With Author and Mind-Body Trainer
Ryan Angelo
A Virtual Audio & Video Training

Discover the Blueprint of Your True Nature to Liberate Your Deepest Gifts and the Unique Expression of Your Soul

Release Stress, Financial Struggle and Illness as You Step Onto Your Most Aligned Path of Fulfillment, Power and Mastery


Imagine less stress and anxiety, and more joy, mastery and abundance in your life...

Imagine experiencing a greater connection to your intuition that allows you to confidently take the best steps forward, every day...

Imagine moving beyond the noise and confusion of your daily grind and unearthing the roadmap of your life’s true purpose...

This clarity, direction and ease is not only possible for you, it’s readily available, right now.

At any time, you can realign with this inner resource. You just need to know how...

Each of us has a unique Soul Type.

Just like your personality type, your soul has a distinct essence. When you’re out of alignment with your unique Soul Type, your daily struggles can make you feel like you’re swimming upstream.

Progress is slow and difficult. You might even experience illness, financial challenges or difficulty in your relationships.

When you discover your soul’s path, and bring yourself back into alignment, you begin swimming with the current.

You are in the flow, and life gets easier.

You’re able to tune in to a higher, more pure level of guidance. You feel more comfortable in your own skin. You’re happier, more energized, and excited to do the work you came here to do.

What Exactly Is a Soul Type?

Author and teacher Ryan Angelo has identified seven unique Soul Types, each with a particular life path, perspective, specific character attributes, intuitive understandings, and inherent capabilities.

Ryan explains that when you discover and embody your Soul Type, you come into harmony with the vibrational frequency of creation, opening a channel for you to receive the riches of the universe that are your birthright.


You can also see with great clarity what your specific type reveals about your personality and your soul’s path in this lifetime.

You gain insight into how to uniquely embody the gifts of your authentic self, and how to apply the practices available to you for breaking through blocks in every area of your life mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Each of the seven Soul Types corresponds to unique energies and a specific path of mastery you can follow to bring forth your greatest potential and most fulfilling life.

Which Soul Type most resonates with you?

  • The Elder. Protectors of divine law and leaders who stand firmly in truth. Your aura will become a powerful shield for you and others. It is a difficult path, but living in fear is far more unpleasant.
  • The Awakener. Teachers, mentors and those who illuminate the dark through wisdom, understanding and discernment. You feel a desire to help awaken others.
  • The Unifier. Artists, nurturers and those who embody unconditional love. You desire to know the deepest love, love others, and create beauty.
  • The Purifier. Advocates, caregivers and those who stand firm in innocence. You’re devoted to your spiritual training and live with a deep and reverent sense of joy and gratitude, constantly purifying your perceptions and reactions to life.
  • The Manifester. Healers, builders and those who hold a space of harmony and balance. You can harmonize discord, and your ability to see past illusion enables you to see true abundance.
  • The Guardian. Peacekeepers with a keen sense of fairness and the ability to recognize the greatness in others. Your peaceful presence enables you to renew and strengthen yourself and those around you.
  • The Mystic. Shamans and influencers, and those who embody forgiveness and loving compassion. You are highly intuitive, and naturally express love and understanding for those trapped in and acting out of fear and darkness.

Aligning Your Soul With Your Higher Guidance


According to Ryan, we are each called to one of the seven sacred paths. While you may feel a connection to several of these paths, you will find that one path feels most like home.

Who are you truly? This is the question your Soul Type answers...

You are not your persona, which is what you show the world. You are not your ego, which is the aspect of you that you perceive yourself as.

You are a wave of spirit in the vast ocean of Spirit, a perfect reflection of the Divine.

And as you align with your soul essence, you connect to the omnipotence of divine guidance. Life becomes clearer and your purpose in this world is revealed.

An understanding of the seven pathways and your relationship to them sheds light on the root cause of whatever adversity you may be facing and how to best go about resolving it.

Your difficulties and challenges are based on the need to come back into alignment with your soul. In so doing, you release the grip of the illusions that have been leading you astray.

During this powerful training, Ryan will share with you:

  • How the illusion of separateness from Source energy keeps you from remembering your true identity
  • Why being out of harmony with divine laws sets in motion a cascade of ever-increasing challenges
  • How aligning with the purity of divine guidance heals pain and helps you advance toward your life purpose
  • Why connecting to your unique Soul Type reveals the most effective path for connecting to your higher self
  • How to speak your divine truth with great clarity and impact
  • Why the soul pathway that most strongly resonates with you is the gateway to the freedom of your soul
  • How to free yourself from guilt, shame and other negative emotions
  • How the seven soul pathways correspond to the teachings of the Enneagram
  • Why you are meant to live in joy, and how identifying your Soul Type can make that dream a reality
  • Why wearing the various masks of who you think you are or would like to be prevents you from embodying your true divine nature
  • How to find refuge deep within the nurturing sanctuary of your sacred heart

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-part transformational intensive, consisting of a 3-hour introductory session, seven core modules and a wrap-up integration video session, Ryan will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully open up to divine guidance and activate the gifts of your true self.

Each teaching module will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your alignment and alliance with your soul’s path.

Introduction: Consciousness Mastery & Awareness


If you’ve felt torn between “normal human life” and spirituality, it’s time to transcend this conflict. We start our journey with a new awareness of self-acceptance and the recognition that your ego holds a key to unlocking your divinity. Some spiritual practices state that you must become egoless; in truth, you must form an alliance with your ego.

Your spiritual gifts are filtered through your ego’s willingness to work in alignment with your higher guidance. We will explore your lower (sabotaging) and higher (ascending) ego consciousness. You will discover how to expand your awareness in order to embrace the many gifts, possibilities, joys and abundance your soul offers you. You will be equipped with a powerful meta-cognitive strategy to easily navigate the vastness of your psyche.

In this introductory 3-hour module, you’ll receive multiple exercises and discover how to:

  • Deepen and expand your awareness of self and others
  • Improve intimacy, sexual passion (and playfulness), and melt the binding ego
  • Identify the blocks to your divine channel and transmute them
  • Use a system for retaining self-mastery even in crisis situations
  • Understand your prime soul path, secondary path, and your divine balance

Module 1: Path of the Elder


Power catalyses creation, but power can be misused, manipulated or subverted. Power without restraint leads to destruction and dominion. A lack of power is bullied and begets unrealized dreams. Power that is in alignment with Divine Will and Perfection is neither lacking nor without restraint; such power represents the Divine Masculine. You’ll realize your greatest gifts of fearlessness and faith that reconnect you with your divinity. You’ll find that you are a part of a lineage of Elders who protect divine law and use power to create wonders. You are not bound by human laws; you are here to represent divine law.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call forth protection and dismiss toxic energy, entities and tricksters
  • Reconnect with your higher self in the face of deception and illusion
  • Enact your divine purpose, access your power, and transform your life
  • Speak your divine truth with great clarity and impact
  • Use your power over word to release false mantras and create anew

Module 2: Path of the Awakener


Seekers soon realize that wisdom, understanding and discernment are vital skills on any spiritual journey. As such, this path is one of bringing ignorance into light. It is an understanding of cause and effect at such a level that you recognize the Divine Mind behind all unfolding. As you learn to listen and trust in the Divine Mind, you’ll find that you possess knowledge and insight far beyond that of a single lifetime. You remember what it is to be a teacher of teachers. As you quiet your lower ego and awaken your higher mind, you’ll find yourself one with the all-knowing light of illumination.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call upon the Divine Mind to give you the wisdom needed to solve problems
  • Release painful addictive attachments in favor of higher reasoning and relief
  • Interpret and clarify confusion in life and relationships
  • Connect your mind with your sacred heart so your lower ego can’t mislead you
  • Tune in and receive the right steps that need to be taken in any situation

Module 3: Path of the Unifier


Love conquers all. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Yet love can be misunderstood, manipulated or inverted into an unhealthy form. Love heals and begets growth. All life needs love to survive and thrive. Yet love can be corrupted, codependent and lacking in balance. This path of Divine Love represents the Divine Feminine. You’ll discover how to protect your emotions from the emotional chaos around you. You’ll discover the sacredness and power of real love. You’ll awaken your deep artistic creative gifts. And you may find that your very presence can melt hearts of stone.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call on Divine Love to strengthen the love within and around you
  • Find refuge deep within the nurturing sanctuary of your sacred heart
  • Heal and cleanse the scars of grief buried in your heart and in others’ hearts
  • Discern real love (divine) from projected love (tricksters)
  • Renew yourself and fuel your creativity through natural love’s balance

Module 4: Path of the Purifier


This is the path of ascension. This is the center of all of the paths. It is a return to the purity of your divine blueprint. Children are pure. They have not lost their innocence. They laugh at everything. Joy is natural for them. But innocence is also naive and can be corrupted. Corruption, in its various forms, creates a rift separating you from joy. Purification is a discipline. As you return to joy and reclaim your innocence, you’ll feel lighter and brighter than ever before. You’ll learn to accelerate energy and build formidable momentum to break free from sticky, dense corruptive influences.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call for help to clear away entities of addiction and corruption
  • Let go of 3rd-dimensional separation consciousness in favor of 5th-dimensional
  • love and connection
  • Understand and disentangle yourself from your mortal coil
  • Build a heaven-earth connection in a way that roots Spirit on earth
  • Hold a field of invincible joy that can render you immune to corruption

Module 5: Path of the Manifester


Manifestation occurs naturally through the harmony of divine science. Healing is a restoration of harmony. Disharmony is dis-ease that subconsciously creates diseases, poverty and emotional anguish. Your subconscious mind is very powerful, but if it’s ignored and not healed, you’ll continue to attract what you don’t want into your life. We’ll discuss mastery of mind. We’ll be healing the archetypal patterns and images that create disharmony in your life. We’ll unravel your gifts as a conscious and scientific manifestor.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call upon the amazing healing powers of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael
  • Clear your mind of discord and confusion in favor of clarity and vision
  • Reveal and wash away hidden patterns of self-sabotage
  • Become a spiritual mind-master utilizing next-level laws of attraction
  • See, study and measure the Divine Science of Manifestation

Module 6: Path of the Guardian


A house divided cannot stand. Conflict between personalities, nationalities and religions have led to much war, strife and grievances. Chaos can evoke changes, but if prolonged, chaos stunts and regresses progress. It is through brotherhood, sisterhood and peaceful oneness that greatness unfolds. By discovering how to stand firm in your distinct individuality (know thyself: autonomy) and honoring the same in others (tolerance: oneness), you become like the sun, a beacon of light that encourages and makes growth possible.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call upon the Resurrection-Redeemer archetype to burn away dense energy
  • Balance and bring peace into your own Divine Masculine and Feminine nature
  • Strengthen your confidence and assert your autonomy and individuality
  • Help others to realize their potential (even without them knowing)
  • Become immune to the efforts to steal your energy or slow you down

Module 7: Path of the Mystic


“Magic” is science that we do not yet understand. At the highest levels, this is a path that perfectly balances the Path of the Elder and the Path of the Unifier Divine Masculine and Feminine in absolute and perfect balance. Lifetimes of discord between masculine and feminine have produced cycles of unlearned lessons and an abundance of karma. Your personal karma must be paid, and the wisdom gained by your soul if you are to ascend. Discover how to work with Divine Mercy, Compassion and Alchemy to transmute darkness into light. You’ll be required to trust and face your lessons, but you’ll be amazed by the miracles.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Call forth an ocean of divine “magic” to transmute dense darkness into light
  • Heal the deep-rooted traumas within your Akashic records
  • Feel the freedom from guilt and denser emotions that you’ve longed for
  • Use alchemy to consciously bring forth resolutions and miracles
  • Understand and bathe in the mysteries of Divine Compassion and Mercy

Module 8: Integration


Based on the questions asked and the materials covered in the previous seven modules, we’ll wrap up this course up with a video integration module that strategically explores the interrelationship of each module. By this point, you’ll already be experiencing the benefits of the work done thus far. This final module will supply any missing pieces or key ingredients still needed.

The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type Bonus Collection

In addition to Ryan’s transformative 9-session virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions to complement what you learn and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Alpha Influence (Valued at $97.00)
Ebook From Ryan Angelo


True mastery comes when you have a strategic understanding of life and its many facets. Such mastery means that you can consciously create whatever lifestyle you desire in the face of obstacles. Thousands of students internationally have reported that this is a strategic training course unlike any other. Through studying four schools of mastery Mindset Mastery, Power Presence, Understanding People, Essential Influence you’ll discover how to heal relationships, develop confidence, communicate clearly, and build self-awareness. This course teaches you how to improve every facet of your conscious life so that your subconscious channel and spiritual gifts are more easily accessed.

Relating the Pathways to the Enneagram (Valued at $97.00)
Audio Program From Ryan Angelo


The Enneagram is one of the most complete and accurate personality systems ever realized. The Sacred Soul Paths help to accentuate the Enneagram and vice versa. An Elder-2 and a Mystical-2 would be similar yet quite different in how they help others. An Awakener-9 and a Manifestor-9 would bring forth peace, but in somewhat different ways. Each of the Enneagram personalities will be released to each of the Sacred Soul Paths to give you a yet unexplored look into who you are. If you have found wisdom within the Enneagram, then you will cherish this unique study as it will give you even greater clarity into the fullness of who you are and where the depths of your joy await you.

What People Are Saying About Ryan Angelo...

...Working with Ryan has arguably been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. My very first session was like a glass ceiling-shattering experience that made me see things differently and got me started on my healing and transformation process. Fast forward to today, life has been pretty amazing; things are moving along in the direction that I want things to be and Ryan played a MAJOR part in helping me get to where I am...
Ezekiel Vicente, senior partner and manager at Mindvalley

Being an adviser to the leadership of many wonderful organizations, sometimes it’s hard to find quality guidance for myself. Ryan popped into my life at a critical moment after some monumental changes. I was impressed by his level of care, his devotion to spirit, and the accuracy of his work. Within an hour he helped me hone in on something I had been diligently working to uncover... I’m very grateful for Ryan. He’s like a soul brother.
Veena Sidhu, executive strategist and consultant

I was impressed at how fast and effectively Ryan was able to help me come out of several years of very dense fog. I had gone through some very hard ordeals; I didn’t know how much they weighed on me. But Ryan seemed to reach right in and knew how to guide me back to myself. Even after our first session I felt 100% better, as if someone had cleared away invisible chains. After about a year or so of working with Ryan I find myself stronger, clearer, and more confident than ever before. He not only helped me in each conversation, he gave me tools to take on pretty much anything that life throws at me. I’ve used these tools to great effect many times! It’s like a big video game and you keep leveling up! Thank You, Ryan.
Tyler Madison, IT and design specialist

As the Divine would have it, I get an email from [Ryan] one day and I responded saying, “I don’t know why, but I feel like I am supposed to be working with you.” Now looking back on the day, it is clear that feeling was a nudge from God. I was in the depths of a very dark situation and really was lost... After working with Ryan for a very short time, I knew my understanding of the Divine was going to radically change. Ryan has guided me back into my Truth and Power, which led to healing the darkness that once controlled me. I have been coached by the best and trained the best, but I have never meet anyone that brought me the freedom like Ryan. He has held true to his word, which was, “I only deal with Truth.”
Jeff Faldalen, master performance coach

I did not seek Ryan out, but I believe he was brought to me, to help me past a block that I couldn’t get past on my own. Being an intuitive guide myself, it is not always easy for me to admit or be vulnerable enough to ask for help. He was able to see this, and I was impressed by his ability to be steadfast and consistent with me. He knew when to help me dive deep, and when to bring me to the surface to play in the light and laugh. He knew when to be gentle, and when to coax me in areas where there was needless resistance. Before I knew it, I was saying yes to things more fearlessly. With time and patience, the block we set out to work on was released. I am grateful to this man; he is a gift to this world.
Sage Sansone, intuitive guide, musician & artist

Have you ever had one of those long, deep conversations with an old soul friend? The kind of conversation that fills you up, leaves you filled with hope and a new perspective on life? A session with Ryan is like that... He will connect with your core and show you aspects of yourself that need work and awareness. He will deliver powerful messages that will help you navigate through the practicalities of being a soul in a human body. I have never underestimated the power of guidance, but it was not until I had my session with Ryan that I truly understood the real, tangible impact it can have in our lives.
Hannah Zambrano

Ryan came into my life at a time when I really needed help healing a part of myself that was so wounded and in desperate need of love and healing... As a blessing, a dear friend of mine suggested I do a session with Ryan... Ryan went right to the core of me and saw a wound that was in desperate need of healing, and it helped me heal and reconnect with myself, my heart and soul, and with God... Thank you so much, Ryan. You are our BIG brother of Light. And I am so thankful for all that you do.
Luminita Saviuc

I can write 10 different paragraphs about this. Ryan has a profound understanding of the mind/emotions, body and spirit. He incorporates all this knowledge effortlessly to IMPACT a person’s life so they experience REAL empowering change. Through his guidance, I’ve experienced profound inner change to remember and be in line with who we truly are: full of peace, grace, joy and love... I’ve read many books, worked with many different coaches, met people from many, many walks of life, been to many seminars... I can tell you right now good luck finding someone with Ryan’s ability to shift your life!
John M.

The experience was phenomenal! I felt fresh, as if I took a spiritual shower for the first time. Ryan’s presence, love and energy has increased my inner vibration. The session with Ryan has assisted me to live in the moment, to love every part of myself. The negative, dark feelings cannot be taken out, they can only be replaced with love. I feel much better. Thank you, Ryan, for assisting me to replace the negative emotions with light, joy and love.
SoulMan D.

Within one week, I experienced MAJOR transformation in my life and my business. My challenging relationships fell away peacefully. New opportunities came to me one after another. I felt more peace and freedom in my life than I have felt in the past several years. If you have the opportunity to work with Ryan, take it. He’s the real deal.
Kelly O.

Here’s What You’ll Receive


Nine Downloadable Audio Modules From Ryan Angelo

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with pioneering spiritual teacher Ryan Angelo from the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn the specific skills and abilities to awaken and sustain your alignment to your soul’s path. Each class session will be available for you to download in high-quality MP3 format. You can listen anytime and anywhere on any connected device and at your convenience.


Three Downloadable Video Q&A Sessions With Ryan Angelo

These sessions with Ryan will give you access to his direct wisdom and enlightened teachings. As he engages directly with students' most important explorations, he will help to deepen your learning and embodiment and synthesize it all in a truly powerful manner.


Twelve PDF Transcripts of Class and Q&A Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class and Q&A transcriptions in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type Bonus Collection

  • Alpha Influence
    Ebook From Ryan Angelo (Valued at $97.00)
  • Relating the Pathways to the Enneagram
    Audio Program From Ryan Angelo (Valued at $97.00)

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Through this unique, self-paced online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Ryan’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home at your own pace!

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More Praise for Ryan Angelo...

To say that Ryan Angelo’s work is transformational is an understatement. Since starting his program, I have experienced massive positive changes in every area of my life. To list just a few: I’m physically far more relaxed and am able to run again after being sidelined by an injury for years; my mental focus and discernment have sharpened; I’m far more confident; and I am experiencing deep healing in a very challenging love relationship of 24 years that is now blossoming into a beautiful partnership...
Christie Michelsen

To work with Ryan is just exceptional. He really sheds light on the values that we have at our core. I came back to life after troubled years, after self-sabotaging. The relation he creates is just the understanding of the direct contact to the higher self. I love his sessions and intuitive calls; somehow they always perfectly fit the answers for the agenda that I have at the moment. Like he knew exactly what guidance I needed right then. True cure for my soul, my being.
Imi Kozma, Baden, Austria

We are born filled with light and love, but with life’s hurts and challenges collecting along the way, we can find ourselves in shackles, putting one foot in front of the other. As the light within us diminishes, the joy in life becomes abstract. This is where I found myself when introduced to Ryan. His insight is profound and his message well-crafted, but it is his passion for what he does that speaks to the elemental me and gives me the courage to listen and do. Now relationships are richer, there’s more laughter, boundaries are set and the bravery is found to write the children’s book that had always been merely wishful thinking. The most precious gift Ryan gave me was an intimate reconnection with my Creator and guides and the encouragement to lean on them; through them everything is possible. With love and humbleness, thank you, Ryan, for being who you are and doing what you do.
Cat Thomas

I’ve been able to release some very powerful, less desirable energies (anger, self-destructive behaviors and others) that I was unaware of through the sessions and energy work, which has been such a positively powerful force in gaining a much clearer sense of self-worth and how supported and loved we ALL are. Also, I became aware of how to move beyond and around these issues when they arise again, giving me more awareness of the true power within us. The ability to shift less desirable emotions back to a state of calm and loving continue to serve me each day.
Darcy D.

Ryan has had a huge impact on my life... The tools he has shared with me challenge me to reach inner and outer spaces I have never been to before, and have given me the ability to become a much better version of myself than I ever thought possible. This in turn has allowed me to help many more people at a higher level than I would have, and that ripple effect continues on in their lives as well.

Before I met Ryan I was timid and didn’t know my worth. Since working with him I have grown exponentially. Forget about thinking outside the box my little box was obliterated! Ryan has taught me to own my power, stand in it with gratitude and humility, and just be who I am.
Ronda H.

The work I’ve done with Ryan has been the best investment I’ve ever made... What stands out to me more than anything is Ryan’s true love for the people he is working with... his commitment to them... and his willingness to always go above and beyond... Ryan, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.

About Ryan Angelo


Ryan Angelo is an author, speaker, consultant and trainer in the areas of psychosomatic (mind-body) performance and leadership. He uses a holistic appreciation of human dynamics to develop unique mind-body teaching and training programs, and has over a thousand hours of speaking experience.

Ryan helps leaders and high performers make vast shifts in their consciousness, productivity and lifestyle. Although decluttering the mind can be an overwhelmingly daunting task, Ryan leverages an eclectic blend of techniques to ensure that his clients can overcome any limitation and cultivate a greater enjoyment of life.

Highly intuitive, Ryan is able to understand the core needs of individuals. His passion is awakening the innate power concealed within people. The "Awoken," as he calls them, are those who have come to appreciate the unending power of purpose, who have come to understand that they can control and master their mind, and who have stepped out beyond the confines of comfort zones to add value to the lives of others.

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