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With the Founder & Director of Sacred Centers
Anodea Judith


Discover how to use the chakra system as a map to awaken your full potential, manifest your mission, and create a more loving world.


We’re living through tumultuous times. Pandemics, wars, and climate change are shaking us to the roots in every aspect of life.

Yet, every difficulty presents an opportunity to awaken and manifest a better life.

According to chakra system expert Anodea Judith, the very purpose of a crisis is to activate something important that has been lying dormant.

Whether it’s a strength or a virtue, an innovation or a new perspective, Anodea affirms that something truly transformative emerges out of hardships...

And when we embrace these changes, we harvest our gifts and become wiser and stronger.

The chakra system serves as a map that can help us navigate through uncertainty — providing a profound formula for wholeness, a blueprint for manifestation, and a template for transformation.

Join us for a powerful event with Anodea and learn how to use the chakra system as a profound map for your transformational journey.

When you take this “all-chakra” approach to manifesting the life you want, you align all your creative energies in a unified direction, focusing your energy like a laser beam that cuts through doubt, fear, and resistance.

Anodea will guide you through two practices that work in tandem to help you harness the specific intelligence of each of the chakras, enabling you to connect to their wisdom and channel their power.

She’ll explain how the right use of the chakra system allows us to stay grounded and stable, yet remain open to change. We can then feel deeply without getting pulled off course by those feelings, and claim our power in life-changing ways.

Working with the chakra system also gives us access to the heart — helping us put love at the center of the future we create.

Drawing on more than four decades of research, Anodea will share how the holistic map of the chakras can assist you in summoning and focusing the full power of your full life force.


In this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • An opening exercise to feel energy between your hands and experience the sensation of an energetic charge
  • How to use the breath of fire to clear your energetic field — making space to journey through the chakras, root to crown, let go of tension, and come into the inner temple
  • The formula for wholeness within yourself that lies within the chakras
  • The chakras’ map for creating a benevolent society — and why, as a collective, we’re between the third and fourth chakra right now
  • How you can view everything that’s happening in your life from a place of power — and recognize the value of disturbance as an evolutionary driver

When you join us for this illuminating hour, you’ll also hear about how you can continue your work with Anodea in her brand-new 7-week course, where you’ll explore how the chakras can guide you to fortify yourself for life’s journey ahead — and help you awaken as an agent of evolution. 

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What People Are Saying About Anodea Judith...

“Anodea is a true master of the chakra system!”

Anodea is a true master of the chakra system! Her ability to convey the material in a relatable manner and provide real-life application is invaluable. As this topic continues to enter into the “mainstream,” there are many more options available from which to source your knowledge. Anodea is an authentic and approachable choice!
— Tammy, Pennsylvania

“The chakra work with Anodea Judith changed my life.”

The chakra work with Anodea Judith changed my life. It’s like stepping from a black-and-white world with limited options in life to a rainbow-colored world with limitless options that lead to inner happiness and self-love.
— Yvonne, Germany

“Thrilled with Judith’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiastic teaching style...”

Fantastic course! Thrilled with Judith’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiastic teaching style, and the content, class organization, and comprehensive materials (handouts, downloadable videos) so we can refresh our learning at any time.
— Pam, San Francisco, California

“Anodea knows her stuff and presents clearly.”

Terrific, insightful course. I am armed with a lot of knowledge that I will be able to use for years to come. Anodea knows her stuff and presents clearly. I love that I have downloads to practice with and I have transcripts to read and re-read. Just wonderful!
— Tracy Niles, Daytona Beach, Florida

“Anodea Judith’s approach to the chakras is deep, enjoyable, and helpful at the same time.”

Anodea Judith’s approach to the chakras is deep, enjoyable, and helpful at the same time.
— Elena, Berlin, Germany


About Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, PhD, is a worldwide spiritual teacher and bestselling author of the seminal Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System... Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. .. and seven other books translated into 28 languages. As a yoga specialist and somatic psychotherapist with trauma specialization, Anodea’s work is a unique combination of techniques useful to therapists, coaches, teachers, and those on their own healing journeys.

The founder and director of Sacred Centers, a teaching organization, her global teachings have reached 163 countries. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Mind-Body Health, with advanced yoga certifications.