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The Learning Journey

Sound healing is one of the fastest-growing areas in transformational health and wellness today. The Sacred Sound Healer Training Program curriculum combines Science & Theory with Practical Application, Guest Workshops, and Integration Sessions to help you develop practical skills, tools, and techniques for your own personal and professional development.

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12-Month Live Online Training Program Starts Monday, August 21, 2023

This is the most comprehensive and integrative sound-healing training available, taught by pioneers and leaders in the field.

48 Science & Theory

sessions include “Healing & Higher Consciousness with Sound” and “Foundations & Science of Frequency Medicine and the 21st-Century Musician”

48 Practical Application

sessions give you practical experience in various modalities, including sound journeys, singing bowls, drumming, voice, ceremonial music, music as medicine, and building your sound-healing practice

12 Integration sessions

support you in taking your learning deeper by practicing and expanding on the teachings from each class

4 Guest Workshops

provide even more experience, insights, and practical tips from some of the world’s most celebrated sound healers and instructors

Career Outcomes:

Healing your clients, your community, and the world

By participating in this training program, you’ll develop the following skills and knowledge to achieve proficiency in the fields of sound healing and sound therapy:

  • Sound-Healing Practitioner: Sound healers can work as independent practitioners, offering individual sound-healing sessions to clients using various sound instruments — such as singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and the voice — to facilitate healing and relaxation.
  • Wellness Center Practitioner or Healthcare Provider: Sound healers may join wellness centers, spas, or holistic clinics, where sound-healing services are offered as part of a broader range of holistic treatments. They may collaborate with other practitioners to provide integrated healing experiences.
  • Meditation or Yoga Instructor: Sound healers with a background in meditation or yoga can become instructors who incorporate sound-healing techniques into their classes. They can guide participants through meditative practices, incorporating sound to enhance relaxation and promote spiritual wellbeing.
  • Retreat Facilitator: Sound healers can organize and lead retreats or workshops focused on immersive journeys or sound baths. These immersive experiences allow participants to explore the transformative power of sound, engage in group healing sessions, and learn sound-healing techniques.
  • Musician or Performer: Musically inclined sound healers may integrate their healing abilities with their musical talents. They can create and perform healing music, soundscapes, or concerts and festivals that promote relaxation, inner peace, and spiritual connection.
  • Educator or Trainer: Sound healers can share their knowledge and skills by becoming educators or trainers in sound healing. They may teach workshops, certification courses, or provide mentorship to aspiring sound healers, passing on their expertise and experiences.
  • Researcher or Author: Sound healers with a passion for exploring the scientific and theoretical aspects of sound healing can engage in research or contribute to the field through scholarly publications, books, or articles. Doing so will contribute to the understanding and advancement of sound-healing practices.

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