With Healer, Teacher & Author
Desda Zuckerman
A 7-module On-demand Video Training

Set aside what you know about your ‘Higher Self,’ Soul, and Energy Body and open to a powerful new understanding of your energy fields and more...

Discover leading-edge energy practices and guided meditations to transform your relationship to trauma, stress, and stuck emotions.

Develop a relationship with four key aspects of your Soul for guidance, healing, and fulfilling your Divine Purpose.


If you’ve made it to this page, you’re probably quite passionate about exploring the further reaches of consciousness, evolution, and healing.

You’ve attended workshops, taken online courses, and read a library’s worth of personal and spiritual growth books…

You’ve opened up your intuition and learned to move energy in your body.

You may even be a practitioner yourself as you’ve gained mastery in various fields of what is loosely called energy medicine…

And now you’re seeking to expand your understanding of what’s truly possible in your own awakening and healing and in your work with others as well...

Yet, what if your current understanding of your chakras, your energy body, and your ability to heal yourself was really only the tip of the energy medicine iceberg?

What if there's a field of living intelligence around your body, literally sculpting your every thought, action, and deed?

What if there’s an architecture to your soul that is the literal blueprint for the life you’ve created?

And what if you simply hadn’t yet been ready to receive this information until now?

If you’re eager to go beyond the basics and open up to higher truths, more powerful forces, and a multidimensional understanding of your soul, you’re invited on a 7-step journey that goes far beyond whatever chakra and energy healing workshop you might have previously experienced.

As you take this voyage to the frontiers of your consciousness, you’ll discover remarkable things about who you are and the healing influence you have in your own life (and in the world).

What you have come to know as your "Higher Self" is more vast, more sacred, and more authentically you than you’ve ever imagined.

Beyond Your Energy Body provides a gateway into your Sacred Anatomy… the subtle energy field that extends 20 feet in all directions beyond your physical body.

Your Sacred Anatomy is the stuff of stars; it travels with you from lifetime to lifetime, and it carries the magic, the wisdom, and the incredible influence that you've had in all of your different incarnations.

This Sacred Anatomy is profoundly powerful in shaping every aspect of your life and when you can clear, align, and open to it fully, the healing forces that are unleashed in your life are frankly mind-blowing.

Four Dynamic Aspects of Your Soul


Your Sacred Anatomy is actually the totality of YOU and your individuated soul, which includes the “core” of Divine Light, the “channel” that sparked your very existence, AND a sophisticated guidance team known as the “Four Aspects” of your Authentic Self.

According to healer, teacher, and author Desda Zuckerman who's spent the last 45 years mapping this deeper human energy structure each guide on your team is a creative partner in your soul’s evolution and holds essential truths for you.

Who and what you are is a reflection of these four different aspects. Think of them as expressions of your Higher Self because they have your highest and best interests at heart.

The Four Aspects of your Sacred Anatomy are superconsciousness and pure knowingness. They hold your original soul’s purpose as their prime directive.
Desda Zuckerman

You can also think of your Four Aspects as your inner “Board of Directors,” who can help you repair, restore, and inspire your life at will.

And each aspect is an architect of your subtle self... a keeper of the flame that directs the path you choose through the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual expressions (and challenges) of your life.

By awakening your connection to your subtle anatomy and these Four Aspects, you can tap into their power and guidance, enabling you to dispel your demons, overcome your fears, and rewrite your life story.

As you do, you come home to your most awakened and alive self, intimately aligning with the Four Aspects of your Authentic Self, and triggering an avalanche of vitality flowing into your daily life.

Expand Your Consciousness & Your Power to Heal Through Your Sacred Anatomy

Just the act of initiating a relationship with your own Sacred Anatomy and the Four Aspects expands your consciousness...

Desda’s extensive explorations reveal that your Sacred Anatomy carries all of the information and wisdom your soul needs to evolve in this lifetime and beyond. It is untapped brilliance... a vast source of healing and guidance... and the ultimate map home.

Her Sacred Anatomy teachings build on what you’ve already learned about energy medicine, chakras, and meridians

Whether you’re an individual seeker, healing professional, or transformational guide, this journey will exponentially expand your understanding of and your relationship to the energy body.

Waiting for you in your Sacred Anatomy is a remarkable blueprint that will empower you to take action to heal your life, bring yourself to wholeness, and unleash the personal power that emanates from your connection with the Divine.

Like your physical body, your energy body and soul have their own anatomical structure, layered and functioning beautifully, all for your greatest good. Within this vast energy body that is YOU, you can access and act on your deepest purpose and embody your most awakened and alive self. You can see where you originally split off from the Divine light... and through specific practices, begin to reunite with the original impulse that created you.

If you’ve struggled to heal trauma, find emotional balance, shift health conditions, or manifest your purpose, awakening a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy can help you locate where in your energetic structure you’re stuck and shift these blocks once and for all.

Simply becoming aware of your Sacred Anatomy is healing in and of itself, but through these transformative practices you can heal the internal relationship between your ego and the Divine at the core.

Precise support for different areas of your life is there for you, too empowering you to be more authentic and loving with others, solve life’s “problems” intuitively, and express your creativity in previously unimaginable ways.

A New Teacher for Our Time


Born an intuitive with extraordinary clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities, Desda Zuckerman has made an in-depth study of the subtle energies that, since childhood, she has witnessed around all living things.

She's long been teaching this body of work to advanced healers, refining her understanding and practice. And now, for the first time in a virtual context, she’s ready to make her teachings available to the larger world.

You now have the opportunity to join Desda for a truly incredible journey into your Sacred Anatomy, in which you’ll establish a powerful partnership with the Four Aspects of your soul… your original Authentic Self.

We’re honored to host Desda as she shares her paradigm-shifting teachings and proven practices for the very first time in this online format.


During this fascinating 7-part training, you’ll:

  • Ignite a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy
  • Understand the totality of YOU as an ancient, individuated soul the core, the channel, and the 4 Aspects of your Authentic Self, which serve as your sophisticated guidance team
  • Come into right relationship with your “story,” your wounds, and your struggles, which are only a tiny part of who you are
  • Receive practices that allow you to locate your soul and deepest purpose within your vast energetic structure
  • See your vast energy body as a map to everything you need in order to flourish as a human being living in a chaotic, exciting, and challenging world
  • Enter into the most mystical, intimate relationship of your life... with your own Sacred Anatomy
  • Receive life-changing guided practices, affirmations, and visualizations that will connect you with your Sacred Anatomy and its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects
  • Begin a relationship with the 4 Aspects within your Sacred Anatomy the authors of your soul’s ancient purpose
  • Explore how to read the emotional barometer of your heart, and enlist support from your Emotional Aspect to resolve difficult emotions
  • Open your mind to the wisdom of your Sacred Anatomy, allowing you to take possession of the brilliance you’re capable of in your daily life
  • Discover your Core the part of you that can never be damaged, and which is a centerpiece of the Sacred Anatomy teachings
  • Experience how you can embody the pure expression of Source... the spiritual work of every human being
  • Expand your active potential and open doors that have been closed to you for years
  • Flip the switch to fully release the passion of your soul’s purpose into your daily reality
  • And so much more...

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational training, Desda Zuckerman will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to ignite a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy and partner with the Four Aspects of your soul.

This course will feature video teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Desda. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need in order to open to a radical new understanding of your energy fields.


Module 1: Coming Home to YOU Across Your Rainbow Bridge (October 3)


In this module, you’ll build a mystical bridge between reason and the unseen world and invite the sacred into your physical reality shifting your relationship with who you fundamentally are.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll go deeper into the mystery of your Sacred Anatomy and experience the thrill of developing your inner connections to the Four Aspects of Your Authentic (Soul) Self.

In this paradigm-shifting class, you’ll:

  • Ignite a relationship with your Sacred Anatomy, based on sensing the subtle self
  • Understand the basic foundations of your Sacred Anatomy
  • Journey back to the beginning of time and space over the Rainbow Bridge to the cosmology of the human energy structure
  • Cultivate a spacious spiritual practice that’s as easy as breathing, and create an anchor point in your home
  • Receive an ethical affirmation charged with the frequency of the Rainbow Bridge
  • Begin a 4 Aspects journal in which you’ll record your experience and progress

Module 2: Meeting Your Personal Board of Directors
The 4 Aspects of Your (Mythic & Authentic) Soul Self (October 10)


It’s time to engage with your Sacred Anatomy beginning with understanding the relationship between your physical egoic self and your subtle soul self. Even if you already regularly communicate with your Higher Self, this class will open you to a deeper, more expansive relationship.

You’ll meet and connect with your Four Aspects, the “primordial authors” of your soul’s purpose. Because they’re filled with insight and knowledge about who you are, they hold your deepest truth, which they will slowly reveal to you.

In this fascinating class, you’ll:

  • Meet the 4 Aspects within your Sacred Anatomy the authors of your soul’s ancient purpose
  • Find out more about the basic structure of your Sacred Anatomy including individuation, the core, the channel, the sheaths, and the triple-current stream
  • Experience a guided practiced called “Sensing the Fountainhead,” the seat of the individuation of your soul
  • Discover where you originally split off from the Divine and continue to split off and how you can begin to reunite with your original divine light
  • Develop a relationship with the Four Aspects of your Sacred Anatomy and gain a better understanding of who you really are!
  • Become a director and guide in your own life

Module 3: Manifesting Your Ground of Being
Anchoring Your Life With the Physical Aspect (October 17)


Understanding your Sacred Anatomy will enable you to consciously anchor your relationship between the Physical Aspect of your Authentic Self and your biological reality. You’ll be empowered to tap into your Physical Aspect for rejuvenation and direction.

You’ll also come to understand the aura and human electromagnetic field as a subtle system that curates and cultivates your personal chi and the implications of this more expansive perspective of the energy body.

In this mind-blowing class, you’ll:

  • Discover how individuation fuels the soul layer, the 4 aspects, and your entire energetic structure
  • See how the soul layer works to bring energy into your life
  • Learn about the 3 currents of the soul layer function, purpose, and wisdom
  • Anchor your material life within your sacred and subtle Physical Aspect
  • Transform your relationship to your physical body and the way you bring vitality into your everyday life
  • Establish dominion over function (the purpose of the Physical Aspect) and your daily life in a physical body
  • Begin to make peace with aging and dying

Module 4: Mapping the Heart of Your Inner Landscape
The Wisdom of Your Emotional Aspect (October 24)


Are you ready to own the full emotional breadth and depth of life as a divine blessing?

You’ll explore the relevant subtle anatomy and tools for anchoring your emotional expression between the subtle Emotional Aspect and the material, relational, egoic self. In this class, you’ll take possession of your emotional life as a transcendent map to your inner landscape.

In this heart-opening class, you’ll:

  • Explore your relationship with your passionate Emotional Aspect, which motivates and inspires your most sacred journey
  • Receive relevant subtle anatomy practices and tools for aligning with your Emotional Aspect for healing and guidance
  • Discover how to read the emotional barometer of your heart, and enlist support from your Emotional Aspect to resolve difficult emotions
  • Experience more dominion and emotional balance in your inner landscape
  • Experience “Sensing the Channel,” and locate the seat of the Witness at the very center of your Sacred Anatomy

Module 5: Before Creation
Touching Your Co-creative Brilliance (October 31)


Imagine experiencing the spacious moment before Creation...

In this class, Desda will guide you to stimulate the original creative principle within your Sacred Anatomy. You’ll take ownership of the relevant anatomy and tools for anchoring your mental brilliance between the Psychological Aspect and the analyzing, mental, egoic self.

This module is about learning to be present and think from a more expansive, aware, and awakened space. Effectively, you’ll enter your “Greater Mind,” through the location on your Sacred Anatomy that allows you to touch your own genius and find inspired solutions for life’s problems.

In this brilliant class, you’ll:

  • Discover the Psychological Aspect, which is the impetus that can help you shift every area of your energetic structure
  • Experience the seat of the Greater Mind within your Sacred Anatomy through a powerful exercise
  • Open your mind to the wisdom of your Sacred Anatomy, allowing you to take possession of the brilliance you’re capable of in your daily life
  • Receive “Before Creation,” a powerful meditation for opening you to the absolute brilliance of the Psychological Aspect
  • Discover tools to use in partnership with your Psychological Aspect that will teach you about who you truly are and what you’re capable of achieving

Module 6: Igniting Your Spiritual Fire
Occupy Your Spiritual Aspect (November 7)


It’s time to ignite your most potent spiritual fire! In this module, you’ll tap into the Wisdom Current of your Spiritual Aspect. Working within your Sacred Anatomy and using relevant tools, you’ll anchor your mental brilliance between this aspect and the small ego self. This class will connect you with the subtle “nervous system” of your Sacred Anatomy and guide you to telegraph into it with intention.

In this wisdom-filled class, you’ll:

  • Receive powerhouse tools for cultivating your soul’s purpose
  • Discover your Core the part of you that can never be damaged, and which is a centerpiece of the Sacred Anatomy teachings
  • Experience how you can embody the pure expression of Source... the spiritual work of every human being
  • Receive a Spiritual Aspect meditation to empower you to exert dominion over the great Wisdom Current
  • Unlock the repository of all ancient myth and legend, fact, and story as whispered in your ear by the Divine Source
  • Uncover your hidden talents and strengths as you step into the land of the free and unconquered spirit within you
  • Experience the liberation that happens when you rekindle your spiritual wisdom and strength

Module 7: Your 4 Aspects Mojo
Living Your Full-on Life (November 14)


In this last class, you’ll integrate the foundational meta concept of Sacred Anatomy and fully unleash the hidden mojo of the Four Aspects!

You’ll emerge knowing which meditations and practices you can incorporate into your daily life, and how to practice a relationship with the combined divine voices and guidance of your new friends and partners the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects.

Building on previous practices, Desda will help you lay the groundwork for ongoing Sacred Anatomy consciousness so you can continue deepening your connection to your Inner Board of Directors and your powerful, brilliant energy body.

In this mojo-filled class, you’ll:

  • Revisit the foundational meta concept of your Sacred Anatomy
  • Expand your active potential and open doors that have been closed to you for years
  • Experience “The Mojo Meeting,” an interactive meditation in which you’ll call on the guidance of the 4 Aspects
  • Practice embodying presence, feeling into your 4 Aspects mojo of being-ness the more you are present with your body, the more you are present with your soul
  • Flip the switch to fully release the passion of your soul’s purpose into your daily reality

The Beyond Your Energy Body Bonus Collection

In addition to this transformative 7-module virtual course on your Sacred Anatomy, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses. These bonus materials complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Insights Meditation Journal
PDF Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


We must all be in the game as conscious participants to make a difference. Please enjoy this meditation journal as a personal companion to spur reflection, record your insights, and explore how to enhance your journey to truly make a difference in the world.


Correct & Ethical Way to Benefit From Affirmations
Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


Believe it or not, there’s a specific way to optimize your use of affirmations. It’s not enough to affirm something and feel it. You must clear your mind, set your intentions, open your heart and stay grounded in your body. In this video, you’ll be given easy steps for creating foolproof affirmations.


Importance of a Spiritual Practice
Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman


Find out why a spiritual practice is so essential for an energy worker, as well as for engaging with your Sacred Anatomy. It’s not about discipline, but about spaciousness. A regular spiritual practice gives you the opportunity to find your quiet center. Doing so allows you to move into awakened consciousness. Energy work is doing as opposed to being. if you find yourself struggling with “how, what, and when” to do something, you need a spiritual practice.


What People Are Saying About Desda Zuckerman...

“I’m realizing I have a lot more control over my body and life than I ever imagined”

[Desda] opened my eyes to a whole new way of dealing with issues I had with my physical body. As I’m learning more about my energetic structure, I’m realizing I have a lot more control over my body and life than I ever imagined. Things that seemed random to me in the past are now making me think I have an element of control over. I’m accomplishing major goals in my life. I’m in a much better place today than I was when I started.

“... resolved some long-standing issues...”

From my first healing session with Desda in 1998, to studying the work to becoming a practitioner, it’s all been truly transformational on many levels. I initially began the journey because I had exhausted all the possibilities for a full physical and spiritual recovery from breast cancer in 1989. Several sessions not only resolved some longstanding issues, but also got my attention for this extraordinary body of work. I wanted to study it to deepen my own healing and transformation. What happened is not only that, but the discovery of my own gifts as a healer and transformational teacher and mentor.

“It changed the way I looked at dis-ease, pain, and growth...”

When I first encountered... the illustrious and compassionate Desda Zuckerman, the work changed my life. It changed the way I looked at dis-ease, pain, and growth because it opened my mind up to an energetic that was literally all around me. [It] also changed the way I looked at healing and doing actual energy work for my own Feng Shui clients. Beyond being an “integrative” approach, it encompassed the human energetic structure, feeling, and release in a sublime, effective, and unique way.

“... helped me to unwind my tension, calm my fears, and remove many obstacles...”

Desda’s Zuckerman’s [work] has been a great help to me over the years. At times in my life path when I felt ill, stuck, threatened, and/or full of self-doubt, her process with its powerful intuitive skills has helped me to unwind my tension, calm my fears, and remove many obstacles to my forward inner evolution. The systems that she has developed have an uncanny ability not only to diagnose the areas in my energy fields that are blocked and holding me back, but also to dissolve the negativity, static, and blockage, and replace them with positive, nurturing, and healing light and growth. I would liken her work to physical, emotional, and spiritual alchemy that truly helps to transform one’s sickness to health, fear to courage and confidence, and self-loathing to self-love.

“I feel more wholehearted and connected with life”

Learning how my particular energy body works, how to clear my energy field and bring in healing love and light have been simple and useful tools that I use regularly. I credit [Desda’s work] for healing traumatic wounds from my childhood. As I result of this work I feel more wholehearted and connected with life.

“No other healing modality has given me deeper, more immediate, lasting release...”

I have been continuously awed by the depth of healing and insight I’ve received from Desda and her practitioners. No other healing modality has given me deeper, more immediate, lasting release or preserved my long-term health and wellbeing. From energetic imbalances to karmic wound clearing... If not for [Desda’s work], I would be a very unhealthy person today, both physically and emotionally... Desda is a visionary healer and CoreIndividuation™ is the evolution of her genius.

“This knowledge is so useful for all kinds of difficult situations”

Desda Zuckerman has identified a sensory map of the human energy field and makes that information accessible for anyone who wants to know. In particular, she’s found that the edge of the human energy field is a place of special clarity, power, and compassion from which to meet the world. I’ve found this way of placing attention helpful in my professional work as a healthcare practitioner working with people who are unwell and in pain, and who may also be unhappy and angry... This knowledge is so useful for all kinds of difficult situations and allows one to be sensitive and skilful and respond appropriately without “taking on” another person’s issues or feeling used up afterwards.
C.T., D.O.

“It freed me of a burden I didn’t even know I was carrying”

Thank you again and again for your life-changing healing. It freed me of a burden I didn’t even know I was carrying.


Here’s What You’ll Receive


Seven 90-minute Recorded Class Sessions With Desda Zuckerman

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by and learn from healer, teacher, and author Desda Zuckerman from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential.


Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.


The Beyond Your Energy Body Bonus Collection

  • Insights Meditation Journal
    PDF Teaching From Desda Zuckerman
  • Correct & Ethical Way to Benefit From Affirmations
    Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman
  • Importance of a Spiritual Practice
    Video Teaching From Desda Zuckerman

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Beyond Your Energy Body Virtual Training

We feel honored Desda Zuckerman has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a healer, teacher, and author whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations, and meals which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Desda’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

If you’re serious about transforming your relationship to trauma, stress, and stuck emotions, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Beyond Your Energy Body with Desda Zuckerman or don’t feel that it meets your needs please contact our friendly Support Team within 14 days of your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue you a refund.


More Praise for Desda Zuckerman...

“Desda reliably makes magic”

Desda is a gifted healer whose expertise lies outside our cultural vocabulary. There is no accounting for the refreshing sense of clarity that follows from her work. Subtle yet powerful forces are at play. For problems of an undetermined nature that require help from the Great Beyond, Desda reliably makes magic.
Harriet Beinfield , Acupuncturist and co-author of Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine

“Look no further than the Sacred Anatomy teachings”

This work is profound. If you’re looking for a modality that sits and fits, look no further than Desda’s Sacred Anatomy teachings. Take one class and the benefits that you’ll experience in every area of your life will be transformational for you and those you come in contact with.
Linda Darms

“My life is expanding because I’m occupying my full energy structure”

Desda Zuckerman‘s work in mapping the Sacred Anatomy which surrounds all of us, and [showing us] how to interact with it, has profoundly shifted my life. Continuing to learn about and occupy my own Human Energy Structure has allowed me to live a life of expanded capacity.
Claudia Broderick

“Limiting patterns fall effortlessly away”

As a result of my journey with Desda, I’m more grounded, focused, vital in my health, and much clearer within myself and my relationships. Professionally and socially, I no longer suffer from frequent burnout, but instead feel energized by my work and personal relationships. My natural gifts continue to emerge... and limiting patterns effortlessly fall away. I continue to be amazed at what is possible even though I’ve been guiding transformational processes for over 30 years. This body of work has enhanced every area of my life. I’m grateful.
Jewell Scanlon


“I can now deal effectively with issues I had avoided and buried”
Desda has helped me be present in all Four Aspects physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. I can now deal effectively with issues I had avoided and buried.
Karen Zimmerman


About Desda Zuckerman


Desda Zuckerman has made a life study of the subtle energies surrounding all living things. What began as a personal quest for understanding blossomed into a comprehensive mapping of Human Energy Anatomy and its precise application. This paradigm-shifting discovery has been distilled into CoreIndividuation™, an intentional healing modality. For the last 30 years, she has quietly taught classes, trained practitioners, and led healing sessions with thousands of clients. At last, she’s revealing these Sacred Anatomy teachings to a wider audience to benefit all healers, seekers, and students of human potential.

Desda is the author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure . A dynamic healer, speaker, and teacher, she’s passionate about bringing her message of grounded transformation and one-body conscious wellness to the world. With a loving heart, comprehensive knowledge, and heightened sensitivities honed by years of practice and insight, she’s serving as the vanguard of a new and expanding field.


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