[Catalyst Issue #11] Birth2012.com Upgrade / Video contest / new TV channel / "Day One" Updates
Enjoy the entirely new look of Birth2012.com and partake of its new features, especially our "I am birthing . . ." video contest. Invite your friends to start their own hubs using our much-improved registration interface, and help supply everyone you know with books by purchasing Birth 2012 and Beyond in bulk, now up to 50 percent off!
New Birth 2012 Initiatives Abound—Add Yours Too
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

The rapid growth of our movement inspires us to grow along with it, so we're delighted to announce a new rendition of Birth2012.com with this issue of the Catalyst, and many new initiatives. The new site expands the focus from hub creation—still a high priority—to what each of us is birthing. So, consider submitting a video (but read the rules first) to our "I am birthing . . ." video contest before the November 20 deadline. (Two samples of "I am birthing . . ." videos can be seen at the new home page.) Or, if not a video, post your most cherished Birth ideas, images, and commitments at our Facebook site. From superstorm Sandy to the presidential election, the stakes are getting ever higher, don't you think? So now is the time to throw your initiative into the superstorm of creativity and love that is accumulating around the Birth. Speaking of which, don't miss our "Three Days of Love" initiative and our new spiritual TV channel, introduced below.

Got story ideas to share? Want to see us cover something we've missed? The Catalyst is weekly from now on, so feel free query me with your ideas at byron@theshiftnetwork.com.

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Birth 2012 Coming Together
By Stephen Dinan

When we committed to launch the planetary Birth movement, we knew it would take a lot of grace for all the right elements to come together. And the universe hasn't disappointed.

Every week, new major events are announced around the world. From Byron Bay, Australia to Mexico and to many other countries, people are hearing the call to mark this moment of transitioning eras—and this profound process is often very synergistic. For example, we've decided to focus on the noon Pacific moment on December 21 as the beginning of the global "expansions." (These will culminate at the noon Pacific moment on the 22nd.) And as it turns out, indigenous elders from Australia and New Zealand are planning to assemble in Byron Bay Australia for a dawn ceremony at that very moment. In addition, a major global singalong in London with major artists may also begin at this time.

After this specific moment, we envision twelve "expansions" (rather than "contractions") occurring during the 24 hours leading up to the four-hour Birth Gala on the 22nd. These will symbolize the contractions of a birth. We will share the detailed structure for this soon. Noon Pacific on the 22nd will be a big powerful moment, leading into global song, meditations, qi gong, yoga, peace prayers, oms, and drumming as ways for us to unify hearts and minds.

Agape in Los Angeles To Be Mainstage for Birth

We've recently partnered with Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles as the mainstage hub for the Birth Gala. This is quite beautiful since they've been at the forefront of birthing a new consciousness in Los Angeles, and its spiritual director Michael Beckwith is a member of our Birth 2012 Welcoming Committee. Registration will be open soon here: http://www.birth2012la.com

Recently, we began a new participatory idea: the Three Days of Love campaign, which will go live soon, endorsed by people ranging from Deepak Chopra to Michael Beckwith. The concept is for people to pledge to only share words and actions of love for Dec. 20, 21, and 22. This helps to create a feeling of global family—a unified field—as we enter into the major events happening on the 21st and 22nd. By shifting the baseline of human consciousness from polarization to deeper connection and from self-interest to generosity, we help make the conditions ripe for an experience of harmony and new beginnings.

On other fronts, we're now launching an upgraded Birth 2012 website designed for mobile use, more self-expression, and easy hub creation. The Shift Movement is rolling out location-based features so that you can better find other members in your area to create hubs and events.

A friend once said to me that the optimum rhythm for evolution is the "pace of grace." I've found that this work of weaving a global movement together requires aligning with that pace of grace and trusting that each new element will fall into place when it's required. I trust you are experiencing the same!

Featuring Practical Wisdom, "Spiritual Life TV" Goes Live

Shift Network.TV is happy to announce the launch of Spiritual Life TV Channel, whose programs are devoted to "Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Living." The new online channel features teachings from many wisdom traditions—East and West, as well as topics in philosophy, religion, and science—all presented with a practical focus on living a more spiritual life. The current offerings include: "The Courage to Live a Radiant Life," "Easy Enlightenment: A Faster Path for Everyone from the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas," "HeartMath: Activating Your Heart Intelligence," "The Global (Harmony) Coherence Initiative," "The Dalai Lama's World Peace Talk at the US Capitol," and "The Golden Rule Video."

The Spiritual Life TV Channel is an initiative of Olivia Hansen, a close friend of the Shift Network who is a long-time student and teacher of ageless wisdom. Olivia's Synthesis Foundation helps advance esoteric wisdom teachings as well as practical wisdom for the public. Olivia collaborates with many leaders, teachers and groups of spiritual consciousness, working in dynamic synthesis to bring about spiritual awakening. She has been a lead sponsor and collaborator on a number of Dalai Lama events including the Dalai Lamas recent World Peace Talk at the U.S. capitol and Kalachakra for World Peace in Washington, DC.

Set Your Intention for "Three Days of Love" to Launch the Birth

A robust "Day One" will need to have an energetic launching pad, and you're invited to help create it. Barbara initiates the three-day cycle with her broadcast from Byron Bay in Australia on Friday, Dec. 20th. The cycle continues through the weekend, with major events worldwide on four continents. On Dec. 22nd it all culminates with our huge broadcast event from Agape International Spiritual Center (see more detail in Stephen's update). To support all this energetically, engage with our Three Days of Love campaign and help spread the right quality of energy, connection, and actions to prepare us for a beautiful experience of global interconnection over the three days.

Puerto Rico Hubs—Portals for Resonance

After reading Barbara's book, a very dynamic Puerto Rican named Elba Rivera Molina, PhD got into action. She invited Unity ministers, friends, and students of A Course in Miracles to a meeting at her home. "Over seventy people attended," writes Elba. "And all of them decided to enter into the movement!" The gathering organized itself into fifteen hubs, including nine being convened at Unity churches, with Elba's group acting as the lead hub for the island. Elba also orchestrated follow-up meetings in the major towns around the island. Among the results of all this proficient organizing are firm commitments to meditate in synchrony and to offer people in need spiritual guidance that encourages them to solve problems through the meditative process. "We are giving birth to experiences of harmony, joy, and peace in our groups, says Elba. "Our purpose is to heal the planet and give birth to a new spiritual human being."

In the new book Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras, beloved Shift Network teachers Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman present a comprehensive and systematic method for realizing our highest aspirations. Based on their popular nationwide workshops, this step-by-step approach takes the reader on a journey through the chakras, which Judith and Goodman use as "a formula for wholeness, a template for transformation, and a sacred map for manifestation." The Catalyst commends this book to all sincere students of personal growth.

Catalyst recommends:

The Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA, November 12–16

In this free event, Shift Network ally Mastin Kipp has put together interviews containing "actionable wisdom" from twenty of today's leading transformational voices including Marianne Williamson and Arielle Ford.

Our Hub Queen reports that among the many new U.S. hubs are Berkshire Portal in Massachussets, Evolve Virginia Beach, Dallas Birth 2012, Healthy Happy Human BEings (H3BE) in Park City, Utah, Light Connection in Santa Cruz, CA, Rogue Valley Oregon Birth 2012 Hub, and Spirit House Tampa.

New overseas hubs include BeThePeace Istanbul, Fejø Permakultur og Omstilling in Denmark, Kayvalia in Spain, Lodz Hub in Poland, New Earth in Bulgaria, and OneSpirit in Brixton, London.

"Design Me A Planet"—A Futurist Global Think Tank
A Profile of Michel Saloff-Coste

Perhaps our most ambitious hub is an organization called "Design Me a Planet" based in of Paris, France—an inspired "think tank" founded by Michel Saloff-Coste whose purpose is to create and disseminate solutions for global issues at the planetary level. The founder of the Club of Budapest in France, Michel has been closely associated with Welcoming Committee member Ervin Lazslo and many other leading European innovators and visionaries. Michel is a bestselling author in France who is known worldwide as a change catalyst, global futurist, and integral thinker—and also as an artist whose work hangs in prestigious museums. And now he's a friend of the Birth 2012 movement. Michel was introduced to Barbara while she visited France in June . . . [read more]
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