With Pioneering Ayurvedic Teacher,
Medical Astrologer & Brazilian Healer
Arjun Das
A 12-Module On-Demand Video Training

Discover How Your Ayurvedic Birth Chart Can Help You Easily Identify Herbs and Essential Oils to Boost Your Immunity, Increase Your Vitality... Even Transform Your Relationships!

Access a Profoundly Holistic Healing Approach to Experience a Deeper Level of Wellbeing, Reverse Aging and Even Transform Karmic Patterns.


Would you like to harness the healing power of nature’s pharmacy to treat illness, lower stress, and keep your family and your clients healthy?

Do you want to deepen your application of plant medicine for healing your body, mind, emotions, and spirit?

You can actually increase the efficacy of your use of herbs and essential oils and experience a deeper level of wellbeing by tapping into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Practitioners of Ayurveda have long known that plants and flowers have remarkable properties that can help address multiple levels of your being beyond just your physical health including removing blocks to intimacy in your relationships, finding fulfillment in your life’s work, and identifying and living your soul’s purpose.

You may already be integrating plant medicine into your daily routines through botanicals, aromatherapy, cooking, and gardening.

However, plants can not only be used in these ways to heal your body, treat injuries, clear your mind, and reverse aging... they can also support your spiritual development and heal karmic patterns.

And you can amplify the healing power of plants by matching their properties with the healing qualities of the sun, moon, and planets (without being an astrologer)!

For instance, applying the ancient wisdom of lunar cycles can make your formulations stronger and your therapies more effective. And you can create special massage oils, synergies, blends, and elixirs from the correspondence of stars, herbs, and crystals.

The Power of Celestial Herbalism


Leading Brazilian healer and teacher Arjun Das, one of the emerging leaders in plant medicine and an expert in Ayurveda, has pioneered a powerful natural and integrative approach that explores how a Vedic birth chart can help you easily identify herbs and essential oils to boost immunity, increase vitality, and even transform relationships.

Celestial Herbalism draws from the ancient Ayurvedic system of classifying herbs according to divine archetypes, represented by the celestial bodies.

According to Vedic astrology, the placement of the sun, moon, and planets at the moment of your birth (and as they move about the sky throughout your life!) influence your physical, mental, and emotional health.

The positive energies of the planets, in tandem with specific medicinal plants, can enhance your ability to heal different systems in your body, deepen your vitality, and increase your inner peace and happiness.

In Ayurvedic texts, herbs were also classified according to planetary archetypes and divinities. Yet, the ancient link between Ayurvedic herbology and astrology had been lost. Until now.

Arjun Das is bringing you this practical, new synthesis to help you pinpoint underlying imbalances AND treat the root causes of challenges with herbs that can connect you with the positive influences of planets.

For example...


A “weak” Mars may create mind-body energy imbalances that contribute to mental confusion or a lack of determination. Vetiver, an herb dedicated to Mars and associated with bravery and a desire to act, helps increase mental clarity and confidence.


Frankincense is classified with Saturn, whose qualities include maturity and dedication. A person who’s lacking discipline or experiencing low energy may also experience infections in the body, indicated by a weak Saturn in the birth chart. Frankincense could be used to treat the body and increase personal discipline and a sense of responsibility, which may be life or karmic lessons for that person.


In a person with digestive issues, a weak Sun, which is associated with the Divine Father, might have trouble “digesting” emotions as well, creating relationship challenges. Fennel seeds, a safe, effective herb used to soothe imbalances associated with the Sun, could be used to cleanse toxins in the digestive system or to clear energy blockages or "toxic" emotions in a marriage or partnership.


Advanced Celestial Herbalism is designed to show you how making your own herbal formulations and crafting your own celestial prescriptions can enhance your own life as well as the lives of others through your Ayurvedic-informed counselling and spiritual guidance.

Ultimately, by becoming a facilitator of Celestial Herbalism, you can help yourself, your clients, and all of humanity cope with and heal physical, emotional, spiritual, and relationship struggles.

Deepen Your Spiritual Practice With Your Personal Celestial Aroma

Nature has specific remedies for your unique constitution, health, and life challenges... remedies which are supported by the planets.

Many of these remedies can be grown in your garden and used in your cooking. You can even create your own personal celestial aromas to calm your emotions, radiate more joy, and deepen your spiritual practice.

Different blends of essential oils, uniquely supportive to YOU, can also help you emanate more confidence, manifest your dreams, and attract more abundance.


During this 12-part video training with Arjun Das, one of the world’s most knowledgeable Ayurveda and plant medicine experts, you’ll discover:

  • The medicinal qualities of specific plants and their corresponding astrological archetypes
  • The “healing stars” within nature’s pharmacy and which ones you can grow in your own garden
  • How to detox your mind through a deep "5 Senses Cleanse Program" to remove toxins that block the sensory channels of your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and skin
  • How to use herbs, spices, and foods that heal imbalances in your immune system, deepen your vitality, and improve your capacity to metabolize energy (food, emotions, and karma!)
  • How to identify and create your personal celestial aroma for meditation, for applying to your skin, or for use as a home fragrance
  • Sacred plants to elevate your mood and bring out positive emotions
  • Different aromatic blends to support your goals and radiate more confidence A practical framework aligned with the planetary vibrations of the day of the week to support and boost your vitality
  • The most effective essential oils to support your meditation practice
  • A personalized daily routine integrating herbs, essential oils, and your unique celestial scent
  • How to work with mandalas associated with the planets and access the sacred, healing energies in these geometric expressions of the Divine

David Crow, founder of Floracopeia, and other leading teachers of plant medicine have praised Arjun’s pioneering contributions to the field. Arjun has a unique gift of identifying and classifying medicinal plants which grow locally. He was one of the first practitioners to introduce Ayurveda in Brazil, educating people about local medicinal plants, and is creating the first system of classification of plants in the country using Ayurvedic principles.

What You’ll Discover in These 12 Modules

In this 12-part advanced intensive, Arjun will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully deepen your understanding and application of plant medicine, and show you how combining it with Vedic astrology can help heal your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Arjun. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the advanced practices, tools, and principles of Celestial Herbalism.


Modules 1 & 2: The Lunar Force (April 18 & 25)


These two first sessions, which introduce Celestial Herbalism, will cover the understanding of lunar phases and how they deeply affect you emotionally and mentally. You’ll explore how to recognize the cosmic influence from the moon and how we can use that information to start a treatment plan that promises enhanced recovery. By following a moon calendar, we can prepare new, more effective herbal formulations and strengthen existing ones.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

  • The foundation for becoming a celestial herbalist
  • The system of Nakshatra asterisms for healing
  • Gardening and preparing plant medicines based on powerful lunar phases
  • How to examine your Vedic chart to understand and locate your predominant state of mind
  • Why following the moon calendar can help you determine the best moment to start a treatment or make your formulations stronger

Modules 3 & 4: Herbal Alchemy (May 2 & 9)


You’ll explore the classic way to make your own herbal formulations and the art of compound making. You’ll find out how to produce your own medicated oils for body massage by infusing the celestial energies assigned to herbs into your own system and aura.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

  • The ancient method of balancing different herbs to prepare everything from decoctions to powders and paste
  • The energetic qualities behind different kind of oils and how to choose the best one for each constitution
  • How to infuse powerful plants into herbalized oil for body massage a simple way to bring planetary energy to the body-mind
  • The classic way, as taught in the tradition of South India, to create formulations of many herbs and produce your own herbal compounds while working towards a single therapeutic direction
  • Discover the most effective herbs from Ayurveda to create the Celestial Herbalism kit, which is based on the pillars of Ayurveda: vitality, assimilation, and resistance

Modules 5 & 6: Celestial Blends (May 16 & 23)


You’ll discover how to make your own aromatic and vibrational blends. You’ll understand the pillars for helping you analyze the Vedic chart and defining what aspect you should treat for yourself or for your clients. You’ll discover how to choose the best crystals and gemstones based on your chart and how to prepare vibrational elixirs to restore your energy and vitality.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

  • How to organize 27 essential oils into categories and how to make a Celestial Aromatic Signature Perfume for your family, friends, and clients, just as Arjun creates such blends for his personal clients
  • The proper way to integrate the use of crystal and special gemstones into vibrational elixirs
  • How to choose different essential oils based on their astrological qualities, and how to make complex synergies that respect the proportional rate for the most beneficent and difficult planets found in the Vedic chart
  • Which crystals and semi-precious and precious stones are assigned to which planets and how to understand the ancient rule for selecting the most appropriate

Modules 7 & 8: All Senses Cleansing Program (May 30 & June 6)


It is said in yoga and the Ayurveda tradition that the natural clarity of the mind can be easily disturbed by the presence of gross or subtle toxins that can obstruct the sensory organs and channels. A regular practice of restoring the body’s naturally healthy state by rejuvenating the whole system through the mouth, ears, nose, eyes and skin enhances our overall wellbeing.

In these two sessions, you’ll:

  • Be given an introduction to the essential principles of Panchakarma, a sophisticated process of full-body purification, which will help you understand the focus and process of removing toxins from the system
  • Understand the process of formation, stagnation, and removal of toxins from the physiological body channels
  • Organize the required material for removing these toxins
  • Discover how to prepare your body for purification
  • Be taught through detailed video demonstrations a mix of 5 therapies to cleanse the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and skin according to Ayurvedic tradition

Modules 9: Spiritual Counseling (June 13)


The value of proper guidance is perhaps the best medicine. You’ll be guided in how to structure your advice to clients based on the Vedic chart and how to provide wise words that brings light into life’s difficult moments. A warm message of love can dispel the darkness of ignorance by understanding a client’s karmic patterns.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A special technique of meditation based on your personal mantra and how to arrive at mantras for your friends and clients as well
  • How to access the planetary rulership of your active struggles
  • Essential oils for peace, meditation, and uplifting your mood
  • How to identify someone’s cosmic archetype
  • How to identify the planetary pattern behind pending spiritual tasks and how to bring positive light into your life

Modules 10, 11 & 12: Becoming a Celestial Herbalist (June 20 & 27; July 11)


Three important modules to start practicing the system integrating all the elements discussed before. All the sessions will be full of real case studies brought by the teacher and some others selected from student’s real case.those

In these three sessions, you’ll

  • Be trained by a professional on how to apply Celestial Herbalism to help a community
  • Explore how to identify unbalanced states of planetary deficiency in patients
  • Be given the Celestial Herbalism Assessment for organizing the protocol of vibrational procedures
  • Discover how you can suggest herbal compounds, massage oils, essentials oils, gemstones, and mantras as a powerful celestial recommendation
  • Discover the proper way to apply all this new knowledge through real case studies, giving you confidence to integrate Celestial Herbalism into your practice

The Power of Celestial Herbalism Introductory Training Is Included!


This advanced training builds upon the core teachings from The Power of Celestial Herbalism 7-module course. When you purchase the full 12-part advanced training, you get access to this powerful resource as well! You can complete this material at your leisure, but it’s better to begin before the new sessions start.

In this 7-module transformational course, Arjun skillfully guides you through a profoundly holistic healing approach to experience a deeper level of wellbeing. In 7 sessions, you’ll discover how your Ayurvedic birth chart can help you easily identify herbs and essential oils to boost your immunity, increase you vitality, and even transform your relationships.

Each training session builds harmoniously upon the next so you’ll develop a powerful understanding of the practices and tools needed to harness the healing power of nature’s pharmacy.

Module 1: Foundations of Celestial Herbalism
The 3 Pillars of Ayurveda: Your Immunity, Vitality & Metabolism

Module 2: Understanding Your Karma
The Link Between Health Challenges & Life Challenges Revealed in Your Vedic Birth Chart

Module 3: Your Healing Celestial Garden
Creating a Home Pharmacy in Your Garden With Local Medicinal Plants Mapped to Stars & Planets

Module 4: Your Personalized Celestial Aroma
Creating Your Personal Fragrance to Radiate Peace & Contentment

Module 5: Nine Essential Oils With Astral Healing Powers
Using Essential Oils as a Potent Alternative to Ayurveda’s Gemstone Tradition

Module 6: Celestial Herbalism & Your Spiritual Practice
Applying Planetary Archetypes to Support Meditation

Module 7: Daily Celestial Rituals
Deepening Your Connection With the Divine Using Plants & Planets

PLUS, you’ll get The Power of Celestial Herbalism Bonus Collection:

  • Guided Meditation on the 9 Planets & Sri Yantra
    Audio Recording From Arjun Das
  • Know Your 3 Aromas Blend
    Special Report From Arjun Das
  • Celestial Body Map
    PDF Chart From Arjun Das

The Power of Celestial Herbalism original price was $297.00, but is included in your registration for the advanced course.


Advanced Celestial Herbalism Bonus Collection

In addition to Arjun’s introductory training and transformational 12-module advanced course, you’ll receive these powerful bonus materials. These bonus selections complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Foundations of Vedic Astrology
Video Teaching From Arjun Das


This bonus video class on Jyotish, or Vedic astrology, is a journey covering the most essential elements from Vedic astrology and how they are identified in a Vedic chart. You’ll learn about the planets and their rulership over different parts of a chart. This is a basic explanation about the system and how it works linking signs, aspects, and houses. There will be a demonstration on how to understand the position of the planets and the constellations and how they interact among all other elements.


Celestial Herbalism Assessment
PDF Form From Arjun Das


Arjun will share with you the form he uses to guide him through his assessments with new clients so you too can have a guide to follow when working with others.


Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution
PDF Form From Arjun Das


Determine your Ayurvedic constitution, vata, pitta, or kapha by doing a personal test.


What Graduates of The Power of Celestial Herbalism Are Saying...

“Arjun brought the sky into my living room”

Arjun Das’ class on the power of Celestial Herbalism Arjun brought the sky into my living room. He helped me taste, touch, smell and breathe the planets with his visuals, diving deeper and lectures. I am loving my planetary herbal blend and the presence of the planets that they bring to me.
R. Auriemma, Osprey, Florida

“I can now really work with linking my herbal practice with the planets...”

I was amazed by Arjun Das’ depth of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom related to the subject. He’s also an outstanding teacher and chooses his words with an unparalleled depth of precision. I feel that after this course I can now really work with linking my herbal practice with the planets and their influence.
Marie Kvarnström, Sweden

“Insightful exploration of deeper thought within myself...”

I was deeply moved by the connection of information this class revealed. Each week was a welcomed experience to listen and watch as Arjun gracefully took us on a colorful, insightful exploration of deeper thought within myself and my personal connection to the celestial energenics. I have incorporated the lessons into my daily meditation and use of incense and oils, as well as into my daily activities. I look forward to weaving these concepts into my gardening, my own craft of distilling and aromatics, along with a new appreciation towards flavors and aromas for cooking for friends and family too.
Suzanne, Miami, Florida

“I feel more in touch with myself and connected...”

This course really brought me into a space of a practical integration of the teachings on a daily basis. I love that! I can speak from my experience and integrate at my pace. I feel more in touch with myself and connected to the plants and essential oils in a different and celestial way. I cannot thank Arjun Das enough for sharing his wisdom and knowledge in an easy and practical way.

“He delivered so much understanding of an esoteric subject...”

I always looked forward with joy and excitement to class with Arjun, with it the opportunity to connect with people sharing a similar passion and to learn more about this inspiring topic. I have the utmost respect for Arjun. He delivered so much understanding of an esoteric subject through his many different ways of presenting all of the aspects and applications made possible by utilizing plants to benefit our lives and consciousness. He always brought a very tender appreciation of his subject and his students that made for such a positive learning environment.
Liberty Dawn Elliott

“I’m now able to understand the significance of five senses...”

Through this course, I’m now able to understand the significance of five senses, tastes, smell, texture, and the unique connection with the stars and the gratitude to our ancient elders from all over the world who have through their dedication and intelligence protected these ancient treasures for the future generations. I’m also very grateful to Arjun Das for creating this wonderful course, simplifying it for us to be able to make use of it in our daily lives with much joy, fervor, and knowledge with inner connection.
Nandini, Bengaluru, India

“I learned a lot and took “home” many good ideas...”

I received so much from the course on Celestial Herbalism in so many different ways. It brought awareness of an ancient medicinal practice. I learned how to make better companion planting in my garden to utilize the energy all around us more effectively. Uses of herbs in food, smells, and various applications for health in mind, body, and soul. The instructor, Arjun Das, was well-prepared and presented material in a cohesive manner. His enthusiasm and respect for his subject matter shone through in every lecture. I learned a lot and took “home” many good ideas as well as a thirst for more knowledge in this area. Well done!
Denise Flinchbaugh, Elizabeth, Colorado

“Guided me to cultivate a deeper connection to the plants, the cosmos, and myself...”

The Celestial Herbalism course integrated the healing wisdom of the Vedic sciences and guided me to cultivate a deeper connection to the plants, the cosmos, and myself. A brilliant and inspiring experience, I look forward to applying what I learned in my practice of Ayurveda and Jyotish.
Dhyana Bohnet, Sebastopol, California

“Arjun’s teaching was by far my favorite...”

This course brought me great delight. I looked forward to it every week and honestly I’m sad it’s over so soon. Arjun is an amazing and gracious teacher and I’ll be following more of his work. I’ve taken several classes from The Shift Network and all very good ones, but this subject combined with Arjun’s teaching was by far my favorite one.


Here’s What You’ll Receive


Twelve 90-minute Recorded Class Sessions With Arjun Das

Experience a rare opportunity to belearn from pioneering Ayurvedic teacher Arjun Das from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to learn the specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential.


Twelve PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.


The Power of Celestial Herbalism 7-module Course and Bonuses

When you sign up for this 12-step advanced training, you’ll get instant access to Arjun’s first 7-module online course, which will teach you how your Ayurvedic birth chart can help you easily identify herbs and essential oils to boost your immunity, increase your vitality, and transform your relationships. You’ll also receive the bonus materials which are companions to this 7-module course.


The Advanced Celestial Herbalism Bonus Collection

  • Foundations of Vedic Astrology
    Video Teaching From Arjun Das
  • Celestial Herbalism Assessment
    PDF Form From Arjun Das
  • Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution
    PDF Form From Arjun Das

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Advanced Celestial Herbalism Virtual Training

We feel honored Arjun Das has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a Brazilian healer, Ayurvedic teacher, and medical astrologer whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Arjun’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home at your own pace!

If you’re serious about partnering with plants and flowers to access their remarkable properties which can help transform your wellbeing, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.


More Praise for Arjun Das...

“His sincerity to study and teach this science is very appreciable”

I feel honored to have been fortunate enough to have found such an admirable person as Arjun Das. I consider him as my son and my special student as well. In addition, being an Indian, I’m very happy he is spreading Ayurveda internationally. He has a unique personality among the foreign guests I met, with great kindness and affection. His love and devotion to Ayurveda, and his sincerity to study and teach this science is very appreciable. I forward my blessings and wishes for longevity, success, kindness, prosperity, and a happy life in his family. My prayers are always with him.
Vaidya Karuna Guruji, living legend of Ayurveda in Kerala, South India

“His work is exemplary...”

Those of you who know Arjun may feel the same way about him that I do, which is that he is a young Rishi with a deep organic understanding of Ayurvedic wisdom. His work is exemplary of how Ayurveda can function as a community-building force.
David Crow, Founder of Floracopeia and author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha

“Unique among practitioners of this science”

Arjun Das is a very special exponent of Ayurveda. His experience has a history of almost two decades and this is unique among practitioners of this science. Another highlight of his practice is that he has a strong knowledge of Vedic astrology and can interpret horoscopes, especially in the field of health for treatments. Arjun is a very nice person and I sincerely recommend it to everyone.
Dean Dominic de Lucia, Vedic astrologer and author of Hollow Earth in the Puranas

“A passionate, compassionate Ayurvedic healer”

Arjun is a passionate, compassionate Ayurvedic healer. His love for Ayurveda ignites the growth and development of Ayurveda in South America. He brings a wonderful classroom training program and educates a wide range of students, including health professionals and laypeople.
Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, President of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA), USA

“In the light of the ancestral tradition...”

Arjun Das is one of those rare teachers who combines a vast knowledge on the science of life, Ayurveda, with the spirituality in the shadow of which this art was born and developed in ancient India. At present, when we so often find professionals centered only on the technical aspects, and so rarely find those who practice and teach in the light of the ancestral tradition, the work and life example of Arjun Das are especially important.
Pedro Kupfer, Yoga teacher and author



“I’m now on the path to understanding at a level I never imagined!”

I have a greater understanding of the connection between plants and the planets. I’ve always felt this but never understood it. I’m now on the path to understanding at a level I never imagined!
Carmen, Wisconsin

“I look forward to more opportunities to study with him”

Arjun Das’ ability to clearly, concisely, and very beautifully articulate the concepts of the Vedic sciences in relation with herbs and essential oils is like no other. You can feel his deep connection to the information even in the online platform. I look forward to more opportunities to study with him.
Lori Satter, Houston, Texas

“We have been richly blessed”

A whole lot of beneficial information to digest. I would recommend this course to those who are interested in making a difference to their own lives and for our sacred natural world. We have been richly blessed. Thank You!
Kathy, Vancouver Island, Canada

“Bring about a new, more connected way of being”

Arjun has so much wisdom to share. There was much information given in this course, but Arjun’s poetic insights and wisdom took the subject of Celestial Herbalism to a much deeper level. He showed me how integrating these principles can bring about a new, more connected way of being. Arjun was very intuitive in selecting my personal celestial essential oil blend. I am enjoying this blend and am noticing how it’s shifting my mood. I am very grateful to Arjun and The Shift Network for the opportunity to learn about Celestial Herbalism.
Anita, Halfmoon Bay, Canada

“A wealth of creativity, enthusiasm, and joy”

Arjun Das is a wonderful and compassionate human being who brings a wealth of creativity, enthusiasm, and joy into the world of Celestial Herbalism.
Alisun, California, United States


About Arjun Das


Arjun Das is an Ayurvedic practitioner and Panchakarma specialist, and the director and founder of TriGuna Institute in Brazil.

A certified Hatha Yoga instructor and researcher of medical astrology, Arjun studies local herbs and their connection with Vedic astrology for health and meditation.

Arjun, who’s received the blessings and guidance of many healing masters around the world, is conducting pioneering research on public health and traditional medicines in both Brazil and India.

The recipient of the 2009 Vagbhata Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching, he serves as a guest lecturer at major Indian conferences. He’s been teaching Ayurvedic healing and herbology for more than 20 years, training both laypeople and clinicians around the world.


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