An Initiatory Journey with
Devaa Haley Mitchell &
Elayne Kalila Doughty

We just changed the name of our program, and it was formerly called the Soulful Women Certificate Program. Enjoy the video, but please note that it has not yet been updated with the new program name!

Are you called to play your ideal role in leading the way to a world of love, cooperation and peace?

If you have come to this page, chances are you are the kind of woman that wants to embody a new kind of ecstatic power and feminine fullness – the new Soulful Woman that is now emerging. That Soulful Woman is not only positively impacting the world, she’s deeply spiritual, joyful and whole. She’s at peace with herself and at one with life.

And we need more Soulful Women today... including you!


It’s undeniable that the world faces many crises, but we are also in a time of enormous opportunity – especially as women. Never before have we had so many careers available to us in the outer world. And never before have we had the chance to grow into our new powers on the inner level.

In fact, it is the access to the deepest lineages of feminine wisdom – and the ability to join together in sacred community to activate our new capacities – that is so vital now. It’s time to go beyond becoming more masculine to prove our worth: it’s time to claim our rightful divine roles in the world, while embracing and cherishing all of who we are as feminine beings.

In the Soulful Women School, we believe the time is NOW to empower conscious, powerful and brilliant women like YOU to step forward in this new era and give birth to your soul’s calling.

So the big question is how do we stand powerfully in the world, while staying deeply attuned to the sacred current pulsing through our veins?

How do we connect to a deeper sense of meaning and infuse that into our lives and our world?

In ancient times, women seeking answers to these questions were often called into what were called “mystery schools.”

From the Isis temples of ancient Egypt to the Inanna temples of Sumeria, from Avalon to the Oracle at Delphi, women came to seek training and remembrance of their inner divinity and development of spiritual and practical skills to step into their power. But eventually most of these lineages and the knowledge they held disappeared into the dark, one by one.

However, there are some mystery schools that remain alive. And what is offered here, through the form of the Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program, is an ancient mystery school that’s been adapted to meet our very modern context and our current needs.

You may wonder what a mystery school can offer you today. In fact, we asked that question ourselves before we entered one.... and then found so much transformation that we had to grow it into our current-day Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program.

In this program, you will have an opportunity to retrieve and reconnect with your own feminine soul and a sense of purpose and meaning in life. You will be offered countless opportunities to heal the wounds that are operating at both the collective and personal level of your being – so you can feel radiant, vibrant and fully alive. You’ll get in deeper touch with your creative spark, your sensuality and your truth.

From that empowered place, you can – and will – manifest a life that feels joyful, abundant and fully aligned with your soul mission.

The Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program offers a step-by-step pathway for evolving your soul and your psyche, through an initiatory journey into 13 archetypes of the sacred feminine.


These archetypes all live inside you, but many of them may be dormant, often suppressed or feared during millennia of masculine dominance.

So, in our wisdom school, we provide a sacred container where the fullness of you – in all your archetypes – can be re-ignited, re-engaged and fully embodied.

The result is the birth of a more soul-connected, juicy, radiantly empowered You. Expect to become a more full-spectrum being – comfortable in your wise depths, at home in your wildness and willing to shine with your gifts. As you stand in your full feminine radiance, it ripples into your outer world as well.

Through this program, we’ve been witness to countless women expanding their access to deeper intuitions and memories, not to mention resurrecting buried pieces of their feminine soul. Others have been freed from age old patterns – including abandonment, trauma, addictions or feelings that they were somehow not enough (to name a few).

We’ve seen many women FINALLY have the courage to pursue their deepest soul desires and experience great success doing it.

We’ve witnessed the healing of family relationships and intimate partnerships. Some sisters, once clear of their most damaging shadow material, have called in the beloved they’d always hoped would appear.

We’ve witnessed women’s connection to their deep spirit of service and their desire to be a healing vessel for women and children around the world.

It’s a different experience for each participant in the program because we are all so different.

But no matter what our life situation is, we all do truly need support to hold and love us as we shed our old skins, expand our vision of ourselves, and birth the next levels of our being.

Yet in our fractured society, most of us don’t have the deepest level of support to give birth to our dreams – or haven’t been taught how to actually do it. So we end up becoming our own biggest obstacles to success.

Well, we KNOW you are here to make a unique contribution to the planet. And we KNOW you can learn to release old patterns and beliefs that have served as survival mechanisms, so that something greater can be born. And we KNOW we can support you to move through an initiatory gateway toward a greater than imagined future.

The Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program offers the support and tools you need to become the woman you were born to be.

After talking with thousands of women leaders and participants in our programs, we are clear that women today are ready to be grounded in a true sacred lineage – WHILE taking practical and definitive actions that make a world of difference.

We know that our divine task is hold fast to the sacred feminine thread, while at the same time attending to our family responsibilities – including children or aging parents, attending to an often-overflowing email inbox, unceasing cell phones and never-ending TO DO lists. It’s not primarily about going off to a remote temple for an extended period (though it can be helpful at times). It’s about bringing that quality of depth into our daily lives.

So how do we do it?


How do we offer our deepest soul gifts to the world in a way that feels elegant, graceful and aligned? And how can we offer ourselves in true SERVICE to the planet, providing healing and love to some of the darkest corners of the Earth?

Answering these questions is no easy task. But it’s what’s required of a sacred woman living today.

As we integrate the ancient female lineages of the past – and re-ignite the fires of schools like Avalon, Dendara, Delphi, Egypt, the Maya and so many more – we begin to re-weave the missing thread in our souls and our psyches...

...And we can remember why we are truly here in this lifetime.

That said, remembering is only one piece of the puzzle. The call today is to stay connected to this ancient wisdom, while evolving our consciousness and our methods to match our current day realities.

The Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program offers a pathway for living your feminine wisdom in a modern world. Through our 7-month certification program, we are offering you a potent, transformative journey that will enable you to deepen your soulful presence, expand your vision for what’s possible, and move into practical action doing the work you’re called to do in the world.

As you do so, you will reconnect with the Earth, your body – and with the very essence of life. Rather than feeling isolated and alone, you will be welcomed into a global sisterhood that will be there to celebrate your joys, and which will hold you through your darkest hours.

And you will have the inner confidence and strength to follow your heart and live your truth. As a result, you will make a true difference on our planet, and have a life that you love.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone...

This program is one that creates a sacred space in which you are held by a community of other women, as you each become experts in midwifing yourselves – and each other – into your deeper soul’s calling.

The truth is that we are not designed to give birth alone. So it’s our honor and delight to be with you in this program, so that you can be held, supported, guided and nurtured as you bring new life into being.

Besides, it’s much easier, more potent, more comforting – and much more fun – to have a team of soulful midwives supporting you in your birthing process every step of the way, holding your hand and celebrating your successes (however big or small).

Bridging Deep Inner World with Our Everyday Lives

In this life-changing program, we’re offering the wisdom and depth of an ancient mystery school within a modern context. We also offer a support network and accountability for the practical steps you need to take to deeply impact the world and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life in all areas – your health and wellbeing, your family and relationships, your vocation, your creativity, your service and your deepest calling.

Through their own inner and outer transformational work, we have become adept at tapping into the potent powers of the archetypal world of the Divine Feminine to generate positive shifts in our own lives, and begin making our greatest impact – helping thousands of women transform their lives.

Our planet and humanity-at-large have never been more in need of skilled, trained and capable soulful women leaders who can birth their own potential, and then lead others into their soul’s true calling. This program is specifically designed to support you to make the inner shifts necessary to live your soul’s destiny to the fullest.

We are calling you to imagine beyond the confines of what you think is possible, and stand in the truth of YOUR MAGNIFICENCE. We are calling you to take outrageous and remarkable actions in your life, so you can truly midwife the planetary shifts we face, and manifest your greatest visions for your life and our world.

Join us, and we will lift you into a life that is aligned with who you really are and what you are really here to do!

By participating in the Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program, you will:

  • Enter a potent initiatory journey into reclaiming the divine feminine as she LIVES IN YOU.
  • Directly experience the power of 13 divine feminine archetypes, to step into your larger mythic story and access the deeper purpose of your life.
  • Heal and transform core wounds that have kept you playing small and avoiding showing up fully in the world with your true brilliance.
  • Learn tools and practices to bridge your ancient feminine wisdom and your modern day life.
  • Participate in an ongoing ceremonial context to transform stuck patterns that keep you from moving forward and fully giving your gifts.
  • Speak your truth more clearly, and have the courage to face difficult situations with grace and ease.
  • Nurture your feminine self, so you can stay centered in a place of calm and equanimity, amidst a busy and chaotic world.
  • Cultivate your intuition and innate wisdom so that you can access them in service to yourself and those around you.
  • Expand your feminine radiance, so you can BE who you are meant to BE, and DO what you are meant to DO.
  • Experience the strength and power of being in an activated circle with women from all over the world.

What recent graduates say about the Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program: