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Do you want to experience the most tender and beautiful parts of your soul – where you know yourself as the limitless field of love – and then share your truest self with a beloved partner?

Are you ready to release your fears, defenses, contractions, and endless striving for improvement – and relax into a delightful dance of intimate, vulnerable and blessed relationship with others and life?

Have you tired of mere techniques, practices and theories, and want the straight transmission of truth from someone who KNOWS – and can communicate that knowing straight into your heart and soul?

Then The Love Initiation has been created just for you.


It’s a chance to transform your life and relationships by turning the ultimate spiritual key, the one that opens the door to the love that you already ARE.

In doing so, you’ll learn to adore, celebrate and honor your current or future beloved, as well as release long-held resentments, pain and judgments. You’ll open to more unconditional love in ALL your relationships, even the ones you find most challenging.

And most importantly, you will love all aspects of yourself more deeply, and bless the world from that place.

The great mystics in history have all concurred that, at the core of reality, we ARE love – and not a saccharine, Hallmark-y kind of love – but something that is vast, deep, thrilling, and even wild. That love can also be a bit scary for our egos to imagine. Are we capable of becoming that generous, that magnificent, that divine?

You are, indeed, that divine.

In fact, it’s your ultimate birthright to be able to open to a powerful and rich intimacy in which you are deeply bonded with yourself, passionately unified with life, and deeply in love with others.

Opening to Your True Nature

Your true nature is to be in love – powerfully in love, passionately in love – every day. Yet, how many of us are really fulfilling this innate “calling”? Are you truly aligning your personal heart with your powerful potential to love – and then loving even more?

How often have you uttered a resounding “yes!” to being unconditionally in love with your intimate partner? Or completely forgiven their seeming flaws or shortcomings?


The master key to fulfilling your full potential in love is ultimately spiritual. It comes down to really loving ALL of your Self – and knowing yourself AS love – then bringing this truth into all of your relationships.

When you fully know yourself AS love, you stop seeking it in your partners, family and friends – and start celebrating it as the ever-present ground of all your interactions.

When you fully know yourself AS love, you stop trying to get something you are lacking, and instead, start seeing what you can give in a way that adds more delight to the world.

When you fully know yourself AS love, addictive habits, destructive patterns and the pain and suffering that may still linger from past hurts or disappointments melt away as you no longer require things outside of yourself to feel whole.

This shift into the state of real love isn’t a cognitive recognition. It’s something that happens on a cellular level.

Most of us have glimpsed this state of being, but the challenge is to embody it day-to-day.

A Unique Illuminating Guide

Ancient spiritual lineages have all concurred on the importance of an initiator – one who lives AS the truth we are seeking to become. An initiator serves to activate deeper recognitions and dormant potentials within you. Their flame lights your own candle until you burn brightly with the same fire.

As one of today’s most respected spiritual teachers who works with very advanced souls, Bill Bauman is such an initiator.


Bill Bauman embodies love, plain and simple.

His whole life has been about loving. In early adulthood, he started on a long path of embracing love’s limitless pleasures, and equally limitless pain.

Among top transformational leaders like Jack Canfield and Marci Shimoff, Bill is known as the “teacher’s teacher.” He helps “bigger name” spiritual teachers awaken to a fuller state of love and self-expression.

Bill is equally dedicated to supporting the informal, unrecognized leaders, like you who are crafting a new world by perfecting their own capacity for intimacy and becoming the most loving lovers they can be.

He does much more than speak insightful truths, as so many spiritual teachers do. Bill literally transmits a palpable energy and words of remembrance straight into your soul. When you receive them, a profound activation can take place that anchors you in the truth that you ARE love, and you are divine.

That opening is at the heart of The Love Initiation. It is not a course where you scribble lots of notes and do dozens of practices. Instead, it’s an opportunity to receive an activation of your heart and soul at the deepest level – in a field of real resonance and love.

By entering into a mystical field of loving union over the 7 modules, Bill will take you step-by-step deeper into the recognition and embodiment of yourself AS the love that you seek – a shift that will create powerful changes in every area of your relationships and life.

Under Bill’s inspiring leadership and loving guidance, you will open yourself to your heart’s remarkable magic. You’ll discover, buried deep within you, a wonderful capacity for true love. You’ll find yourself saying a fuller “yes!” to intimacy itself and, step-by-step, allowing love to take you over. You’ll let love’s mystic power work its magic within you, as it enlivens the energy of intimacy within you.

The end result of the activation of true unconditional love is a feeling of freedom and a relationship with others that is truly blessed.

About Your Love Initiation

The 7-module Love Initiation will be deeply experiential and transformational. Most of all, it’s about drinking in and becoming LOVE itself – with its awesome power and grace – and being in awe as love nurtures you, expands you, and makes you a more dynamic lover of others and of life.


As you integrate this initiation, you’ll be more free to fall in love in the sacred ways you’ve only dreamed of. You’ll be invited to dramatic personal breakthroughs – moving from protecting your heart to letting it flow; from hiding in your comfort zone to being open and vulnerable; and from feeling separate and alone to feeling bonded and one with your partner.

While this course will focus primarily on intimacy with another person (a partner, a loved one, friends, etc.) – you can also apply what you experience and begin to embody to your relationship with yourself. Also, you need not be in an intimate relationship at this time in order to benefit strongly from this offering. Anyone who is courageous enough and willing to open to the truth of love will benefit from The Love Initiation.

This powerful, 7-module program is designed to initiate you step by step into activating a more whole, divine, loving current in your heart and your mind. The modules are based in part on the “11 Spiritual Principles for Truly Intimate Relationships” developed by Bill Bauman. By embracing and implementing these life-changing principles, you will invite love’s daring, power and beauty to fill every crevice of your humanity – so that only the purest love guides your intimate interactions in every moment.

After completing Bill Bauman’s initiation and integrating the shifts, you will:

  • Deepen and heal your intimate relationships as you recognize the spiritual foundation of love that can shift the quality of your engagements
  • Experience healing of any past pains and hurts from loving
  • Awaken to your personal power to love – unconditionally and consistently
  • Become a vessel for the love you desire – and be of true service to the world with joy and playfulness
  • Dissolve your layers of conditioning that prevent you from accessing the creative love-force of the universe
  • Let go of past personal and professional failures and step into the light of your unimaginable love and abundance
  • Connect at a soul level with a spiritual community of like-minded people
  • Know your ultimate nature, not as a concept, but an embodied daily experience
  • Learn how to go beyond games, defenses and fears – to a steady, unconditional love in all your relationships
  • Embrace the advanced stages of the spiritual journey
  • Experience the source of infinite love and light that live in every cell of your body
  • Learn how to avoid every urge or tendency to fix, heal or change your partner. Your only “job” in this relationship is to love, honor, adore and support your partner. Period!

For each module, Bill will share his teachings and transmission first, then open to a transformational space with participants, which is where the real magic ignites.

In working one-on-one with course participants in a space of loving communion, a sublime field of grace and blessing opens that works on all of our subtle resistances, distortions and fears.

This unique offering is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take the leap that you’ve been waiting for – the grace-propelled, spiritually empowered leap into your very own heart.

To support our unique immersion in LOVE, Bill will blend and unite two unique approaches:

  • The teaching approach that we all know, in which Bill will lovingly and unsparingly share his wisdom, experience and vision.
  • A more miracle-orientedgrace” approach, which invokes the very power of LOVE to move you smoothly into your own state of “being fully immersed in and empowered by, love.”

Bill masterfully uses both these approaches in co-creating with you your own very special immersion and “initiation” in infinite love.

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Modules

Module 1: Welcoming Love into Your Heart (Recorded on July 8, 2014)


We start our 7-module time together by jumping full-force into LOVE, and its exquisite beauty, immense power, infinite wonder and soft grace. We’ll open our hearts, and every other facet of our human nature, to drink in love’s full presence and tender embrace.

Bill will be the voice and guide of love’s gift-giving devotion – as you experience yourself being filled with, and renewed by, love itself.

From this experience, you will:

  • Experience LOVE coming alive deeply within yourself – inviting you to a new relationship with it, and asking you to let go more deeply into its healing and empowering gifts
  • Bond more strongly with your own HEART, where love now takes root and can blossom fully
  • Enter into a new and devotion-centered agreement with love – one that allows love to take over the reins of your heart and to come alive asYOU
  • Experience Bill’s bigger vision of intimacy – its meanings and purposes, its magic and possibilities, its importance and fulfillments

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Be clear about the soulful truth of all your sacred relationships – their deep wisdom, their purposeful meaning in your life, their true invitations, etc. – and let that truth guide your every thought, feeling and action in relation to them.

Module 2: Letting Love Transform Your Past Hurts (Recorded on July 15, 2014)


We’ve all been hurt, often deeply or unbearably, by our daring attempts to love and be loved. In this module allow love, from its now sacred and official throne within your heart, to give you its first grace-filled gift – a true healing of that pain!

Yes, in our immersion in love, you’ll allow ourselves to open to love’s willingness and desire to put our emotional hurt and closed heart behind us, as it gives us the healing of or freedom from that pain that we’ve so longed for. As love’s “ambassador,” Bill will give voice to love’s powerful and radical transformation of your personal pain.

From this experience, you will:

  • Open to the magical, mystical power of love to heal and transform anything
  • Experience your past hurts and pains changing, in response to love’s gentle – yet deeply penetrating – touch
  • Witness your heart moving from pain to power, from woundedness to aliveness, from timidity to confidence
  • Understand more clearly love’s true nature and power – as the Universe’s essential creative force, as the heart of Creation – and as your personal tool for being re-created daily.
  • Come to see that love is your most hidden, most powerful and most dependable personal power – if you only allow yourself to bond with it, become it and embody it

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Always ask your heart (more than your mind) how it feels, and what it suggests in relationship to "x" aspect of your life (your partner, your circumstance, etc.) – especially if “x” aspect is bothering, irritating or concerning you.

Module 3: Infusing Love into Your Human Depths (Recorded on July 22, 2014)


At our core, the raw power of creation fills and moves us. Our human roots are a vital source of a creative power that we so often deny or repress, simply because we subconsciously fear it. Yet, if you allow love to come alive in our fiery depths, then you will have found a true key to dynamic living and loving – the unified power of heaven and Earth, light and dark, divine and human – alive and well right in your very personal depths.

Love will fill you so fully at this “bottom of the barrel” of your personal being that your depths will unify with your heart, and your primal power will blend with your divine love. Bill will help initiate you (or help you initiate yourself, if you will) into this unified field of love and power right at the center of your humanness – in your very gut-level, sub-cellular core. From there, love can achieve not only the deep personal healing you’ve needed, but the lasting freedom you’ve been craving. From there, you can begin to love with abandon.

From this experience, you will:

  • Experience love actually taking root in your human core – coming alive in your personal depths – just as it has done (though quite differently) in your heart
  • Witness love absorbing your primal, earthy power into its graceful embrace, transforming it into love-filled power and integrated “life force”
  • Notice how your personal love and power behave once the “pull-and-tug” between them is lessened, once they have become a now unified force within you
  • Have a radically new understanding of your primal power, and even have a loving relationship with this often misunderstood quality of your humanness
  • Grasp and own your personal power in fresh ways, simply because you no longer experience it as separate from your love, or dangerous to your well-being

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Remind yourself that, no matter what the interpersonal situation or drama between you and another person (or any aspect of life), it is you (not the other person, not life, not the circumstance) who needs to change, stretch, grow, give, expand, etc. The other person’s processes or changes are literally none of your business. The power to make these changes happen is alive within you.

Module 4: Allowing Love to Take Dominion in You (Recorded on July 29, 2014)


With love now living in your heart, continually healing your pain and alive in your core, you’re ready to take the next big leap – saying a powerful “yes!” to love’s invitation to become YOU ever more fully! In this module, we all literally invite love to take us over – not in a hostile or controlling way, but in a loving, intimate, bonding, self-empowering way.

In this module, we will actually “give ourselves to love” (as the famous song has been imploring us to do), “let go and let love”, and let your identity become love itself. With Bill’s and our group’s support, you can now become the love we were born to be. How glorious!

From this experience, you will:

  • Give yourself to love, become love, allow love to take over your every process, and invite love to awaken you in every way
  • Allow love to re-create you anew, from the bottom up and from the top down – creating, for example, new neural pathways in your brain, innovative energetic breakthroughs in your magnetic field, and fresh openings in your love-prone heart
  • Experience a “different feeling” personal strength – one that gives you the power and confidence to love more boldly, and more unconditionally
  • Understand what it is like to be a human being taken over by love – to experience yourself as love, first and foremost – then to perceive your humanness as a natural extension of that love
  • Become the human being you were born to be – a true “love child” of creation, with a calling to spread love generously within yourself, and unconditionally all around you

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Remind yourself that, spiritually and subconsciously, you chose your partner’s (and life’s) seeming idiosyncrasies, imbalances, inadequacies and insecurities (as well as his/her/its wondrous and magnificent aspects) so that you would have the privilege of learning unconditional love. Commit yourself to learning this “graduate” version of love – the unconditional version – and do so in this relationship.

Module 5: Expanding Love into Intimate Relationships (Recorded on August 5, 2014)


Now you’re ready – ready to let your internally alive love move out and express itself in the world around you. Yes, you’re ready to love someone else – or whatever aspect(s) of life call you – fully. You’re ready to become truly intimate – to step out beyond your earlier comfort zone, and experience love’s magic in action.
With the grace-filled blessing of this session, you’ll find yourself empowered to love without reserve, to love with confidence, and to love with your whole being. What a blessing!

From this experience, you will:

  • Become your boldest loving Self – powerfully loving yourself, your partner and life
  • Own the power of your heart’s love, and enliven it in your intimate relationship
  • Dedicate yourself to your unique approach to intimacy – one that is now your “gift”
  • Embrace more selfless, other-empowering styles of loving and living
  • Learn to listen to, honor and respect your partner – without ego or need
  • Begin to perfect the fine art of “soul bondedness” and its hidden powers

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: No matter what, avoid every urge, need or temptation to fix, heal, change or otherwise insert yourself into the learning/growth process of the other person. Your only "job" in this relationship is to love, honor, adore, support and believe totally in your partner (she/he then does the rest).

Module 6: Taking the Leap: Stepping Boldly into Unconditional Intimacy (Recorded on August 12, 2014)


Unconditionality! It’s now your time to embrace this most desirable quality of love, this most noble of ideals. No matter how problematic your previous experiences of love may have been, and no matter how loving may have hurt you in the past, infinite love is ready to give you its most coveted gift – unconditional love.

Your personal ego, now ready to part with its pains and wants, will give way to the joy of selfless love. Even if your personal need to be fully loved hasn’t been fulfilled, love will transform that need into its next level of fulfillment – unconditional love. Initiated into love’s unconditionality, you can now experience intimacy – with yourself, your partner and everything – in a truly joyous way. You’ve now stepped boldly into love’s ultimate gift.

From this experience, you will:

  • Think unconditionality, feel unconditionality and express unconditionality
  • Find your own inner strength to be unconditionally loving – no matter what
  • Learn a new model of spiritual mastery, as you give your life to intimacy
  • Commit yourself to taking full responsibility for your feelings, needs and desires in relation to everyone you love
  • Allow pure, unconditional love to break through any, and all, obstacles
  • Become your own source of loving – from your unconditionally loving heart

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Move beyond all personal expectations, needs or desires in relation to your partner. Love, yet do not expect love in return. Give, but don’t look for your beloved to give back to you. Take care of your own perceived emotional and physical needs, rather than looking for your partner to take care of them.

Module 7: Making Your Whole Life About Expressing Love’s Blessings (Recorded on August 19, 2014)


Love is simply hardwired to bless. It is naturally primed to splash itself around everywhere with its unlimited blessings. Its very nature and purpose are to bless you and all of us, over and over, from morning to night – every minute of every day. Love has no choice but, you guessed it, to love: unconditionally, with grace, with intimate feeling and compassion, with true forgiveness and power.

Love, left to its own devices, will heal us – empowering us and awakening us in every way we allow. Now that you have been initiated into love itself, you will embrace this bigger identity and role: “I am love and I am the expresser of love’s gifts!” You will begin to dispense love’s blessings everywhere you roam in your life. Yes, with this new “calling,” you will have become the very love you’ve been seeking.

From this experience, you will:

  • Claim, own and enjoy your expanded identity as love’s emissary of blessings
  • Experience the power of love’s intimacy-oriented blessing: to create miracles, remove obstacles and/or re-enliven a relationship
  • Create your own life anew – both personally and in your intimate relationships – as a pro-active expresser of love’s blessings
  • Find personal fulfillment at a whole new level of living – not primarily as a taker or receiver of love’s gifts, but as a giver and transmitter of them
  • Center your life and relationship(s) on pure, unconditional and powerful love as you have never done before

Our Spiritual Principle for this class: Remind yourself regularly that real intimacy is never about your being right, being in charge or being seen as intelligent. It’s only and always about your being loving – period. Yes, loving – period.

Our Final Spiritual Principle for the entire course: Feel and express gratitude for the blessing that your partner (your circumstance, life itself, etc.) is to you every day – both internally (expressed to yourself) and externally (expressed to your partner).

The Love Initiation Bonus Collection

In addition to Bill’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course – and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Love’s Power to Make Anything Happen
Audio Dialogue with Bill Bauman and Marci Shimoff


Bill and Marci will share with us their thoughts about love’s miraculous nature, its capacity to change our lives dramatically, and its desire to bless us over and over. With their touching stories and intimate sharing, Marci and Bill will bring love alive within each of us. If you want to experience genuine love in a real-deal beautiful woman and charismatic leader, you’ll want to join them in this hour-long experience.

Marci Shimoff, besides being a dear friend of Bill’s, is the best-selling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason; and she has authored seven of the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul book series. Because her own heart is open so wide, Marci is sought out as a global presenter on these topics, as she spreads her touching and empowering love around our world. In Bill’s opinion, Marci is love embodied!

Mastering Human Pain
Audio Recording and E-book with Bill Bauman


Pain is one of the most confusing and misunderstood phenomena in our human world. Why do we suffer? What is pain all about? What does it mean? Why is it here? Why can’t we just command it away? In this illuminating 20-page e-book and powerful audio teaching, Bill sheds light on these questions, and leads you to a deeper mastery over your pain. You will come to understand a new vision of what pain is all about ,and experience a transformed relationship with your own pain.

The Soul in Love: Heartful and Inspirational Poetry
E-book by Bill Bauman


The Soul in Love is an inspiring expose of our soul’s pure view of life – what humanness looks like, how our everyday world works, and how life itself invites us into its wonder. Pure love runs through this soulful vision and is eloquently expressed by Bill Bauman in these five poems taken from his beautiful book.

Poems include:

  • Love Song
  • This World of Duality
  • What’s It All About?
  • Creation
  • There’s a Field

The Soul Within
Mini-Course from Bill Bauman


This powerful package was crafted by Bill to lead you into greater connection and alignment with your soul. You’ll receive his powerful transmission of love and wisdom, which will guide you into a more soulful existence as you receive:

  • Soul Vision: A Modern Mystic Looks at Life Through the Eyes of the Soul
    2 Chapters from Bill’s Inspiring Book
  • "Being the Fullest Possible You"
    Powerful Audio Meditation
  • "The Life and Times of You, According to Your Soul"
    40-Minute Audio Training

What People Are Saying About Bill Bauman...


Bill Bauman is the most profound and wise healer, counselor and teacher that I have ever known. Bill has the ability to find out your soul’s deepest calling, to help you get in touch with that calling, to open up your heart, and to inspire you... Bill speaks with profound authority, truth, light and love. There is nobody that I know that I would rather work with than Bill Bauman.
– Marci Shimoff, Author, Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason


If you’d like to have an experience in your life that would take you to the spiritual heights, to the emotional depths and to the relational expressions that you want to have with people-and you want to do it with a real master, someone who is very subtle but very powerful-then I want to recommend to you the work of Bill Bauman. He is an incredible being who has touched me in my heart.
– Jack Canfield, Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul series


Bill Bauman’s seminars are the most transformative seminars that I have ever taken. From the moment you walk into the room and sit down, Bill’s energy starts entering your whole physiology. And by the time you leave, you are completely transformed into an individual who is thinking clearly, feeling extremely open, with a heart filled full of love, wanting to do nothing but be of service to the rest of humanity-because you have just been served so totally from Bill.
– Janet Bray Attwood, Co-author, The Passion Test


Bill Bauman is presence in action. He also brings humor to the deeply intuitive. He’s just a great guy, and I highly recommend that you work with him.
– Hale Dwoskin, CEO, The Sedona Method

Here’s What You’ll Receive


Seven 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions with Bill Bauman

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with mystic Bill Bauman – from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes renowned guest faculty, and helps you create the specific skills and abilities to create a profound deepening and immersion in the wonder and power of pure LOVE.


Seven PDF Transcripts of Each Class Session

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.


Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

The Love Initiation Bonus Collection

  • Love’s Power to Make Anything Happen
    Audio Dialogue with Bill Bauman and Marci Shimoff
  • Mastering Human Pain
    Audio Recording and E-book with Bill Bauman
  • The Soul in Love: Heartful and Inspirational Poetry
    E-book by Bill Bauman
  • The Soul Within
    Mini-Course from Bill Bauman

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join in The Love Initiation Virtual Intensive

We, at The Shift Network, feel deeply honored that Bill Bauman has chosen to partner with us on this exclusive online training. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a transformational leader and internationally-renowned mystic whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves, our partners – and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals – which would cost thousands of dollars). But you’ll be able to benefit from Bill and his guest’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home – at your own pace!

If you are serious about your spiritual evolution and LOVE, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones – and our world – to take this one-of-a-kind intensive training with Bill Bauman.

If you’re ready to take the next step in experiencing love, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

More Praise for Bill Bauman...

Bill Bauman is one of a kind. His background and personal spirituality create a safe haven in which to grow and develop, expand and experience his unique style of storytelling and meditation. Although you go with him into the story, there are things happening on so many deep levels that the story just becomes the distraction so that you are not resisting the expansion. Oh, yes....the stories are exceptional teaching tools as well. I would highly recommend for those who are well on their way spiritually as well as those who want to be. Thanks again, Bill for a wonderful journey.
– Kit Hoffman

I know of NO ONE better than Bill Bauman in empowering people by getting them to love and accept themselves exactly as they are. And he does so in such a down to earth, joyful and delightfully entertaining way. What a gift! Bill is the real deal!
– Dr. Fred Kleiner

After more than 40 years exploring in the spiritual movement, I find Bill’s teaching the most inviting I’ve ever encountered. He integrates all dimensions of our humanity and divinity in a most powerful way. I have never before had a teacher (and there have been beautiful ones) who lives pure love so simply and fully as Bill does.
– Hannah Woods, Philadelphia

I was going through a very difficult time in my life during this course. Bill’s loving presence and powerful knowledge anchored me and gave me the strength and direction to face and move through my challenges. I felt his love and presence in my life in a very concrete way. Being able to communicate with him after each class and to ask questions during the classes reinforced my feeling of deep connection with him. I cannot recommend Bill highly enough for anyone seeking peace and oneness in her or his life.
– Katherine San Diego, CA

About Bill Bauman...


Bill Bauman is a noted trainer, speaker, motivator and empowerer of people. He has spent his adult life serving many professional roles: that of a priest, psychotherapist, psychological and business consultant, empowerment specialist, transformational leader, entrepreneur, peace advocate and spiritual visionary of life’s possibilities. Through decades of inspiring and loving service, he has brought a dynamic message of hope, a proven approach to change, and a true excitement about life’s possibilities into the lives of thousands of people.

Bill was a Catholic priest in the 1960s, a practicing psychologist from the 1970s to the 1990s, a business consultant and leader throughout the 1980s and 1990s, a noted leader in the peace movement throughout the 1990s, and a strong spiritual leader from the 1980s to the present. Currently, Bill has combined these many systems into a dynamic and life-changing approach that is unique to him.

With a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, a Master’s degree in Theology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Bill embraces life from a broad perspective and expansive vision. Thousands of people have attended Bill’s seminars on personal empowerment, dynamic leadership, love and relationships, personal and spiritual growth, and empowered healing – which he has led nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. He has given hundreds of growth-oriented seminars, trainings and presentations to groups of every size.

A proven entrepreneur, Bill started and led three profitable private businesses – a management consulting firm, a holistic health center and a treatment center for learning disabilities, as well as his own successful private practice as a psychologist. Also, with his adored wife Donna, he founded and led two non-profit organizations – Washington, DC’s World Peace Institute (through the 1990s) and The Center for Soulful Living (through the 2000s).

Bill is a celebrated leader of leaders, recognized healer of healers, and dedicated servant of world servers. His generosity of heart and inclusiveness of all worlds attract many people to join him in his creative vision and committed service to our human world.

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