With Author, Trainer & Intuitive Healer
Wendy De Rosa
A 16-session On-demand Video Training

Clear blocks from your body’s energy system and experience soul-level healing through your upper chakras to deepen your spiritual guidance and increase your prosperity.


Are you ready to meet yourself at the soul level?

To heal and release old wounds and conditioning passed on through your family, cultural lineage and even past lives and deepen your connection to your Divine guidance?

To transform your relationships, strengthen energetic boundaries, and fulfill your soul’s evolutionary purpose for this lifetime?

We all come into the world with energetic imprints on our souls... which can create blocks in the body’s energy system and shape our perceptions and experiences in this lifetime.

In energy healing, you bring your conscious awareness to painful patterns which can be seen, felt, heard, and known intuitively clearing them through energetic and emotional release. This foundational level of healing focuses on the root and lower chakras. As these energy blocks dissolve, energy flows more readily to the upper chakras, and they naturally open.

Leading intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa calls this an “upper-body awakening” to the Divine...

Without the upper-body awakening, spiritual bypass (unconscious denial or avoidance) can happen, directing attention to the upper chakras before the lower chakras are processed and healed.

In this course, Wendy will guide you to clear the blocks your soul carries and open up your connection to Divine Guidance, including spirit guides and angels.

Often times, the upper chakras are affected by doubt, fears and conditioning that block your faith in the power of the Divine. Yet, opening your upper chakras is a nurturing process of opening up to faith, grace, and the Divine...

Over 16 sessions, you’ll take your healing to the next level by clearing and releasing blocks in your lower chakras, while balancing and opening your upper chakras. As your upper energy body opens up, you connect to your Divine guidance opening a channel of grace through the crown of your head and through the central channel of your body...

Divine guidance can include downloads from God, grace, spirit guides, angels, or your higher self. This Divine Communication is similar to prayer bridging your energy that receives (from Spirit) with your energy that manifests (in the world).

Liberate Your Healing Gifts


Are you empathetic? Do your friends and family describe you as “sensitive,” maybe even “overly sensitive?”

Do you have a difficult time with boundaries, taking on other people’s emotions and energy?

Maybe you encounter challenges in discerning your true calling or reaching your full earning potential... Or distinguishing between the voices of fear and intuition?

Your intuition is your connection to Divine consciousness and may be experienced in many forms... when you “see,” “feel,” or “know” information, your soul is communicating with you. You can tap into this Divine communication to receive information as well as to heal yourself and others.

Patterns that originated as energetic imprints in your lower chakras are most likely preventing you from receiving this communication also causing you to feel fragmented, anxious, fearful, and depressed.

They’re imprints from wounding and conditioning experienced by your parents, grandparents and even your distant ancestors. Religious doctrine, culture, and past lives can also leave energy imprints. These patterns can affect your belief and faith in a Higher Consciousness and make it difficult to trust yourself and others.

However, as you clear these patterns of energy, you begin to feel safer and more grounded in your body activating your upper chakras to receive grace, love and flowing abundance, easily and effortlessly into every area of your life.

You gain access your own feelings, power, and intuition. You can maintain energetic boundaries with others, remain grounded in your body, and stay connected with the Divine (and your soul).

Access the Flow of True Abundance


Abundance is having. Having your natural healing abilities, having love, having comfort, having peace, having security and money... whatever it is, abundance flows when there is the ability to have your deepest need met.

Like the foundational healing in the root and lower chakras, healing at the soul level brings healing to your crown and upper chakras your direct connection to the Divine and key to abundance.

And abundance in every way is possible...

You can be physically and emotionally healthy, aware of (and manifesting!) your soul’s purpose, loving, growing, and thriving in your relationships, earning what you’re truly worth and much more.

Liberating you unique healing gifts and true abundance requires dissolving any doubts, fears, conditioning, control, and imprints your soul carries through lifetimes, suppressed by the unconscious mind. Clearing these blocks, you unite your gifts with your higher Self and the Divine.


In this profoundly healing advanced training, Wendy De Rosa will guide you to:

  • Clear lineage wounds and conditioning transforming these energy imprints so you can embody your true Self
  • How to connect with the Divine by opening your upper chakras the Crown, Third-eye, Throat, and Heart
  • Heighten your awareness of the Divine Plan for your life
  • Insights and tools for developing more faith and trust, which relates to the energy centers of your Crown and Root chakras
  • Practices for opening to more love, abundance, and intuitive guidance
  • How to receive Divine guidance through the back of your Heart chakra
  • Transform poverty consciousness and victimhood and heal your beliefs around your worth and money
  • Work on clearing karmic energy blocks and soul-level trauma
  • The difference between spirit guides and angels
  • Daily practices for connecting with your personal guides and angels
  • The ways your body intuits different forms of Divine guidance
  • Energy healing practices to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with Divine light and love
  • A greater sense of flow and abundance, in place of fear, unworthiness, and lack
  • Prayer is a “full-body” practice for living in alignment with your soul and the Divine

What You’ll Discover in These 16 Sessions

In this 16-session transformational intensive, Wendy will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to repattern your energy system and move from energy healing, into soul healing. This work is essential to your ability to engage in a deep partnership with the Divine, fulfill your true calling, and thrive in your relationships.

And so you can better connect with Wendy and her teachings, her sessions will be delivered via easy-to-use video. Or if you prefer, you can join her via audio only through your Internet or telephone connection.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential guided healings with Wendy. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain your heart to access your spiritual gifts.


Module 1: Opening the Gateway to Divine Healing So Your Body Can Heal


Healing, transformation, and self-actualization require your spirit to be aligned with your physical efforts in transformation. Connecting with your spirit is an engagement and opening of the upper chakras; the Crown, Third-eye, Throat, and Heart.

The Crown chakra is the gateway for Cosmic Divine energy to enter into the body. When it is closed, you are working so much harder from your own personal energy. Efforts, ease, and transformation on the human level happens when the Crown chakra opens and the upper chakras become activated. This allows a shift to occur in the lower chakras which relate to existence on the human level.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to connect with Spirit by opening your upper chakras the Crown, Third-eye, Throat, and Heart
  • Insights and tools for developing more faith and trust, which relates to the energy centers of your Crown and Root chakras)
  • Practices for opening to love, abundance, higher wisdom, and intuition of the
  • How to receive from the Divine through the back of your Heart chakra

Session 1: Moving From Energy Healing Into Soul Healing

We’ll begin with an introduction to the transition from “in-body” energy healing to soul healing. Wendy will explain key areas of the energetic anatomy, which will be revisited throughout the course. You’ll explore the upper chakras, the backside of these chakras, the Pillar of Light, the healing powers of Divine grace, and define higher guidance.

Session 2: Balancing Faith and Trust Between the Root & Crown Chakras

In this session, you’ll learn how faith, a power of the Crown chakra, needs to be balanced with trust, a power of the Root chakra, in order for the body to heal and manifest your true being into the world. This session will also include clearing the Pillar of Light in the body.

Session 3: The Back Door of Your Heart Clearing Blocks to Receiving

You’ve heard of an open heart. Having an open heart in a way that includes the spiritual heart is not opening the front of the heart. Instead it’s about opening the backside of the heart. The backside corresponds to receiving from the Divine. In order for life, love, abundance, higher wisdom, and intuition to truly manifest, you need a healthy relationship with Source, created in the back of the Heart chakra.

Session 4: Integration Practice Receiving the Light

You’ll apply the tools you’ve learned in the past three sessions to practice receiving from the Divine through your Pillar of Light.

You’ll be guided into a practice in receiving the light. You’ll then be given a practice to work on with each other in group practice sessions.


Module 2: Back Body Consciousness & Clearing of Karma Held in Your Soul


In this module, you’ll be taking a journey of deep healing on the soul level to clear karmas and energetic imprints that may be preventing you from living your true Self in the world.

The roots to many blocks that are carried into the present day often originate in your soul. Wounds from past lifetimes and your family’s lineage can leave a mark with your soul that you carry into this lifetime.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Clear lineage wounds and conditioning, transforming these energy imprints so you can embody your true Self
  • Transform poverty consciousness and victimhood and heal your beliefs around your worth and money
  • Work on clearing karmic energy blocks and soul-level trauma
  • Tap into the fullness of being, allowing the Divine to flow into you and your life

Session 1: Q&A and Clearing Patterns of Lack & Victimhood

We’ll begin with Q&A to hear how the practice went during the integration. Then, you’ll be guided into the next phase of clearing work which will include clearing the history of poverty consciousness and victimhood.

Although these two imprints may sound different, they have similar roots in lack, fear, and separation from Divine source. We’ll work with energetically clearing these blocks that you may have come into this lifetime with.

Session 2: Clearing Karmic Wounds in Unworthiness to Open the Body Up to Abundance

Worthiness is the ability to have the fullness of yourself. Lack, fear, guilt, and shame are all overtones and undertones of feeling unworthy. When we don’t feel worthy, we can’t have the fullness of light or even gifts from the Divine.

Essentially we’re blocked from abundance which is really the heart’s contentment and fulfillment with the physical world. This session will include clearing your soul’s karma around unworthiness, so you may open up to receiving the abundance of your light. This session includes a guided healing with Wendy.

Session 3: Clearing the Soul History of Trauma Held in the Body

This class is the last big clearing in the back body consciousness and the soul before you open up to connecting with spirit guides and angels. Guides and angels are a frequency. In order to feel and connect to their frequency of Divine love, we must be willing to clear what blocks the light within us, so we are a vibratory match for the guides and angels.

This clearing is to release any more held traumas your soul has carried into this lifetime and may get created or recreated. Some of these traumas could include doctrine traumas, anger at God, persecution for truth, wounds to the feminine, and more. This is powerful soul healing and is followed by a grounding into your body.

Session 4: Integration Rest & Recover

This is your opportunity to rest and recover from all the releasing. Healing and shifting requires letting go and allowing the body to integrate and heal from within. Source yourself and stay connected to your light.


Module 3: Allowing the Mystical Experience & Communication With the Divine


Wounds that make up the ego consciousness form a density in the energetic system that prevents faith in the mystical experience. When healing has happened, light consciousness replaces where shadow was held in the body. Light-filled areas become new consciousness.

Shadow does not need to be feared but seen as the teacher for us to strengthen and deepen. As this awakening happens, it opens up vibrancy and connection with the Divine realm. In this module you’ll explore your connection to spirit guides, angels, higher guidance, and the mystical experience in healing wounds held the body.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between guides and angels
  • Daily practices for connecting with your personal guides and angels
  • The ways your body intuits different forms of Divine guidance
  • How to clear your prayer channel to receive information from Spirit

Session 1: Q&A and Connecting to God, Your Higher Guidance & Opening Your Divine Connection

In order to connect to spirit guides and angels, faith in God is needed. What God is can be a trigger for some based on conditioning. Your soul knows the light of God deeper than the mind. Through opening the prayer channel between the sacred heart and and Divine source, the Divine in all forms presents itself. This is the mystical experience. It’s that the prayer channel is open and Divine communication is supported.

Session 2: Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

This module will be fun. Spirit guides come in all forms and you can connect with them based on how they present to you and how your body intuits information. You’ll discover the distinction between spirit guides and angels and what their unique offering is to you as your guides in this lifetime. There will be a guided healing on this call.

Session 3: Connection to Angels for Healing

Angels are different than spirit guides, yet spirit guides and angels often present themselves together. Angels are all around you and guide your soul’s journey in ways that may not be obvious to the mind. They bring healing, protection, and love and sometimes in their own unique expression of the Divine. You’ll discover more about angels and how to connect with them in your daily life. There will be a guided healing on this call.

Session 4: Integration Practice Allowing Connection With the Divine

Practice the tools you have learned to activate you back body and connect to your higher guidance through God, your higher self, angels, or spirit guides. Instruction will be given for partner practicing within the container of the call.


Module 4: Living in Flow Through Divine Infusion


Throughout the course you’ll have cleared out karmic wounds, increased consciousness, expanded with more light, and perhaps even decreased fear of what the “the shadow” really is.

In this final module, you’ll expand on your connection to the mystical by learning healing through the angels and guides and how to maintain this flow in your life. It’s very possible to conceptualize your Divine connection, but it’s a whole different experience to embody it.

Through these final sessions, Wendy will support you with energy work in embodying your Divine connection through prayer, soul activation, and continued communicationconnection with your higher guidance which includes spirit guides and angels.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Energy healing practices to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with Divine light and love
  • A greater sense of flow and abundance in place of fear, unworthiness, and lack
  • Prayer as a “full-body” practice for living in alignment with your soul and the Divine
  • Support for embodying (and sharing) your intuitive gifts and clearing energy blocks as they arise, so you can keep your connection to the DIvine open

Session 1: Q&A and How Spirit Guides & Angels Can Help With Your Healing

The job of the spirit guides and angel is to guide us here on this earth to be in union with Divinity. They are in service to the light and support us in living our own contribution or service to the light. Discover how you may ask for healing and support from the spirit guides and angels, especially through the tool of forgiveness.

Session 2: How Prayer Is a Full Body Practice for Healing & Soul Activation

This class will include a longer Q&A to ask questions on any topic you have learned in this course. Then we’ll practice together a full body prayer practice and a soul activation which is an infusion of Divine love in the body for alignment and healing.

Session 3: Integration Practice Living Your Divine Connection

Integrate Divine love into your body, infuse more prayer and mantra into moments in your day and allow more spiritual connection to guide you.

Session 4: The Householder Path of Living Your Divine Self in the World

In this final class of the program, you’ll learn what it means to be on the householder path of living your embodied light, intuitive gifts and spiritual connection into the world.

This path is not about getting caught in the wounds of the first three chakras, but to bring healing to the triggers and wounds when they present. Utilizing tools you learned in this course, you’ll be guided in this course on how to integrate into the world having done this work. Wendy will complete the class and program with a guided healing for integration.


The Next Level of Intuitive Healing Bonus Collection

In addition to Wendy’s transformative 16-session virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions and materials. These bonuses complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Three Steps on How to Clear Your Own Energy
Video From Wendy De Rosa


When you hit a block or an emotion how do you clear and release that energy when you get triggered or identify a block in your system, how do you clear your own energy? In this video created as special companion to this course, Wendy will guide you through three steps on how to clear you energy and release blocks held in your body.


Grounding as the Heart Expands
Guided Video Meditation From Wendy De Rosa


We are in a time when we are being asked to step into who we are here to be. For many, that means hearing a calling or experiencing a feeling from the heart to live life with more purpose and meaning. Yet the world is dynamic and dualistic at times, so how do you live with an expanded heart? In this guided meditation, you’ll be taken through a deep healing on how to ground the body in order for the spiritual heart to be centered and expanded.


Expanding Your Heart: Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening
Ebook From Wendy De Rosa


Transform the chaos and pain of personal struggle into a deeper connection to the Divine and your truest self with Expanding Your Heart. Wendy introduces the Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening to guide readers to work through life’s challenges as a way to open and expand the heart.


Transform Through Emotional Healing: Release Emotions From the Past Set of 6 Powerful Guided Audio Meditations From Wendy De Rosa


Do you struggle with old anger in your system? Are you stopped from moving forward because something feels undone from the past? Is it a challenge to feel love for yourself because other feelings are more prevalent? Journey through releasing unprocessed emotional history in your body with the support of these powerful, empowering and deep guided healings through each emotion. Wendy facilitates a guided journey into your chakra system and subconscious to help you release the energy that you no longer need to carry.


What Graduates Are Saying About Wendy De Rosa...

“The course is one of the best things I have participated in...”

I have without question benefitted from taking Wendy’s course through The Shift Network. I’m just turning 35 and have done extensive work in my life to heal in various areas. I could write in detail here but to stay straightforward and be extremely sincere, the course is one of the best things I have participated in and been part of in my life. It has been invaluable and as timing is fitting, I will be continuing studies further with Wendy. Immense gratitude and love.
Rebecca Schanna, Dana Point, California

“Offers unique information I have never encountered anywhere before”

Wendy is the most knowledgeable and experienced intuitive I’ve ever met, and I’ve known dozens. And she offers unique information I have never encountered anywhere before. I was able to relax with her and get the full benefit of the course because I didn’t have any doubts about her expertise.
Veleka Gray, New Orleans, Louisiana

“I will be able to stay grounded and protected as I head into 2018”

Although I was not able to participate in the live calls due to work, I still felt as if I was there with the group and listening live to Wendy. 2017 was extremely challenging... Because of this course and the many tools Wendy provided, I will be able to stay grounded and protected as I head into 2018. Thank you and blessings!

“I am better in tune with my intuition”

I feel I am better in tune with my intuition. Creating a better self image. This growth can continue by practicing the meditations. It will be useful in my work as a Gestalt Pastoral Care minister. Using intuition is very important in guiding people through their growth work.
Darlene, Glenn Dale, Maryland

“There has been a great deal of resolution...”

Every module addressed areas that have been problematic and I feel there has been a great deal of resolution in each. Can’t be better than that. I really enjoyed this course and thank you for offering it.
Evelyn, Boca Raton, Florida

“I no longer feel like an alien living on planet Earth”

The easiest way to sum up the benefit I received from this course is I no longer feel like an alien living on planet Earth. I can now identify with this body I am wearing.
Karen, South Windsor, Connecticut

“The inner changes are already powerful...”

I feel very grateful to have come across this course (by chance?), to Wendy for her so special and generous knowledge, and to The Shift Network to make it (me) possible. The inner changes are already powerful and, better than that, they came to stay.

“You’ll experience peace and a deep feeling of belonging”

This course makes you understand and feel at the same time, from a wider perspective, who you really are... As you progress in healing and in cleansing each energy center, you will feel waves of pure, new energy connecting you with all there is. You’ll experience peace and a deep feeling of belonging. You’ll be home in your heart again and you’ll understand why, a long time ago, you had accepted to forget who you were. God bless you, Wendy.
Simona Dragan, Timisoara, Romania

“I’m looking forward to big changes...”

I totally recommend Wendy’s course as it has benefited me so much and even only through the replays. The healings are most powerful. I felt them very strongly and as I can go back to them whenever it suits me, I’m looking forward to big changes which I feel strongly will happen as I continue to relisten.

“Life-changing course”

This course explained the answers I’ve been searching for! I am very grateful for this life-changing course.
Trishana, Kilauea, Hawaii


Here’s What You’ll Receive


Twelve 90-minute Recorded Class Sessions With Wendy De Rosa

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with intuitive healer and trainer Wendy De Rosa from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to learn the specific skills and abilities to awaken your healing potential.


Four 60-minute Integration Sessions With Wendy De Rosa

Each module includes an Integration Session. During these sessions, you learning will be supported by a pre-recorded review of the module teachings from Wendy to deepen your healing and integration followed by instructions for a guided healing or group practice session.


Sixteen PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.


The Next Level of Intuitive Healing Bonus Collection

  • Three Steps on How to Clear Your Own Energy
    Video From Wendy De Rosa
  • Grounding as the Heart Expands
    Guided Video Meditation From Wendy De Rosa
  • Expanding Your Heart: Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening
    Ebook From Wendy De Rosa
  • Transform Through Emotional Healing: Release Emotions From the Past
    Set of 6 Powerful Guided Audio Meditations From Wendy De Rosa

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join The Next Level of Intuitive Healing Virtual Training

We feel honored Wendy De Rosa has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from with a renowned intuitive healer whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Wendy’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home at your own pace!

If you’re serious about opening your upper chakras to spiritual gifts that will accelerate your healing and spiritual growth, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Next Level of Intuitive Healing with Wendy De Rosa or don’t feel that it meets your needs please contact our friendly Support Team within 14 days of your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue you a refund.


More Praise for Wendy De Rosa...

“I believe in myself because of Wendy”

Wendy has not only helped me release layer upon layer of constriction and unconsciousness, she has also taught me how to be a better healer. She teaches by example. The sensitive realms of her abilities have given me a safe space to become who I am meant to be. I believe in myself because of Wendy. I am able to serve in ways that I would not have been able to without her in my life.

“In every college there should be a course about this work!”

I am so forever grateful for the opportunity to meet such a wonderful teacher such as you, Wendy! Applying the work you provided us took this course and our personal healings to a whole new level... In every college there should be a course about this work! Thank you so, so, so much, Wendy, for your beautiful soul and beauty, inside and out.
L.B., Connecticut

“Spirit came back into my life because of you”

As I was doing my meditation this morning you “popped” into my head... I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. On many levels, Spirit came back into my life because of you.
Chantal, Massachusetts

“The tools... are helping heal me at deep levels”

The tools I’m learning within the program are helping heal me at such deep levels and are being woven throughout my therapeutic work with clients. Many more thank yous than this message can contain for YOU, your work, and your teachings of your work. I appreciate you!
Meryl Fields, MFT, California

“I have healed so many issues from my past”

My life is completely different since I began working with Wendy. I have healed so many issues from my past and released deep beliefs that were negatively impacting my life. I have a deeper intimacy with others and I am more in touch with my intuitive abilities.

“Such clear and angelic energy!”

I’m so struck today by how much love you have for us in this process! How much you hold and encourage us... I feel so blessed to be received so lovingly into your arms and motherly heart! And with such clear and angelic energy! So much gratitude for you, Wendy!
C., Bay Area, California

“Tremendous guidance... and changes into my life”

Wendy truly has a gift to heal. Her compassion, insight, and talent to work with energy has brought tremendous guidance to me and has enabled me to bring profound changes into my life.
C.O., Oakland, California

“Helped me become a better person”

Wendy taught me a whole new way of understanding myself and taking care of myself... Wendy has helped me process through personal issues that were deeply seated. My relationships have improved and overall are more healthy. She has a wealth of information and insight. Wendy’s ability to see and deal with energies has helped me become a better person.
L.K., San Francisco, California

“A deeply transformative experience”

The [training] with Wendy De Rosa is a deeply transformative experience. Wendy is a powerful healer who has a wealth of information to share with therapists, coaches, or anyone in a healing profession.
A.H., Oakland, California

“My life is completely changed”

OH MY, my life is completely changed. I have so much space, comfort, and direction. I am feeling hopeful and healed and so much less frenetic.
Rachel, Connecticut


About Wendy De Rosa


Wendy De Rosa is an internationally respected intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. For the past two decades, she has offered private sessions, education, and training programs for spiritual and personal growth for those wanting to develop their intuition, clear their blocks, and experience personal transformation.

She is the founder of the School of Intuitive Studies and the Intuitive Healer Training Program. Wendy has filmed two programs for’s spiritual growth channel, Soulvana. She is a author whose book, Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing, is an Amazon bestseller.

Wendy is also a contributing author to the bestselling book, Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times, with Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, and other leaders in personal growth. Her most recent book is Expanding Your Heart: Awakening Through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening.


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