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Discover the Keys to Manifesting the Life You Deeply Desire Within a Powerful Circle of Support and MONTHLY Access to Visionary Leaders, Exclusive Resources & Cutting-edge Practices!

Are you ready to step into the life you deeply desire?

The key to manifesting the inspired life you most want is surrounding yourself with amazing women who motivate and inspire you — a global community that becomes a safe circle of support where you can embrace your inner depths and explore your highest potential.

It’s about having allies to move beyond your comfort zone. And a community of women walk alongside you as you stare down fear and navigate uncertainty.

You can accomplish so much more with greater ease when supported by an ongoing support structure and partners who will hold you accountable, celebrate your accomplishments and inspire you to reach for your next goal.

Now add add in the expert guidance from trailblazing women who’ve gone before you — exclusive access to gifted teachers, spiritual leaders, relationship gurus, entrepreneurs and wellness practitioners who’ll open up their own toolkits and share their keys to living a soul-powered life. These leaders are filled with passion and purpose and are living from their authentic selves. And so can YOU!

In the Inspiring Women Soul Sisterhood, these visionary women will guide you — step-by-step, one breath and one practice at a time — so you can expand and spark your passion, fulfill your soul’s purpose and make your most meaningful contribution to our world.

Here are some of the Visionary Women who will be supporting your Soul Sisterhood Journey!


Marianne Williamson empowers you to move from “Tears to Triumph,” as you discover how to face and embrace life’s setbacks and challenges.


Danielle LaPorte invites you to celebrate your DESIRE — harnessing this power to create a life that continues to inspire you, day after day.


Lisa Nichols redefines abundance as she shows you how to you step away from a scarcity mindset and open up to receive greater possibilities than you’ve ever imagined for yourself.


Sandra Ingerman will guide you on a journey to the depths of your inner landscape, examining old patterns that have grown strong roots as well as to plant conscious seeds for the future you most want to create.


Geneen Roth will share her personal journey of "losing it all" and will offer wisdom about accessing a sort of freedom that’s completely independant of material wealth.


Alison Armstrong will share her revolutionary relationship teachings and fundamental tools for attracting and keeping love alive in your life.


Marcia Wieder, known as America’s “Dream Queen,” will lead a visioning process to help you get clear on your dreams and how to overcome obstacles.


Jean Shinoda Bolen will inspire you with her vision of the return of the light, even when it cannot be seen on our troubled planet.


Miranda Macpherson illuminates a path toward deeper connection with the divine presence available to you in every moment.


Patricia Albere will show you how to cultivate the “we space” between us, so you can harness the beauty and power of the collective.


Anodea Judith shares essential practices for living fully connected to your chakra power and manifesting with ease.


Lisa Schrader will show you how to open to deeper pleasure as a portal to the divine.

If you want to live deeply, love passionately and lead powerfully, this is YOUR chance.

We women are being called into a new form of leadership in all arenas — from motherhood to the marketplace. This paradigm draws from the sacred feminine, and as we tap into this profound source of wisdom and strength, we can bring a level of healing that’s never been seen before on our planet (and is desperately needed!).

No vision is too big, no challenge is too difficult, and no event from your past can hold you back when you have the support of a community of powerful women.

Say YES to this powerful circle of support and unleash your highest potential!


A Unique 30-day Program — EVERY Month

Carefully honed curriculum, selectively curated content and your global soul sisterhood will support you to step into your highest calling, live out your passion and fulfill your soul’s purpose. You’ll also be equipped to embrace obstacles as opportunities and move into the best version of yourself.

Two LIVE sessions a month, PLUS interactive exercises, small-group coaching, advanced curriculum, reflection-and-response journaling exercises — and top female visionaries! — will help you integrate your discoveries and make progress on your dreams.

Our Soul Sisterhood Membership Program will support you to expand the possibilities of your life through teachings, tools, practices and resources emphasized in 3 essential areas...

Live Deeply


If you are like most women we know, you want to live a truly fulfilling life. You long to spend your precious time and energy in a way that is aligned with your deepest vision and goals. But how, exactly, do you do this?

And what’s the mark you want to make, the soul imprint and legacy that you’ll leave behind for women to come?

It is time to get clarity about what’s most important to you and then expand into living from your radiant feminine fullness. And as you do, standing in a place of deep presence, your life will blossom forth in unimaginable ways. You’ll experience the deep blessing of living a creative, inspired life.

Guest Faculty will include Marianne Williamson on “From Tears to Triumph,” Lisa Nichols on “Creating Creating Abundance Now,” and Geneen Roth on &ldquoGetting Lost & Being Found,” plus many more!

As we explore LIVING DEEPLY, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create your legacy
  • Find true fulfillment
  • Cultivate your radiant feminine presence
  • Clear your inner obstacles
  • Unleash new creative energy
  • Harness the power of gratitude & celebration
  • Connect with your soul and align your life with your purpose
  • Engage in all areas of your life from a place of deep presence

Love Passionately


Inside every inspiring soul-filled woman is someone who longs to connect lovingly and passionately with the world around her. She craves intimate connection and yearns to express the wild, fiery and impassioned parts of herself. She wants to live with an open heart and offer her healing balm where it’s most needed.

Whether you’re searching for your soulmate or simply want to cultivate even more LOVE in your life, it’s time for you to take an honest look at the barriers around your own heart. And then if you’re brave, we’ll support you to take down the walls and fully open to experience the love you crave.

Guest Faculty will include Alison Armstrong on “Keeping the Love Alive,” Miranda Macpherson on “Boundless Grace,” Lisa Schrader “ “The Feminine Pleasure Path,” Elayne Kalila Doughty “The Shadow of the Feminine” plus many more!

As we explore LOVING PASSIONATELY, you’ll discover how to:

  • Unleash the most loving, compassionate, authentic version of YOU
  • Create more intimacy and meaningful connections
  • Cultivate an open heart
  • Use pleasure as a portal to the divine
  • Navigate comparison & competition among women
  • Release deep-seated beliefs about your beauty and self-worth
  • Keep the love ALIVE in your life
  • Explore beauty as a pathway to the divine feminine inside you

Lead Powerfully


What are the key principles of feminine leadership? And how can you become a magnet to others who need your guidance and inspiration?

First, you need to assess your strengths — feminine and masculines alike — acknowledge your growth areas, and be equipped with the latest tools for innovation, communication, and collaboration, among others.

You need to fully connect to your calling and purpose, holding your torch so high that it can inspire your sisters far and wide. You need to communicate your visions and intentions in a way that catalyzes and enrolls the passion of those around you.

Finally, you need to show up with deep presence, so others will be impacted not only by what you are saying and doing, but also by who you are BEING.

As you learn to lead more powerfully, the people and projects that are aligned with your vision will come your way more naturally. And when you are ready to step out more boldly in the world, sharing your intentions and creative expression, you’ll have access to the exact practices and teachers that will support you to create positive change in the world.

Guest Faculty will include Claire Zammit on “The Keys to Feminine Leadership,” Anodea Judith on “Manifesting Through the Chakras,” Danielle LaPorte on “Leading From Your Desire,” Marcia Wieder “Visioning New Possibilities for Your Life and Our World” plus many more!

As we explore LEADING POWERFULLY, you’ll discover how to:

  • Envision the next season for your life & our planet
  • Receive the keys to sustainable abundance
  • Cultivate your feminine leadership qualities
  • Build your soul-filled community of support
  • Initiate generative communication and collaboration
  • Take joyful action on your leadership goals
  • Ignite leadership in those around you
  • Develop resilience and turn obstacles into opportunities

Your passion, wisdom and your leadership are not only vital for your life... they’re also key to solving the issues facing our precious planet and global family.

Join women from around the world to write the next chapter of our lives and co-create a brighter future the next generation of inspiring women!


A Special Invitation From Devaa


To my Inspiring Sisters,

I am delighted to be sharing this moment with you! Our new Soul Sisterhood is alive with possibility!

It’s been a joy to share our women’s events and programs with you over the past six years — and I’m humbled that we’ve reached more than 100,000 from around the world through our efforts. We’re clearly striking a chord with the conscious women of the world!

Now we’ve decided to build on the foundation that we’ve lovingly put in place over time ... so we’re opening the doors to those who want to take their personal growth work deeper plus be resourced and connected in ongoing basis.

In the Soul Sisterhood you’ll evolve to the next l evel , with intimate access to leading visionaries and experts. We’ll share our favorite resources, exercises, practices and tools to help inspire, motivate and guide you, EVERY month.

You’ll engage with us personally, asking questions and sharing your discoveries.


We will have TIME on our side. (For once!)

Time to reflect. Time to connect. Time to show up with your OWN wisdom and soul gifts...

It takes a lot to manifest our full potential — and we can’t usually get there alone.

That’s why I am so excited about this new community. It’s a place that can serve as container for your evolution — an ongoing circle of support with just the right balance of structure, connection and plenty of room for you to grow and change in the way that serves you best.

I am not aware of any other virtual community that brings so MANY amazing women into one comprehensive, ongoing offering.

Together, we’ll create something larger than ANY of us can create on our own.

So join us — your sisters are waiting with open arms.

With love,

There is definitely a powerful sisterhood that is alive right now, and Devaa has been a huge part of activating that space. So thank you to Devaa for being a supportive ally to me and so many other women. It’s great to be a part of the
Soul Sisterhood!

— Marianne Williamson, Bestselling Author,
Public Speaker and Minister

What You’ll Receive Every Month as part of The Soul Sisterhood Community!

Two 90-minute Sessions With Devaa Haley Mitchell and INSPIRING Guest Faculty

Join Devaa, your sisters and guest faculty LIVE for two powerful 90-minute video sessions every month on Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm Pacific. Each session is geared to your needs with evolutionary content, interactive exercises and plenty of time for questions — both live and via webcast.

Two 30-minute Interactive Group Sessions
Directly following each LIVE class, there will be a 30-minute optional interactive session where you’ll break into smaller groups with several of your sisters to share, participate in additional practices and further integrate the weekly lessons. If you’re unable to attend the live sessions, our private Sisterhood Online Community group will support you in connecting and staying connected with each other as well as find alternative times to interact.

“Weekend Wisdom” Weekly Resources, Practices and Exercises
Each week, we’ll send you an email filled with inspiring wisdom resources, practices and information tied to the thread we are currently exploring. You’ll then have the option to access related exercises, enjoy recommended articles and videos, apply new tools and participate in reflection and response questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

Sisterhood Online Community
Our exclusive Facebook community (plus your Membership Home Page!) is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each session. Here, you can ask additional questions, interact with your fellow students and get access to additional resources to take your exploration to an even deeper level.

Audio and Video Recordings of Bi-monthly Sessions
Following each session, the video will also be available for you to download or stream in high quality format. The audio will be available for you to download in high quality MP3 format as well. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can watch or listen anytime and anywhere — on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

PDF Transcripts of Bi-monthly Sessions
In addition to the high-quality videos and audios, you’ll also receive the entire session transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print, take notes and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Throughout the program, we’ll be exploring 3 major themes that are consistent among Inspiring Women:

Live Deeply. Love Passionately. Lead Powerfully.

Our integrated curriculum builds on each of these themes to support the unfolding of the vision you hold for your life. Moving into deeper intimacy as the Soul Sisterhood expands, you’ll discover these themes form a brilliant tapestry of inspiration. Each month of the program is designed as a comprehensive stand-alone 30-day program.

Some of the Monthly Topics include...

  • Explore which feminine archetypes are growth zones where you might focus your energy to be the most inspiring woman you can be
  • Explore the legacy that you want to leave for your family, community, and the planet
  • Reclaim your self-worth and confidence in your own abilities
  • Discover tools to create greater intimacy and more meaningful connections
  • Cultivate daily heart practices to increase your health, happiness and your ability to live inside your tender vulnerability
  • Learn to navigate competitive dynamics that often prevent us from having intimate connections with both men and women
  • Deepen your connection to your own your feminine receptivity, so you can fully let love IN. Rest in your "feminine soul center" which is magnetic and attractive
  • Unleash your true visionary potential that moves you towards being an inspiring woman leader and excite others about your vision and enroll them in supporting its unfolding
  • Discover how to harness the power of feminine archetypes to connect faster and more deeply to Source so you play a bigger game and step into a powerful version of your life
  • Practice saying no to what no longer serves you on your path and get acquainted with the other inspiring women in our global sisterhood who are also saying YES to a bigger possibility for their lives

When You Register for The Inspiring Women Soul Sisterhood, You’ll Also Receive the Following Bonuses:

Exclusive Bonus With One Year Membership:

Inspiring Women “Open Vault” Collection
(200+ Hours Valued at $8000.00!)


7 Years of Wisdom at Your Fingertips!

When you sign up for a year membership, you’ll receive access to ALL of the content from 7 years of Inspiring Women Summits. That’s nearly 200 sessions in our vault of transformative content!

In-depth spiritual practices, tips for keeping the love alive in romantic partnerships and tools for succeeding as an entrepreneur and even for navigating menopause... plus MUCH MORE.

Among the MANY visionary women featured in this Collection are Lucy Liu, SARK, Brené Brown, Ellen Burstyn, Rose Cole and Rickie Byars Beckwith.

This new “Open Vault” Bonus allows you to make your own choices about who inspires you, listening to as many or as few of the speakers as you desire. So your learning will be perfectly tailored to your soul’s curriculum!

All Soul Sisterhood Participants Receive:

Inspiring Woman Course
3 Workshop Sessions From Devaa’s Digital Course
(90 Minutes Each, Valued at $147)


Do you want to be the kind of woman who has that magic sparkle and wows others with her deep presence, profound accomplishments and passionate love for life? Are you ready to design your life as an expression of your soul?

In this bonus, you’ll receive audios and transcripts from three 90-minute sessions where Devaa will show you how to cultivate key elements for living an inspiring life as a modern woman.

Clarifying Your Soul’s Vision

  • Unleash more of your true visionary potential that moves you towards being an inspired woman leader
  • Allow yourself to dream into a greater-than-imagined reality for yourself — without feeling the constraints of money or time
  • Practice being free, fluid and creative, and apply these qualities to your projects and work

Manifesting the Life You Were Born to Live

  • Discover how to embrace the paradox of intention and surrender, harnessing the power of the masculine, while still embodying your feminine core
  • Learn embodied practices for moving through fear and other obstacles as they show up on your path, so you can feel strong and free
  • Identify the pieces you can joyfully and skillfully handle on your own, and who you might invite in to co-create with you

Transforming the Hidden Barriers to Your Soul’s Intentions

  • Identify the ways that you may be sabotaging your own success and what you can do to shift these subconscious patterns
  • Reclaim your confidence in your own abilities and self-worth
  • Create practices that ensure you are creating from joy and abundance rather than lack

The Beauty Way Course
3 Workshop Sessions From Devaa’s Digital Course
(90 Minutes Each, Valued at $127)


The Beauty Way is a spiritual path, a way of living. It is a lens through which we can see and experience life as a woman. It is an invitation to create beauty, to look for beauty, to live AS beauty in terms of the way we treat others and ourselves. In The Beauty Way bonus, you’ll receive audios and transcripts from three 90-minute sessions.

Connecting to Our True Beauty
Teaching With Devaa Haley Mitchell

  • Explore what beauty means to you and learn how to have more of it in your life
  • Discover your personal “beauty keys” for unlocking your own heart and enjoy the boundless joy waiting for you
  • Learn tools to begin clearing those blocks once and for all, so you can shine as the true beauty that you are

The Power of Pleasure
Teaching With Sabine Grandke-Taft

  • Understand how your own pleasure is your most powerful feminine gift to yourself and the world
  • Feel how you can turn your life around by finding the pleasure you want inside
  • Reconnect to your sensual awareness the prerequisite for a fulfilling sexuality

Expressing Your Radiant Essence
Teaching With Devaa Haley Mitchell

  • Learn to walk the beauty way, and watch the world around you shift for the better
  • Experience a step-by-step process to connect with your radiance at a body, mind and soul level, and begin to live from this place
  • Find new ways to express the beauty that you ARE, and find deep fulfillment in doing so

What Participants Are Sharing About
Devaa’s Programs:


How wonderful to connect with other inspiring women! It nourishes my heart. I believe our world needs strong, dedicated and passionate women to work and create and transform together.
Margo van Greta, Scotland

I am fascinated as I discover that all women around the globe share the same needs, feelings and aspirations, and have the inner power to sustain good life for their loved ones and inspire those beyond boundaries of culture, time and space.
Hala Abdel Moneim, Cairo, Egypt

I’ve experienced the value of being in a sisterhood where the women consciously tap into deeper aspects of themselves. I learned to shine the light on my shadow aspects, bringing depth into my otherwise more mainstream life.
Nomita Khatri, Goa, India

This program was a catalyst for healing that I only imagined was possible for me. Devaa is an amazingly beautiful soul and witnessing her presence was worth every penny that I invested in this program.
Elisabeth Jordyn, Winter Garden, Florida

I feel like Devaa was the answer to my prayers.She created a loving container where I allowed myself to be vulnerable, to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and to share things I normally wouldn’t have.
Charlie Wilson, Founder of Date and Thyme Cafe and 21 Days to Help Yourself

My life has taken a complete 180-degree turn for the better. The connections I’ve made with the other women in the program are priceless. What I’ve seen happen with other women in our community is nothing short of a miracle.
Kim Carpenter, VP of Operations and Head Marketing Trainer

I’m emerging from this program with exactly what I needed — a feeling of wholeness I didn’t even know I was seeking. With the help of this community of women, I kept listening to the clues and staying in my heart, and then taking action that was coming from my intuition.
Leela Somaya, Business Entrepreneur and Coach

I am in a deep state of gratitude for my experience with the program. Through this program, I was able to heal and move lifelong pain and trauma out of my body, so my body now feels tangibly different!
Patricia Benavidez , Elementary School Teacher

I was always searching for a feeling of belonging and the program with Devaa created lifelong deep connections. I feel known, seen and held in a way that exceeds anything I have ever experienced.
Rana Stewart, Fashion Designer and Entertainer

The evolution of humanity has brought some useful tools to CONNECT GLOBALLY! What a rush to know we are TRULY connecting, not just with words, but with spirit. It brings me joy to know I am not alone. GLOBAL SISTERHOOD. Yes!!!
Marybel Gomez


We feel honored that Devaa Haley Mitchell has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to host this exclusive, LIVE online community. This is a rare opportunity to interact directly with a skilled teacher who leads transformative feminine practices for thousands and connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this powerful work.

Through this easy online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals, which would cost thousands of dollars). But you’ll be able to benefit from the incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you are serious about bringing more soulful freedom, success and joy into your life, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training with Devaa.

If you’re ready to take the step into a more soulful life, click the register button below.

With your registration, each month you will receive:

  • Bi-monthly Class Sessions With Devaa and Guest Faculty
    (Valued at $117 per month)
  • Bi-monthly 30-Minute Interactive Group Sessions
    (Valued at $47 per month)
  • Weekly “Weekend Wisdom” Download Package With Resources, Exercises and Practices
    (Valued at $47 per month)
  • Global Sisterhood Online Community
  • Audio and Video Recordings of EACH PROGRAM Session
    (Valued at $97 per month)
  • PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions
    (Valued at $97 per month)

All Soul Sisterhood Participants Receive:

Inspiring Woman Course
3 Workshop Sessions From Devaa’s Digital Course (90 Minutes Each, Valued at $147) The Beauty Way Course
3 Workshop Sessions From Devaa’s Digital Course (90 Minutes Each, Valued at $127)

Exclusive Bonus With One Year Membership:

Inspiring Women "Open Vault" Collection (200+ Hours Valued at $8000.00!)
7 Years of Wisdom at Your Fingertips!

Total Value Per Month:
Over $400/month PLUS $800 in Bonuses!

Our goal with this ongoing program is for you to receive all the tools, training and support you need to embrace the Soul Sisterhood and to live a sacred and inspired life that leaves you grateful, fulfilled, sharing your gifts with the world and contributing to global transformation... for less than the cost of a monthly coaching session.

The Inspiring Women Soul Sisterhood is an ongoing monthly membership program and you may register month to month or for a full year.


Choose Your Payment Option:

More Praise for Devaa Haley Mitchell...


The time (or should I say timelessness) that I spent with Devaa was profound. After years of seeing all kinds of “experts” I can honestly say the time with Devaa broke something loose and now I feel burden-free, as well as much lighter and more joyful. I recommend her work to anyone who is ready to fly.
Marcia Wieder, CEO and Founder of Dream University


I’ve met a lot of teachers, healers and leaders in my years on the path. When I wanted to dive deeper with my work and share from a new level of vulnerability, I turned to Devaa. She helped me lead from my authenticity, connect with my depth and open in ways that proved energizing and effective. Her support enabled me to go to a whole new level in my work and bring new qualities to my leadership. She helped me in a million ways that I cannot even describe. I am blessed by her presence. Thank you, Devaa!
— Marci Shimoff, Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Happy for No Reason


My life was completely transformed in every way. Through working with Devaa, I developed a real inner confidence in myself what I was born to do. I moved through all the shame I had been holding over the years of actually not wanting to fully show up, and something much brighter and lighter and more sparkling emerged.
— Melanie Eclare, Photographer and Priestess


Devaa could be called a spiritual midwife, assisting people in the birthing of their inner selves. She empowers you, assists you, gently encourages you and honors you for your efforts. With Devaa’s impeccable assistance, I was able to go through what is so far the most powerful experience of my life. I am extremely grateful!
— Nathalie Daneau, Intuitive Coach and Counselor

About Devaa Haley Mitchell


Rev. Dr. Devaa is a soul midwife, spiritual teacher and business leader. She is a co-founder of The Shift Network and Founder of Inspiring Women with Soul — a unique online gathering of more than 100,000 women from more than 160 countries.

Devaa offers deeply experiential and transformative work, through coaching, mentorship, courses, workshops and retreats.

Prior to Shift Network, Devaa was the founding Executive Director of the Full Circle Fund, dedicated to building a new generation of civic leaders. She was also the Director of Member Engagement at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), an organization bridging science and spirituality. Devaa also worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she offered management advice to Fortune 500 Companies.

Devaa is a Fulbright Scholar with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford University and a Doctorate in Ministry from Wisdom University. Devaa is also an interfaith minister and a priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School.

Devaa is a passionate believer in activism and service. She’s the volunteer Music Director at the San Quentin Prison’s Parallel Play Project, an avid volunteer for a number of international service projects including the distribution of water filters in rural areas of India, trained domestic abuse counselors in art therapy in Ecuador, and facilitated a healing program to staff members at an orphanage for HIV positive youth in Ethiopia – among others!

In her spare time, you can often find Devaa making music! Her songs fuse East and West with groovy, danceable grooves. Her debut album, Sacred Alchemy, aims to reawaken and liberate the many dimensions of the sacred feminine.

Learn more about Devaa and her offerings at

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A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this membership program is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can experience the membership program risk-free. Please see the details below for the monthly and annual payment options:

Month-to-Month Payment Plan: You may cancel the monthly membership program anytime during a billing cycle, and all future payments will stop. (Prior months are non-refundable.)

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A: Please see below for either the monthly membership or the annual membership:

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