[Catalyst #6] passionate Birth 2012 leadership; video of Barbara’s historic keynote
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Barbara's historic keynote to the Catholic sisters [an excerpt]

New Passion Infusing Birth 2012 Leaders
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

As I look around our movement, it is clear to me that many of our leaders who are birthing a transformed world are feeling a new sense of passion. This week's inspiring video excerpt above is just one example.** (It's made available by permission from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious; the full video is available here.) Last weekend's ACE Mentor Retreat was yet more evidence of leadership arising, as Stephen Dinan notes below, as are the new weekly Hub Support Calls announced in this issue which represent a new level of leadership and collaboration.. And all this has inspired us to improve our hub support for you as you will discover in the coming weeks!

** By the way, an official at the LCWR told the Catalyst that the sisters remain in open dialogue with the Vatican's representative, Archbishop Sartain, and that the sisters remain firm in their quest to evolve a new future for Catholicism. Also, don't miss this related interview with Barbara on WNYC, New York's NPR affiliate.

"Hub Support Calls" Go Weekly—Beginning Tomorrow

The most recent ACE Mentor retreat inspired an even higher level of leadership by the incredible traveling couple, Noel and Bob Warner. (We profiled them previously in the Catalyst.) "In the retreat, our hearts revealed that we can do more," they told the Catalyst, "especially around the intention to create 'thousands of hubs around the globe'—just as the Birth 2012 video trailer proclaims! Our new inspiration led us to join Victoria and Ron Friedman of Vistar in providing weekly hub calls for the movement." Hub facilitators need only register here to participate in these calls that are held each week at 10am PST on Saturday. By the way, Noel and Bob's newest travel schedule can be found here.

Reverend Angel Explains Fundraising for Hubs

Many of you have asked us how to raise funds to support your hub or Birth 2012 event. Find out how on this week's Hub Support Call which will be led by Angel. Plus, you can access a new template fundraising materials here at Birth2012.com. The new weekly Hub Support Calls offer you all kinds of support each week; they also let you report about the progress of your hub, compare notes with other hub facilitators, and much more.

Is Working for the Birth Your Passion?

Since "passionate leadership" is a theme of this issue of the Catalyst, we thought of inviting you to take the well-known passion test based on the bestselling book, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose by the husband and wife team Chris and Janet Attwood. The test requires you to list your goals and desires, weeding through them until you have arrived at five "priority passions"—which you then compare to the actual priorities in your life as you live it now. A full life that is steeped in passion is achievable, they explain, through the application of three concepts: intention, attention and "no tension." Have you applied the passion test and the passion principles to your passion for the Birth?
Discovering Your Leadership in the Birth
By Stephen Dinan

After witnessing last weekend's profound Mentors' retreat [see group photo here], I wanted to share some reflections on leadership. As you know, the ACE Mentor program is the most advanced training provided by Barbara for those in service to the Birth. What we've noticed over time and especially over the course of the weekend is that the most energized and effective Mentors—or leaders of any kind in the Birth movement—are the ones who source their own vision for leadership. In other words, they connect deeply with their soul's calling—and then follow this impulse, passionately.

Whether that is organizing a grassroots tour that has now activated over fifty birth hubs, as Noel and Bob Marshall have done, or creating a mega-event in Tucson as Reverend Angel is now doing, or . . . [read more]
  Featured free SOP teleseminar this week:
Introducing the New Film "Body of War"
A Shift Toward Peacebuilding with Phil Donahue
Monday, August 27th, 5:00pm to 6:00pm PT

Arts & Culture Week

This is by far the most robust and diverse week of the Summer of Peace tele-summit yet! We are featuring . . . [read more]

Sign up here to participate for free in the Summer of Peace.
Viva Vistar! Meet Victoria and Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman, MD, and Victoria Friedman, the cofounders of Vistar Foundation, are know as visionaries and pioneers in what can be called "collective evolutionary consciousness"—in other words, their work is very much aligned with what we do here at The Shift Network.

While Ron pursued a career as a medical pathologist, and Victoria as a commercial ceramic artist, the two developed the Vistar Method for Circles™, a powerful dialogue technique . . . [read more]
  Issue 6 • Aug. 25, 2012

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