The Virtual Event is Now Complete
With Author, Teacher, and Dreamworker
Toko-pa Turner

Discover how to approach your dreams as a courtship... and restore belonging to the split-off parts of yourself.

Learn how to listen to your body more deeply to receive the medicine of your dreams — and experience greater freedom and personal power in your daily life.

At any given moment, we’re either turning away from or coming home to our soul’s purpose...

You may have noticed that when you stray too far from who you’re meant to be, you feel lonely, disoriented, anxious, or depressed... or disconnected from yourself and others.

These are normal responses to a culture that places more emphasis on outer success than on cultivating the inner life...

Yet, through your dreaming life, you can bridge the gap between your authentic Self and who you’ve had to become to survive — and return home.

Courting your dreams is the art of approaching mystery gently and respectfully — listening to what’s being communicated through your body, and allowing yourself to be led by its wisdom.

This powerful approach to dreamwork is also how you can “cultivate the skills required for belonging,” according to author, teacher, and dreamworker Toko-pa Turner.

Tending to the relationship with your dreams rekindles your conversation with that holy wellspring of wisdom and beauty within you. It reconnects you with your deepest knowing — to reveal and mend the fractures in your soul, and welcome home the parts of you that had retreated in disappointment, invalidation, and fear.

Dreamwork helps to restore the wounded instincts, which are the seat of your creativity... and brings you back into your native relationship with magic.

In this revelatory virtual event with Toko-pa, you’ll discover a unique approach to dreamwork that invites you to dance with the mysterious others within you... to restore belonging to the lost, forgotten, or rejected parts of yourself... and to experience true belonging with others.

During this illuminating hour with Toko-pa, you’ll discover:

  • Why engaging with your dreams through courtship can lead to a more meaningful relationship with your soul — more so than traditional interpretation
  • How to shift from seeing your dreams as originating from your mind to recognizing them as an organic expression of nature that can lead to a deeper connection with life
  • How listening to the communications of your body can allow you to more deeply receive the medicine of your dreams
  • Why meeting the “dark guests” in your dreams with welcoming curiosity can lead to greater freedom and personal power in your daily life
  • How practicing dreamwork is like weaving a living bridge to “something greater,” and can help you restore belonging to your life, and to the world

Toko-pa’s approach to dreamwork blends the mystical tradition of Sufism, the depth of Jungian psychology, and a feminine receptivity that cherishes dreams as sacred. A complex alchemy occurs in not-knowing — the essential starting place, Toko-pa believes, for our becoming worthy of a dream’s revelation.

If you’re already a dreamworker, Toko-pa’s approach of honoring and dancing with the dream will intrigue and nourish you. If you’re new to dreamwork, you’ll discover a fascinating new path to personal and spiritual growth.

Regardless of your level of experience with dreamwork, Toko-pa will guide you to begin a conversation with your soul... forever mysterious, yet your most trustworthy companion as you make your way home.


What People Are Saying About Toko-pa...

“Toko-pa speaks... to the heart of what it means to belong to ourselves...”

An exquisitely crafted journey that explores the deep longings of the soul, the mysterious workings of our dreams, the bittersweet wisdom of the orphaned self, and the losses of our lineage that we would rather ignore. Toko-pa speaks with poetry and practicality, pure compassion, and profound integrity to the heart of what it means to belong to ourselves, to our people, to our communities, and to the earth...”
— Lucy H. Pearce, Amazon bestselling author of Burning Woman, Moon Time, and The Rainbow Way

“[Toko-pa] provides living nourishment for these times...”

As I read Toko-pa’s writing, I found myself being transported, not to some distant place, but to my deepest core. Belonging is a mirror to our true face, revealing the exiled threads of our being so that we may gently re-weave them back into the greater fabric of which we are all a part. [Toko-pa] provides living nourishment for these times...
— Bethany Webster, Writer, transformational coach, international speaker

“... she midwifes the deep wisdom of our souls into incarnation.”

With astounding clarity and compassion, Toko-pa guides us to embody a humanity deeply rooted in our belonging and reverence for the grand dance of life we are part of. Through her exquisite word-magic, she midwifes the deep wisdom of our souls into incarnation.
— Chameli Ardagh, Founder of Awakening Women Institute

“If you are ready, take her hand and prepare to grow.”

Certain people invite you into an experience that will alter your world view forever. They have gone so deep, searched so thoroughly, traversed territories that most would shun, and then they return and lay their soul at your feet. Toko-pa is one such individual... She reaches her hand out to you and asks you to take a journey with her. If you are ready, take her hand and prepare to grow.
— Clare Dubois, international speaker and founder of TreeSisters


About Toko-pa Turner

Toko-pa Turner is an author, teacher, and dreamworker. Blending the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised with a Jungian approach to dreamwork, she founded the Dream School in 2001, from which hundreds of students have since graduated.

Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has a community of over 100,000 online readers. Her writing has been published worldwide; her first book, Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home, explores the themes of exile and the search for belonging. Belonging is an Amazon Bestseller in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. It won the prestigious 2017 Nautilus Gold Award for its contribution to the field of Personal Growth, the 2018 Readers' Favorite Gold Award for Nonfiction, and was named Finalist in the 2018 Whistler Independent Book Awards.

Sometimes called a Midwife of the Psyche, Toko-pa’s work focuses on restoring the feminine, reconciling paradox, and facilitating grief and ritual practice.