Special Weekend Edition of Catalyst: newest Birth 2012 TV program / Summer of Peace free summit recordings
Special Weekend Edition
Birth 2012 News of the Day

With only seven days to go before the much-anticipated Birth Day, powerful momentum is building. Every day I hear of new groups activating and contributing their part of the birth, from Bolivia to Cuba to South Africa and beyond.

To keep you inspired and informed, yesterday we launched our daily Birth 2012 TV News release. It offers a way to meet leaders of our movement, find out about global happenings, and practice building resonance during our daily Three Minutes of Love. Filmed in Los Angeles with our partners at Empower Me TV, we'll be releasing most of these live.

Today's episode goes live at noon (Pacific), featuring two heart-centered producers who are making key events happen: Doug Devito and Stephen Powers. Doug is one of the main architects of don Miguel's work and the events at Teotihuacan, Mexico (with hundreds of thousands anticipated at the largest pyramid structure in the Americas). Stephen, the multimedia maestro, is leading all production on the Agape Gala event, which is turning into a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of conscious leaders for two days of sacred ceremony. Stephen Powers is also helping produce the news desk and Vision Stage where we'll be hearing from pioneers in every sector of life.

Join us today by clicking here at noon (Pacific).

You can also watch yesterday's episode, which includes beautiful wisdom from bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz here, by clicking the "12/14 News with don Miguel Ruiz" ondemand icon below the video window.

On other fronts, our peace team asked me to celebrate the Birth by making the ENTIRE library of the Summer of Peace open for listening on the web as we enter this season. Here's a note about that (just below) from Philip Hellmich, our Director of Peace.

In Spirit,

The Gift of Peace to the World

It is with joy that the Shift Network offers the Summer of Peace telesummit recordings for FREE access to everyone around the world. These recordings are now available here to listen online. Enjoy our gift of peace to the world!

Meanwhile, with broken hearts we listen to the sorrowful news about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims. We stand with them in prayerful support. It is indeed hard to comprehend how such violence can happen in the world. What an overwhelming challenge we face in addressing what seems to be a culture of violence spreading across the United States and the world.

But this is exactly why the Summer of Peace was created: to catalyze a wave of love arising from the hearts, minds, and souls of people around the world so as to create a culture of peace—as our way to address the difficult root causes of violence in the world.

Click here to enjoy our gift of peace to the world: http://summit.summerofpeace.net/

A cornerstone of the Summer of Peace has been a telesummit that provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of peacebuilding—from the inner to the international levels—and across multiple sectors and pathways of society, including: forgiveness, communication, education, business, science, urban peace, justice, healing cultural wounds, the military, arts and culture, politics, and governance.

The Summer of Peace summit is far from mere "pollyanna," as it features people doing front line work in difficult areas. These include addressing inner-city gang violence and healing wounds between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Summer of Peace telesummit includes interviews with over 120 leading peacebuilders, including Arun Gandhi, Neale Donald Walsh, Pete Carroll, Jean Houston, James O'Dea, Marilu Henner, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and many others. The summit also has a weekly "Spirituality and Peace" series co-produced by the Gaiafield Project, featuring meditations and prayers led by spiritual leaders from multiple traditions and countries around the world.

Click here to enjoy our gift of peace to the world: http://summit.summerofpeace.net/

From our hearts to yours, we offer this Gift of Peace to you, your family, schools and communities, so that we all may be inspired to play our part in creating a culture of peace.

We wish to acknowledge the many partners and co-sponsors that helped cocreate the Summer of Peace, including The Peace Alliance, Pathways to Peace, Culture of Peace Initiative, Gaiafield Project, International Cities of Peace, Alliance for Peacebuilding, the National Peace Academy, Global Coherence Initiative and many other organizations.