A Personal Invitation to the April 27 - May 1 Somatic Movement Summit From Your Hosts, Brian Siddhartha Ingle and Gayatri Schriefer




Our first Somatic Movement Summit, hosted by Brian Siddhartha Ingle and Gayatri Schriefer, takes place April 27 - May 1.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of more than 40 highly sought-after somatic movement experts and teachers who’ll be sharing simple embodiment practices to move you from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or depletion into easeful states brimming with vitality and relaxed alertness. 

This groundbreaking summit will reveal the medicinal art and power of embodied motion. Get ready to move and be moved!

To register for free, click here.

Hi, my name is Brian Siddhartha Ingle, and I'm here with Gayatri Schriefer. We are your hosts for the Somatic Movement Summit that is coming up on the 27th of April through to the 1st of May. 

Gayatri: We are so excited to bring you this free online event with more than 40 speakers over this 5-day summit. Experts and teachers in the field of somatic movement will share their best knowledge and wisdom with you to enhance resilience, wellbeing, and happiness.

Brian: You will meet our speakers on video, and as part of the sessions they will guide you through a somatic practice which is very relevant during these current challenging times. This gives you the tools to relieve stress and anxiety, balance your nervous system, and deepen your self-connection.

Gayatri: And Somatics, what it is is to address the wholeness of who we are, the mind, body, spirit as one whole integrated unit and Somatic Movement, that is about how to move and sense from the inside.

Brian: Our speakers are from all over the world, from six continents, bringing science, experience, and wisdom into practical application, for a more embodied and whole life. And the key speakers include Eleanor Criswell Hanna, who's one of the founders of the Nevada Institute for Somatic Research and Training, and in fact she's been teaching embodied Somatic yoga since 1965.

Gayatri: We also have Don Hanlon Johnson, who is a professor in Somatics and has spent nearly 50 years on how transformative body practices can enhance both personal and social change.

Brian: And Dr. Stephen Porges will be speaking with us and his talk is directed towards strategies to deal with Covid-19 during this time.

Gayatri: We also have Mia Segal, who brings 60 years of experience of teaching principles of multiple life-changing disciplines of fault movement and brain research.

Brian: The somatic awareness practices that you will learn during the summit will include centering, grounding, movement, Somatic meditation, breathing, and resourcing health in your own system.

Gayatri: We are so excited for you to join us and to be inspired by these teachers. All of the 40 speakers on the summit have used their lifelong experience in embodied practices to develop their own approaches and methods they're now bringing back and all their insights to you.

Brian: They will speak how to use somatic movement to activate your awareness, find ease, and comfort in your lives, and access your greater potential. Please register, it's completely free so you can join us on a journey of somatic awakening.

Brian Siddhartha Ingle is a licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and a Naturopath. He is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, a Somatic Yoga teacher, a practitioner of the Feldenkrais method, and an aqua bodyworker. He is a co-founder of Living Somatics and the founder and program director of the Ingle Institute for Somatic Education. 

Brian is a graduate of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training. For more than 30 years, Brian has been inquiring into authentic systems of self-healing, movement and personal development. He has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic Astrology and has been based in India since 1995.

His work takes him traveling extensively, sharing his passion for somatic movement as a vehicle to greater freedom. He teaches workshops and professional trainings all over the world, including India, Europe and the Russian-speaking countries with his team.

Gayatri Schriefer is a co-founder of Living Somatics — offering training programs world-wide in the clinical hands-on work and movement lessons of Living Somatic education. She is the educational director of the Ingle Institute for Somatic Education. 

Gayatri holds a bachelor’s degree in education, with the focus on health promotion and education. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator from the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training in California, USA. Gayatri counsels clients internationally, and gives trainings and workshops primarily in Europe and Russian-speaking countries.

From an early age, Gayatri inquired into the field of conscious movement. For the last twenty years she has been studying and practicing embodied movement, including Hanna Somatics, Equine Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Body Mind Centering, Qi-gong, and several styles of yoga.

Gayatri guides her clients and students into greater embodied freedom, self-love and natural self-expression. She has spent her adult life inquiring into systems that bring about transformation, well-being and spiritual awakening. Gayatri is a firm believer that each person is self-responsible, self-regulating and self-healing. She teaches the principle of awareness with slow mindful movement, creating a field to reconnect with oneself and discover how the light of one’s own awareness enhances integration, authenticity and freedom.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 9: Somatic Movement Summit