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BeThePeace: September 21, 2013

By David Nicol, Director of the Gaiafield Project and Center for Subtle Activism, Member of Summer of Peace Leadership Team
At the heart of the (r)evolutionary shift being called forth on the planet today, is the emergence of a truly planetary consciousness. First and foremost, it is an awareness of ourselves as planetary beings, in interdependent relationship with each other, and with all the creatures who walk, swim, fly, and scuttle with us on this Earth. An awareness that extends care and compassion to all earthlings, not just members of our family, tribe or nation. An awareness that, perhaps, may actually represent the dawning self-perception of the great global being itself.
We recognize this planetary awareness by its joy, for it emanates the vibration of new birth. It has nothing to do with the old systems that are teetering on life-support all around us. It has everything to do with a very real (the only?) possibility for the future of human life on the planet.
BeThePeace, on September 21, 2013. The International Day of Peace, is a big, bold, beautiful evocation of planetary awareness. It brings to a peak, a global field of peace that has been building each week since the start of the Summer of Peace, through the practices shared by various guest teachers in the Spirituality and Peace series. Last year’s inaugural event linked live meditation gatherings in 248 cities worldwide, as well as thousands more virtually, in three Global Attunements for Peace via teleconference/audio webcast. For those of us who helped organize the event, it was like being a kid on Christmas Day. The best day of the year. By far.
The goal for this year’s BeThePeace is to have live events in 500+ cities.  
The structure for BeThePeace is simple. There are three times throughout the day to synchronize in meditation: 12am, 12 noon, and 12 midnight GMT. You can organize your own local event for one of those times — with support from the BeThePeace team — and link it to the main event by posting it to our map. You can sit in silence yourself at those times, and tune into the field. You can also connect with others at those three times by phone or audio webcast in three profound Global Attunements for Peace. And, throughout the day, you can participate in the Global Care Room. The Global Care Room is a website that shows the location of participants as points of light on a spinning Google Earth map. It gives a stunning visual depiction of the global field forming in real-time. There’s an audio player in the room, so you can also listen to a meditation track along with everyone else in the room.
BeThePeace was conceived and organized collaboratively by a number of leading peace organizations, including: MedMob, Gaiafield Project, Pathways to Peace, Global Coherence Initiative, Do As One, and the Shift Network’s Summer of Peace program. Dozens more collaborating partners have come on board to help spread the word.
Momentum is building for this year’s event. At the time of writing, there are already over 110 events posted on the map. Earthdance and UNIFY will coordinate hundreds of their gatherings with our third moment. Musicians Deva Premal and Miten have donated a Mantra Meditation track for use in our Global Care Room. 700+ households in the Netherlands-based Cities of Light network will be invited to organize meditation gatherings at one of our synchronized moments. Qi Revolution is asking over 3,000 Qi Gong teachers to organize a synchronized Qi Gong experience. Thousands of Kundalini Yoga instructors will be enrolled to teach certain kriyas for world peace at the same time. And this is just a sampling.
Please join us. Organize a meditation or prayer event in your community. Even simply getting a few friends together is an important contribution. Every person creates a channel that strengthens the field. Together, we can facilitate an immense flow of inner inspiration into our world.
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2013 Catalyst - Issue 15

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