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What if you could rescript your life using the spiritual depth of shamanic practices and the psychological power of modern coaching?

The practice of shapeshifting in shamanism has fascinated spiritual seekers for centuries. Through entering non-ordinary states, shapeshifting shamans “transfer” their consciousness into other beings.

Traditionally, a shaman assimilates the strength, wisdom or power of a panther, or an eagle or owl, for example. At the higher levels of consciousness, the shaman becomes the animal for a time.

While this may seem farfetched, confirm that human consciousness has the transformational power to literally reimagine ourselves into a higher order of being with a corresponding neurological transformation. This is done with an often overlooked shamanic power — that of the story or narrative — when we change our story and we change our world.

Just as the shaman shapeshifts into an animal to take in its essential qualities, you can “shapeshift” yourself out of a whole storyline or identity that is running your life and journey into your future self, your soul’s vision for your life.

Too often, our old narratives are a reaction against trauma and other painful events, rather than consciously designed from the higher intentions for our lives.

Shamanic shapeshifting practices can help you to re-member your lost soul parts that were suppressed during early trauma, release negative stories, and rescript a new story that is aligned with your soul’s intentions.

If we try to create a new narrative for our lives solely by thinking it, visualizing it or working towards it, we often still have the old trauma holding us back.

Embodied shamanism combines shapeshifting and other time-honored practices with modern coaching strategies. This emerging discipline allows you to enter into the place of potentiality of all possible stories, changing the “shape” of your consciousness and physical expression of your current narratives.

You shapeshift new stories in which you’re more connected and open and even look and move differently. You contribute your gifts and talents to the world because you’re living out of a chosen narrative.

Michael Stone is one of the foremost leaders of Embodied Shamanism and in the Shapeshifting into a New Narrative teleseminar he will share some of the life-enhancing powers of this unique synergy.

Join Michael for this complimentary virtual event and you will discover practices and insights such as:

  • Shapeshifting, as shamans do with animals, into a new energetic pattern and life story.
  • Journeying to the place of soul loss to let go of victim stories and script an empowered story.
  • How ritual and ceremony can help you reclaim parts of yourself.
  • How to shift out of a reactive narrative into being an author of your story.
  • Embodied shamanic techniques that create space between a trigger and your habitual response.

In this event, you’ll also benefit from Michael’s insights of modern narrative psychology and brain science and heart wisdom, through his integrated perspective of personal and collective healing and transformation.

Ultimately, embodied shamanism is about reclaiming your power as the author of your life. You learn how to access your grounded presence and focus your awareness into the present so that you can re-create a more desired story.

Join us for an illuminating hour that will inspire you to design a new narrative for you life that is based in healing, illumination and enhanced success. You’ll also hear about the launch of an exciting new virtual program in which you can put these insights into practice!

What People Are Saying About Michael Stone...

Michael is a brilliant and inspiring man. With decades of experience working with people in diverse transformational settings, he has developed a unique approach of integrating coaching with shamanism. Combining ancient wisdom with contemporary and time-proven methods, he offers the experiences and insights, as well as the practical skills, that support us to be worthy guides — and embody a heart-centered life.
– Llyn Roberts, MA, Award-winning Author of
Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness

Michael Stone is a dear friend and one of the most responsible and illumined voices of this chaotic and transformative time.
– Andrew Harvey, Mystic, Scholar & Author

[Michael] draws from a wealth of experience from his work in the corporate world and through his spiritual path. I have watched him teach people shamanic wisdom... and was moved by his sense of compassion, his inspiring stories, and his ability to create safe and sacred space.
– Sandra Ingerman, Author of 10 Books on Shamanism Including Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life

About Michael Stone:

Michael Stone, MSOD, ISOD spent most of his vocational life as a corporate organizational development consultant, communications specialist and leadership trainer. His company, Mastery of Management International (MMI), focused on bringing heart and meaning into the workplace as a tool for increasing productivity, connectivity and creativity. For over three decades he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and social profit institutions throughout Europe and North America. For the past 10 years Michael has focused his attention on the social profit sector while deepening his knowledge of shamanism, gender issues and creative alternatives to current organizational structures and methods of productivity.

Michael is the host of KVMR’s award winning show, Conversations: Possibilities and Perspectives on Local and Global Issues. It focuses on environmental restoration, spiritual fulfillment, evolutionary cosmology, community building, wellness and social justice issues. He is also a journalist who contributes to numerous publications, including his own e-newsletter, The Well of Light. Michael has extensive training in somatic movement and is a certified trainer in Trance Dance, Soul Motion, and Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms. He has brought his training in communications, gestalt, meditation and psychology together with his spiritual and environmental conviction to develop a totally unique approach to bringing forth a new depth in social, cultural and environmental awareness.

Michael has a BS in Organizational Communication and Behavior from California State University Sacramento, an MSOD from Pepperdine University and various post-graduate courses, including the 2-year International Organizational Systems Development (ISOD) from Cleveland Gestalt Institute where he focused on cross cultural applications of Gestalt methodology in International Organizational Systems. He is also a shamanic teacher and practitioner and graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic teachers program. His book, Organizational Shamanism: Revitalizing the Spirit of Work, is due to be published soon.