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With Inayati Sufi Order Spiritual Elder, Director, Vocal Performer, Chanter & Author
Fred Johnson


Deepen the connection to your inner self, bridge the physical and spiritual realms, and awaken your ancestral wisdom with sound-healing practices born of the African diaspora in this free event for all seekers, regardless of heritage.


The dispersion of people of African descent from their ancestral homeland, known as the African diaspora, resulted primarily from the transatlantic slave trade during the 16th-to-19th centuries.

Despite the tragedy of this historical period, the musical traditions that emerged influenced genres like jazz, blues, and hip-hop...

... and also introduced the world to the profound healing power of sound.

Through the rhythms, melodies, and traditions passed down through generations, people have found solace, connection, and a deeper understanding of themselves, their communities, and their ancestors. The music from this period also became a source of resilience, cultural pride, and spiritual connection for countless people across the globe.

Through sound-healing practices such as drumming or singing ancestral songs, you can create a resonance that honors your lineage and invites the presence of your ancestors. This connection can provide a sense of support, guidance, and healing.

This ancient wisdom, rooted in the belief that music can bridge the physical and spiritual realms, continues to inspire a global resurgence in using sound as a tool for wellness, underscoring the timeless relevance of Africa’s musical heritage...

... whose healing power lies in its ability to engage the mind, body, and spirit through energizing rhythmic patterns, communal participation, spiritual significance, emotional expression, and connection to nature.

As sound healer Fred Johnson shares, “The frequency and vibration of our own voice can amplify our health and wellness and be a foundation for how we are in the world... in a joyful, fun, and healing way.”

In a powerful new hour-long event with Fred, you’ll learn chant practices of The Quiet Callings, from the Sankofic light language, as well as chants from the Seeds of the Lotus sounding tradition. As Fred teaches you the chants, you’ll be able to sing along.

The Seeds of the Lotus chants offer profound benefits for both your mind and body. By engaging in this ancient practice, you can experience a deepened connection to your inner self and an awakening of your spirit.

The rhythmic repetition and melodic intonations inherent in the chants promote stress reduction and emotional balance, enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Employing practices like these in your daily life where you’re in tune with the rhythm of your breath and your heart can transform your understanding of what it means to be whole and healed.

You’ll feel a deep sense of connection as you chant and ascend what Fred calls “the ancestral staircase” an African-inspired path toward sound healing because you’ll realize that those who have gone before you are still with you, and that you can connect with them through silence and sound.

Join Fred and discover how you can use your voice in this joyful way to awaken the innate melodic voice within you.

You don’t need to be a singer to participate in this event. This process is designed to help you transform your relationship with your voice, and in so doing truly amplify the power of your felt sense.


In this transformative free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of chant through practices such as The Quiet Callings and Seeds of the Lotus, unlocking a sacred awakening and connecting you to ancient healing traditions
  • Gain insights into a rich musical history and tradition originating from Africa, helping you understand the significance of ancestry and how the ancestral staircase can enrich your sound-healing journey
  • Experience silent meditation intertwined with sound healing, which can help you harness the sound of your own voice and breath for self-care and healing
  • Enhance your daily life through practical applications of these teachings, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and amplifying your sense of wholeness and healing

During this impactful hour, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the vital role your voice can play in enhancing your life and how harnessing it can significantly quiet your mind, amplify your healing, and deepen your overall self-understanding.

You’ll also learn how you can continue on this path with Fred in his upcoming 7-week live video course, which will take you deeper into melodic voice practices born of the African diaspora helping you awaken your heart, live in presence, and connect with the Divine.

Come embrace your melodic voice and become a vessel of sonic empowerment, paving your path to a more fulfilling, awakened, and conscious you!

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Join this FREE video event with Fred Johnson and experience sacred, creative, and uplifting sound-healing practices that can equip you with self-care techniques, deepen your ancestral connections, and offer healing  all rooted in the rich heritage of the African diaspora.

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What People Are Saying About Fred Johnson...


Acoustic-Physics Scientist John Stuart Reid: “Fred Has Been Gifted With One of the Most Beautiful Voices I’ve Ever Heard”

Music Therapist Christine Stevens: “Fred Lives in the Moment and He Takes You There With Him”

The Brothers Koren, Transformational Voice Leaders: “Fred Is a Living Master of Voice”

“[Fred’s] voice is soul-stirring.”

I’ve had the succinct pleasure of being in a couple of groups with Baba Fred, in which he guided me to find my.... breath. It sounds simple, I know. But sometimes life has a way of knocking it out of you, and you don’t realize it until someone gently says “breathe.” I think if Fred Johnson hadn’t taken the time to share his light with us, I would likely be in a corner holding my breath and thinking I was breathing. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Lastly, I will say that it took me over five years to hear Baba Fred sing and not respond with tears. His voice is soul-stirring. His abandon for letting his light shine without pretenses, and without the negatives of ego, is captivating and freeing at the same time. He’s a true exemplar of “get out of your own way!”
Sophia Neghesti

“Fred’s teachings will infuse you with joy…”

Fred Johnson tethers the voice to the spirit, the breath to the song, and the whole self to the driving life force that animates all beings. Fred has been my teacher, mentor, and friend for two decades. I have learned from him the gift of humility and strength, to be a connector among faiths, and to find and elevate the throughline that is the divine breath. Fred’s teachings will infuse you with joy and direction as a fully embodied human, rich with your soul’s purpose. 
Rabbi Danielle Upbin, Clearwater, Florida

“[Fred provides] a safe and nurturing space for expression…”

I’ve known Fred for over 20 years, and in that time he has provided the framework for the musician that I am now. Working with Fred has given me confidence as an improvisational musician and all-around performer. I’ve also had many chances to attend workshops and classes given by Fred  events that have always provided opportunities to learn new skills as well as new ways to view the world around me. He does exceptional work with veterans, providing a safe and nurturing space for expression and the opportunity for civilians and veterans to interact and co-create. Fred has much to offer as a teacher, spiritual guide, and life coach.
Catherine Dana Costa, Largo, Florida


About Fred Johnson

The fact that Fred Johnson has opened for both Aretha Franklin and Dr. Deepak Chopra points to his versatility as an artist. An acclaimed jazz vocalist, author, and arts educator, Fred is a graduate of the National Academy of the Performing Arts and the Master Performers School of the National Mime Theater. He has opened for or recorded and toured worldwide with jazz and R&B legends Ramsey Lewis, Chick Corea, Richard Elliot, B.B. King, Patti LaBelle, Dizzy Gillespie, and Miles Davis.

Recognized globally for his work in the health and wellness community, he was instrumental in establishing the inspiring “HeArts & Hope” program at the University of Florida. His presentations on the healing power of music have caught the attention of internationally recognized holistic health practitioners. Fred presents lectures and seminars all over the world that accentuate the importance of creative expression as a catalyst for personal and communal empowerment, health and healing, and giving voice to the voiceless.

Mentored by masters of the African oral and percussion legacy, Fred has been hailed as one of the true guardians of an oral tradition transplanted and nurtured to create a fusion of cultural heritage that is uniquely American and inherently African. His global presentations of “Jazz, Its Roots and Branches” have served to inform and inspire audiences around the world to recognize and celebrate a creative global tapestry set by the first woven thread sewn from the artistic richness of Africa.

His decades of experience as an artist, arts administrator, and educator have uniquely equipped him to both create structure and artistically inspire. Fred currently serves as community engagement specialist and director of The Arts Legacy and Arts and Healing Initiatives at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida, and as the interim executive director of the Saint Petersburg International Folk Fair Society in Saint Petersburg, Florida.