With Spiritual Teacher, Modern Mystic & Author
Miranda Macpherson

A 26-Session On-Demand Video Training


Turn within, relax into Unshakable Presence, and expand into deeper dimensions of consciousness so you can embody your deepest love and transform fear without getting caught up in the mindstream of negative emotions.


As these complex, uncertain times continue on, we need the refuge that spiritual practice provides more than ever.

There’s a great need for more of us to not only find inner peace, but to stabilize our realization so that our way of being provides spiritual shelter for others.

We need all the help we can get.

We need one another and we need Grace.

Grace is so much more than a beautiful state that fills your heart with gratitude. It’s direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive from within reconnecting you to the Source of boundless love, peace, clarity, strength, and joy that are independent of external circumstances.

How does Grace come alive? Through surrender which isn’t about giving up or submitting to an external authority. True spiritual surrender is an ongoing process of Ego Relaxation learning to be present and undefended with what IS.

You do not need to know what is happening
Or where it is all going.
What you need to recognize are the
Possibilities and the challenges
Offered by the present moment,
And to embrace them with courage, faith, and love.
The world is transparent
And the Divine is shining through all the time.
Thomas Merton

Grace is available to help you navigate these challenging times with peace and inner calm and help you harness your life situation as an opportunity for authentic transformation and constructive change.

Welcome a Renowned Spiritual Teacher & Modern Mystic as Your Mentor

Join us for a 26-session advanced program with interfaith minister, modern mystic, and author Miranda Macpherson and learn to respond to the Divine Invitations appearing in your life.

As your spiritual maturity deepens, you’ll evolve into the most noble version of yourself, which is what our world needs most right now.

With Miranda as your guide, you’ll turn more substantially within, recognizing the Mystery that birthed you into being the one that’s known and loved you all the days of your life.

You’ll cultivate the courage to face whatever scares you, grow more spiritually resilient, and open to new depths of awareness and possibility...

You’ll come to truly embody your noble qualities in service to your loved ones, community, and our world in transition.

As you move through this advanced program, Miranda will share further nuances of her feminine, holistic approach to spiritual surrender based on the practice of Ego Relaxation.

Focus on What it Takes to Live in These Uncertain Times While Remaining Spiritually Grounded & Strong

Expanding on the foundations in her book The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation and her previous Shift courses, Miranda will share how to drink more substantially from the inner stream of nourishment that’s always flowing even while we navigate COVID-19, racial injustice, and financial instability.

You CAN find shelter from the storm in the place where it can always be found at the very core of your own being.

Join an international spiritual community with a teacher who's passionately dedicated to loving you all the way home to the freedom and wholeness that is your birthright.

Miranda will provide you with a rich, potent, and integrated map of awakening. She’ll guide you to turn more deeply within, relax into the luminous presence at your core, open your heart to all you find and expand into deeper dimensions of consciousness, so you can respond gracefully to the invitations of our times.


Move Deeper Into Your Spiritual Practice in This 26-Session Online Sangha

Each session includes a rich teaching and transmission, with precise inquiry practices, nuanced meditations, and exquisite chanting.

If you’ve worked with Miranda before, this course will go deeper into chanting (with a harmonium and Miranda’s own recordings) and leading guided meditations before each inquiry including inspirational visuals and more nuanced instruction on the meditation practices and the mantras she’s shared in previous Shift courses.

And if you haven’t studied with Miranda before, this extended, holistic journey is the perfect place to begin she'll address the specific spiritual issues we’re all facing during these uncertain times...

In addition to the regular 30-minutes of Q&A within each class, each of the six modules will include a 90-minute integration and expanded satsang session where Miranda will work directly with the group questions and reflections, modeling exactly how their obstacles can be transformed into wisdom.

As you learn to relax stepping outside of the confines of your mind and into the Grace that’s always been here and is with you now and always you’ll recognize that, even amidst these challenging times, you can always experience joy... and you are infinitely blessed.

Miranda designed this journey to help you harness these times as a Divine Invitation for a substantial shift in your way of being inwardly, yes, but also in the way you live your daily life...

She’ll help you not only shelter in place but in GRACE, so you’ll emerge from these times as a truly graceful human being one who remains present and open-hearted in chaotic and difficult circumstances.


During this 26-session journey, you’ll:

  • Grow roots in a Presence that’s unshakable and soothe your nerves, regenerate deeply, and receive the spiritual nourishment you need
  • Cultivate the 3 qualities of your deep heart courage, compassion, and curiosity that give you the capacity to truly be with everything in your personal sphere, and also in our collective environment with Grace
  • Explore how trust helps you open to the ways in which Loving Presence is always here, nourishing and sustaining you, now and always
  • Learn how to open to the ordinariness of your day with joy and gratitude  receiving all of life loving you... and reminding you that even in moments of chaos, all is well
  • Forgive yourself for your mistakes and for all the ways in which your impact has been less than a blessing to others
  • Allow the Grace of forgiveness to cleanse our collective shadows of systemic racism and the unconscious hatred at the root
  • Cross over from the shore of me your separate self that’s bound in historically based reactions and patterns to pure freedom, the universal promised land for us all
  • Discern the difference between trying to be graceful from within your ego structure, and remembering that your ego and its effort has never been the doer
  • Integrate everything you’re learning much more deeply into your daily life to share the blessings with your loved ones and community

What You’ll Discover in These 26 sessions

In this 26-part transformational intensive, Miranda will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills and competencies you’ll need to live as a truly grace-filled human being who’s awake, present, grounded, and open.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Miranda. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to turn within, relax into the luminous presence at your core, and expand into deeper dimensions of consciousness.

Module 1 Grounding in Grace: Yielding to the Luminous Presence Within Through the Practice of Ego Relaxation (Sessions 1-4)

It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters, and circumstances are helpful.
A Course in Miracles manual for teachers

These uncertain times in which our “normal” routines have been powerfully interrupted presents many challenges...

However, it also presents us with an opportunity like never before to befriend this time of change as the Divine Invitation it really is a chance to wake up out of everything that does not truly serve you, yield to a deeper intelligence that has always been running the show, and allow for positive change.

In this 4-session opening module, Miranda will share how to look upon these times as a collective birthing process and as we know, birth is often intense, wild, and unpredictable.

If we’re wise, we learn to surrender INTO the process, and do our best to align with it and say “yes.” (The ego’s default is always NO!)

We must learn to wake up OUT OF ego fear, control, conditioning, and defenses... and wake up INTO our essential qualities and recognize our interconnectedness with everything in existence.

When we're connected and unified from within, we naturally respond from a consciousness of love and clarity in daily life. As our world is being born anew, we can also be born into a new way of being that is powerfully loving, liberated, and wise.

How can we harness this situation to evolve into the most noble, graceful human beings we can possibly be? The Practice of Ego Relaxation is the “how” of Miranda’s methodology, and she’ll guide you to engage in it through holistic inquiry, meditation, and devotional practice. The underpinning principle is:

You don’t “do” spiritual transformation. Relax the resistance, and it finds you.

Miranda will introduce you to the four dimensions of Grace, and how we apply Ego Relaxation to the invitations that life is bringing to you in these times so that it can come alive within you.

You’ll discover how to harness the precise circumstances you're facing as a divine curriculum, and to take the attitude of the happy learner.

Miranda will show you how to discern the difference between authentic surrender and collapse.

Ego Relaxation does not ask you to be passive and not take appropriate actions in your life; rather, it asks for you to understand and learn to relax your ego activity, the ways we are so often getting in our own way through trying to bypass or push past our challenges.

You’ll learn to yield into what IS, which is the essence of the great Sanskrit liberation mantra “Om Nama Shivaya.” Such surrender brings us back into the receptive condition where we experience the Grace that is always present... as our very foundation, bubbling up from within to give us sustenance and support.

This provides us with an instantaneous oasis of calm inside. It is where we can rest in natural great peace, even though the outer world outside may be quaking. Learning to rest inwardly, you can respond in daily life from your deepest center.

Rest in natural great peace.
This exhausted mind, beaten helplessly
By karma and neurotic thoughts,
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.
Rest in natural great peace.
Poem by Lama Padmasambhava (spoken in 800 A.D)

In this opening module, you’ll:

  • Embrace your present life circumstances as a divine curriculum, and review specifically what you’re being asked to wake up out of and what you are being called to wake up into
  • Recognize the Grace that’s always present, and how your willingness to yield to what IS brings alive the love and support you need
  • Discover how Ego Relaxation soothes your agitation, helps you settle, and transforms obstacles into wisdom, so you can flow gracefully to life’s invitations
  • Cultivate a daily practice that sustains you as you learn to ground yourself in the Infinite
  • Illuminate your defenses as you soften, open, and allow yourself to experience life with unconditional acceptance
  • Learn how to practice Ego Relaxation as a form of meditation and lean into the Om Nama Shivaya mantra to melt your resistance
Integration & Extended Satsang

In the final session of this 4-part module, Miranda will lead you in a special integration session...

You’ll move through chanting practices, meditation, and a review and deepening of the previous sessions.

Miranda will then guide you through a full hour of satsang, where she’ll work more deeply with the groups' questions, grapplings, and realizations.

The teachings will come vividly to life in response to the group field, as Miranda models how everything you experience can become a gateway into ever-deepening Grace.


Module 2 The 3 C’s: Facing Your Challenges With Courage, Compassion & Curiosity (Sessions 5-8)

Spiritually, we are grown most by two things: great love and great suffering.
Richard Rohr

Right now we’re all navigating the turmoil of the collective trying our best to process the uncertainty of our future, and what our world will look like at the end of this tunnel.

While these times potentially can offer us expansive new possibilities, we must not bypass the human challenges.

The spirituality that our world needs now recognizes that human suffering must be met deeply with love.

In this module, Miranda will encourage you to ask, How can we harness these times of change and uncertainty in a way that comes from spiritual maturity rather than fear and reactivity?

She’ll help you turn towards your challenging emotions of fear and anger as well as unconscious self-centeredness and reactivity. While these responses are all-too-human and inevitable in these unsettling, intense times... you can instead meet these challenges with courage, compassion, and curiosity.

Together, you and your fellow participants will learn surrender not through struggling to transcend your ego, but by opening in and through the authentic truth of your direct experience.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how to cultivate courage, compassion, and curiosity with your human emotions and understand what causes you to react from ego rather than judging yourself for it
  • Explore how to face what scares you, transforming fear into responsiveness
  • Learn to stay present and meet your fears all the way so you can discern the difference between the mind stream of fear (anxiety) and your survival instinct, moving you into wise action
  • Discover what’s always alive underneath your fear
  • Face what enrages you  transforming anger into strength as you stay present with your fire rather than suppressing it or acting it out… harnessing the energy within anger to create constructive change
  • Explore the difference between your good intentions and your actual impact on others
  • Transform self-centeredness into empathy, moving from me to we
Integration & Extended Satsang

During the closing session of this second module, Miranda will lead you in a special integration session...

She’ll begin with a mantra (Om Tare Tutare Ture So Ha) and a Mountain of Presence meditation to help you stay present and meet everything with courage, compassion, and curiosity, as well as a review and deepening of the previous sessions.

She’ll then once again move into an hour-long satsang, where she’ll work more deeply with the group's questions, grapplings, and realizations. The teachings will come vividly to life in response to the group field, as Miranda models how everything you experience can become a gateway into ever-deepening Grace.


Module 3 Nurturing Spiritual Resilience: Receiving Deep Inner Nourishment (Sessions 9-13)

The winds of Grace are always blowing. It is for us to raise our sails.

At this point on your journey, you’ll be awake to the Divine Invitations appearing within your life. You’ll understand how to practice ego relaxation, with the waves of emotion and energy coming up...

You’ll have removed the “sting” from the reactivity that’s inevitable when there’s great suffering in your midst. You’ll have deepened your capacity to stay present and undefended with what is and gained deeper access to the Grace that is our inherent foundation.

In this pivotal third module, Miranda will guide you to receive deep inner nourishment, opening to the subtle, yet substantial forces that are available to help you regenerate.

She’ll introduce you to her powerful teaching, “Trusting the Mystery,” and how this pivotal virtue can be applied specifically to help us in these uncertain times. 

Miranda will share the stages in the development of trust outlined in the A Course in Miracles manual for teachers, opening the possibility of trusting that all is well  even when outward circumstances don’t appear that way.

Miranda will share a teaching on “Taking Refuge” where you’ll make a connection with an enlightened being you’re drawn to or work more deeply with a mantra you’ve explored in the previous module… to help you receive deep spiritual nourishment and vertical support.

In this beautiful, restorative, and nurturing part of the program, you’ll:

  • Deepen your capacity to recognize and receive the loving goodness that’s always with you
  • Receive a teaching of Ramana Maharshi who speaks of the power of “admitting your inability, and that you need a higher power to help you” in the process of surrender
  • Relax your defense against love and vulnerability that’s rooted in the holding environment of early childhood and allow Loving Presence to pervade your Being, and dissolve “you”
  • Harness helplessness as a gateway to Grace and explore how practicing Ego Relaxation makes you soft, open, and humble... ushering you into the exquisite celestial state of grace
  • Open to a Divine Helping Hand so you can receive vertical support and learn to drink light and nourishment just as a plant drinks the light of the sun
Integration & Extended Satsang

In the final session of this third module, Miranda will lead you in a special integration session...

You’ll learn the rejuvenating, enlightened Gayatri mantra known as the mother of all Sanskrit mantras including the body movements... as you’ll discover, it’s like taking a light bath each day.

Miranda will also share a Shower of Grace meditation, and review the previous sessions.

You’ll conclude with an hour-long satsang in which Miranda will respond to the group's questions, aha! moments, and breakthroughs.


Module 4 Heart of the Absolute: Transforming Ancient Hatred Into Present Love (Sessions 14-17)

The holiest spot on all the earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.
A Course in Miracles

By now you’ve opened to taking refuge in a depth of Grace beyond conceptual understanding. You’re learning to trust the mystery that’s unfolding...

In this module, you’ll enter the heart that’s deeper than emotion the Heart of the Absolute.

The Absolute is the silent depth where everything is absorbed into a great silence. It’s the mystical womb of the universe, the place of the deepest rest and the deepest resolution.

Having seen some of your subtle or not-so-subtle ego defenses, self-centeredness, and reactivity, you’ll likely be feeling quite humbled...

And so Miranda will guide you through the next step of becoming the graceful human being you want to be facing yourself honestly and opening up to the correction of errors.

This isn’t a process of righting wrongs or judgment, but of understanding that true forgiveness requires Grace, based on the non-dual foundation that we’re all innocent in eternity, but not in the realm of time.

Over two sessions, you’ll explore Miranda’s teaching, Grace of True Forgiveness one session will address the need for self-forgiveness, the other will address our need to let forgiveness cleanse us of our hate and demonization of the other... even when we feel sure we don’t have hatred within us.

Unfortunately, harboring hatred (even giving someone the cold shoulder without consciously realizing it) is very human, and it’s clearly a huge problem on our planet today.

Hate drives racism, and the ugliest forms of us vs. them mentality, preventing us from being graceful when confronted with different perspectives and values.

As you move past subtle hatred and experience the cleansing Grace of forgiveness, you’ll find joy and gratitude much more available to you.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The meaning of the Absolute, where duality, division, and conflict as well as parts of your personal experience and the collective sphere can be dissolved
  • A practice where you’ll open to the presence of forgiveness within the heart cave of Absolute Love, laying down on the inner altar all that needs cleansing
  • How it feels to be cleansed by the living waters of Grace, restoring your innate goodness and innocence
  • Miranda’s teaching on how you can find joy in each moment even in these times of social distancing and limited connection with the places and activities we love most
  • How gratitude, joy, and delight are natural qualities of your deep heart, and bubble up spontaneously when you stop grasping for stimuli and embrace your life exactly as it is
  • The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how forgiveness requires Grace
  • How to allow differences without dehumanizing others
Integration & Extended Satsang

In this special integration session, Miranda will share her Awakening the Vast Heart meditation, and review the previous session’s teachings and takeaways...

You’ll also discover ways to awaken deep gratitude and joy by working with the powerful Maha Lakshmi mantra/visualization practice. This practice amplifies your sincere prayers and brings you into felt recognition of the goodness of life.

Miranda will wrap up this module with an hour-long satsang to respond to anything the groups has been wondering about, and support you in putting everything you’re learning into practice in your life.


Module 5 Grace Beyond Your Story: Crossing Over Onto the Shore of Freedom (Sessions 18-22)

Your true nature is that of Infinite Spirit. The feeling of limitation is the work of the mind. When the mind unceasingly investigates its own nature, it transpires that there is no such thing as “mind.” This is the direct path for all.
Ramana Maharshi

At the heart of spiritual transformation and indeed, every life question we grapple with is the perennial spiritual question... Who am I?

If you understand yourself to be your personality, the roles you play in life, the character of YOU you’ll continue to be shaken by life’s ups and downs.

In this module, Miranda will guide you to address the bondage in your mind, unpack the layers of your ego identity, and open into the spaciousness and pure awareness that is I AM who you truly are and always have been at every age and stage of life.

Uncovering the jewel of your true identity reveals that you are the love, peace, beauty, meaning, and freedom you’ve been seeking all along. This module is dedicated to helping you truly experience this, not just understand it conceptually.

You’ll work with Miranda’s powerful “unwinding your core ego identity” process, which unlocks the Rubik’s Cube of your familiar self and its patterns...

This work integrates psychological insight into how personality structures are constellated in our earliest childhood experiences with spiritual understanding of the “fall from grace” that all human beings go through.

You’ll explore the curious phenomena of how the ego tends to re-constellate back to familiar stories, even after you’ve dropped through them to a deeper reality.

To determine whether a story binds you or serves you, you’ll learn to spot the difference between immediate direct experience and the meaning you give to the story. And you’ll learn to relax your attachment to adhering to this story as though it were true.

From there, you’ll stretch out and explore the spaciousness within the pure freedom and possibility. You’ll discover there’s no beginning, middle, or end to what you are.

In this powerful module, you’ll discover how:

  • You can regard your personality structure as a gate to open through, rather than a problem to be fixed... and explore your true nature, the luminous truth and beauty of your pure being
  • Too often, our sense of security is based on others’ approval
  • We’re often not graceful with change because we do not know who we really are and are thus dependent on external forces that we can never control
  • You can unwind your sense of not feeling good enough and harness it as a portal to discover the luminous truth and beauty at your core
  • The script you created to make sense of your most difficult moments of feeling separate now drives the story of repetitive patterns in your life
  • To open into spaciousness of non-dual awareness, where you truly know your fundamental unity as One, and recognize your divine nature
Integration & Extended Satsang

In this module’s integration session, Miranda will lead you in a chant of I AM along with two meditations, “Abiding as Loving Awareness” and a classical Advaita meditation on “I Am.” She will also offer a review and deepening of previous sessions.


Module 6 Rising Into Your Spiritual Destiny: Embodying Grace as You Walk This World (Sessions 23-26)

The greatest gift God can give is His own experience.
Every object, every creature, every man,
woman, and child has a soul,
and it is the destiny of all to
See as God Sees,
Know as God knows,
Feel as God feels,
BE as God IS.
Meister Eckhart

Just as nature continues to cycle and unfold, there’s no end to becoming more fully who you truly are.

In this final module, Miranda will show you how to embody what you’ve been realizing more deeply in your daily life to share the blessings with your loved ones and community thriough your way of being.

You’ll recognize that there is no such thing as “your” awakening if it doesn’t contribute more truth, goodness, beauty, and virtue deeper into this world. Awakening is always about dissolving the distinction between “you” and “I.”  

Now is the time to stop holding your love back, take creative risks, and share your inherent goodness, latent talents, creativity, and kindness.

You’ll explore what it means to live your life resting in Grace while becoming a refuge for others as you walk this world. You’ll stabilize your relaxation by prioritizing your practice, and discover what best serves you to stay spiritually hydrated even in the midst of intensity. 

Miranda will explain the difference between trying to be graceful from within your ego structure, and remembering that your ego and its effort has actually never been the doer.

Putting this into practice, so you learn to truly become a graceful human being, is a long-term project that requries ongoing commitment.

You will be supported as you create the necessary structures in your life to prioritize staying grounded and present with all that arises, so your actions and responses are less clouded by your personality...

This includes being awake to the places in which you're vulnerable to reactivity and how to reset yourself quickly when needed.

Miranda will share simple, informal practices that will weave themselves organically into your life and encourage you to find a daily rhythm that works for you as you become a more grounded, graceful human being.

When your real, effortless, joyful nature is realized,
It will not be inconsistent with the ordinary activities of life.
Ramana Maharshi

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How you can serve your family, loved ones, and your community by putting all you’re learning into action in your daily life
  • Ways to practice unity with unapologetic authenticity being fully who you are and living according to your deepest values, while remembering that underneath it all, you are not separate
  • How to walk this world in Grace and serve its evolution
  • How you can support others as you radiate your noble qualities and inherent goodness in your relationships, work, and life.
  • The master key to being graceful amidst it all: allowing doing to flow from Being
  • How to forgive yourself when you falter (and you will!) and reset when you need to
Integration & Extended Satsang

In this final integration and extended satsang, Miranda will lead you in chanting (you’ll choose the chant that most nourishes you, weaving it into your regular routine), meditation (on-the-spot versions of the practice that best serves you, and applying this throughout the day)...

... and a review of your journey together. Then, you can hear about the group's most important reflections, questions, and realizations from the journey.

This session will provide an opportunity to experience a rich and meaningful conclusion, and go forward drenched in blessings and rich in inner resources, radiating all the Grace you’ve received into the world around you.


The Embodying Grace Bonus Collection

In addition to Miranda’s transformative 26-session virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions. These bonuses complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Ego Relaxation
Video Teaching From Miranda Macpherson

Authentic surrender happens when you relax out of the tension, stress and conflict of your familiar ego identity and its activity which is always trying to DO something to change, fix, or rearrange your Self. Ego relaxation invites you to just BE HERE, where you are, learning to relax out of your ego doing. Without trying or forcing, you can melt back into a more fluid, easeful state of being.


Ego Relaxation Reset
Audio Meditation From Miranda Macpherson

Ego activity keeps you separate from the natural peace, clarity, and joy of your inherent true nature. Like progressive muscle relaxation, ego relaxation invites you into loving awareness of your fear and contraction and supports a natural letting go. While the goal is to practice ego relaxation in every moment, you can move into a simple practice for long periods of silence, or for just five minutes as a reset.


Shower of Grace Meditation Reset
Audio Meditation From Miranda Macpherson

Harnessing devotion and visualization, the Shower of Grace meditation invites you to receive the refuge of non-conceptual blessings, whether you understand this to emerge from enlightened beings, celestial forces (bodhisattvas or angels), or light itself.


Mountain of Presence on the Spot
Audio Meditation From Miranda Macpherson

Your unconscious ego activity is often busy trying to fix or change your current state in one way or another often without even realizing it. This keeps a sense of disconnection firmly in place as you live on the surface of your personality only. This meditation allows the surface agitation in body and mind to settle into stillness. Practiced over time, you’ll cultivate a felt sense of inner support and a quiet mind.


Excerpt From The Way of Grace
2 Chapters From the Ebook by Miranda Macpherson

Many of us struggle to truly live a spiritual life. What if it’s not about trying harder, though? The Way of Grace is a guide to spiritual surrender and nondual realization based on the practice of ego relaxation ― a holistic, feminine approach to welcoming all of your experience and responding with compassion and wisdom in a world in need of your unique gifts. As you’ll discover, grace will always deepen, season, and bring out the very best in you. Although not required, reading Miranda’s entire book will enhance your experience in this course.


Walking the Mystical Path With Depth & Substance
Audio Dialogue With Miranda Macpherson and Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson, revered Enneagram teacher, co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram, and fellow Shift faculty, joins Miranda for a robust dialogue on what it truly means to walk the mystical path amidst the dizzying level of change and uncertainty of contemporary culture. You’ll learn to determine whether your practice is truly supporting your awakening process.


What Graduates of Miranda’s Courses Are Saying...

“I have found what I was longing for to ‘come home’ to my True Being and experience the melting of years of armor and resistance...”

Discovering Miranda and experiencing the transformative power of her transmissions through The Shift Network has brought my many years of spiritual seeking to fruition. I have found what I was longing for to "come home" to my True Being and experience the melting of years of armor and resistance, in the sacred space not only of Miranda’s presence but the loving support of the Sangha. I feel richly blessed.
Tessa, South Africa

“... deep inner connection and healing that I really wasn’t expecting.”

This course was a risk for me, I’m very cautious with what I engage in. I was so deeply rewarded for taking the risk. I have experienced deep inner connection and healing that I really wasn’t expecting. Miranda’s openness and integrity are a gift and her intention to impart her own realizations and experiences has touched me deeply. I will practice inquiry and ego relaxation as part of my continuing journey home to Grace itself. I cannot say thank you more sincerely than that.
Cathy, Northern British Columbia, Canada

“[Miranda’s] teaching feels like a path to becoming a ‘grace delivery device.’”

Miranda is my most valuable spiritual teacher in my life now. She has the presence (or “mirror neurons”) that reminds me that I am loved. I just keep learning more practical practices that allow me to come home to being more whole, loving, and present. This teaching feels like a path to becoming a “grace delivery device.”

“I learned to live... in peace with myself and the people around me.”

I learned to live more in the present... in peace with myself and the people around me. I judge less and feel more compassion.
Els, Holland

“... I have dissolved many old patterns and found many ways to be a more graceful human being.”

I have found the mantras are helping me remain grounded and in presence. The inquiries have been rich and deep. I feel I have dissolved many old patterns and found many ways to be a more graceful human being. Thank you to Miranda and The Shift Network for this beautiful offering.

“[Miranda] is the epitome of love in action.”

Meeting Miranda has been life-changing. The tools she gives to deepen my life on every level are exceptional. She is the epitome of love in action. I will definitely take another course or workshop with her in the near future. I am very grateful to have had the experience of relaxing into God with Miranda and the whole community.
Anita Stewart, Bend, Oregon

“... changed and inspired me beyond all words...”

Just a big Wow! Miranda speaks to us through a transmission of light that is experienced as utterly accepting and compassionate. She has a clarity of Presence that speaks to our Beingness beyond space and time, and at the same time she stands with us in all that is still to find wholeness. This course has changed and inspired me beyond all words and I am so very grateful.
Pat Aaen, Scotland

“A genuine shift of connection and boundless love continues to unfold.”

Miranda is a loving guide, blending deep spiritual and psychological principles together exquisitely. I am delighted that REAL opening, softening, and allowing is happening. most often without my "reminding myself" to do that. A genuine shift of connection and boundless love continues to unfold. So grateful.
Therese Smith, Santa Rosa, California

“… more trust in life, in God, in our true self, and my spiritual journey.”

What a freeing, liberating experience this course was, and very challenging as well. I feel more at ease and peaceful and have more trust in life, in God, in our true self, and my spiritual journey... Miranda’s compassion is heartwarming. I am very grateful!
Yolande, Holland

“... helped to reconnect me to my inner guidance...”

I live in a small, somewhat remote rural area world-class spiritual teachers do not visit very often, so it was an incredible gift to be able to work with Miranda Macpherson through The Shift Network. I feel that this course helped to reconnect me to my inner guidance life has been challenging enough over the past couple of years that I wound up feeling sort of disconnected, so this was really important for me.
Caryn, Ukiah, California

“[Miranda’s] ability to transmit the boundless love she teaches comes through the screen and heals the soul’s feeling of disconnection.”

I felt blessed every time I sat in front of Miranda live and on video. Her ability to transmit the Boundless Love she teaches comes through the screen and heals the soul’s feeling of disconnection. Through this course, I experienced a deep and abiding transformation in my perspective on a difficult situation I have been going through since last summer. My heart is more open and I am able to forgive even though the actual resolution is still not forthcoming. I am so grateful for this deeper ability to trust and abide in my true nature, love.


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Twenty 120-Minute Class Sessions With Miranda Macpherson

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from a spiritual teacher, modern mystic, and author Miranda Macpherson from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to extend your blessings to your loved ones and community and respond with grace to the invitations of our times.

Six 90-Minute Integration & Extended Satsang Sessions With Miranda Macpherson

These sessions are an opportunity to integrate the realizations from the preceding sessions. Miranda will give deeper nuances on the teachings, responding to themes emerging within the group to help you gain the very most from the teachings and practices. She’ll then open into satsang working experientially with participants’ most important questions and inquiry.

Twenty-Six PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Embodying Grace Bonus Collection
  • Ego Relaxation
    Video Teaching From Miranda Macpherson
  • Ego Relaxation Reset
    Audio Teaching From Miranda Macpherson
  • Shower of Grace Meditation Reset
    Audio Meditation From Miranda Macpherson
  • Mountain of Presence on the Spot
    Audio Meditation From Miranda Macpherson
  • Excerpt From The Way of Grace
    2 Chapters From the Ebook by Miranda Macpherson
  • Walking the Mystical Path With Depth & Substance
    Audio Dialogue With Miranda Macpherson and Russ Hudson

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Embodying Grace in Times of Challenge Virtual Training


We feel honored that Miranda Macpherson has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a spiritual teacher, modern mystic and author whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about expanding into deeper dimensions of consciousness so you can extend your blessings, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Embodying Grace in Times of Challenge or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Miranda Macpherson...

“Miranda is the epitome of what we most need...”

In an ocean of spiritual guides all over the planet, rarely do you find a jewel that emanates the likes of Miranda’s integrity, depth, and impact. Rooted in the world’s wisdom traditions, yet contemporary and fluid in her approach to assist awakening to the One during these highly complex and challenging times, Miranda is the epitome of what we most need in a postmodern spiritual guide: kick-ass honesty, no-nonsense mirroring, and rock star tenderness. Whether you access her teachings through her moving meditations, satsangs, retreats, or virtual courses, Miranda will leave an indelible impression that will have your friends wondering how you became so present, compassionate, and mindful so quickly.
Gary Malkin, Emmy Award-winning composer/producer

“You’ll inhale the fragrance of grace.”

Miranda Macpherson offers a wise blessing, a mothering caress, and a sweet balm. You’ll inhale the fragrance of grace. You’ll notice yourself relaxing, understanding, forgiving, softening, allowing, and coming to rest. And having rested, may you discover yourself able to embody beneficial action as never before.
Terry Patten, Author of  A New Republic of the Heart and co-author of  Integral Life Practice

“Let the thirsty cup of your heart be filled...”

Miranda Macpherson is the hollow reed through which an enormously alive current of feminine wisdom flows. Let the thirsty cup of your heart be filled with this stream of practical, deliciously subversive, luminous nectar. Non-dual awakening is not some detached and impersonal condition, but rather a warm and intimate state of being, generous and restful, drenched in grace.
Mirabai Starr, Author of  Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics and  Caravan of No Despair: A Memoir of Loss & Transformation

“... like diving into the source of love and healing...”

Miranda Macpherson embodies a deep compassion and wisdom, vast intelligence, and the ability to hold a space for genuine unfolding like nobody else I’ve known. Spending a week with her is like diving into the source of love and healing, anchored by deep spiritual practice and connection to the Divine. Miranda is a rare gift to us all.
Devi Cavitt Razo, Director of the Hoffman Process

“If there is such a thing as angels walking the earth, then Miranda is one.”

Miranda is the “real deal.” She is a standout as a spiritual teacher and she is a “stand up” as an individual in that she truly walks her talk. Life is not perfect, and Miranda lives that with a grace and authenticity that is unparalleled by many teachers. If there is such a thing as angels walking the earth, then Miranda is one. Do not be mistaken in assuming her softness and beauty is as deep as she goes. Miranda is a powerhouse and a force for change in this world.
Laura Bergman Fortgang, Author of  Living Your Best Life

“... one of the clearest, purest, most eloquent voices for spiritual truth...”

Miranda is one of the clearest, purest, most eloquent voices for spiritual truth I know. She courageously shares both gritty challenges and lofty visions, and weaves them into powerful teachings from which we can all benefit.
Alan Cohen, Author of  A Deep Breath of Life

“... she is a shining light.”

Miranda’s presence and teaching bring to life the spiritual wisdom of the ages. In my life, she is a shining light.
Susan Jeffers, Author of   Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


About Miranda Macpherson

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor, and author of The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation. Miranda, who also authored the spiritual guidebook Boundless Love, has been teaching internationally since 1995. She is known for her depth of presence, clarity, and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

Miranda’s work is dedicated to helping people become more graceful human beings through a transmission and practice she calls Ego Relaxation, a feminine approach to welcoming the totality of our experience as a gateway into our deepest nature. Her work embraces self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion, and meditation practice. Through a blend of silent transmission and articulate teaching, she leads ongoing programs oriented to guiding people into direct spiritual experience while providing a practical map for actualizing our realization into daily life.

Drawing from the ancient lineages of Advaita and mystical Christianity, as well as from more recent wisdom teachings such as A Course In Miracles, Miranda leads from the ground of unconditional love and compassion for our humanity, emphasizing receptivity, discrimination, and surrender.

She is founder of One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in London, where she trained and ordained over 600 ministers. Today, Miranda leads the “Living Grace” sangha in northern California and holds retreats in the United States and internationally.


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