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Access the full potential of your practice through ancient holistic methods rooted in the birthplace of yoga and become freer, more awake
and fully alive... now!

Yoga classes have been a godsend for many of us, and while the practice on our mats is certainly helpful, much of what is taught is purely mechanical.

This physical yoga practice provides real benefits for our bodies and minds — bringing health, peace and vitality — but there is a deeper definition and more powerful expression of yoga that taps the full spiritual power of this ancient tradition.

The word “yoga” in its original context means “union with the Divine” — it’s derived from the Sanskrit root "yuj," meaning "to unite.” So while Westerners tend to equate yoga with a physical practice, it’s about far more than loosening your muscles and relaxing your body.

Yoga is the path of our awakening; it’s ultimately about living life as an expression of oneness, in full communion with the divine Self that is your truest nature.

It’s about shifting your identity from someone who may be lost, confused and small to the One that is vast, wise and filled with love — the hidden presence behind your surface stories.

If you’re ready to go beyond just ‘practicing yoga’ to fully experience yoga — and the spiritual invitation it holds — there is no better place to seek guidance than yoga’s birthplace...

India. Where the holy Ganges leaves the awe-inspiring Himalayas to enter the vast Ganges plains, there is a meeting point of ancient history and modern insight that symbolizes the promise of yoga.

All of the many paths and limbs of yoga — from raja to bhakti to jnana to tantra and kriya — are all branches of one great river of union, which we can see symbolized in the timeless flow of the Ganges, carrying forward ancient wisdom into modern times.

In order to tap the full potential of yoga, you must enter the waters of each of these powerful paths through proven, holistic practices that can transform your entire life.

In 7 Foundational Teachings of Yoga from the Himalayas, you’ll have a chance to learn from an exciting, emerging teacher of this integrated, holistic approach.

Anand Mehrotra was recognized as a spiritual teacher at a young age. He built an ashram on the Ganges River at the meeting point of mountain and plain and has dedicated his life to helping others integrate unity consciousness with daily life through yoga. He is deeply rooted in the ancient tradition but non-traditional with his authentic approach that is simple, accessible and profoundly transformative.

In this free one-hour event, you’ll explore key teachings such as:

  • Making yoga a holistic, evolutionary 24-7 practice that truly touches every aspect of your life
  • How to expand your understanding of Self and the nature of Reality
  • Balancing between time-bound expressions and ego and the timeless state of God Consciousness
  • Unifying love and wisdom and seeing them as reflections of a single source
  • How to have a healthy teacher-student relationship in our modern context

A holistic approach to yoga includes honoring the primordial roots of yoga — stretching back over 5,000 years — AND a full embrace of our modern realities, with global Internet, high-tech wizardry and complex lives. They are not separate realities, but expressions of one unified consciousness.

"There is nothing human awareness and willingness cannot transcend."
— Anand Mehrotra

You’ll discover how to blend personal inner practice with your worldly roles and begin to see yoga not as a mechanical activity of the body and mind but as an extension of your liberated, awake life.

When you embrace yoga as a spiritual discipline, what you experience on your mat will deepen AND joy, peace, clarity and aliveness will enrich every area of your life.

You’ll also be the first to hear about an exciting 7-week online program that promises to turn these concepts into living, embodied realities in your daily life. Join us for an illuminating hour!

What People Are Saying About Anand Mehrotra...

[Training with Anand] is complete transformation. The practice is a tool to heal and redefine, to find our way to true nature and authenticity, to see the strong spine and soft heart.
— Amrita Korman, Los Angeles, CA

[Anand’s program] is liberation, a journey into one’s Self and a release of fears and societal expectations. It is a methodology for tuning in and a way to expand to new ways of thinking... taught me how to use inner power and wisdom to affect change in the world, and how to gently help others gain knowledge and wisdom of themselves.
— Mark Neiber, Calimesa, CA

[Training with Anand} taught me how to practice, teach, and live from within the heart of the Divine. I deconstructed a lifetime of stories, conditions, and limitations. I discovered a level of healing I had previously deemed as impossible. I was guided, loved, nurtured, and embraced by a community.
— Ananya Brown, Seattle, WA

I was able to get in touch with myself and address deep rooted issues that were holding me back from realizing true happiness.
— Shamil Mendis, Los Angeles, CA

About Anand Mehrotra

Anand Mehrotra is a visionary master teacher, community and thought leader, and conscious entrepreneur. Born and raised in Rishikesh, India — the birthplace of yoga — Anand combines the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a lighthearted rebelliousness committed to supporting the transcendence of the individual and the collective.

Anand is the founder and master teacher of Sattva Yoga, a radically holistic, ever-evolving, transformational practice. He teaches around the world, giving wisdom talks, offering satsangs and meditations, providing Vedic astrology readings, leading Sattva Yoga journeys, and guiding students through profound transformations in wisdom immersions, retreats and trainings.

Anand is the founder of Sattva Retreat, a premier wellness destination situated in the Himalayas of Rishikesh, India, and the Sattva Yoga Academy for holistic learning.

Anand leads two nonprofits: The Khushi Charitable Society and the Sattva Foundation. He has launched several businesses based on sustainable practices and supporting the communities in which they participate. Anand is featured in the award-winning documentary, The Highest Pass, based on his teachings. He has also been featured in many international publications.