Your First Catalyst ezine!
Improved Launches with New E-zine
By Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor

We are pleased to announce two new efforts at building our Birth 2012 community: An all-new (now with an accent on brevity and heartfelt activism)—and this, your first weekly issue of the Birth 2012 Catalyst e-zine! features the inspiring new Birth 2012 trailer, recently coproduced with Mikki Willis of Elevate Films. Other features include: a simple introduction to the movement; ways to declare your commitments for the Birth; and guidance for hubs and circles. As publisher for Shift Books, I helped bring you Birth 2012 and Beyond, and I am now pleased to be the editor of and the Catalyst. If you have input of any kind for these efforts, please contact me at (A specific subject line much appreciated!)

Barbara in Dialogue with Neale Donald Walsch Tomorrow

Don't miss our free teleconference that brings together Barbara and Neale Donald Walsch for a dialogue on "The Birth of a New You AND a New Humanity." This global call takes place tomorrow, Sunday, July 15, 2012 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern / 7:00pm GMT. Sign up here:

We all know Neale Donald Walsch as a modern-day spiritual philosopher whose words continue to touch and inspire millions of us in profound ways. To hear and witness the soulful synergy of two world-class teachers like Neale and Barbara is always exhilarating. Even if you can't attend this call live, do sign up for it and we'll send you a free recording.

Articles Amplify Movement Ideals

Two prolific members of the Welcoming Committee published richly informative pieces on Huffington Post this week.

In his piece entitled "Akasha Think," Ervin Lazlo provides a list of "16 ideas that are the hallmark Akasha consciousness," the subject of his new eBook, The Akasha Paradigm. See it here:
In James O'Dea's provocative piece entitled "Eradicating the Smell of Contempt," he complains that "politicians are throwing up rivers of bile and taking us for fools who will mistake the stench as honest or genuine political debate. . . Democracy is a sacred trust secured by reason and hallowed by respect for differences—those who regularly spew contempt for others and who even profit from doing so desecrate the ideals upon which this nation was founded." You'll find the rest here:

Agents of Conscious Evolution Training Starts Wednesday

So far more than 2,300 pioneering spirits have gone through Barbara Marx Hubbard's Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training, and we're anticipating hundreds more to join us this year—to connect and commune with other evolutionaries to cocreate a bold vision that can help us make the Shift in time.

Are you also called to be an activation point for the Shift? The ACE Training is designed to awaken your full creative potential, empower you in your "vocation of destiny," give you a template for joyful cocreation, and provide a path for manifesting your heart's desires. And it will help you find your authentic leadership in the collective shift now underway. The 12-module training also includes bonus sessions with top transformational leaders don Miguel Ruiz, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen and Rinaldo Brutoco.

Learn more and register here:
"Crowdfunding" Campaign Tops $20,000
By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

On June 29 we launched our new Birth 2012 trailer as part of our Indiegogo "crowdfunding" campaign—an online method that combines fundraising and gifting. Under Indiegogo rules, we need to exceed our $50,000 goal by midnight on July 29 or we receive a smaller percentage. But not to worry, we are well on our way to exceeding our goal, thanks to many of you. In the first few days of the campaign, we raised 30 percent of our goal from over 250 contributors, and we are now featured on Indiegogo's home page!

Each contributor to our campaign will receive "perks" such as the Birth 2012 and Beyond eBook or tickets to the Los Angeles mainstage Birth 2012 event on December 22. Larger contributors will receive coproducer credits on the broadcast and resulting DVD of the event. Please help us reach our $50,000 goal by clicking here:

Hubs Turn the Wheels of Transformation

Hubs are the basic social and spiritual building block for the Birth 2012 movement. Hubs gather people who want to cocreate the birth of a new era and create an event on December 22. To prepare, we recommend that you designate a hub facilitator and meet regularly to build resonance and cocreativity in the group. When you do so, you help turn the "wheel" of planetary transformation. Hubs can either meet face-to-face (i.e., in a home or local venue) or they can be virtual. Evolutionary circle practices help committed members become the "frequency holders" for transformative work—as Barbara describes in her book Birth 2012 and Beyond. Learn more here about hubs and circles here:

We're also happy to announce that Nadirah Gooden will be our coordinator of all hub facilitation. So, if you are interested in hub formation, be sure to contact her at:
Summer of Peace 2012 Gestates the Birth

You can think of the Summer of Peace 2012 (SOP) as the "second trimester" of the nine-month Birth 2012 campaign. SOP is The Shift Network's global celebration of the shift to a culture of peace, and this effort includes our acclaimed new book by James O'Dea entitled Cultivating Peace plus our Summer of Peace Telesummit, a summer-long series of free teleseminars.


Featured free SOP teleseminar this week:
Thursday, July 19th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
"Living Up to Our Shared Potential"
Dot Maver - President of the National Peace Academy in the USA, Educator, and Peacebuilder

Summer of Peace schedule for the week of July 16th: (All sessions are at 12:00 noon US Pacific except where noted.)
  • This Sunday at 9:00 am: Spirituality and Peace: Healing Germany with Thomas Hübl

  • Monday: "Nonviolent Social Change" with Dr. Bernard Lafayette

  • Tuesday: "Creating a New Story for Humanity" with Rita Marie Johnson & Amr Abdallah

  • Wednesday: "Grassroots Peacebuilding in Winnipeg, Canada" with Noelle DePape & David G. Newman

  • Thursday: "Living Up to Our Shared Potential" with Dot Maver

  • Friday: "The Genius and Inner-Sense of Youth" with Dr. Nina Meyerhof & Oran Cohen

  • Next Sunday at 9:00 am: "Spirituality & Peace Sunday: Global Attunement for Peace with Gaidfield Council" with David Nicol

Sign up here to participate for free in the Summer of Peace.

Angel Flies for Birth 2012 Tuscon

Our first profile for the Catalyst is the amazing Reverend Angel of Tucson, Arizona, a recently ordained New Thought minister and inspired supporter of the Birth 2012 movement who is a member of Barbara's ACE Mentors program. Angel, who goes by her first name only, is founder of one of the most important initiatives in the movement—Birth 2012 Tucson—a city-wide event which Angel calls "a once-in-the-history-of-humanity-opportunity that will showcase our community's rich and diverse cultures, heritages, creative genius, and pioneering spirit." Birth 2012 Tucson is actually sponsored by Evolve Tucson—a group Angel also founded—now has more than 80 members. Of her team, Angel says: "We are a solution-oriented group understanding a new way of connecting from the heart and resonating like a choir perfectly in tune, and knowing that when we work on a common goal, we can bridge all the perceived divides and celebrate our Oneness."

  Issue 1 • July 14, 2012

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