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With International Transformational Leader & Member of “The Grandmothers of the Sacred We” and “Grandmothers Circle the Earth”
Grandmother Moetu-Taiha

07/16/2024 7:00:00 PM
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Rediscover a sense of belonging by connecting deeply with the ancestral roots and rivers that shape your identity through the traditions of the New Zealand Maori people.

Join Grandmother Moetu-Taiha in a special event to reclaim your identity, strengthen your spiritual connection, and transform your life.

Have you ever felt a bit lost, or like a stranger to yourself? Moments of great change like losing a job, ending a relationship, or watching your kids leave home can make you realize just how disconnected you’ve become from your true identity.

By understanding your deep connection to your land and ancestors, you can remember who you truly are and carry that strong sense of self with you at all times.

International transformational leader Grandmother Moetu-Taiha shares that connections with our ancestral roots, or lack thereof, can influence us profoundly from the strength and guidance we receive, to the purpose we find in our lives.

Grandmother Moetu affirms that we can learn from the Maori people, who are deeply rooted in their land and ancestry, by understanding how they first introduce themselves.

An introduction is more than just a formality; it’s a ritual that fosters a sense of belonging and unshakable clarity about their unique place in the world. It’s a declaration of identity that encompasses their mountain, representing the spine and the strength of their lineage and with their rivers symbolizing the bloodlines that flow through them, connecting many vessels back to a single source.

Maori shamanic tradition is a rich and holistic set of spiritual practices that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all life, the reverence for nature, and the honoring of ancestors. Its practice brings forth the spirits of their ancestors, acknowledging that who they are is intrinsically linked to those who came before them. In Maori culture, one’s body is seen as one’s land; to care for your body is to care for your land.

This perspective encourages a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship over one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.

In this free online event with Grandmother Moetu, you’ll learn how to apply Maori wisdom, rituals, and practices in your quest for a higher purpose rooted in your authentic identity. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself in the Maori tradition, bringing forth the essence of your ancestors, and understanding the deep connections to your heritage and the natural world.

You’ll learn how to share your name by invoking your tribe, mountain, and river, symbolically bringing forth all of your ancestors and their connections to Mother Earth.

This method of introduction serves as a potent tool for understanding your personal identity and heritage, notifying others not just who you are but where you are from and the lineage you carry, while allowing for a deep unraveling of the layers that make up your identity.

During this free hour-long event, you’ll also learn about the importance of the five sacred elements earth, wind, fire, water, and wood in Maori culture and how they can divinely guide you and help you overcome life’s challenges.

As you connect with your ancestors and the gods of the five elements, your eyes will be opened to the limitless possibilities and divine support available to you at all times.


In this free soul-nourishing event, you’ll:

  • Learn how to articulate your identity in relation to your ancestry, land, and spiritual heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Strengthen your connection to your cultural and familial roots, enhancing your sense of belonging within your community and the natural world
  • Understand your role and responsibilities within your community, inspired by the wisdom of your ancestors and their sacred landscapes
  • Align more closely with the spiritual and natural forces represented by your ancestral mountains and rivers, deepening your spiritual practice and connection to Mother Earth

When you attend, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Grandmother Moetu-Taiha’s upcoming 7-week live video course a deeply experiential program that will further help you connect with your heritage to aid in your personal and communal growth through Maori shamanic wisdom.

You’ll uncover your Mana-Wa-Ora, a sacred key that unlocks the door to a deeper understanding of yourself, spirituality, and the interconnectedness with the cosmic forces that shape your existence, as well as engage in a plethora of exercises and practices that can help you renew your relationship with your ancestral roots.

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07/16/2024 7:00:00 PM

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What People Are Saying About Grandmother Moetu-Taiha...

“[Grandmother Moetu] is amazing at finding our balance within and being the light for the world.”

My passion is to lead people to their greatness and make them shine. I have been working as an independent mentor and coach since 2019. Moetu-Taiha speaks my heart language, and I have been connected with her for about two years. She combines her healing abilities with the topics of our modern society. She teaches us to be proud of our lineage and our responsibilities to the world, showing up as modern leaders with feminine roles and responsibilities. She is amazing at finding our balance within and being the light for the world. Female empowerment par excellence. She is one of my favorite teachers among modern healers. I recommend her work and way of empowerment worldwide.
Daniela See, mentor and coach

“Moetu-Taiha is such an awesome source of inspiration...”

When I first met Moetu-Taiha for a personal session in May 2015 in Germany, not far from where I grew up, my life changed in a miraculous way. This was a big turning point in my life. Since then, my connection to my loved ones is growing more and more, healing the hurts on both sides of my heritage, the Jewish and the German, and more within myself on my journey to Oneness. Moetu-Taiha is such an awesome source of inspiration... to find love, warmth, joy, pride, strength, power and feeling of Oneness as she is living it, not just as a Maori wisdom carrier and Indigenous grandmother but as a divine being. To me, she is a true master of her art.
Max Seydel Kaden, Rostock, Germany, organizer and translator for Moetu-Taiha’s events

“There are no words to express how impactful working with Grandmother Moetu has been.”

There are no words to express how impactful working with Grandmother Moetu has been. She is a powerful healer, teacher, and spiritual counselor who helps people to find their path through her teachings, intuitive guidance, and inner wisdom. Her no-nonsense approach is firm yet loving, and is exactly what I needed to bring my work to the next level. I highly recommend taking advantage of any chance you have to work with and learn from her.
Dr. Barbra Portzline, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Moetu led the teachings and all offerings coming from her own teachings, learning, and explorations of self in a loving, nonjudgmental manner.”

I have had the privilege of being introduced to the Maori mysticism and wisdom teachings held and taught by Grandmother Moetu. Of particular joy was being led and encouraged by Moetu to explore how each aspect of the teachings provided the space to reflect, practice, and share the awareness and application of these sacred teachings to better understand my life habits and my ancestral teachings and practices. Always, with authenticity and integrity, Moetu led the teachings and all offerings coming from her own teachings, learning, and explorations of self in a loving, nonjudgmental manner. She imbues light and love and teaches and reminds us that the realization of all the stories and customs of her peoples are available to us as we are all connected.
Scottie Pierce, PhD, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is someone I deeply admire and frequently call upon for guidance.”

I have had the immense privilege of traveling and journeying with Grandmother Moetu-Taiha to places like Egypt, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii, often alongside my mother, Grandmother Flordemayo. She is one of our closest friends, allies, and wisdom keepers, and I cherish every opportunity to work with her. Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is someone I deeply admire and frequently call upon for guidance. From her, I have learned invaluable lessons about my own personal power and the God-force within me. Her teachings have made me stronger spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Whenever I have the chance to be in her presence, I seize it. Being with Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is a transformative experience. I encourage you to seize this opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to grow and nurture yourself.
Heather Hall-Dudney Stone, Grandmother Flordemayo's daughter and assistant


About Grandmother Moetu-Taiha

Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is a descendant of the Ngai Tuhoe and the Kahungunu tribes of Aotearoa, New Zealand. She was named for two of her ancestors “Moetu” from her father's tribe, and “Taiha” from her mother's side. ln light language, Moetu-Taiha means “l Stand in My Dreams and in My Power.”

Grandmother Moetu-Taiha comes from two family lines of healers and leaders of the tribe of Tuhoe. Her knowledge has been handed down to her by several Maori tohungas (shamans) and acknowledged elders of her tribe, giving her spiritual access to information that only a few people can access. 

Growing up with her special gifts, being taught the art of healing through love since childhood, she has traveled the world sharing those gifts.  Her professional portfolio holds a wealth of knowledge and her specialty is working with the cellular system. This method helps to transform trauma by identifying and releasing memories and scar tissue and replacing them with new patterns that empower. She works on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric layers, supporting people to access their knowing and to uncover the beacon of love and light that they are. 

Grandmother Moetu-Taiha is a shamanic seer and intuitive healer who has performed trauma healing for over 30 years. She is also a transformational coach and mentor who runs Women’s Self-Empowerment workshops nationally and internationally that provide a framework for inner exploration and empowerment by bridging the gap between spirituality, rationality, and emotions. The workshops are carefully tailored and delivered to assist people from all walks of life as conscious co-creators in all aspects of their existence.