[Catalyst Daily #8] Birth 2012
Day One: Majestic Birth Extravaganza

from Byron Belitsos

Dancing last night at the Agape Center, we came home to the beloved community. The sublime Michael Beckwith presided, with his spirited church choir rocking out. Jumping next to me were Bob and Noel, the world-severs we all know for their travels to herald the Birth. At my side was Susan Marie, who has quietly managed Barbara’s hyperactive household all this year. And there was Birth 2012 broadcast executive director, Charlie Gay, hopping with his lovely partner. And out in virtual noospheric space was you, hopefully jamming with us in your living room or at your hub event.

It is with this joy thatwe bring in the next dispensation. How we create the Field out of which the Earth Baby is born. And we do it in the heart-felt silences too-in the cosmic stillness, where our Divine Source pours in its love and energies.

Our climactic finale that we’ve so long awaited begins at 11:30 am Pacific. Plus marvelous events before it from Thailand, Jerusalem, and more. This unforgettable production now has a few additional stars, including Gotham Chopra, who just released the film “Decoding Deepak”; Banafsheh Sayed, a sufi spiritual dancer; journalist Harvey Wasserman; and TV and film actor and singer Nia Peeples. We’ve got a few more sponsorship slots open for our Cocreator’s Dinner for people who sponsor this global program with a $5K donation (send email to cocreators@theshiftnetwork.com), by the way.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dine at the Feast of the Birth?


from Stephen Dinan:

Dear allies,

It is now upon us – the new beginning we’ve been building towards! We have an extraordinary program awaiting you from Agape today. Let us join in a spirit of union, looking at the world through fresh eyes. We welcome your presence today in our hearts as we join to mark this new dawn with reverence. We especially invite you to hold the noon moment as a global golden moment symbolizing the birth. Let us raise our prayers to the heavens.

Please invite everyone that you know to share this blessed moment with us by sending them to www.birth2012.com/tv

Thank you for your presence and allyship on this profound journey into a new era. Let’s create extraordinary beauty in the years to come and begin it today with an outpouring of love for our brothers and sisters around the world.


It’s Here: The Great Shift to the Power of Love

We thank Anodea Judith, author of Global Heart Awakening (forthcoming from Shift Books), for this very pertinent excerpt.

The human drama is nearing its denouement. The great unveiling is approaching, a time when the power structures of the world begin to crumble and people of the heart sing out a new truth. Many voices are joining the chorus, many feet are walking the path, many minds are dreaming possibilities for a magnificent future. For beneath the crises that are looming at every level of civilization, the global heart is awakening, beating out the rhythm of a new and glorious dance, calling us to a better way of living.

You who are dreamers and poets, executives and laborers, healers and teachers, artists and visionaries, parents and lovers – each of you plays a part in bringing forth the new dawn. You re the ones who will be leading humanity’s rite of passage into the next age. For the awakening of the global heart occurs as each of its many cells opens to the power of love in its own heart and joins together to pump life and breath into every corner of the globe . . .

The cultural transformation from the love of power to the power of love is the drama of our time. Ours is an era that future historians will look back upon, marveling at the magnitude of the challenges and changes we are now experiencing. They will call it a time of Great Awakening, a time when the best and the worst of humanity played their parts in the fate of human evolution. But if future generations are alive to tell this story, it will only be because the best of humanity prevailed and pulled together with a love so profound that the seemingly impossible was achieved.

Gala Mainstage Program Schedule

11:00 Chants to set the field – Agape Choir – Spirit of God, etc.
11:30 Live from Los Angeles! – Welcome
• Stephen & Devaa, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Byron Bay folks
11:45 Prayers and blessings
• Oscar Miro-Queseada, Sister Judy Cayley, Sister Jenna, Brahma Kumaris & Michael Beckwith
Choir sings
12:00 The Moment of Our Birth! Global synchronizations of prayers, meditations, blessings, healing energy, qi gong.
• Barbara and Rev Michael
• Choir sings
12:30 "Vision for the Shift to a New Era"with Stephen Dinan
• Devaa Haley & Agape Band, Oscar Miro Quesada, Esai Morales
12:45 Shirley McClaine
• global sing-a-long with Ricki Byers, Jami Lula
1:00 Neale Donald Walsch with Esai Morales, Nia Peeples
1:10 Chaka Khan
1:15 Marianne Williamson with Banafsheh Sayyad & Harvey Wasserman
1:30 Jean Houston video message
1:35 Jack Canfield
1:45 Lisa Nichols, Raphael Sbarge, Ozomatli
2:00 Craig Shoemaker
• Visioning Process for Our World Michael Beckwith
2:15 Dream Activation Ritual with Marcia Wieder
• Freddie Ravel, Android Jones & Phadroid
2:30 Innovation Awards Presentations with Rev. Arlene Campbell, Lynne Twist, Raphael Sbarge, James O’Dea, Jodie Evans and Rinaldo Brutoco, Gotham Chopra & Stephen Dinan
2:45 Declaration of interdependence with Stephen Dinan
3:00 Children’s Choir for the Future – All You Need Is Love -
3:10 It’s Not Over with Chaka Khan
3:15 Blessing for a new era with James O’Dea and Michael Beckwith
• Children offer their blessings live and video montage from around the world
3:30 Musical Finale – All bands and choir together
3:30 Wrap, switch coverage to East Coast, Mexico, or elsewhere

The Post-Gala Schedule
  • 3:31 pm Commentary and interviews on “Gold Carpet”
  • 3:45 pm Barbara introduces Boulder Hub
  • 3:55 pm Boulder presentation for hub and Town Hall orientation
  • 4:20 pm Atlanta Hub event
  • 4:30 pm Chicago Hub event
  • 4:35 pm Boston Hub event
  • 4:42 pm Toronto Hub event
  • 4:50 pm Gold Carpet Interviews from LA: Celebs, musicians, participants
  • 5:00 pm Tucson program begins with Tribal Children’s Dancers
  • 5:50 pm Introduction of Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 5:51 pm U-Day dawn multifaith service at Chiang Mai
  • 6:10 pm Maui event with Ram Dass, Children’s Song for Peace, traditional ceremony with Hawaii elders
  • 7:00 pm Maui event: toning choir
  • 7:10 pm Unity of Marin event
  • 7:30 pm Message from Mayan elders, Chichen Itza
  • 8:30 pm Tucson: Tony Redhouse Native American ceremony
  • 8:55 pm Goodbyes from Agape
  • 8:50 pm Planetary smile and New Earth tone at the end after panning through celebrations worldwide
  • 8:58 pm Goodbyes from Agape
  • 9:00 pm End of global webcast, start of Los Angeles Afterparty


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  Daily 8 • Dec. 22, 2012
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