With Renowned Enneagram Teacher
Russ Hudson
A Powerful, Pre-Recorded Audio Training

Discover an integrated, holistic perspective that helps you understand your personality, subconscious drives and the unique qualities of your soul.

Deepen your application of the Enneagram in your life or healing practice as you explore the relationship between the types, subtypes and centers to liberate yourself and others from life-long negative patterns.


Do your so-called “lower” subconscious drives tend to derail your growth?

Do you wish you could transcend your basic human instincts so you can be the loving, generous, and self-actualized person you’ve always aspired to be?

These are common experiences for many spiritual seekers and students of the Enneagram, and the genesis of The Enneagram for Awakening, a new in-depth program with master teacher Russ Hudson.

This 7-module training unifies the best of the Enneagram with depth psychology and a nuanced understanding of spiritual and psychological development.

The Enneagram for Awakening focuses on the 9 Enneagram types in relationship to the three primary instincts — self-preservation, social and sexual — and the three centers — body, heart, and head — to give you a more multidimensional understanding of yourself or your clients.

In many ways, the 3 instinctual drives, or subtypes, are more fundamental than Enneagram type and therefore a powerful entry point for inner work and transformation.

In lieu of the “cookie-cutter” approach typical of many Enneagram teachings, you’ll gain an evolutionary perspective of the system that can expand your sense of identity, give you deeper compassion for each drive and type, and bring you a profound sense of wholeness.


Too often, people think that all they need to do is identify their personality type accurately, and then read a description of that type. This flat, static view of the Enneagram is far too constricting. It puts you in a box rather than liberating you.

Seen in a more holistic way, the Enneagram is dynamic and ever-evolving — a multidimensional tool that reveals more and more of what makes you uniquely YOU.

The Enneagram is not a stereotype of your identity, but a “soul map,” a compassionate and creative guide for delving into your shadow and unconscious patterns that can open new pathways for transformation.

As you deepen your practical understanding of the Enneagram, you learn to navigate your relationships with greater skill. Really knowing your own type, subtype and the role your instincts play in your evolution, you’ll better understand the other types ’ motives, fears and defenses.

The Enneagram is Your Portal to a More Evolved Self

You are undoubtedly committed to living a conscious and caring life — and yet every day you may encounter situations and people that can trigger self-sabotaging reactions.

Even if you’ve been on a spiritual path for decades, you may be humbled by your reactions — rooted in subconscious drives — and would like to work more successfully with these “lower” aspects.

These reactions may be affecting your health, your sense of self, your relationships and your ability to bring your gifts to life.

All of us have habituated ways of being that block full self-expression and joy.

And yet, these subconscious patterns are linked to the specific coping mechanisms of the different Enneagram types, as well as the three instinctual drives and centers.

Even if you can eloquently recite deeper spiritual truths, when these very human patterns are triggered, you may forget the bigger picture of who you really are and the unique and beautiful gifts you have to share with the world.

Take Your Self-Inquiry and Spiritual Growth to the Next Level


So, how can you find clarity and free yourself from the compulsive fears, desires and motivations that trigger patterns and undesirable reactions?

Where can you turn for the insights and practices you need to foster healthy relationships, reconnect with your true Self and fulfill your highest potential?

The Enneagram for Awakening program can take your self-inquiry to the next level — with a transformative system of spiritual psychology that can help make sense of the wondrous complexity of being YOU — and especially your instincts effects on your beliefs, motivations and behavior.

You’ll discover how to utilize the Enneagram to improve your relationships and identify your unique gifts so you can make your best contributions to our world.

More important, you will understand your true nature in new ways. No matter how much experience you already have with the Enneagram, or how many years you’ve been on a journey of self-discovery — you will learn to bring yourself to the power of the present moment.

More About the Enneagram

A powerful tool for personal and collective transformation, the 9-pointed Enneagram symbol represents nine distinct strategies for relating to yourself, others and the world. Each of these Enneagram types has a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation and worldview.

These types or styles are not who you are, but show you the patterns that tend to dominate your experience.

The Enneagram illuminates nine ways we leave presence, nine ways we forget who we really are, nine unconscious patterns that can lead us away from all we truly care about — and also nine direct pathways to awakening back to your essential nature.


When you understand it in depth, the Enneagram reveals the inherent strengths or gifts that each type wants to bring to the world.

Each of these nine gifts is truly needed for human beings to evolve, and to create a world in which we can all thrive — personally, relationally and collectively.

The Enneagram helps us see new ways to combine our diverse talents and particular forms of genius. The wisdom of this system is that it helps promote personal well-being and build organizations, structures and institutions that serve the greater good.

The Enneagram has not only stood the test of time; it is a field of innovation and creativity, constantly inspiring new processes and practices for consciousness in spirituality, business, education, health care, cultivating relationships, psychology, coaching, parenting, sexuality, and healing our bodies.

If you’re fairly new to this powerful system, The Enneagram for Awakening will guide you to understand and apply the Enneagram in a sophisticated way. If you are already well-versed in it, you’ll receive many new insights and practices to enhance your growth.

A Master Guide for Harnessing
the Power of the Enneagram


Russ Hudson represents one of the largest and most respected schools for Enneagram studies and application in the world. He has taught this work for decades at the highest echelons — with his close mentor, the legendary Don Riso — and trained thousands of people worldwide.

Russ offers a uniquely in-depth spiritual approach to the Enneagram that views the work in a holistic, multi-dimensional context.

He’ll share his latest insights on the relationship between type, instinct and centers and practical applications can further your personal growth and deep transformations in ALL areas of your life.

Whether you are a therapist, coach, healer, health care professional, teacher, artist, spiritual director, politician, or parent, you’ll emerge with a greater connection to your divine essence and your unique gifts as well as higher levels of acceptance, love and compassion for yourself and others.

Among the many benefits, you will discover:

  • How to use your understanding of your type, instincts and centers as a path of liberation.
  • A deeper appreciation for the unique benefits and challenges of other types.
  • Practices that allow you to apply and embody wisdom at head, heart and body levels.
  • How to address and heal shadow issues without shame.
  • Why the vertical dimension of the Enneagram is so important — particularly in view of the 9 Levels of Development.
  • The full range of the wisdom path of each type, from pathology
    to liberation.
  • Tips for engaging effectively with other types, especially helpful on the job or in your family.
  • How you unconsciously prioritize the 3 instincts creating imbalance in your life.
  • How self-preservation is the fundamental drive behind all of the instincts and how others are variations and further expressions of it.
  • The role of the sexual instinct in attraction, charisma and magnetism.
  • Appreciation for the social instinct, ultimately a call to transcend selfishness and step into service.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-module transformational course, Russ will guide you through moving beyond the Enneagram as a personality system into seeing how all the elements of your psyche can work together in a coherent whole.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to learn about the internal lines of the Enneagram on a deep level and to develop particular strategies and programs to create more balance in your life and for your clients.

Module 1: Dynamic Dimensions of the Enneagram for Deep Inner Work
(Recorded March 10)


If we want to experience the maximum potential of the Enneagram, we need to go beyond the basic understanding of type and temperament and explore its extraordinary dynamism. The Enneagram is not a description of our identity, but an innovative matrix for delving with compassion into our shadows and unconscious patterns.

Throughout the course you’ll gain more awareness of the depth orientation of the Enneagram and its power to guide profound inner work. In this first module, we will look at the 9 types and the arrangement of the three centers of head, body and heart.

You will discover:

  • How the dynamic Enneagram guides inner work and cultivates presence
  • Your type is an invitation to experience deeper dimensions of yourself, not a box or static description
  • How the 9 types show up in everyone, and why this is good news for you and others
  • How the Enneagram helps you and others address shadow issues without shame
  • the Enneagram work with the Body, Heart and Mind Centers, that helps us cultivate three-centered presence
  • specific imbalances of contact with a center and how it obstructs our growth

Module 2: The Levels of Development as a Guide to Vertical Transformation
(Recorded March 17)


In this module, we explore the pioneering work of Don Richard Riso, and his development of 9 Levels of Development within each type.

The Levels show fluctuations of our awareness and stages of progress as we move from identification with egoic material to more liberated states of consciousness. The Levels cover the range in each type from deep pathology and neurosis through normal ego functioning to profound states of realization.

You will discover:

  • The origins of the Levels of Development, which make the Enneagram more explicitly a tool for growth.
  • How to recognize the full range of each type, from pathology to liberation.
  • How to spot imbalances and prejudices in your view of the types (as we tend to recognize healthier traits in some types while seeing others as more troublesome.)
  • Keys for recognizing when you’re getting stuck and overly identified with type-related issues.
  • The healthier aspects of all 9 types.

Module 3: An Overview of the Three Instinctual Drives (or Subtypes) as the Keys to Authentic Balance & Actualization (Recorded March 24)


In this module, you’ll start to recognize in yourself and others the three instinctual drives and how they manifest in beliefs and behaviors.

In a sense, almost all coaching is about balancing our instinctual drives more skillfully. The instincts are also more important than type in determining the success of failure of our personal relationships They help us zero in on the “non-negotiables” that we may not initially recognize as our deepest needs in relationships, including our biological needs.

You’ll discover:

  • How each instinct is a beautiful expression of nature’s intelligence, as well as fuel for your spiritual development.
  • The different aspects of the Belly Center, which are keys to living fully.
  • How each instinct gives clues about our primary needs in relationships.
  • The ways Enneagram type mixes with and sometimes distorts our instinctual drives.
  • How each of us unconsciously prioritizes the instincts, creating imbalances in our lives.
  • Practices for neglected instincts.
  • How balancing the instincts “quickens” spiritual breakthroughs.
  • The “zones” of each instinct and when there are 3 instincts operating in us.

Module 4: Understanding & Working with the Self Preservation Instinct
(Recorded April 7) (Pre-recorded)


In this module, we focus on the Self Preservation Instinct — an enormous driver in our day-to-day behaviors. You will discover different ways this instinct shows up in modern life, and develop tools to recognize the ways it manifests to your benefit or detriment in your work, habits, and relationships.

You’ll discover:

  • That Self Preservation is the fundamental driver behind all of the instincts.
  • How our sexual and social instincts are variations of the self-preservation instinct.
  • How we successfully or unsuccessfully manage our personal energy and resources, and how this influences development.
  • The crucial distinction between comfort and development and practices for enrolling the parts of ourselves that fear change.
  • The Zone of Health and Wellbeing (authentic self care).
  • The Zone of Practical Wisdom (finances, maintenance, etc).
  • The Zone of Domesticity (cultivating a home).
  • How to honor your Self Preservation instinct in your relationships.

Module 5: Understanding & Working with the Sexual (Attraction) Instinct
(Recorded April 14) (Pre-recorded)


In this module, we will learn about the Sexual Instinct or Attraction Instinct. You’ll start to recognize your capacities and challenges around following your passions and creative impulses.

You’ll distinguish this vital energy from heart-based qualities such as intimacy and affection and begin to note the different ways this instinct shows up in your work, habits, and relationships — where this instinct is working well for you and where it’s subject to distortions.

You’ll discover:

  • How this energy is found in many human activities and goes far beyond just the sexual act — How it is part of the energy that gets us out of our ruts and routines.
  • How it is distinct from intimacy or love, but relevant is highly relevant in intimate relationships.
  • How it is truly a vital and necessary instinct and not a heart matter.
  • How it is central to excitement and creative impulses, how it brings passion and energy to our activities.
  • Why it is such an important topic due to its “shadowy” status in many societies. How do we talk about it honestly?
  • The Zone of Arousal, being energized, “turned on”, passion.
  • The Zone of Attracting and being attracted, Charisma and magnetism.
  • The Zone of Fusion and merging/ focusing energy and attention.
  • How the Sexual instinct plays out in our relationships.
  • What happens when we neglect this instinct?

Module 6: Understanding & Working with the Social (Affiliative) Instinct
(Recorded April 21) (Pre-recorded)


In this module, we will learn about the Social Instinct — the basis for human relationship and connection. We will learn the different ways this instinct shows up in modern life, as our capacity for connection, communication, and cooperation, and develop tools for seeing the particular ways it manifests in our own work, habits, and relationships. We will come to recognize where this instinct is working well for us, and where it is subject to distortions. You will learn tools and practices for cultivating your Social Intelligence.

You’ll discover:

  • How the Social Instinct is not “socializing” but the basis of all human society.
  • How this instinct evolved originally as a need to protect others, and particularly in parenting.
  • How this instinct is fundamentally about our awareness of the other. Your survival is my survival.
  • How this instinct is the basis of altruism but can also be the basis of exclusion and hostility to other groups.
  • The Zone of reading others and interpreting feelings and body language.
  • The Zone of building and maintaining our connections. The Zone of participation and contribution; and how a life wither when we do not feel our contributions matter.
  • How the Social instinct plays out in our relationships and why we must honor it.

Module 7: The Directions: How the Inner Lines of the Enneagram Suggest Key Ingredients for Our Balanced Growth
(Recorded April 28)


The inner lines are a powerful beautiful reminder of the dynamism of the Enneagram and the ever-changing patterns of the human psyche. They help us stay away from more fixed and limited views of the types and provide some key pathways for our growth. You’ll learn the lines are auxiliary survival strategies for the types, and hold shadow material crucial for balanced development. You’ll also start to apply the Levels of Development in more stable and sustainable ways.

In this final module, you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize your use of these secondary strategies to adapt to and handle challenging situations.
  • How we can adopt one of these secondary strategies as our main coping mechanism and stay that way for months or even years.
  • How the directions and Levels of Development work togetherin very particular ways and circumstances.
  • How to use the inner lines to help us recognize core types.
  • How the shadow material in the types connected through the arrows can be transmuted into the qualities of being or essence needed for our ultimate balancing.
  • Practices for working with the higher side of these directions as “The Integration Point” and “The Missing Piece,” the very qualities that lead to sustainable liberation from our core ego wounds and difficulties.

The Enneagram for Awakening Bonus Collection

In addition to the 7-module virtual course with Russ, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Origins of the Enneagram
Audio Teaching from Russ Hudson


The Enneagram symbol, and the ideas associated with it, do not have a clear and simple lineage. But the various perspectives on the human condition that the Enneagram work is based in have a long pedigree woven richly with the history of western religion, philosophy and science. This talk will focus on the pivotal work of George Gurdjieff, and later of Oscar Ichazo, as well as the rich traditions that they were drawing upon. We will look at the actual meaning of the symbol, the sources of the typology and trace the work back through the Hermetic doctrines to Classical Greece and Egypt. In the end, we are left with a dazzling sense of how deep the roots of this system are, and just how ancient the quest for self knowledge actually is.

9 Types Meditation
Audio Meditation from Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb


In this original meditation, Russ and Jessica will guide you through this unique meditation designed to support and illuminate each type. These meditations will highlight the most important growth areas for your personal journey and help you better understand and relate to others. You’ll find this meditation to be a unique and powerful addition to your 7-module journey.

Jessica Dibb is founder, spiritual director and principal teacher of the Inspiration Community School, an integral consciousness school dedicated to promoting personal, relational, and planetary wellness. Over the past two decades, Dibb has designed and facilitated unique workshops, classes and ongoing breath-centered trainings that are grounded in a highly integrated model of psychospiritual healing and development to support self-actualization.

Her teachings assist people in cultivating consciousness through all stages of life, from conception onward. Using Integrative Breathwork, psychodynamic principles, the Enneagram and established and emergent wisdom teachings, Jessica facilitates embodied awareness of each moment. Her intuitive teaching style, individualized and attuned attention to students, and integrative approach helps to facilitate long-lasting transformations. She also teaches nationally and internationally, including teaching Integrative Breathwork at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference for several years, and being a principal presenter at the International Enneagram Conference for more than a decade.

Rational 7 Spiritual Approaches to the Enneagram: Similarities, Differentiations & Equivalencies
Audio Dialogue with Russ Hudson and Mario Sikora


Among other things, the Enneagram is a multidimensional design about different aspects of life and shows the potential of them working together. Rationality is important and powerful in life, and so too is Spirituality. If we approach the Enneagram from each of these perspectives what will we discover? Will the understanding or practice of one enhance the other? Will it limit or broaden the power of the Enneagram in changing our lives for the better? Join Russ and Mario for this thoughtful discussion and be prepared to have your mind and soul transformed.

Mario Sikora is an executive coach and consultant who advises leaders in large organizations across the globe. He has worked with senior leaders in numerous multinational corporations, including Motorola, TE Connectivity, Dow Chemicals, Panasonic and Johnson & Johnson.

What Graduates of Enneagram Courses at The Shift Network Are Saying...

Well simply over the top. The instructors were involved with the class from start to finish. It was one of those classes where each session was a suspense waiting to hear more information. The guest were very open with their sharing of their personal journeys. I would tell anyone who wants to learn about the enneagram or just wanting to learn more about it. That this is the class for that to happen Yes I would take this class again and I would refer it to my friends. Thank You, Shift Network.
– Mack Johnson, Palm Springs, CA

Russ and Jessica were perfect complements in their teaching style. During the teleconferences their words communicated emotional honesty and genuine respect for course participants, especially when answering questions. They modeled being present from within the body, heart, and mind centers and in so doing provided course participants with a weekly oasis of peace and presence. Thank you to Jessica and Russ and thank you to The Shift Network.
– James, Johnstown, PA

As a life coach, I found the course to be valuable to me in being able to work with my clients with more knowledge of the Enneagram and how each type functions so that I can work with them on a deeper more meaningful level.
– Bettina, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

As an LPC, this course has changed my practice. I have a deeper understanding of the Enneagram and I am more mindful in my relationship with my clients. In turn, I am better able to invite them into a "curiosity" about themselves, using the Enneagram as a powerful tool for transformation. Thank you very much.
– Barb Wolfe, Durango, CO

Intellectually and emotionally enhancing, and taught in a way it can be applied to life, growth and learning, as well as teaching, coaching and therapy.
– Leighah, Yorkshire, UK

I am experiencing greater compassion, diversity and enjoyment in my relationships and more creativity in my work from the insights and learnings from this course.
– Ann, Maui, HI

The Multidimensional Enneagram Immersion course was the best online course I’ve experienced. It gave me a chance to learn from the best teachers and from people who were the types and their experience as that type and working on themselves. It was transformative as you actually were taken through practices that were experiential and gained insights through real life experiences. The homework allowed me to continue the journey in between the sessions and the backup of recordings and transcript allowed me to reread and listen again to the session. Also the support of The Shift Network and the way that they coordinated everything was top notch professional. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested. It is worth the time and money and was truly life transforming for me as a person and will help me in my work as an executive coach. Thanks.
– Susan Inouye

For the price of what I would have spent for only three therapy sessions, I received insights that have been truly life changing. There was something I could apply to myself from every Enneagram type presented, without exception. What I learned about my own type was revolutionary, even though I’ve been studying the Enneagram for years. I highly recommend this course.
– Diane, California

The accessibility of this course online was a Godsend for me. Due to my family life and work schedule travel and cost are often prohibited. The access to listen in and then to be able to go back and re-listen was a great fit for me during this time of my life. The course happened after an exceptionally painful, stressful and chaotic time in my life and the pathway set by the Enneagram was a wonderful companion as I worked through many things. The journey was definitely not always comfortable but the generosity and love of the facilitators was a comfort to my healing process. I’m extremely grateful to The Shift Network for scholarship which made the course a possibility for me. I’m looking forward to using the recordings, practices and transcripts as I go through them again this year. I have begun sharing the wisdom of the Enneagram with more people in the hopes they too may experience the help and healing I have found within its pathways. Gratefully yours,
– Wendy Chasney, Milan, OH

The Enneagram Immersion was just that! Truly an immersive experience. My understanding of the enneagram has increased exponentially. I can’t wait to spread this knowledge to anyone who wants to learn it or change their life and thinking. The teachers were all excellent, masters of their crafts. Each borough a unique perspective and new understanding to the material. The exemplars, male and female, were all shining examples of type in living color. I was lucky enough to receive a partial scholarship for this course for which I am eternally grateful. I would not have been able to take this course at this time without it and this was a great time to be a part of this course. I often lecture for my professional society for CE conferences on topics such as teamwork, motivation, and interpersonal relations in the workplace. This education will allow me to integrate the enneagram into those topics even more effortlessly. Thank you for such a great experience.
– Dustin Ward R.T. (R)(CT)(MR), ARRT, Kansas City, MO

One of the most amazing aspects of this course was its luxurious length. To have such rich content to ponder every single week for nine months has made possible the profound integration of the teachings into my life. I feel more alive, full of hope and joy yet more able to face pain. Several people have told me that I am more present with them and seem calmer and more grounded.
– Lillian, Ontario, Canada

In summary, the Enneagram course reinforced for me how essential it is to continually cultivate my ’Inner Observer’ or witnessing consciousness so as to enable the observation of my (Type Four) personality structure in the form of my mental/emotional patterns/contractions as they arise and to breathe ("the breath is the rudder of the Inner Observer") mindfully while relaxing into those patterns or contractions, rather than trying to reject or rid myself of them, all the while being patient and compassionate toward myself.
– Gary Westover, St. Catharines, Ontario

Here’s What You’ll Receive


Seven 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions with Russ Hudson

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with renowned Enneagram teacher Russ Hudson — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session helps you create the specific skills and abilities to uncover the deeper gifts of who you are.


Seven PDF Transcripts of
Class Sessions

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Enneagram for Awakening
Bonus Collection

  • The Origins of the Enneagram
    Audio Teaching from Russ Hudson
  • 9 Types Meditation
    Audio Meditation from Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb
  • Rational 7 Spiritual Approaches to the Enneagram: Similarities, Differentiations & Equivalencies
    Audio Dialogue with Russ Hudson and Mario Sikora

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join The Enneagram for Awakening Virtual Intensive

We at The Shift Network feel deeply honored that Russ Hudson has chosen to partner with us on this exclusive, LIVE online training. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a renowned Enneagram teacher known as a “depth” teacher of the Enneagram, going beyond simple personality categorizations to seeing it as a portal into your soul.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll also be able to benefit from Russ’ incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you are serious about understanding yourself, your personality and even your soul, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones — and our world — to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

More Praise for Enneagram Courses at
The Shift Network...

This Enneagram course was truly liberating! I had read several books on the Enneagram, taken the RHETI test, received the daily Enneathought for my type from the Enneagram Institute so I was wondering if taking this course would be worth the investment. YES, a thousand times YES! I learned a lot in this course: I now understand better how I can tap into all nine types that are present in me. I understand better some personality types that I had some difficulties with. I also understand that the directions of stress and integration are not "bad" or "good": moving to the high level of the direction of stress can be beneficial. Outstanding course, outstanding teachers. Thank you with all my heart!
– Cat, Haute-Savoie, France

This is a great course to open ourselves to more presence, more heartfulness and greater illumination through deepening our understanding of the processes underlying our tendencies, and the means toward what our hearts really want.
– Sonia, Zimbabwe

An opportunity for awakening should not be missed. That said, I have for various family reasons only been able to draw on some of this course’s richness so far. Nevertheless, what I have heard and experienced has already proved very valuable in the quest for greater insight into the mysteries of my being and the human experience generally. Thank you!
– Philip Starnier, UK

The whole class was amazing and I know I will use be using pieces of it with all the students I work with in the future. That’s the head knowledge. The head knowledge is that this class helped me to really center in on what was True for me and I was able to stand strong in that place.
– Linda, Colorado

Greetings, this for me has been an experience that can be difficult to put into words. When the soul is involved and one does try to develop quiet/right mind, meaning and experience can be beyond words. The presenters are very wise, compassionate, learned people. It was a joy to sit and listen to them. Their collective wisdom is presented in experienced, gentle, deeper knowledge. I enjoy a challenge and listening and working with their material has enabled me to feel joy, grief and a deeper understanding not only of my Eight energy but of others around me. The course presented has not only led to greater knowledge but also a comforting, caring deeper continuing wisdom that I use alongside my contemplative prayer.
– Aileen Lowe Nelson, New Zealand

This course took my understanding of the Enneagram to an entirely new level. I gained a greater understanding of the qualities of my own type, seeing them in a much more positive light (I’m a Nine, and "sloth" never seemed to fit!) Plus, I gained insight into the gifts of each type and realized that my own journey has led me to integrate many of them, which was lovely to discover. I use what I learned in this course every day in my work. Highly recommended!
– Teresa, Kenmore, WA

This was a great way to learn from respected leaders in the Enneagram field (without the expense of travelling to a conference). The weekly "chunks" were a good pace to absorb the material. It really helped deepen my understanding of the Enneagram, and facilitated more application.
– Patty, Chicago, IL

I realized anew that in the end, we are more alike than we are different, and that we each have developed our own unique coping strategies to move us along, not realizing that these coping strategies often only keep us stuck.
– Tracy, Canada

The fullness, richness, and helpfulness of The Enneagram as a psychological/spiritual tool became apparent in a much fuller way. I plan to continue studying this course into the future.
– Marion, Portland, OR

The material of the course is extremely rich. I got a deep insight into my personality type and it is life changing for me. The big shift is accepting myself as I am and claiming my gifts rather than doubting or judging them.
– Oxana, Washington, DC

About Russ Hudson...


Russ Hudson, co-founder of the The Enneagram Institute, is one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today. He is President of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc. Russ has been co-teaching the Enneagram Professional Training Programs since 1991, and is a founding director and former vice-president of the International Enneagram Association. He is also co-author of The Wisdom Of The Enneagram, Personality Types, Understanding the Enneagram, Discovering Your Personality Type and The Power Of The Enneagram. He also assisted Don Riso in writing Enneagram Transformations. He holds a degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University in New York, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

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