[Daily Catalyst] Sunday edition - Healing call with James O'Dea / today’s Birth 2012 News video
Special Sunday Edition

Just a quick note today about several important offerings:

On this day of rest, just a quick note today about several important offerings: First, our peace leader James O'Dea has offered to do a call with the whole Shift Network focused on healing from the Connecticut massacre at 11:00 am. We've invited the Peace Alliance to this call, and James will be joined by Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris as well. In tragedies like this, it's so important for us to come together and open our hearts to the needs of the victims. There's no registration necessary; just dial the following number at 11:00 am Pacific:

Second, I'm doing the next installment of Birth 2012 News airing at 12:00 noon Pacific. It's proving to be very exciting and fun for me. I'll be interviewing Barnet Bain, producer of What Dreams May Come, and Freeman Michaels, cocreator of Cutting Edge Consciousness. They are hilarious and insightful— not to be missed. By the way, Barnet and Freeman will be helping to curate and lead our Vision Stage at Agape, where we will have in-depth dialogues with many of today's top pioneers, some of which will go on the broadcast, some of which will only be available later on demand. Tune in here at noon Pacific!

  • Yesterday's show with Stephen Powers and Doug Devito is now available on YouTube here.
  • The launch show with don Miguel Ruiz is here (click the ondemand icon below the video window).

And do get your tickets for the Los Angeles event, which gets more amazing every day, including a new addition of one of today's top visionary artists Android Jones now: http://www.birth2012la.com

May we all find healing, hope, and unity in these times of challenge and great opportunity!

In spirit,