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Birth 2012: In the Rearview Mirror

By Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

Looking in the rearview mirror after completing Birth2012 presentations in all 48 states and parts of Canada, we learned a lot about ourselves and others.  After all, we did call it the “Conscious (Self) Evolution Tour.”  For a “fun” look at our tour – here is a 2-minute animation of our travels: Bob & Noel Birth2012 Tour.

We were asked by The Shift Network’s Stephen Dinan what we learned about “HUBS” on our Tour.  Most, if not all, of the things we learned about ourselves, we saw mirrored in those we served.  The first “learning block” was overcoming the whisper of the ego of powerlessness.  “Who are you, Noel and Bob, to be presenting about Birth2012,” it asked.  “You’re not ‘recognized’ spiritual teachers.  People won’t attend, etc.” Our first lesson, and those of HUB leaders, was to own our power and answer that Voice that beckons one to step forward and serve.

How?  We took one step at a time.  We fondly remember a HUB leader who wanted to have a presentation in her community, but was afraid because she had just moved there and didn’t have many contacts.  We told her it would be a success inspired by Jesus’ teaching:  “For wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” We thought, “Well, there’s two of us and one of you, so now the three of us just have to step back and watch the magic happen.” Guess what?  We had five events in four days in her area! Our learning was to step out and the Universe will support us!

Although all the HUBS looked and felt unique across the country, they all shared a common value:  a strong desire to connect, fueled by the evolutionary impulse to come together and uplift Humanity.  Frequently, we heard HUB leaders say:  “I can’t find my people.”  It became almost amusing to watch as HUBS formed around the Birth2012 message.  Once a co-creator stepped out, “peeps” from all walks of life showed up.  Over and over we heard:  “I never knew there were so many people that felt like I do. Thank you for helping me find my family!”

On a practical level, we found that the events that were most well-attended involved food!  We found that coming together and celebrating a meal together - as well as the Birth2012 message - was very complementary. It also sparked a lot of intergenerational sharing.

At one hub event, a six-year-old became our teacher, sharing his upset over oil-soaked ducks after an oil spill and he pleaded for action by adults. At another hub event at a nursing home in Alabama, a 97-year old retired minister invited us to dinner.  She chided us: “If I knew you were coming, I would have packed this place!”  That night, and since, she has continued to share Barbara Marx Hubbard’s movie, “Our Story” in her assisted living community bringing more residents into her HUB.

Over the course of our six-month tour, we brought our Light, the Birth2012 message, and created a spark in close to 100 unique gatherings.  Since then, the two of us have continued to present, whenever invited, to this day.  As “LightPartners,” we continue to support those we met through a monthly newsletter, as well as the “Co-Creator’s Convergence (CCC)” group that emerged when Barbara received the “Spiritual Leadership Award” presented by Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity’s Team.  Our CCC is an open group and we offer bi-monthly calls, a Facebook community and an annual gathering at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado.  As LightPartners, we continue to serve HUBS. You can find us online at where our mission is to “serve our one sacred life.”

Noel's eclectic career has included scientific and clinical research, work as a speech/language therapist, University faculty member, real estate investor and broker. She holds a pilot's license as well as a PhD in Communicative Disorders from the University of Texas and has been published in scientific as well as non-scientific publications. Noel was born and raised in the Washington, DC area, and is the 7th of 15 children. She enjoys challenging herself and others to grow to their highest potential.

Bob "rewired" after a 37-year career as an aviation association executive, pilot and a limited belief of self into a conscious evolutionary.  Last year, Bob, along with his wife, Noel Marshall, and canine companion, Boomer, re-purposed their RV lifestyle into a "mobile turtle-hut of consciousness" and hit the "HIGHway” inviting others to the Birth 2012 movement.  Today, Bob continues to travel full-time in search of opportunities to glow, grow and serve - while celebrating Humanity’s Oneness.

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 22

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