With New York Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist,
Empath, Intuitive Healer & “Godmother of the Empath Movement”
Judith Orloff, MD

New 7-Module Online Course


Harness your intuition to become a vessel for healing as you transmute life’s challenges through surrender, self-care, centering techniques, and more.


If you’re an empath or sensitive person, you might often feel overwhelmed...

Without even meaning to, you’re taking on the extra emotional load of the world’s suffering, other people’s stress, and your own emotional triggers.

Now more than ever, though, it’s essential to make yourself a priority and start using your innate intuitive intelligence to attend to your own physical and emotional wellbeing.

Scientific evidence reveals that empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive persons) were born with a heightened capacity to tune in to their surroundings.

In fact, your brain is wired for greater attunement, exhibiting a hyperactive firing of its mirror neurons which discharge when you execute a particular behavior, and when you observe the same behavior in someone else.

This predisposition is also why empaths can end up in codependent relationships an unhealthy empath will try to fix their partner and get worn out.

In this powerful course, you’ll discover how to surrender whatever you’re clinging to whether it’s an outdated self-belief, a relationship that no longer serves you, the painful residue of old traumas, even your current fear and anxiety...

Join in and unburden yourself of toxic energies as you transmute your life experiences and explore practical tools to heal your body, your emotions, and your relationships so you can feel more centered, happy, and energized.

As you’ll discover, as an empath or HSP, you have the natural ability to tune in to deep healing and compassion beneath all experiences...

Welcome the Celebrated “Godmother of the Empath Movement” as Your Mentor

According to bestselling author and psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD, you can reach an inner sense of ease when you learn the importance of surrendering not only to intuition... but to everything.

Dr. Orloff is a true pioneer, accomplishing for psychiatry what physicians like Dean Ornish and Mehmet Oz have done for mainstream medicine establishing why links between physical, emotional, and spiritual health can’t be ignored.

Dr. Orloff discovered her own unique intuitive abilities when she was a child able to predict deaths, illnesses, and earthquakes. From a lineage of 25 physicians (including her parents), her special intuitive powers scared those around her and she was forbidden from expressing her special insights at home. She grew up believing that something was wrong with her...

Her healing path has been integrating her innate intuition into her life as a woman, healer, and therapist and supporting others in honoring and honing their intuitive skills.

As Dr. Orloff says, we’re keepers of an innate intuitive intelligence that tells us how to heal and prevent illness.

She teaches empaths, and everyone, how not to succumb to their triggers and all the cries of the world, and, instead, to listen first to their inner voice what she calls the voice of energy.

Dr. Orloff will share how to reclaim and protect your intuition as you surrender to what’s stopping your life’s flow so you can enjoy each moment and your unique predisposition for greater compassion, love, and a clear knowing that can help you and others heal.


During these self-empowering seven modules with Dr. Orloff, you’ll discover:

  • The magic of awakening your intuitive gifts and trusting their guidance in your life
  • Strategies to embrace extraordinary intuitions such as déjà vu and synchronicities
  • How to identify empathy overload and how to stop absorbing other people’s pain
  • Techniques to combat different kinds of “energy vampires” in daily life such as The Victim, The Narcissist, and The Chronic Talker
  • Ways to liberate yourself from difficult emotions and transform your life
  • How to quiet your mind and become neutral so you can clearly size up situations
  • The proven intuitive process Dr. Orloff uses with patients
  • How to identify your own emotional triggers, so you can react from a more centered place
  • Ways to identify dynamics that can get in your way of reading people... including expectations, mental chatter, and judgment
  • Your brain’s mirror neurons and how they activate both your empathetic predisposition and your gift for greater sensitivity and intuition
  • What intuitive healing means for empaths and sensitive people... and how to access this gift
  • The key to surrendering to anxiety and fear, and how thinking and feeling it doesn’t mean you have to take it on energetically
  • Discover the importance of energetic protection in accessing, enjoying, and sharing your intuitive gifts

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this transformational online course, Dr. Orloff will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills and competencies you’ll need to embark on your empath’s journey to intuitive awareness, emotional freedom, and physical vitality.

This course features teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Dr. Orloff. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to become a vessel for healing as you transmute life’s challenges.

Module 1: Discovering the Secrets of Intuitive Healing


In this opening module, you’ll discover how the intersection of intuition and healing awakens an inner intelligence that can harness the power of wellness and release stress and dis-ease.

You’ll also become grounded in the five basic steps to intuitive healing:

  1. Create a positive belief system
  2. Be in your body
  3. Sense subtle energy
  4. Ask for inner guidance
  5. Listen to your dreams

Dr. Orloff will share her journey from intuitive child, alone with abilities she didn’t understand to a respected psychiatrist who uses intuition as an indispensable tool in her medical practice and life.

As your journey begins, you’ll learn to awaken your intuition and apply this knowledge to healing.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How Dr. Orloff overcame her fears to integrate intuitive healing with her work as a conventional physician
  • Strategies to ignite your intuition and healing abilities
  • The ways intuition can clarify your life’s meaning and purpose at every stage
  • Strategies to embrace extraordinary intuitions such as déjà vu and synchronicities
  • A guided meditation to connect you with your intuitive self

Module 2: Transmuting Illness & Pain Into Health, Ease & Vibrance


Illness and pain are calls to courage and self-compassion they give you the opportunity to listen to your inner voice and rise above fear...

... and they awaken you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Instead of checking out of your body during periods of dis-ease, intuition helps you live in every molecule of your being so you can be transformed. Illness asks you to love yourself in ways you may never have thought possible.

This module will help you befriend your intuition so you can find more compassion for your body and spirit than ever before.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The many ways illness and pain are invitations to heal and how “dis-ease” can help you grow stronger, more loving, and more connected to your body
  • The intuitive art of listening to your body
  • How to identify empathy overload and how to stop absorbing other people’s pain
  • The power of sleep and healing dreams
  • Ways to overcome fear and other blocks to healing
  • A powerful guided self-healing meditation

Module 3: Energy Medicine in Everyday Life Sensing & Receiving Healing Energy


This session will be devoted to awakening subtle energy, the intuitive language of the body.

Energy is the essence of who we are a subtle vibration underlying everything...

To Hindu mystics it’s shakti. To Chinese medical practitioners it’s chi. It’s the radiant aura that seers throughout the ages have reported.

Learning to sense and tap into energy can keep you healthy and aware of early intuitive signs of emotional and physical imbalance so you can act on them.

And as you’ll discover, if you choose to act on the energetic changes in your body, your health and happiness will improve.

Dr. Orloff will lead you through the various manifestations of energy in daily life so you can apply the principles of energy medicine in practical and transformative ways.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Exactly what energy medicine is and how to apply it to be healthier and happier in everyday life
  • An overview of energy anatomy, the chakra system, and body scanning
  • The basics of distant healing with loved ones
  • The foundations of medical intuition
  • The role of humility and setting your ego aside to become a vessel of healing
  • A guided visualization full of techniques to activate and send healing energy to yourself and others

Module 4: The Courage to Explore & Transform Challenging Emotions


Emotional freedom means increasing your intuition and ability to love so you can cultivate positive emotions... and compassionately witness and transform difficult ones.

The Indian sage Ramana Maharshi said, “We have heaven and hell within us.” In that spirit, this session will help you accept and heal your full Self.

As brilliant and helpful as the intellect can be, it has a restricted vision when it comes to emotional healing. Bringing intuitive awareness into the feeling realm is essential and powerful.

You’ll experience how intuition goes beyond the limits of the linear mind to gain a deeper understanding of how to heal your emotional self.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How emotions such as anxiety, fear, and depression are teachers that can liberate you, allowing you to experience emotional freedom
  • The difference between intuition and fear
  • Strategies to stop absorbing stress and negative emotions
  • Self-soothing techniques to center yourself
  • The healing power of tears
  • How dreams (even nightmares) can liberate you from negative emotions
  • A powerful meditation for transforming challenging emotions into compassion, hope, and inner calm

Module 5: Healing Grief, Trauma & Addictions


Grief, trauma, and addictions are aspects of ourselves that we need to heal with compassion.

Many of us, including highly empathic people, experience some level of post-traumatic stress and trauma in our lives.

This stress and trauma can result from anything from losing a loved one, to living on sensory overload for so many years that our systems become flooded with adrenaline, leading to burnout.

Other factors related to trauma and addiction include early neglect, physical or emotional abuse, being raised by narcissistic parents, having a narcissistic spouse... or not feeling “seen” and being shamed about being “too sensitive.”

Addictions can be a result of self-medicating the pain you experience from trauma.

This module is all about healing your wounds with compassion and deep, intuitive understanding then re-emerging with a new, revitalized perspective about yourself and your life.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The origins and triggers of various forms of trauma and grief
  • The ways trauma becomes frozen in your energy body and how to release it
  • Strategies to heal trauma including retrieving your inner child, setting clear boundaries, and practicing self-compassion
  • Ways to work with the energy of grief so it doesn’t become depression in your body
  • How you can release fear when you’re experiencing grief, loss, and death
  • A guided visualization to release trauma and embrace healing

Module 6: Intuitively Reading People to Heal Emotional Triggers & Improve Your Relationships


In this session, you’ll discover how to enhance the quality of your relationships by learning to use intuition the secret weapon Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs have called the “key to success.”

The art of reading people requires listening to your intuition and gut feelings along with logic and common sense.

To have healthy, loving relationships, you must learn to read people. Then you can see beyond the obvious to empathize with someone’s true motivations and understand how to reach difficult people (especially those you love).

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use tools to read and interpret people’s body language in all spheres of life
  • The signs of accurate intuition and what to do if an intuition is wrong
  • Ways to intuitively read a person’s energy and how this skill deepens your communication and empathy with others
  • Strategies to heal wounded relationships
  • Techniques to combat different kinds of “energy vampires” in daily life such as The Victim, The Narcissist, and The Chronic Talker
  • A meditation practice to identify your emotional triggers and take the intense charge out of them, so you’re less reactive to wounded parts in yourself

Module 7: Deepening Your Intuitive Connection With Yourself, Others & the Earth


Developing intuition gives you a stronger, more passionate and connected relationship with yourself. You’ll also gain a clearer sense of purpose and identity as you pass through the different stages of life.

In your final session, you’ll discover how intuition allows you to feel a liberating sense of interconnectivity with others, the planet, nature, and all living things...

This “knowing” that you’re not alone can feel consoling, lessen loneliness, and heighten your interconnection with the web of life.

The deeper you explore intuitive healing, the more you’ll “know” that the basic integrative force in the universe is love. The more you heal, the more you can love yourself and have an open heart with others.

You’ll explore the importance of manifesting love with abandon in each stage of life, and staying open to the wonder of the world.

You’ll celebrate all you’ve learned and emphasize the cherishing of every moment on your ever-widening path to healing.

In this closing module, you’ll learn:

  • How to heal outdated beliefs about yourself and open yourself to healthy, nurturing relationships
  • Earthing meditations to tune in to nature and the powerful grounding energy of the Earth
  • Strategies to intuitively know the truth about who you are versus old stories based on low self-esteem or familial conditioning
  • How intuition can help you feel a reassuring interconnectivity to our human family, the Earth, and its creatures
  • A global meditation to connect with all sentient beings and nurture a bond of love and comradery with all of life

The Intuitive Healing Power Bonus Collection

In addition to Dr. Judith Orloff’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Self-Care Practices for Empaths & Sensitive People
PDF Guide From Judith Orloff

Self-care is essential for all empathic people. When you mindfully and lovingly practice it each day, your sensitivities will flourish so that you can keep enjoying the extraordinary gifts of sensitivity including an open heart, intuition, and an intimate connection with spirituality and the natural world. Still, a big challenge for all sensitive people is how to be compassionate without absorbing the stress of others and the world. Empaths are helpers, lovers, and caretakers who often give too much at the expense of their own wellbeing. In this PDF download, you’ll learn how to stay healthy and happy, with effective self-care practices so you’re ready to deal with stress.

Based on Dr. Orloff’s bestselling books, Thriving as an Empath, The Empath’s Survival Guide, Emotional Freedom, The Power of Surrender, and Positive Energy.


5 Steps to Intuitive Decision Making
Video Teaching From Judith Orloff

In this informative, lively video, Dr. Orloff shares the five steps to intuitive decision making that she uses in her medical practice so everyone can learn them too. She also presents a revolutionary argument for integrating intuition with classical forms of Western medicine. Dr. Orloff passionately believes that the future of medicine lies in the “the wedding of heart and mind.” Tune in and explore how intuition can be used to listen to your body’s signals to make better decisions. This groundbreaking video legitimizes intuition as a dynamic therapeutic tool.


Developing Intuition Package
Multi-Part Audio Package From Judith Orloff

Learn how to awaken your intuition to make better decisions in your life!

Intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom, not mediated by the rational mind. It’s the still, small voice inside that’s accessible to us all. We each possess an intuitive healing code within us that contains the blueprints for our health, happiness, and survival of everything that is good here on Earth. This code is written in a language of silence, metaphor, imagery, energy, and knowings that may seem alien until we’re taught to decipher them.

This audio package (over 7 hours in length!) will show you how to:

  • Powerfully listen to your body’s needs
  • Make sense of your life when it’s most confusing
  • Use your body’s subtle energies to heal pain, panic, depression, and other symptoms
  • Listen to your gut feelings
  • Follow your dreams
  • Balance the linear analytic mind with intuition
  • Discern which intuitions are most authentic

What People Are Saying About Judith Orloff...

“[Judith Orloff has] most certainly extended my life and JOY immeasurably”

That was, by far, the best, most interesting and informative teleconference I have EVER participated in. Felt like I was "chatting" with a best friend, who knew me like no one else has ever known me better than I even know myself. What a supportive experience... I’m in my late 60s and wonder what life would have been like had I known about who I really am, then. I am so grateful that I know NOW and can enjoy my remaining time with that knowledge in place. [Judith Orloff has] most certainly extended my life and JOY immeasurably, and to put it simply: I adore you!
Carole, Portland, Oregon

“... [Judith Orloff] gave me all the more reasons to trust... and listen to [my ‘inner voice’].”

I got so much out of all that [Judith Orloff] shared. I always had a strong “inner voice” and [she] gave me all the more reasons to trust it and listen to it. I welcomed the energy that [she] put forth… What a gift to receive [her] energy… Thank you, [Judith Orloff], for sharing your own personal stories and for your inner “glow” that is ever so present.

“I am now... feeling so much more connected and in tune with life.”

Socrates advised, “Know thyself,” and [Judith Orloff has] helped me do so in a huge way. That [she is] also an empath and willing to share [her] feelings and personal life experiences makes it all even more special for me... I am now meditating every morning and feeling so much more connected and in tune with life. I look forward to developing my intuition and using it to help others. [Judith Orloff has] given me a great gift. I am forever grateful.
Joseph, Grand Junction, Colorado

“... gave me a sense of clarity... and power to believe in myself and my intuition.”

I was in a deep crisis in my personal, professional, and spiritual life... [Judith Orloff] gave me a sense of clarity, acceptance of the situation, and power to believe in myself and my intuition. [Her] guidance allowed me to look at my situation from a different perspective and the opportunity for change. [She is] an amazing talented healer, psychiatrist, and writer. To me [she is] also a powerful role model.

“Judith Orloff is a rare combination of academic credibility, intuitive awareness, and the ability to communicate with authenticity...”

Ping Ho, UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Pre-Recorded Online Modules With Judith Orloff

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from New York Times bestselling author, psychiatrist, empath, intuitive healer, and “Godmother of the Empath Movement” Judith Orloff from the comfort of your own home. Each module contains a full-length video and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to harness your intuition to become a vessel for healing as you transmute life’s challenges through surrender, self-care, centering techniques, and more.

Seven Audio Recordings of Sessions

An audio version of each class session will be available for you to stream in high-quality MP3 format. You can listen anytime and anywhere on any connected device at your convenience.

Seven PDF Transcripts

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Module

Between modules, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each week’s lesson.

The Intuitive Healing Power Bonus Collection
  • Self-Care Practices for Empaths & Sensitive People
    PDF Guide From Judith Orloff
  • 5 Steps to Intuitive Decision Making
    Video Teaching From Judith Orloff
  • Developing Intuition Package
    Multi-Part Audio Package From Judith Orloff

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More Praise for Judith Orloff...

"... [helping us understand] we are far more than we have allowed ourselves to be."

"We are far more than we have allowed ourselves to be. Judith Orloff is to be commended for helping us understand that simple truth."
Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

“Judith Orloff teaches you how to master your inner empathic world.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

“... shows you how to be sensitive, strong, and clear and to say ‘no’ to the energy suckers in your life.”

Sensitive people aren’t weaklings or victims. Dr. Orloff, an empath herself, shows you how to be sensitive, strong, and clear and to say “no” to the energy suckers in your life. 
Caroline Myss, New York Times bestselling author of Anatomy of the Spirit

“... blends a psychiatrist’s logical training with the heartfelt sensitivity of the empath.”

Dr. Judith Orloff succeeds again, in her unique and inimitable way, to present empowering and practical tools for radical self-care. She blends a psychiatrist’s logical training with the heartfelt sensitivity of the empath. [Thriving as an Empath] is the key to success inside and out. It reminds us, “I recognize authenticity. I thrive on kindness. I cultivate a graceful lifestyle. I am the power of love itself.”
Margot Anand, Author of Love, Sex, and Awakening

“... a great contribution to our deeper understanding and transformation.”

Judith Orloff brings intuition into the healing arts. Her book is a great contribution to our deeper understanding and transformation.
Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author

“Dr. Orloff shows you how to achieve a lightness of being and feel more positive and peaceful.”

A must-read for anyone who’s tired of feeling frustrated, lonely, jealous, or emotionally tense. Dr. Orloff shows you how to achieve a lightness of being and feel more positive and peaceful. Highly recommended.”
Deepak Chopra, MD, Author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

“… impressed with Judith Orloff’s passion to help others find their inner voice and their own personal truths.”

I am impressed with Judith Orloff’s passion to help others find their inner voice and their own personal truths. Her manner is gentle, but her commitment to this goal is fierce.
Dean Ornish, MD, founder and president, Preventive Medicine Research Institute and author of Love and Survival

“She is a serene maverick.”

Dr. Orloff voices the message that intuition works as a potent therapeutic force that can help us lead smarter, saner lives. She is a serene maverick.
USA Today

“Dr. Orloff is a pioneering therapist who counsels the highly empathic.”

Psychology Today


About Judith Orloff


Judith Orloff, MD, is a psychiatrist, an empath, and the New York Times bestselling author of Guide to Intuitive Healing: 5 Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness, a book that shows how intuition can be used for self-healing, healing others, and helping to heal the world. Her other books include The Empath’s Survival Guide and Emotional Freedom.

As an intuitive healer and member of the UCLA clinical psychiatric faculty, Dr. Orloff synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with leading-edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. She also specializes in treating highly sensitive, empathic people in her private practice. Dr. Orloff’s work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, and in O, the Oprah Magazine and The New York Times. Dr. Orloff also has spoken at Google-LA and has a popular TEDx talk. USA Today has called Dr. Orloff “a serene maverick.”

“With patients and in workshops,” says Dr. Orloff, “I listen with my intellect and my intuition, a potent inner wisdom that goes beyond the literal. I experience it as a flash of insight, a gut feeling, a hunch, a dream. By blending intuition with orthodox medical knowledge, I can offer my patients and workshop participants the best of both worlds.”


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