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Sign the Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples, and help support the documentary film, "Bold Mother Hubbard: The Story and Vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard."
The Presentation of the
Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples

This amazing footage, shot last month at the SEED Conference in Albuquerque by videographer Joyce Anastasia, captures the dramatic moment when James O'Dea—lead author of the Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples—reads and presents the scroll containing the Declaration. It speaks for itself. This historic piece is 15 minutes long. (The actual reading by James begins at 07:10.) Read and sign the Declaration here.
The Birth Takes Shape
By Stephen Dinan

After hosting 24 calls during Activation Week with leaders from around the world and after a week of production meetings in three cities, I am delighted and often surprised by how the Birth 2012 movement is taking form.

There's a truly artful design for it that is emerging in stages as we each activate our pieces. The emergence of this larger pattern (often without conscious planning) is a reminder for me to trust the divine unfolding—the right people are engaging at just the right times. Much of the Birth is still a just-in-time production; but then again, so is birth itself!

You can still access all of the Activation Week calls for free with leaders from Neale Donald Walsch to Lynne McTaggart below. We were blessed with indigenous elders from Bolivia, Guatemala, Maui, Canada, and Arizona, as well as remarkable insights into the dynamics of personal and planetary change: http://www.birth2012activation.com

Some of the highlights of what I see emerging . . . [read more]

Finally, I want to invite you to a special call entitled "The Beginning is Near" with Barbara Marx Hubbard and myself today at noon Pacific. We'll explore the leading edge of this work at greater depth and share about the important Agents of Conscious Evolution Training starting next Wednesday. Just click here for the webcast.
Filming Under Way for Documentary on Barbara Marx Hubbard

We are pleased to announce that Karen Everett, an award-winning filmmaker who teaches at the #1-ranked documentary program in the world (at UC Berkeley), is now shooting "Bold Mother Hubbard: The Story and Vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard." As a professional story consultant, Karen has worked on hundreds of documentaries, many of which have played at top film festivals and have been screened on PBS and HBO. Her film company New Doc Films focuses on stories that evolve consciousness and inspire human potential. More updates are coming about Karen's work!

Bob and Noel's Notes from the Field

If you live West of the Mississippi, don't miss the travel update of our gallant Birth 2012 trailblazers, Bob Warner and Noel Marshall. Also, we've just posted their "Ten Simple Steps to Catalyze the Birth," tried and true methods to spread our message.

Bob also sent us this note from the field: "When we were in Northwest Arkansas (two flat tires and a cracked truck windshield ago), we took the afternoon off after a great Birth 2012 gathering at the NW Arkansas Center for Spiritual Learning to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. There . . . the moment for the attached photo presented itself. Here's a 'framed' portrait of my Beloved."

Announcing: "The Beginning is Near" Bumper Stickers!

Share this hopeful and humorous slogan everywhere you go. Only $3.95 (plus S&H), and discounts for bulk purchases. It's easy to purchase here. Coming soon to Zazzle: the official Birth 2012 T-shirt!

Finding Our Purpose—Personally and Collectively

The Only Thing That Matters—Neale Donald Walsch's new title about finding our joyful purpose—has been called most important book since he first launched his Conversations with God series in 1996. Always an inspiring member of our Birth 2012 Welcoming Committee, Neale can also be provocative, as in this statement from the new book: "As I look at life on our planet presently it feels to me that 98% of the world's people are spending 98% of their time on things that don't matter." He goes on to write: "As I look at life on our planet presently it feels to me that 98% of the world's people are spending 98% of their time on things that don't matter. That's a bold statement to make, I know. It's almost an indictment. But as I look back at my own activities in the past, I see that this was true during most of my life . . . [read more]

When we find our life purpose—or "vocation of destiny" as Barbara often calls it—we also align with collective purpose. And this brings us to the work of Steve McIntosh, a leader in the integral philosophy movement, who recently published Evolution's Purpose. According to Barbara, "This seminal book places the evolutionary worldview on the memetic map of global culture to guide our generation in the direction of our evolutionary transformation. This is a very important work." In Evolution's Purpose, Steve argues that science has increasingly shown how everything in the universe is subject to evolution and that this cosmic evolutionary process is unmistakably progressive. McIntosh shows that, as we come to see how evolution progresses, this actually reveals evolution's purpose: to grow toward ever-widening realizations of beauty, truth, and goodness. The Catalyst recommends this highly acclaimed book.

Devotion to Sadhana: Satsang with Swami Jyoti

The Catalyst is grateful to the fervent and broad-minded folks at Light of Consciousness magazine, one of our most generous Birth 2012 cosponsors, for allowing us to bring you this profound teaching from their guru. We urge Catalyst readers to subscribe to this quarterly periodical, which is known for its bold interfaith orientation and strong focus on the interface between science and consciousness. [—Ed.]

Conservation of energy and regular practices are necessary on the spiritual path, not only fixed meditation times but increasing the time and practices as well. Many times we give excuses because of our incapacities. A little bit of variation is okay but laziness has no place. Do not watch the clock; dependence upon time is also a block. Keep your body and mind clean and pure as much as possible. Be compassionate to others so that . . . [read more]

A message from our Hub Queen, Nadirah Gooden:

Recently, I've been feeling called to acknowledge and celebrate those who are creating the small events. Your heartfelt birth event with "only" two, four, or ten people is just as important to the transformation of the world as an event with 500 or 1000 people as long as you do it wholeheartedly. Any event where people are celebrating in love, no matter the size, is a vital part of the whole. Honor the importance of your contribution and go for it! In recent weeks, a number of interesting new hubs have been launched in the US and around the world—please see below.

New Hubs Arising All Over

In recent weeks, a number of interesting new hubs have been launched in the US and around the world. Domestically, the list of new hubs include Ascension Network (New York City), Living Well in Berks (Berks County, PA), Spirals of Freedom (Washington, DC), San Fernando Valley Visionaries, and The Sacred Sensual "Yes" (Sonoma County, CA). Internationally, the new hubs include Bodrum Frequency Holders (Bodrum, Turkey), Iran 2012, New Vision Light Workers (West Sussex, UK) Projekt Aufbruch (Germany), and Un Toque Humano (Spain). We love seeing how the movement is spreading worldwide! Also, the latest virtual hub is Futurenows Creators. Remember that forming an online hub is another fine way to participate!

Upcoming Birth 2012 Support Calls

Saturday, October 6, 10:00am (PT) / 1:00pm (ET)
With Ron and Victoria Friedman, and featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard, Suzannne Hubbard, and guests. "Please enter with us into action resonance using the Vistar Method." —Victoria and Ron

Saturday, October 13, 10:00am (PT) / 1:00pm (ET)
Featuring Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

If you are new to the calls, register here. Otherwise, you should be receiving weekly email updates.
Inspiring Solutions on the Wheel of Cocreation
By Corinne McLaughlin

Did you know there's a mushroom that can eat toxic waste like lead and oil?

Did you know that many countries have significantly reduced poverty because of their use of micro-credit loans and computerized labor exchanges?

Did you know that over $2.7 trillion is invested in companies with socially responsible values such as environmental sustainability?

What if we don't have to live in fear of imminent crises, but can actually contribute to a new and better world by developing more solutions like those above?

Imagine a world where there are proven techniques for resolving violence and conflicts peacefully. Imagine a world where you can stay healthy and reduce your health costs by 80 percent. Imagine a world where . . . [read more]
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ACE Training begins Oct. 10!

Birth 2012 lead visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard is opening her last and most important training of 2012 to prepare people to be Agents of Conscious Evolution.

This is your chance to join Barbara and 2000 ACE graduates all around the globe who are now actively working to catalyze the full potential of the Planetary Birth day and the Shift that will lead us into our next evolutionary era!

Simply put: it's the most important and exciting training in conscious evolution (personal and planetary) and includes bonus offerings from Ken Wilber, Michael Beckwith and more.

Click here for all the details: Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training
October 27
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