Healing Water ~ Healing the World

By Shelley Ostroff on behalf of Codes for a Healthy Earth

In the unique expression of every snowflake, every clear drop of water, every water crystal,
every water body, water shows us the way into the mysteries of unity and harmony in radiant diversity.

In the center of the World UNITY Week event, on June 24, 2020, we unite around water — honoring and celebrating water as source, sustenance, and unifier of all Life. We unite also to call for coherent global cooperation around the healing of our planetary waters as an essential foundation for the radical whole-system healing so urgently needed at this time.

Water Protectors from many cultures and traditions have for many years, and often at great risk to their lives, alerted humanity to the immense dangers of undermining the integrity of the planetary waters and water cycle in our pursuit of profit and power. Escalating global crises around water underscore the extent to which our species has disconnected from our watery origins and dishonored this sacred foundation of Life. As the challenges intensify, a growing global movement of Water Guardians from all cultures and walks of Life is uniting to ensure the protection and restoration of all water everywhere.

Many are recognizing how the worldwide pause in business-as-usual and the lessons learned in lock-down have contributed to a vast shift in our collective consciousness. The pandemic has unified humanity around concerns and conversations about the connection between individual health and planetary health. It has accelerated our collective awareness of our fundamental interconnectedness with each other and with all of Life. It has also highlighted our shared dependence on consistent access to water with its original pristine structure and codes that strengthen our individual and collective Life force and immune system. 

Over the last years, more and more studies are reinforcing the ancient wisdom about the extraordinary connection between consciousness and water, and water as a conduit of consciousness. It is poignant that we are being called at this moment to recognize that, while until now we have considered local water bodies to be separate from other water bodies, we are now recognizing that this apparent separateness belies a deeper interconnectedness of all planetary waters. This understanding also highlights the absurdity of the notion that water can be owned, commodified and exploited for self/local benefit. Ultimately, water has no boundaries and our local stewardship of water has global impact. Recognizing the planetary water body, in all its multiple expressions, as essentially one body, aligns with the evolving human consciousness of our own fundamental unity in all our diversity. This recognition has vital implications for how we organize as a species. We are recognizing that the healing of the whole begins with the collective healing of our waters, with each of us playing a role in this process as guardians for future generations, as stewards of all of Life.

From this new clarity we see an ancient Law return to human consciousness - one law that supersedes all other laws. The Original Law of Water ensures the protection, restoration and rebalancing of the waters to their natural, pristine state, so all humans, all animals, and all ecosystems have abundant access to the pure waters – as is Nature’s way. It is time now to call for the return to this original Law and for it to be heeded by all as we relearn the practice of deep accountability towards each other and all of Life.

This original life-principle is embedded in Codes for a Healthy Earth, a foundational whole-system framework to support citizens in working together across national, cultural and ideological boundaries for radical system transformation and rapid social and ecological regeneration. 

On the 24th of June, people around the world will co-create a powerful field of intention dedicated to the healing and restoration of Earth’s waters. Codes for a Healthy Earth, in partnership with World UNITY Week, invites all to join in honoring, celebrating and working towards a world where we remember our sacred relationship with water. You are warmly invited to bring your visions, creativity, prayer and action to the collective wellspring as we unite in all our diversity for the healing of the primordial unifier of all Life — water.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 12: World Unity Week