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This week a close friend and collaborator of Barbara's, filmmaker Foster Gamble, provides us with this special video excerpt. Foster offered the Catalyst this additional statement: "I will be forever grateful to Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution for their formative work on the 'twelve-around-one' model of the Wheel. My wife Kimberly and I had the privilege of participating with her and many others (including Stephen Dinan) over nearly a decade to finalize the twelve sector names. This seminal work has resulted in an efficient tool for solutions activity across the globe. I always urge others to hold to the original twelve-sector designations, so that the many groups worldwide who have now adopted this framework can more easily work together. My own work on sector solutions can be found here."
Burning Man 2012 Celebrates "Fertility" in Year of Birth
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

Here's something quite magical: The grand theme of this year's Burning Man Festival, celebrated last week in the Nevada desert by 64,000 attendees, was fertility—specifically "Fertility 2.0." A mere coincidence? Or, is the aspiration for planetary rebirth more widely shared than we think? On behalf of the Catalyst, I attended Burning Man this year in search of answers—and, of course, for the sheer thrill of reveling in the world's largest party! (Please let my story entertain you while you fill in your answers to our first survey of Catalyst readers.)

For several decades Burning Man has been the planet's most radical experiment in liberty, community, fashion, sexuality, and art. Personally, I gravitate to the talks and panels featuring daring pioneers of cultural creativity such as "Thrive" filmmaker Foster Gamble, who shared inspiring reflections this year on the twelve sectors of the Wheel during a "New Paradigm" panel at Burning Man's Red Lightning camp. (Our lead video above, excerpted from a recent video blog of Foster's, reflect the same insights he offered there.) But Burning Man is better known as a stupendous display of . . . [read more]

Prayer, Grief, and Synchronicity at Burning Man Temple

We cultural creatives aspire to reshape or transcend the organized religions we inherited—it's just the way of evolution. Many of us even go on to self-organize our own innovative spiritual forms. Each year, one of the supreme exemplars of this impulse is the Burning Man temple, always present as a companion to the central focus of the event, the huge effigy of the "man." At each Burn, the "man" goes up in flames on Saturday night amid the most elaborate and raucous party on Earth. By contrast, the temple is burned on the final night while burners watch in relative silence and reverence . . . [read more]

Representatives of Shift Network to Speak at Major UN Forum

The Catalyst was pleased to learn that Philip Hellmich, our energetic director of SOP, and Avon Mattison, distinguished member of SOP's Wisdom Council, will speak this coming Friday, September 14 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST) on a special panel presided over by the president of the United Nations General Assembly. These forum will be held in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York and will follow after an opening ceremony featuring United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The day-long event has an impressive name: "The United Nations High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace." We at the Shift Network see this event as an especially a powerful moment for Avon Mattison. She is the intrepid founder of Pathways to Peace, who for decades who has championed the Culture of Peace Initiative, which in turn sponsors the UN-sanctioned International Day of Peace—and for these and many other achievements we are so proud of her. This first-ever forum offers a rare opportunity for an open, public, and international exploration of the ways and means for creating a global culture of peace—precisely the mission of our own SOP as well as our recently released Shift Books title by James O'Dea, Cultivating Peace. Participants in the forum will include UN member states, civil society NGOs, and the media. Go here to view the webcast on the day of the event.

The Catalyst Recommends These Events

BeThePeace / Globally Synchronized Meditation / Sept 21, 2012
The largest globally-synchronized meditation and prayer for peace in human history!

Art of Community 2012: People, Place, and Purpose / Weekend of Sept. 21-23
Explores building a cooperative culture and fosters the sharing of ideas about intentional communities.

Day of Tikkun / San Francisco / October 6
An immersive day of sacred ceremony, learning, and music hosted by service organizations that are dedicated to making our world a better place.

Join the Hub Support Calls

You can facilitate your hub's unfolding with our now-weekly Hub Support Call, held each Saturday at 10:00am (PST) / 1:00pm (EST). If you haven't already, please sign up to receive the weekly announcements (including call-in numbers) for these important calls. This week's call will feature Barbara and will be hosted by Ron and Victoria Friedman along with Suzanne Hubbard. The Hub Support Calls offer you:
  • support in starting or developing a hub
  • a chance to share and receive inspiration, ideas, and action plans
  • tips on event planning and fundraising
  • ways to build the Resonant Evolutionary Field!
Last Week's Hub Support Call

Our valiant Birth 2012 road warriors, Noel Marshall and Bob Warner, hosted last Saturday's call with a theme of "Ten Simple Things I Can Do to Gentle the Birth." The call included practical ideas that everyone can do to (1) get the word out (2) activate new hubs and (3) plan your Day One event so that you can generate a power trajectory beyond December 22. The call is archived here.
Help Convert Youth Telesummit to an Educational Resource

Would you like to help youth all over the world learn about the ways of peace—from other young people who are globally recognized as peace leaders? You may recall that back in February our Youth Rising for Peace Global Telesummit featured young peace leaders from around the world speaking out every hour for 24 hours. Based on this event, Youth Leader Magazine, a non-profit organization with UNESCO status, is creating the Youth Rising for Peace multimedia book for schools, families, and young people. This multi-media package will include 800 pages of interviews and photographs plus over 100 video clips and 40 posters. Click here to contribute to the publisher's Indiegogo campaign, which includes bonus gifts for your support of peace!

Host a Movie Party for Phil Donahue's Body of War

This month and next, join the Peace Alliance, along with media pioneer Phil Donahue, in their campaign around Donahue's acclaimed documentary "Body of War"—a transformational film about the true face of war today. Learn here how you can host a movie party in your home or a local screening to show this deeply moving film, and help make peacebuilding a legislative priority in our nation.

  SOP Teleseminar of the Week
You can learn about this year's celebration of International Day of Peace, which is sponsored annually on September 21 by the United Nations, in an SOP teleseminar that will feature over 15 speakers from around the world. This call, to be held on Wednesday 8:00am to 9:30am PT, will highlight the groundswell of celebrations taking place around the world on this, the Thirtieth Anniversary of the International Day of Peace.

This Week's SOP Focus: Peace and the Military

This week is a paradigm shifter, as the Summer of Peace telesummit will feature leading military strategists who are exploring new frontiers of human security, peacebuilding, and the environment. They will be interviewed by long-time peacebuilder Chip Hauss from the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

Summer of Peace schedule for the week of September 9:

  • This Sunday at 9:00am PT: Spirituality and Peace—Live from Jerusalem with Mark Naseck, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and Rabbi Yoel Glick
  • Monday at 12:00pm PT: Peace and the Military with Eric Patterson
  • Tuesday at 12:00pm PT: Reducing Military Spending in the Post-9/11 Era with Capt. Kenneth Alexander and Matt Southworth
  • Wednesday at 8:00am PT: Introduction to International Day of Peace—a special call with speakers from around the world
  • Wednesday at 12:00pm PT: Peace and the Military with Col. Chris Holshek
  • Thursday at 12:00pm PT: 3P Human Security with John Filson
  • Friday at 12:00pm PT: Child Soldiers—A Long Way Gone with Ishmael Beah, Caroline Rogers, and Elizabeth Kuhr
Sign up here to participate for free in the Summer of Peace.
  Issue 7 • Sep. 8, 2012

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