World Unity Week: Meshworking the Emergence of a Conscious Harmonic Humanity

By Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Imagine if the very foundation of the way we approach life, civilization and change, was co-creating from the heart. What if we valued the invisible as much as the visible? And what if everyone knew how to connect with heart and spirit to solve the world's greatest challenges together? What kind of world would become possible?

We live in special times and the convergence of science, spirituality and arts offers such potential for the change we are longing for. This convergence, that is also at the core of the scientifically sound WholeWorld-View, the Club of Budapest and the Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research, NOW Assembly, Galileo report, to name a few, invites a recalibration of knowledge for all of us. With heart intelligence as moral compass, this can be translated into new stories and common sense, connected to the source of life. This source is inherently interconnected and interdependent and strives for supercoherence.

Life is a spectrum of frequencies, some of which are visible and we see with our eyes, and some of which are invisible that we sense with our many senses, intuition and soul. The development of frameworks for storytelling that are based on this holistic paradigm is so needed. Such frameworks offer huge opportunities for the so-called experience, entertainment, wellness and transformation industry, in which AI, augmented and virtual reality, and social media all play a pivotal role. A moral compass is definitely needed in these segments of business and society.

Action research can collect stories from real life experiences with change agents, communities, front runners including scientists, who have been giving form to (elements of) this whole world view these past years and decades. These networks can be a fruitful source of inspiration that lead to different types of stories and experiences, movies, media. Let’s develop storylines that are just as exciting as the present blockbusters, but rooted in frequencies that are life affirming.

As pioneers, THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence has a long-standing track record in contributing to these developments. We are an organization and co-creative collective, serving the emergence of a conscious harmonic humanity. We innovate heart-centered planetary governance with all domains of life and do this by participating actively in many different networks meshworking. This encourages the sharing and co creation through action. Meshworking is a collaborative practice and process that requires a diversity of experience and quality, as in change management, project management, systemic constellation, working with different cultures and value systems (spiral dynamics integral), building and nurturing networks and support systems, communication and hosting capacities with the potential to have a local, regional, and a global impact. The added value of meshworking is that it combines with many different methodologies, models, ways of working. It is principles based and invites people to bring in their own practises, when in alignment. This helps to attune to the local needs within a group and how to move forward.

Just as Unity Earth and its partners, we are in service of life. We are all part of this ever growing ecosystem of groups that have a strong sense of their evolutionary purpose, that enables people to stay aligned with one another and with the organization, which we regard as a living system, or organism, rather than a lifeless construct.

The World Unity Week is based in this ecosystem and will expand its outreach. It invites us to show up, link up and lift up, starting with ourselves, each other and those networks that are contributing to a world that is good for all life forms, to come together (virtually and physically where possible) in June and build towards celebrating in the days before and during the UN International Day of Peace in September 2020. It is an invitation to all of us now to proactively celebrate our interconnectedness with the Earth, the land, continents that are part of the globe, the whole planet, the universe.

The world is holographic, fractal by Nature and we are all nested in a larger system. Just like the organs in our bodies, each part has its own expression and role to play. How can I celebrate peace and unity within myself, my family, community, city, region, country, continent, world? With Unity Earth, and as initiator and convenor of the European Caravan of Unity, our invitation is to develop and connect projects that are expressions of connection, compassion, unity, that offer solutions that address root causes. This World Unity Week is offering possibilities to find each other to further develop concrete steps that contribute. As are Co-Creating Europe, Integral City Meshworks, Unity Community and many of the conscious networks. It would surely be great if we make visible what we have achieved in September 2020, as part of the global movement, that this World Unity Week is also part of.

Another life is indeed possible, and it is already here and now. Please show up and share your sparkle! Let us enhance the self-organising capacity in those domains of society, supporting leaders and members to find their natural place to shine by fulfilling their purpose to serve, to manifest and to contribute. Together we can create a safe and inspiring context in World Unity Week and beyond, that invites fellow travellers to show up authentically, daring to be led by what makes their heart sing, capable of co-creating a great global society.

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is the founder of THC (The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence), the convenor of Caravan of Unity in Europe, and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 12: World Unity Week