentions Jewelry celebrates Barbara Marx Hubbard and her vision, and was first presented to Barbara at a speaking event at Wainwright House in June. Says Shareane: "I created it for Barbara to honor her mission and the work she is doing. While others talk about the demise of the earth, Barbara asks us to create a kinder world, a new human—a heart-centered world. I felt drawn to channel Barbara's guides to create a bracelet that aligned with her vision." The Birth 2012 Bracelet is available here.

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