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With Enneagram Author, Certified Teacher & Coach
Suzanne Dion
And Author, Coach & Principal at Sean Palmer Coaching Company
Sean Palmer


Gain insights into your relationship dynamics through the Enneagram, and discover how you can relate better and hurt less by developing greater openness, acceptance, and compassion.


We spend so much of our lives relating to others — our families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors — that, even if you spend most of your time at home, you’re likely connecting with others on a daily basis.

In these many relationships, we may encounter misunderstandings or challenges that can trigger us to behave in ways that don’t serve us or those we love. During such conflicts, if we don’t take the time to pause and give ourselves space before reacting, we may say or do something we regret.

What could our relationships look like if we gave ourselves permission to better understand ourselves and our loved ones before we acted on our impulses? 

According to personality coaches Suzanne Dion and Sean Palmer, the Enneagram is a profound tool that not only helps you understand your own personality type better, you can use it to understand more deeply the challenging experiences in your relationships. 

On Saturday, June 4, Suzanne and Sean will show you how to use the Enneagram to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and your loved ones. You’ll discover how it can help you relate to them better — and bridge the gaps between yourself and those you love by achieving a broader acceptance of yourself and others.

The Enneagram is an ancient tool that illuminates nine primary personality types. It offers a path to wholeness, integrity, and compassion by helping you unearth your true essence and deepening your intuition. 

Enneagram insights can shed light on elements of your personality that you may not be aware of — those parts of yourself that are easily triggered in challenging situations and create default behavioral patterns that may disservice you or those you love. 

Suzanne and Sean believe that the Enneagram is a powerful tool for building healthier, more stable, and more loving relationships. It not only helps you understand others’ triggers and difficult behaviors, it can show you how you may be projecting your own fears and insecurities onto someone else.

In this thought-provoking event, Suzanne and Sean will teach you a method for responding to other people and life situations that can create space for understanding — without compromising your own truth or shrinking yourself to appease someone else.   


In this empowering online event, you’ll:

  • Experience a guided exercise using the 5 A’s (Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Action, and Adherence), designed to help you explore a recent or current disagreement and gain new perspectives
  • Unlock how working with the Enneagram can help you bridge the gaps between you and those you love
  • Discover the steps to take during conflicts so you can acknowledge and manage your default patterns and emotions — and how to create space and grace for others’ patterns and emotions
  • Gain tools to give yourself permission to interact with yourself and others with more compassion, truth, and acceptance
  • Explore ways to move through the world with a less defensive posture to free yourself from projections and assumptions

When you gain clarity about your true inner self and those around you — and know what your default patterns are —  you can change how you behave in your relationships. 

Suzanne and Sean have helped countless individuals work with the Enneagram to develop their emotional literacy and improve their relationships through learning the 5 A’s — and knowing how and when to take space to gain greater clarity and awareness before reacting to triggers. 

When you join Suzanne and Sean for this heart-opening event, you’ll discover that there’s hope, and that you can change your relationships to be more compassionate, understanding, and in alignment with your greatest desires for peace, health, and happiness. 

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What People Are Saying About Suzanne Dion...

“Suzanne Dion is an amazing presenter and writer.”

Suzanne Dion is an amazing presenter and writer. I have had the pleasure of co-teaching/leading with her throughout the years and the collaboration was amazing. Suzanne has a deep grasp of the Enneagram and is able to language it in a way that all feel included. She comes forward with compassion and clarity regarding people and the system. Participants feel “held, heard, and understood.” I highly recommend allowing Suzanne to lead you on the journey of self-discovery because she has done the work herself.
— Deborah Ooten, PhD, CEO and owner of Conscious Living Center and Conscious Dynamics, LLC

“Suzanne is a truly gifted individual...”

Suzanne has received outstanding recognition from Enneagram, trauma-recovery-informed, and relationships teachers in the field. Suzanne is a truly gifted individual as well as a couples' coach, and I can’t say enough about her natural charisma and ability to present and communicate with individuals all the way to large groups. Suzanne has a way of breaking things down succinctly, sometimes humorously, as well as compassionately and in a way that brings it home for people, including having brought highly complex teachings to those incarcerated with great success.
— Denise Daniels , PhD, developmentalist and Enneagram author

“She has both a theoretical understanding and practical experience, which make her a fascinating teacher.”

Suzanne's 15-plus years of working with the Enneagram and now relationships, together with many other leading experts, have made her a true source of wisdom on this complicated topic. She has both a theoretical understanding and practical experience, which make her a fascinating teacher. Her insights have helped me tremendously in my research. If you really want to understand how you create challenges to your own relationships and want to do something about it, then Suzanne's compassionate approach and in-depth knowledge will guide you on the right path!
— Frederik Coene, PhD, Enneagram researcher


What People Are Saying About Sean Palmer...

“Sean Palmer exudes that rare combination of wisdom and warmth.”

Seldom do we get to experience a teacher who doesn’t suffer fools, who immediately grasps what’s most important, and yet genuinely cares about us. Sean Palmer exudes that rare combination of wisdom and warmth. He not only understands people, but wants them to flourish in ways that matter.
— Jeff Cook, Enneagram teacher, coach, author, lecturer, and philosopher

“Sean’s robust experience in public speaking and storytelling, combined with his mastery of Enneagram wisdom, gives people helpful tools to live more effectively.”

— Hunter Mobley, Enneagram teacher and author

“Sean’s years of experience with the Enneagram have created a foundation of understanding that he has been able to bring to many other areas in his life.”

Sean’s years of experience with the Enneagram have created a foundation of understanding that he has been able to bring to many other areas in his life. As a type 3, he wants to appear excellent as an Enneagram teacher, and clearly has done the work to achieve that goal. What’s more, with his focus firmly set on the future, he has an eye on where the Enneagram is going — and is on the forefront of bringing the system into new areas of study and application.
— T.J. Wilson, host, Around the Circle podcast


About Suzanne Dion

Suzanne Dion co-wrote the book, The Enneagram, Relationships, and Intimacy: Understanding One Another Leads to Loving Better and Living More Fully, with her mentor, David Daniels, MD. In its pages, they marry the wisdom of the Enneagram with Dr. Dan Siegel's mindful awareness research and teachings. 

Suzanne’s focus, as she carries forward David’s compassionate approach, is on bettering our human relationships through intrapersonal healing and developing our capacity for emotional literacy and deepening intimacy — with both ourselves and others. 

Now a teacher, coach, and educator of the Enneagram system for personal and professional self-awareness, Suzanne completed her teacher certification with The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) program (formerly called the Palmer-Daniels Enneagram Professional Training School) in 2008. Suzanne was one of the founding board members of the Enneagram Prison Project and spent several years developing its curriculum and teaching incarcerated men and women in Northern California jails and San Quentin State Prison.


About Sean Palmer

Sean Palmer is the Principal at Sean Palmer Coaching Company, LLC. He is an Enneagram expert, trainer, and author of Speaking by the Numbers: Enneagram Wisdom for Teachers, Pastors, and CommunicatorsForty Days on Being a Three (Enneagram Daily Reflections)... and Unarmed Empire: In Search of Beloved Community. 

Sean has been profiled in The Washington Post and was named in Christian Standard magazine's “40 Leaders Under 40.” With 24 years of communications experience, Sean is a sought-after national keynote speaker, teacher, writer, and workshop facilitator. He works with nonprofits, business leaders, city managers, mayors, and chiefs of police and fire departments. 

Sean’s work has been featured on Fox News and in Enneagram Today, Enneagram Magazine, Christianity Today, Success magazine, Sojourners magazine, and The Lookout magazine. Sean is vice-chair of and a featured writer for Missio Alliance, a contributing writer to The Voice, and a frequent guest on various podcasts and programs, including National Public Radio (NPR).