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Spring of Sustainability

By Vinit Allen, host of the Spring of Sustainability

The next two decades will be a make or break window in terms of having a planet that’s capable of supporting human civilization, let alone supporting other species. Our knowledge of the issues and ability to engage will be critical to our survival and that of generations to come.

Spring of Sustainability is a big contribution to this urgent situation—it’s the largest virtual sustainability program ever, and you’re invited.

Right now—this week and for the rest of the spring—you can get free, live access to today’s greatest minds in sustainability, as close as your phone or computer.  All it takes is a 10-second registration

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through June 14, the second annual Spring of Sustainability (SoS) presents live interviews with visionaries, activists and researchers at the cutting edge of the “green” revolution.  In the first week of SoS alone, listeners heard – and even got the chance to ask questions of – environmental journalist/author Bill McKibben, spiritual activist Andrew Harvey, and former U.S. Representative and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich. 

All interviews and panels are webcast live at 4pm Pacific. Free replays are available within 48 hours of each webcast.  You can also attend by phone.

Personal growth and planetary survival are, of course, inextricably connected. SoS gives you a uniquely convenient way to:

  • understand the global issues every citizen needs to know about
  • get inspired by the most promising solutions playing out in communities across the planet, and
  • explore what your unique contributions might be

Spring of Sustainability is a co-production of The Shift Network and our nonprofit partner, the Sustainable World Coalition. Dozens of environmental organizations, large and small, are partnering with us in this effort, and in the process, raising revenue for their missions.  (Your organization can do the same!)

Vinit Allen, Sustainable World Coalition Founder and Executive Director, hosts SoS interviews on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Each Thursday, SoS features a panel discussion on subjects such as:

  • Climate change
  • How women can drive the sustainability movement
  • Healthy oceans
  • Building local economies

Next up on the Spring of Sustainability:  interviews with eco-philosopher Joanna Macy (Tues., Apr. 16) and LOHAS President Ted Ning (Wed., Apr. 17), and a panel discussion on the Ecology of Justice (Thurs., Apr. 18). 

Register today for free and begin to enjoy and learn from the most inspiring voices in the green movement!

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 6

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