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Bestselling Author of Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe
Eben Alexander, MD
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Karen Newell

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Monday, January 25, 2021


Find assurance in the eternal love that exists in Oneness Consciousness and the perfect, infinite home it provides for your soul.


Many wonder what the great beyond holds for us. Will we wind up in a bucolic place where there are golden sidewalks and angels playing harps, or will it be a murky dark void of nothingness?

We all want to know what happens when we die. Do we go to “a place”? Or do we get absorbed into the cosmos? Will we see our loved ones there?

Dr. Eben Alexander wants to assure you that your place in the universe is vitally important — and that physical death is about being enveloped by eternal, unconditional love. It’s about an expansion of conscious awareness into the perfect, greater oneness.

Eben had a near-death experience (NDE) in 2008 when he contracted a rare case of bacterial meningitis that shut down the region of the brain that operates thought, perception, and memory. Doctors gave him only a 2% chance of survival.

After a week in a deep coma, Eben miraculously awakened — completely amnesic about his life before the illness — only remembering the spectacular odyssey he had returned from.

Eben’s near-death experience is not unusual. One in 10 people have had an NDE. Though the details and descriptions vary, the overall tenor is much like Eben encountered when he went “beyond the veil” — he was enveloped with the knowledge that consciousness is eternal, we are all profoundly connected through one mind, and that from this oneness, we exist in pure, perfect, everlasting love.

In this fascinating, life-transforming 9-week journey, Dr. Eben Alexander, bestselling author and academic neurosurgeon, and his partner, co-author, and co-teacher, sound–journey facilitator Karen Newell, will walk you through what your soul has always known — that you are integrally related to the creative and loving force of the universe.

You’ll learn about the mystical Hermetic teachings from the Emerald Tablet on what the ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew to be true about humanity’s potential — and how modern science substantiates these foundational principles.

Karen and Eben will demonstrate how quantum physics and related sciences make it clear that the brain does not create consciousness. It’s our mind that lives on after our physical body dies.

After Eben awakened from his coma and his brain scans were studied, it was apparent that his neocortex — the part of the brain associated with consciousness — had been completely shut down by the bacteria attacking it. There was no mistaking that his mind was existing outside of his body and operating in the spiritual realm.

This inspiring course will leave you assured of the eternal love underlying our reality, and it will open you to the comforting balm of Oneness Consciousness that provides your body, mind, and spirit with a connection to the universe as the infinite home of your soul.

You’ll also experience the healing power of binaural-beat sound technology, a form of brainwave entrainment that uses a timing circuit in the lower brainstem, which simulates the neocortical inactivation like Eben experienced during his NDE. This audio technology will help your soul journey into the spiritual realm and the extraordinary love that encompasses us beyond the veil.


During this electrifying journey, you’ll also discover:

  • How the Hermetic principles emphasize personal experience as a pathway to wisdom — and how they align with the scientifically supported concept that mind is fundamental
  • How the ancient I Ching and Vedic texts support the notion of oneness
  • Whether everything was predetermined and planned in advance — or whether we play a role in our unfolding reality
  • How the mental projection of prayers influences those to whom they’re directed
  • How grand cycles of time help us understand the spiraling evolution of individual and collective consciousness
  • How the law of neutralization can play a significant role in balancing the highs and lows of mental states
  • The various expressions of masculine and feminine energies — and how balancing these vital forces within you serves to harmonize, both within and without
  • That relationships reflect the binding force of love through birth, end of life, divine union between couples, acts of kindness, and the power of forgiveness
  • The spiritual nature of animals and their expressions of unconditional love
  • How using Sacred Acoustics audio recordings can help guide you to establish an alignment with your higher self

Understanding the journey of your soul can help you shape what your reality is today. Oneness — the unity of mind that permeates the entire universe — along with the binding force of the unconditional love that surrounds you — offers you a constant source of support when you allow yourself to accept it.

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Weeks

In this 9-week transformational intensive, Eben and Karen will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills you’ll need to let go of perceived limitations and any fear of what happens after your physical body dies. You’ll explore how — when you align with your higher spiritual nature and realize your place in the cosmos — you can experience now and forever the true, everlasting, unconditional love of the Universe… which can help you live a fuller, more intention-based life.

The Power of Live Streaming Video


You’ll connect with Eben and Karen and experience their teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Eben and Karen’s transmissions. Or you can easily connect just via audio if you choose — or through any connected device.

(Can’t make it live? No worries! After each class, the video and audio recordings will be available for you to download or stream in high-quality format at your convenience.)

Weekly Sessions Mondays at 11:00am Pacific


This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Eben and Karen. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to connect to a higher spiritual realm.

Module 1: A Pathway to Wholeness (January 25)

“By this means, you shall have the glory of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.” — Emerald Tablet

Our conscious awareness is the only thing we can actually know to exist. And yet, do we genuinely know our innermost selves? A reasoning mind is our birthright as humans, but it is mysterious and challenging to define scientifically. Yet that doesn’t make what takes place within our minds any less real.

Near-death experiences are quite real to those who experience them, and yet, it all happens within the mind, beyond observation. NDEs often provide a connection to something larger and more profound, beyond our sense of self.

NDEs are especially transformative, and they reveal consistent perspectives across a treasure trove of reports. Most significantly, mental awareness continues to exist independently of the physical body, suggesting the eternity of consciousness, or eternity of soul. Eben considered such reports to be hallucinations of a dying brain until he had his own experience. He now realizes that we are all connected through one collective consciousness, and he knows the reality of the spiritual realm that we return to when our bodies die.

Concepts of spirit are generally left to religious traditions, but that wasn’t always the case. It might sound surprising, but Isaac Newton — the father of modern materialist science — knew with certainty that the invisible force of the spirit plays a vital role in explaining the world, noting that religious knowledge had been distorted over time, and that ancient wisdom holds an important key.

In more recent times, Carl Jung, the father of modern psychology, used alchemical principles and the I Ching from ancient China as inspiration to formulate his theories on synchronicities and the collective unconscious.

From Eastern thought, Taoism integrates the concept of oneness through the ancient yin-yang symbol, indicating the harmonizing aspects of humans within the cosmos. Ancient Vedic texts from India mirror this concept of oneness.

Coming full circle, quantum physics has validated ancient texts that suggest that we are not merely mechanistic creatures operating in a physical universe, as materialist thought leaders assert. In truth, by virtue of having a human mind, we are prime movers living in a mental and spiritual universe, with an ability to transform our souls and influence the material level of existence.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How NDEs demonstrate the existence of the spiritual realm
  • How the Hermetic principles emphasize personal experience as a pathway to wisdom — and how they align with the scientifically supported concept that mind is fundamental
  • The ancient wisdom of the Emerald Tablet, a summary of Hermetic principles that dates back to ancient Egypt… and how these concepts can be applied to daily living
  • How the ancient I Ching and Vedic texts support the notion of oneness
  • A Sacred Acoustics audio recording where you’ll be guided to establish an alignment with your higher self

Module 2: The Mindful Universe (February 1)

“And as all things have been and arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.” — Emerald Tablet

The mental nature of the universe is something familiar to all of us, given that we each have a constant stream of thoughts endlessly moving through our minds.

Yet, secular Western thought maintains that only the physical world is real and everything else, including our conscious awareness, is an illusion. Even when we have a direct experience suggesting the reality of an unseen realm, we deny it or keep it to ourselves, lest someone label us as “crazy.” 

The philosophical concept of metaphysical idealism acknowledges that the universe is not material, but is fundamentally mental and spiritual, bringing the refreshing news that the role of our mind is more significant than materialist science would suggest. 

Eben learned this firsthand through his NDE. By reviewing his medical records, he saw that the damage to his brain during his coma would have prevented any hallucination or anything more than a rudimentary sort of awareness within his brain — leading to the realization that mental awareness is not dependent on the brain or physical body. In fact, NDEs reveal that without the physical body, mental awareness expands into a surprising ultrareality.

It’s been 100 years since the dawn of quantum mechanics, when brilliant physicists discovered the mental nature of the universe. This “discovery” was so stunning to physicists that it hadn’t been fully integrated into today’s dominant Western worldview — at least until now.

The relationship between the external world and the inner observer is at the heart of the measurement paradox in quantum physics. Gaining awareness of this connection is vital so we can integrate it to more adeptly manage our lives.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The vital importance of managing the mental realm through practices such as meditation, contemplation, and centering prayer
  • How the mental projection of prayers influences those to whom they’re directed
  • Evidence that demonstrates the mental nature of the universe
  • How everything we perceive is a projection from mind, creating the maya (illusion) of the physical world
  • A Sacred Acoustics audio recording where you’ll be guided in a technique to know yourself, beyond the physical body and the roles you play

Module 3: Harmonics of the Cosmos (February 8)

“That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.” — Emerald Tablet

The physical, mental, and spiritual planes reflect different aspects of one cosmos, demonstrating the principle of correspondence.

During Eben’s coma journey, he traversed between three corresponding spiritual realms — the Earthworm Eye View, the Gateway Valley, and the Core. Each had unique features, and yet their relationship to each other was crystal clear. NDEs validate correspondence through relationships among souls. Eben’s guardian angel in the spiritual plane was later recognized to be an unknown biological sister on the physical plane.

The experience of oneness is more readily available in the spiritual plane, and is more challenging to understand from the mental plane, especially from a physical perspective. Yet, the concept of oneness in the physical plane is clearly supported through quantum physics, entanglement, and the holographic nature of the universe.

Theories of physics rely heavily on the mental formulation of mathematics to assess the physical world through equations and formulas. Mathematics reveals to us patterns formed in the physical world. As such, the ancient tradition of astrology correlates cycles of the planets in the physical plane with the inner workings of the mental plane.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • That attention to the mental plane — the plane we have the most ability to manage — can have an effect on the physical and spiritual planes
  • How sacred sites from antiquity reveal knowledge of correspondence through alignment with stars and constellations and the precession of the equinoxes
  • That nearly all ancient traditions used an astrological system based on the regular cycles of planets corresponding to archetypes, or patterns of behavior
  • How advanced forms of mathematics, widely used throughout the world of physics, represent an abstract world of ideals, reminiscent of Plato’s concept of the Realm of Forms
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll move through the 3 planes of consciousness — physical, mental, and spiritual

Module 4: Everything Is a Vibration (February 22)

“The father of all perfection in ye whole world is here. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.” — Emerald Tablet

Chanting, mantras, and drumming have been used since antiquity in mystical traditions to expand the mind. Some claim that certain words in the Hebrew language represent the various aspects of God. Hinduism maintains that the Om sound represents the essence of ultimate reality. 

Sound vibrations served as portals throughout Eben’s coma experience on the spiritual plane, beginning with the musical melody that facilitated his movement into the Gateway realm. Angelic choirs provided the engine to traverse into the deepest Core realm, where Eben relished in the sound of Om.

When J.J. Thompson discovered the electron in 1897, scientists confirmed that atoms, which make up all physical matter, are in a constant state of motion. Objects that appear to be “solid” are in truth held together by underlying waves, or vibrations. Each object maintains a unique vibrational signature.

Hermetic teachings suggest that aspects of the mental plane, such as specific thoughts and emotions, are also correlated with vibrations. This is demonstrated through different sensations we feel depending on our state of being. Different vibrational states are associated with the flow state, creativity, and inspiration — as opposed to vibrations that arise with despair, depression, and disconnection.

Remote viewing is most successful when the viewer shifts to a vibrational state that allows access to information beyond the five physical senses. Like turning the dial to find a radio station, consciously quieting the mind makes it possible to “tune in” to a vibrational frequency that opens the doorway to receiving objective information.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How vibrations in the electromagnetic spectrum — such as X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, and radio waves — all represent photons that are simply vibrating at different frequencies
  • How resonance is a strengthening of signal that occurs anytime there is an overlap of similar vibrations, such as in constructive interference
  • How binaural beats are created through the interaction of sound waves in specific brainstem neural networks that modulate the resultant brainwaves
  • How to recognize the sense of vibration we feel through our interconnections on the physical plane — such as sunsets, ocean waves, majestic mountains, and forests
  • A Sacred Acoustics theta recording where you’ll experience a remote viewing session to access information from beyond the 5 physical senses

Module 5: Opposites Are Essential for Consciousness (March 1)

“Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtile from the gross sweetly with great industry.” — Emerald Tablet

Human language reveals the principle of opposites through diametrically opposed terms such as hot-cold. Hot and cold represent varying degrees of the same thing — temperature. Hot does not change to cold immediately because it’s a gradual process among conditions on different points of a spectrum. 

Likewise, opposite emotions, such as happy-sad or angry-calm, play out in human relationships, and suggest that balance can be found by finding a neutral state. On the mental plane, the more we grasp the full spectrum of potential and the inherent limitations of language, the more we can sense the uniformity of the universe. Unbounded by linguistic definitions, we come closer to an undistorted vision of the underlying reality that we are truly one with the Universe.

As Eben experienced in the Core realm within the deepest level of the spiritual plane, there was only a sense of oneness and connection with all that is. In that complete absorption, knowledge is gained through identification with all potential. There is no division. 

But here on the physical plane, where dualism reigns, we cannot escape the concept of “opposite.” Here we’re subjected to the illusion of separation that belies the oneness of our shared reality.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle reflects the principle of complementarity in quantum physics, which reveals a fundamental inability to simultaneously know the position and momentum (or the energy and time) of a given particle
  • How properly harnessed emotions energize growth through gracefully embracing the tension of opposites, promoting inner and outer harmony
  • How to feel the vibrational difference between words along a continuum by noting sensations in the body
  • How hardships such as illness, injury, or addiction can be seen as part of a spectrum, offering an extreme state that energizes an opportunity for transformation
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll experience the polarities of the 4 elements and their relation to the whole

Module 6: A Turn to Every Season (March 8)

“It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends to the earth and again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things superior and inferior.” — Emerald Tablet

The rhythmic cycles in our lives are self-evident, most notably in the sunrise and sunset each day, and in our sleep patterns as we move from conscious to unconscious. Ocean tides ebb and flow as the seasons reliably come and go. These patterns continue without question, and help us track time and predict change in our world. 

Grander rhythmic principles are at play too, through the movement of the solar system around the galactic core, and the precession of the equinoxes through astrological archetypes and the Yugas of Hindu cosmology. 

Eben witnessed rhythmic cycles where souls regularly move back and forth between the spiritual and physical plane, indicating the existence of reincarnation. The life review, reported in more than 50% of NDEs, demonstrates how we learn through direct experience of other points of view in a given event. These lessons serve as a potential course correction, a form of karma, for our next incarnation, indicating the growth of our souls.

On the physical plane, Fourier Transforms represent an algorithm often applied to harmonic oscillators to reveal the mathematical perfection of virtually all naturally cycling systems. For example, these are used to model, predict, and explain the underlying order of neural networks.

The order revealed through Fourier Transforms parallels predictable patterns of resonance related to our soul’s journey as it interacts with the mental and spiritual realm.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How NDEs profoundly imply that we have responsibility for our choices
  • How grand cycles of time help us understand the spiraling evolution of individual and collective consciousness
  • How astrology provides a template for gaining insight into the deeper nature of our soul’s journey, both individually and collectively
  • How the life review demonstrates that the Golden Rule is woven into the fabric of the universe
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll align with full-moon energies to release what no longer serves you

Module 7: All Is Well (March 15)

“From this are and  do come admirable adaptations where of the means (or process) is here in this.” — Emerald Tablet

The philosophical principle of sufficient reason states that every fact or object has an adequate explanation for why it is true, exists, or happens. Put more simply, everything happens for a reason.

This concept is generally applied to the physical plane. Physicists generally default to a bottom-up chain of causality that originates completely in subatomic particles such as electrons, quarks, and photons on the physical plane. In other words, clinical depression is explained as being caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Those who study consciousness realize how crucial the notion of top-down causality is in fully interpreting the events of human lifetimes. In other words, the spiritual plane and the mental plane organize all that emerges in the physical plane. Naturally this leads to the question of free will versus determinism. Was everything planned in advance according to a design, or do we play a role in our unfolding reality?

Often we’re faced with synchronicities — or meaningful coincidences — that seem to occur at significant choice points or events. Hermetic principles suggest that these occurrences are part of a larger system that presents us with clues and guidance along our life path

Eben’s NDE may at first have seemed like a devastating occurrence, and yet he achieved a full recovery. Physicians who reviewed his records explain that the spiritual aspects of his experience played a direct role in that miraculous recovery. Other NDEs reveal a similar pattern, suggesting that interactions on the spiritual plane play a role in physical health.

In this module, you’ll uncover:

  • That in medicine, the placebo effect suggests a casual relationship between the mental plane and healing on the physical plane
  • Examples of NDEs that point to spiritual factors affecting physical healing
  • How internal and external locus of control reveals the degree of influence we place on the inner and outer worlds
  • How synchronicities are concrete examples of relationships that demonstrate the integrity of the mental plane in ordering events in human lives
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll use new-moon energies to initiate a change in your inner world to influence the outer world

Module 8: Dynamic Balance (March 22)

“The sun is its father, the moon its mother.” — Emerald Tablet

Gender is most evidently expressed on the physical plane within the male and female bodies and through the act of procreation. The roles of the sperm and egg at conception reveal that masculine energy is active and external, while feminine energy is receptive and internal. Each of us holds various aspects of masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our body’s gender. The key is to find balance between the two.

All the previous principles are relatively neutral. Within a mental universe, correspondence, vibration, opposites, rhythmic cycles, and cause and effect can oscillate endlessly without necessarily leading to progression and growth. What’s different about the principle of gender is that it allows us to grow and evolve, for example, through procreation.

Masculine and feminine principles are reflected in the phenomena described as electromagnetism. In 1871, the shocking discovery was made that electricity and magnetism are two facets of the same natural process. Until that time, they were regarded as two separate forces. Electricity and magnetism cannot exist without each other — but together, they serve as one of four fundamental forces on the physical plane. At the micro level, as with gender, they are two sides of the same coin.

In the Core realm, Eben encountered a divine force that was neither male nor female, indicating that there is no gender on the spiritual plane — only vibration, where all polarities dissolve.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The various expressions of masculine and feminine energies — and how balancing these vital forces within you serves to harmonize, both within and without
  • How just as all of biological understanding relies on the masculine-feminine nature of procreation, all of emergent reality on the physical plane (chemistry) ultimately depends on the behavior governed by the laws of electromagnetism
  • How in physics, the only way to explain certain physical processes is to understand the role of polar (not spectral) opposite properties like negative and positive charge, left and right-handedness, and north and south magnetic poles
  • How vacuum energy of quantum physics reflects the gender principle through the spontaneous creation and annihilation of paired particles
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll balance your feminine and masculine energies

Module 9: Love Is All There Is (March 29)

“Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing.” — Emerald Tablet

It is commonly stated that love is the most important aspect of life, and many of us spend a lifetime searching for that perfect loving soulmate. We are truly connected through the binding force of love on the spiritual plane, but it is not always apparent on the mental and physical planes. 

Eben experienced love throughout his coma journey. As simple as it sounds, love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything. It is apparent that love is part of no polarity or spectrum; it is all encompassing, fully accepting, and unconditional. The properties labeled “darkness” and “evil” are simply the absence of light and love — and not an opposing force.

Einstein stated that the most important question humanity should ask is whether or not the creative force underlying the universe is neutral, malevolent, or benevolent. We now know that NDEs consistently report encountering a loving benevolence that cannot be adequately described.

In Darwin’s book The Descent of Man, he uses the word “love” 98 times and “survival of the fittest” only twice. In many ways, his theory of survival of the fittest was hijacked by materialist scientists and corrupted through its interpretation that competition was the critical guiding principle. In fact, the most recent biological evidence for evolution necessitates collaboration, not competition.

This cooperation is noted in animals such as dolphins serving as midwives in the birthing of whale calves, and in flocks of birds flying in synchronized patterns. In human circles, the debate continues between individualism and collectivism, but nature seems to indicate that the good of the many outweighs the needs of the one.

In this final module, you’ll discover:

  • That a sense of overwhelming love is a common feature of NDEs — and that it’s available to us all
  • That the one mind of modern consciousness is more of a heart consciousness, based in love
  • The spiritual nature of animals and their expressions of unconditional love
  • How relationships reflect the binding force of love through birth, end of life, divine union between couples, acts of kindness, and the power of forgiveness
  • A Sacred Acoustics recording where you’ll generate love from within and merge with the infinite force of eternal love

The Love, Transcendence & Oneness Bonus Collection

In addition to Eben and Karen’s transformative 9-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Journey Beyond the Veil
Video Recording From Eben Alexander

In this video, Eben relates a heart-centered version of the spiritual aspects of his near-death experience during a 7-day meningitis-induced coma in 2008. Eben traversed three non-material realms — the Earthworm’s Eye View, the Gateway Valley, and the Core — starting in a primitive, unresponsive realm that opened up into a hyper-real, idealized earth, full of loving comfort, and continuing to the highest sanctum of the Divine. This extraordinary journey conveys the infinitely healing force of unconditional love at the core of all that is.


The Primordial Mind Hypothesis
PDF Chapter From Eben Alexander and Karen Newell’s Book

In Chapter 5 of Living in a Mindful Universe, Eben and Karen offer a scientific worldview that might replace the currently reigning Western paradigm of reductive materialism that insists that only the physical world is real and that everything else is an illusion. They believe that consciousness — what we sense as our mind — is a primary substance of the universe and that the brain serves as a filter, and not a producer, of consciousness. This theory better explains the nature of reality and all of human experience — and it can ultimately bring more meaning and purpose to our lives.


Cultivating Personal Experience
Video Teaching From Karen Newell

Drawing on Karen’s decades of investigation of consciousness, this 53-minute video shares practical tips, insights, and general advice to expedite your spiritual journey using various techniques, especially Sacred Acoustics audio recordings. You’ll explore the process of creating NeuralHelix technology (which contains binaural beats and other brainwave entrainment frequencies), and their potential effects on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Karen also addresses common questions about extrasensory perceptions, falling asleep, distracting thoughts, emotional reactions, ways of receiving information, and more.


What Graduates of Eben and Karen’s Courses Are Saying…


Alma Blazquez: “Eben and Karen Have Made Me Feel Loved”

John Ryan: “Eben’s Work Completely Changed My Perspective”

Amanda Holmes Duffy: “I Had Tears in My Eyes and Pouring Down My Cheeks”

Laura Sahli: “I Have Felt a Deeper Meditation With Greater Expanded Consciousness”

Ewa Henner: “I Am Left With Great Hope”

Megan Slobodin: “Eben and Karen Open Up Pathways to Understanding the Big Questions in Our Lives”

“... one of the best courses I have ever done, and I have done many.”

I absolutely loved this course. I found Eben and Karen so profoundly interesting and informative. The content matter was literally out of this world, and delivered in such a professional manner. I loved them both. I looked forward every night to doing my practice. In essence, this has been one of the best courses I have ever done, and I have done many. With sincere gratitude to Eben and Karen for giving me a much richer experience of what it means to be alive in this world.
— Rose Marie Fitzgerald, Dublin, Ireland

“... life-changing and has lifted my spirit.”

This course was life-changing and has lifted my spirit. I give it credit for me having no fear of dying and a closer to awakening to my eternal soul.
— Bea Murray, Alberta, Canada

“Eben’s experience and the acoustic meditations have given me hope.”

After the loss of my 50-year-old son to cancer in March, I was devastated and lost myself. The course put me back on my spiritual journey, as I try to connect with my son and find some kind of peace. Eben’s experience and the acoustic meditations have given me hope.
— Libby, Ecuador

“... will shift your old belief system into discarding things/people/or anything that no longer serves you.”

The course provides information on how to expand your analytical brain, and shift your current thought process into a new way of thinking without limitations and beyond realms of time and space. The journey will shift your old belief system into discarding things/people/or anything that no longer serves you. When you remember your true authentic self, you will feel like you’re home.
— Mindy, Denver, Colorado

“... helped bring me clarity and has answered some fundamental questions”

I would definitely recommend this course to others, as it is unique. I think that Eben’s NDE and the way he translates it, combined with Karen’s knowledge, expertise, and beautiful music has created the perfect platform for learning about spirituality and how the universe works. It has helped bring me clarity and has answered some fundamental questions for me. I know that the knowledge that I have acquired will serve me well. I am extremely grateful.
— Verity Steenson, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

“... resolved a lot of grief issues for me, and completely broadened my perspective on consciousness.”

This course has resolved a lot of grief issues for me, and completely broadened my perspective on consciousness. Eben and Karen are terrific presenters.
— James McCarty, living in France


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The Love, Transcendence & Oneness Bonus Collection
  • Journey Beyond the Veil
    Video Recording From Eben Alexander
  • The Primordial Mind Hypothesis
    PDF Chapter From Eben Alexander and Karen Newell’s Book
  • Cultivating Personal Experience
    Video Teaching From Karen Newell

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What People Are Saying About Eben Alexander & Karen Newell...

“[Eben] realizes that there are many paths up the mountain and they end up in the same place.”

Similar to Einstein, Eben, a man of science, delves into the spiritual oneness. He realizes that there are many paths up the mountain and they end up in the same place.
— Ram Dass

“Dr. Alexander’s case history is one of the most important in the history of medicine.”

Dr. Alexander’s case history is one of the most important in the history of medicine. The fact that he physically survives his illness is astonishing, but his account of a journey during his coma to a resplendent domain that operates according to the principle of boundless love is even more surprising. Karen Newell’s contributions are a valuable addition, making possible a practical blueprint by which one can realize transcendent insights and spiritual growth without experiencing the dangerous trauma of Alexander’s journey.
— Larry Dossey, MD, Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience... was somehow divinely ordained.”

Dr. Eben Alexander’s near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon. In my opinion, Dr. Alexander is living proof of an afterlife. The extraordinary circumstances of his illness and his impeccable credentials make it very hard to formulate a mundane explanation for his case. For me, it is difficult to shake the feeling that his experience was somehow divinely ordained.
— Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, Author of Life Beyond Life

“... a roadmap for those wishing to bridge science and spirit and enter into a life of wonder and magic.”

Dr. Alexander’s humbleness, along with the wise counsel of Karen Newell, is a roadmap for those wishing to bridge science and spirit and enter into a life of wonder and magic.
— William Arntz, Creator of What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

“[Dr. Alexander’s spiritual experience] may well change how we understand our role in the universe.”

Proof of Heaven is more than just an awe-inspiring account of a profound encounter with spiritual reality. Dr. Alexander’s neuroscience career taught him that near-death experiences are brain-based illusions, and yet his personal experience left him dumbstruck. His honest struggle to make sense of this unforgettable journey is a gripping story, unique in the literature of spiritual experiences, that may well change how we understand our role in the universe.
— Bruce Greyson, MD, Co-Editor of The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation

“... a unique and valuable cultural asset in our efforts to develop a more mature understanding of the nature of self and world.”

With a background in neurosurgery and having had direct experience of non-ordinary aspects of reality, Eben Alexander is a unique and valuable cultural asset in our efforts to develop a more mature understanding of the nature of self and world... Eben and Karen take us with them on their journey of exploration subsequent to Eben’s NDE. They show that the insights they have had are accessible to any one of us, and that sane, coherent, non-materialist views of reality not only exist, but are no longer fringe.
— Bernardo Kastrup, Philosopher and author

“... findings that challenge the supreme illusion of everyday physical reality...”

... Eben Alexander and Karen Newell explore the worlds of both science and spirit. They offer clear explanations of findings that challenge the supreme illusion of everyday physical reality, along with frank accounts of their own efforts to connect more with the collective mind. The result is a work filled with wisdom and compassion.
— Jim B. Tucker, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

“... a scientist ready to challenge science.”

[Dr. Alexander] is a neurosurgeon, an established scientist who lived through a bona fide miracle — one that challenges everything he ever knew, personally or professionally. His awareness of mission fits his profile: a scientist ready to challenge science. There have been others like him, but not with proof that can be independently verified to the degree that his can be. He recognizes the threshold where he now stands, and has chosen higher-consciousness research to help fulfill his goals. A sense of destiny pervades his thinking, that somehow all of this was “planned.”
— P. M. H. Atwater, Author of Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose

“... compelling case that the future of our world and the future vision for our universe lies directly in our hands...”

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell skillfully and beautifully drive home a timely and important message: You are not just part of a self-aware and ever-evolving universe, you are the one that gives it awareness and is evolving it! You are your universe. [They] make the compelling case that the future of our world and the future vision for our universe lies directly in our hands and in the choices we make.
— Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, New York Times bestselling author of Super Brain and Super Genes


About Dr. Eben Alexander

Academic neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander III, whose career includes decades as a physician and associate professor at Harvard Medical School and revered teaching hospitals, was once staunchly committed to the materialist worldview — the belief that the physical world is all that exists. His scientific belief system was altered by his 2008 transcendental near-death experience (NDE), an odyssey into another realm during a week-long coma. Despite a bleak medical prognosis, Dr. Alexander awoke to make an inexplicable return to full health. His medical case and miraculous recovery were validated in the peer-reviewed Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in September 2018. Since his NDE, Dr. Alexander has been reconciling his rich spiritual experience with neuroscience, quantum physics, cosmology, and the philosophy of mind. Dr. Alexander speaks around the world to educate others about the role that consciousness plays in wellness, healing, and recovery.

A pioneering scientist and modern thought leader, Dr. Alexander has been featured in more than 400 media interviews, including ABC-TV’s Good Morning America and 20/20, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Discovery Channel, Biography Channel, and numerous international radio shows, digital publications, and podcasts.

His three books, available in more than 40 countries, are Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife, and Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Heart of Consciousness, co-authored with Sacred Acoustics co-founder Karen Newell.


About Karen Newell

Karen Newell is an author and specialist in personal development with a diverse body of work that rests upon the foundation of heart-centered consciousness. Her lifelong interest in ancient cultures and sacred sites catalyzed her drive to understand the purpose of our existence. She became fascinated with esoteric spiritual texts and sought the complete story of humanity’s collective history.

In her search for answers, it became clear that firsthand personal experience is crucial for deepening one’s understanding. Inspired, she enrolled in hands-on experiential courses to investigate and develop such skills as meditation, lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy, remote viewing, self-hypnosis, and forms of energy healing, which validated that we all can develop these abilities. Most surprising was that this exploration led to unexpected personal and spiritual growth.

As an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation, Karen empowers others in their journeys of self-discovery. Using Sacred Acoustics recordings and other techniques, she teaches how to enter and engage with your inner world to connect to guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness, and develop intuition. Her teachings enable individuals to influence their outer world, achieving life transformations towards greater self-fulfillment and contentment, quality relationships, and choices aligned with one’s soul calling.

Karen is co-author with Eben Alexander III, MD, of Living in a Mindful Universe. At international workshops presented with Dr. Alexander, Karen demonstrates key practices of consciousness exploration: heart awareness, intention, maintaining neutrality, emotional management, and cultivating internal knowing.


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