With Author, Educator & Practitioner of Metaphysics, Shamanism & Spirituality
Dr. William Bloom

A 9-Module On-Demand Video Training

Take empowering next steps on your journey to a deeper understanding of and more refined practices for working with subtle energies, navigating the cosmic realms, and harnessing ancient wisdom for healing, protection, and service to all.


In the introductory course with William, you acquired the skills to strengthen your nervous system and energy field to help you navigate challenging situations with resilience, confidence, and wisdom to quietly radiate peace, harmony, and compassion to the world around you.

Are you ready to go even deeper on your psychic journey, and accelerate your growth and spiritual activism?

Imagine if you could tap into a source of ancient wisdom and practical skills to help you better create a life of spiritual alignment and purpose.

Unlocking this potential within you doesn’t just promise a life of deeper peace and satisfaction it opens the door to more effective healing, protection, and service that enables you to make a positive impact on the world around you...

... and reveals the hidden magic that underlies all of life.

Join William for a compelling 9-module journey to go deeper into the concepts of subtle energies, psychic protection, cleansing, blessing, and spiritual growth.

His teachings go beyond conventional approaches, focusing on the deep connection between your inner self, the natural world, and the cosmos...

... helping you bridge the gap between your daily existence and your highest spiritual potential and providing you with tools and techniques to navigate the complexities of the energetic world around you.

By identifying your soul type, engaging with beings from other dimensions, and mastering the art of sensing, guiding, manipulating, and cooperating with subtle energies...

... you can experience more profound wellbeing, purpose, and empowerment as these advanced practices open new pathways to healing, protection, and service on a global scale.


During this soul-empowering course, you’ll:

  • Explore the fascinating dimensions of your esoteric anatomy to refine your awareness and mastery over subtle energies
  • Discover your unique personality and soul type, and how it shapes your approach to psychic work for enhanced protection and healing
  • Learn to navigate and transform personal, ancestral, and collective karma for profound healing and spiritual growth
  • Master the art of creating talismans and power objects, channeling ancient wisdom for modern challenges
  • Develop advanced meditation strategies to expand your consciousness and connect with the cosmic energies of the universe
  • Craft and consecrate your inner temple, preparing you for spiritual initiation and dedicated world service
  • Gain the skills to design and lead powerful group rituals and ceremonies, creating sacred spaces for communal transformation
  • Understand and apply the high magic of ritual, blessing, invocation, and sacred space creation for a life aligned with the universe’s deepest harmonies
  • And much more...

This advanced course is designed to help you step into your power and become sovereign of your own life as an independent spiritual practitioner.

Recognizing that you carry a wealth of experience and innate wisdom, William aims to refine and expand upon your inherent skills, offering a deeper understanding of the various energy fields emotional, mental, intuitive, spiritual and how they interplay with your psychology.

William suggests it is a process of deconditioning ourselves from the patriarchal and hierarchical norms found in many spiritual practices, in order to embrace a post-patriarchal liberation.

In this new cultural context of the global village, you are liberated and empowered to be the priest-shaman-celebrant of your own spiritual destiny and in service to others.

Through esoteric techniques tailored to your individual character and spiritual orientation, you’ll learn to discern energy levels more accurately, understand your own psychology in-depth, and gain sovereignty and agency in your spiritual practice.

This course empowers you to build on what you already know, deepening your skills and knowledge to navigate life with a renewed sense of magic and possibility, recognizing that the source of profound spiritual experiences is already within you, waiting to be fully realized and expressed.

From immersive meditation practices that expand your consciousness to hands-on exercises crafting talismans, you’ll experience ancient esoteric traditions brought into a modern context.

Learn to navigate the map of the psychic and mystic worlds, deepening your relationship with subtle dimensions and the beings that inhabit them, and empowering you to create a protective and nurturing energetic environment for yourself and others.

Discover advanced strategies for managing personal, ancestral, and collective karma, providing you with the tools to heal and transform inherited and collective traumas.

You’ll also have the opportunity to create your own inner temple, a sacred space within that serves as a foundation for spiritual initiation and dedicated world service.

Join us and transform your understanding of the universe and your place within it. Let this be the moment you truly manifest your spiritual potential!

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-part transformational intensive, William will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully transform your spiritual journey, navigate the intricacies of your inner and cosmic worlds, and apply ancient wisdom for profound healing, protection, and global service, aligning your life with the universe’s deepest harmonies.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with William. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to gain the skills to master subtle energies, deepen your spiritual understanding, and make a positive impact on the world, enriching your life and those around you with wisdom, healing, and harmony.

Module 1: Advanced Energy Exercises for Increased Sensitivity & Wellbeing


Discover the advanced energy exercises of wise yogis, meditators, mystics, and shamans.

Deepen your sensitivity and wellbeing by refining your perception of subtle energies and vibrations. Learn to navigate the intricate energies within and around you, mastering techniques to move and harmonize your energy at will.

Through the exploration of three essential healing strategies Radiant Prana, Soft Co-Presence, and Magnetic Allowing you’ll unlock the potential to connect more deeply with the Earth, the cosmos, and your inner self, fostering a profound connection with the Source.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore core subtle energy and psychic practices to refine your awareness of energies and vibrations
  • Master guiding your energy with precision through different frequencies, tones, and speeds
  • Learn the distinct qualities of Radiant Prana, Soft Co-Presence, and Magnetic Allowing for healing and wellbeing
  • Discover how to open and harmonize your energy and psyche with the Earth, Sun, and Stars for a deeper soul connection

Module 2: Identify Your Personality & Soul Type (and How It Influences Your Psychic Abilities) for Advanced Protection, Healing & Blessing


Unveil the unique interplay between your soul’s essence and your psychic abilities.

This exploration into your esoteric anatomy offers deep insights into how your personality and spiritual type shape your approach to psychic work, influencing your abilities in protection, healing, and blessing.

By understanding whether your subtle energy work style is Dynamic, Sharing, Considered, Creative, Detailed, Devotional, or Rhythmic, you’ll unlock your personal path to mastering your psychic skills.

Learn the skills and challenges specific to your type, along with exercises to help you engage with your unique energetic signature, enhancing your interaction with the subtle realms.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore your soul essence to identify your personality and spiritual type
  • Understand how your type influences your psychic sensitivity and style of work
  • Gain insights into the skills, benefits, and challenges of your personality-soul type for a holistic psychic practice
  • Discover your unique energetic signature and how it shapes your interaction with subtle energies

Module 3: Discover How Esoteric Anatomy Influences Your Thoughts, Feelings & Spiritual Development


Illuminate the intricate relationship between your energetic structures and your personal development.

This journey of self-awareness teaches you to sense and manage the vibrational energy within your body and aura, leading to greater protection, healing, and spiritual growth.

By exploring the subtle anatomy of chakras, meridians, and pranic radiance, understand how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by and can influence the energy around you.

Dissolve self-sabotaging barriers and deepen your connection with the Source with tools for discernment, self-healing, and accelerated spiritual development. And understand the inner dynamics of Soul Retrieval practices as you integrate fragmented aspects of yourself for healing and growth.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore the vibrational levels of your body and aura to enhance your subtle energy and healing skills
  • Understand the influence of your esoteric anatomy on your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual development
  • Learn to distinguish between your own energy and external influences for improved discernment and interpretation of subtle impressions
  • Gain tools for integrating fragmented parts of yourself for psychological healing and enhanced self-care

Module 4: Explore the Map & Dimensions of the Psychic & Mystic Worlds Through Advanced Meditation Strategies


Deepen your understanding of the higher planes and levels within the occult energy fields with advanced meditation practices.

Facilitate your skills and understanding with insights into the intricate psychic ecosystem and its correlation with your spiritual practice.

Discover how to achieve a sense of safety and connection with the powerful and benevolent energies of Earth, the Solar system, and Heavenly Deities through an in-depth exploration of the world’s oldest prayer, The Gayatri Mantra, which addresses the soul of our solar system.

Expand your consciousness and sharpen your discernment skills to effectively navigate the complex layers of subtle energy, including the etheric and astral planes, enhancing your meditation practice and spiritual exploration.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Achieve greater harmony and understanding of your place within the psychic ecosystem
  • Connect deeply with the energies of Earth, Solar, and Heavenly Deities for profound spiritual inspiration
  • Understand and practice the inner meaning of the Gayatri Mantra to expand your consciousness
  • Map the different layers of subtle energy for a comprehensive understanding of the energetic landscape

Module 5: Develop Your Relationship With Beings From Subtle Dimensions for Wiser Spiritual Growth, Psychic Safety & Service


Enhance your spiritual growth and psychic safety by learning how to discern and interact wisely with beings of subtle energy. Be guided through the complex landscape of the unseen, mapping out the types of beings that inhabit subtle dimensions.

Learn to identify and differentiate between unconscious elemental aspects of yourself, daemons, disincarnate souls, and the benevolent presence of devas, nature spirits, and angels.

Embrace the inspiration offered by muses, archetypes, and the great spirits of cities and ideals, enhancing your spiritual practices.

Learn advanced strategies for setting boundaries, distinguishing negative energies from positive influences, developing appropriate relationships with these subtle beings, and leveraging their influence for spiritual growth, safety, and service.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Map and identify the many occult beings and subtle energies to distinguish negative threat from benevolent support
  • Cooperate with benevolent entities such as devas, nature spirits, and angels for enhanced safety, inspiration, and growth
  • Be inspired by and improve your practice with the guidance of muses, archetypes, and great spirits
  • Learn advanced strategies for setting boundaries and developing wise, transformational relationships with beings from subtle dimensions

Module 6: Deepen Your Understanding & Fine Tune Your Skills for Managing Personal, Ancestral & Collective Karma


Learn advanced strategies for managing and transmuting negative energies and healing trauma.

Recognize the importance of discerning internal threats from external influences and understanding how your sub-personalities and dissociated psychic aspects can attract similar energetic beings and lessons.

Explore the origins of these elements in historical trauma, karma, and ancestry, and learn to integrate and heal them through advanced meditation techniques, including shamanic soul retrieval, and healing breathwork practices.

Feel encouraged to have the courage to own and transform the energies you carry, not only for personal healing but as a compassionate act for the collective.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover advanced strategies for transmuting negative energies and healing trauma
  • Assess threats from within and external forces to better manage your aura and energies
  • Understand and identify your sub-personalities and unconscious psychic aspects for deeper self-awareness
  • Integrate and heal these elements using advanced meditation strategies and healing breathwork
  • Embrace the responsibility for personal, ancestral, and collective karma as part of your spiritual growth

Module 7: Learn Esoteric Strategies for Creating Sacred Space, Blessing, Invocation & Ritual


Become equipped with esoteric strategies for crafting sacred spaces, blessings, invocations, and rituals, tailored for individual and group settings.

Learn to conduct deep spiritual cleansing rituals for yourself, spaces, and objects, and engage in the creation of protective totems.

Master the skills necessary to establish and maintain strong energetic boundaries, essential for personal and environmental purification.

Receive advanced guidance on leading energy work within groups, understanding the structure of rituals, and designing transformative group ceremonies.

Develop the competence to facilitate healing and transformation, mastering the art of creating sacred spaces and holding group energy with clarity, compassion, and confidence.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Practice deep spiritual cleansing rituals for personal, space, and object purification
  • Learn to craft protective totems and perform advanced cleansing rituals
  • Enhance your ability to establish and maintain strong energetic boundaries
  • Gain expertise in leading leading energy work and understanding the structure of rituals for powerful group dynamics
  • Develop the skills to create sacred spaces and confidently lead group meditations, ceremonies, and rituals for healing and transformation

Module 8: Receive the High Magic of Your Personal Talisman & Power Object


Deepen your mystic growth and ensure your safety through the ancient art of talisman creation. Utilize your refined skills in clearing, cleansing, and creating sacred spaces to invoke specific blessings and energies.

Experience the esoteric craft of fashioning an etheric talisman, linking the deep traditions of contemporary psychotherapists and counselors with the wisdom of Indigenous medicine people.

Learn to harness and channel subtle energies for classical shamanic support, anchoring the blessing and healing power of higher energies to amplify your inner strength and resilience.

Through practical exercises, create a talisman that embodies the specific energy you desire, serving as a powerful tool for transformation and support on your spiritual journey.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Put into practice your skills of clearing, cleansing, and creating sacred spaces for specific invocations
  • Learn the esoteric magical skill of making an etheric talisman to support your mystic growth
  • Appreciate the connection between contemporary healing practices and the wisdom of indigenous medicine people
  • Harness and channel subtle energies for shamanic support and healing
  • Anchor higher energies into a talisman to amplify your inner strength and support

Module 9: Craft & Consecrate Your Inner Temple for Spiritual Initiation & World Service


This ceremonial culmination of your advanced metaphysical journey is designed to celebrate your spiritual growth and empower you for a life more dedicated to world service.

Feel invited to align deeply with your own soul, experiencing its inherent spiritual strength, wisdom, and compassion, and to call upon your spiritual blessings from allies aligned with the Source.

Be guided to sense, create, and consecrate your inner temple a sanctuary of light, wisdom, and compassion. This sacred space within your expanded aura serves as a foundation for your inspired commitment to spiritual fulfillment and world service.

As you approach and calmly sit upon your throne of spiritual empowerment, give thanks for the myriad gifts, lessons, and grace received throughout your life.

Accepting a final blessing empowers your continued work in personal spiritual transformation and your compassionate, wise service to the entire community of life. With your soul aligned with the Source, you are encouraged and able to bless the world with your presence and actions.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Align with your soul and envisage its light and radiance, calling in blessings from your highest allies
  • Sense and create your inner temple of light, wisdom, and compassion as a sacred space for spiritual initiation
  • Commit to a path of inspired spiritual fulfillment and world service
  • Give thanks for the gifts, lessons, and grace in your life, accepting blessings to support your ongoing transformation
  • Empower your spiritual activism to transform and heal ancient world wounds, and move forward to building a new world of heaven on Earth


The Advanced Art of Psychic Protection Bonus Gift

In addition to William’s transformative 9-module online course, you’ll receive this special bonus to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Science and Practice of Spiritual Ecstasy
Video Teaching From Dr. William Bloom

Explore precisely how to achieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of ecstasy as Dr. William Bloom unpacks the metaphysical anatomy of bliss and guides you through core spiritual ecstasy practices you can apply to your everyday life. As he explains, many of us carry trauma from our own lives, as well as from our family lineage. As a result, we also carry tension in the tissue memory of the body. This bioenergetic tension can block you from actually feeling the field of oceanic bliss, energy source, divine love, God Consciousness, Source, or whatever you prefer to call it. When mystics have a spiritual experience, part of their bioenergetic armor “melts,” opening them up to experience this feeling. Discover during the video that you can do this, as well.


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What Graduates of William ’s Courses Are Saying...

“The course was presented by William Bloom in such a kind, insightful, and personable manner, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.”

This course was for me a wonderful introduction into grounding yourself, taking care of myself, and finding the place of inner peace and connection to Source. I’m building up a shield against outside distractions and negativity, and growing my capacity to maintain this energetic shield or put it up when needed. This course has provided some life-changing tools; I have not been able to implement and use all of them in these few weeks but I treasure them and will go on implementing more and more. The course was presented by William Bloom in such a kind, insightful, and personable manner, I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.
Anja, Spartanburg, South Carolina

“It was a rich course thoroughly woven with layers upon layers building one upon the other.”

Teaching us how to create safety as a tool that’s used regularly has given me the understanding and the awareness to go to that safe place within me while connecting to Source. It was a rich course thoroughly woven with layers upon layers building one upon the other.
Judy, Quebec, Canada

“I experienced healing, which I didn’t expect, and began to feel more like myself after a long, difficult time leading up to the course.”

I experienced healing, which I didn’t expect, and began to feel more like myself after a long, difficult time leading up to the course. I gained new insights into my own practice and capabilities. I learnt a new-to-me technique which explained and helped with what you could call “nightmares.”
Lesley, United Kingdom

“I reconnected with Source in a very profound and lasting way, which helped me both remember myself and find myself anew.”

I reconnected with Source in a very profound and lasting way, which helped me both remember myself and find myself anew. Something deep has shifted, and it is something I had lost sight of, deep in me.
Caroline, Nottingham, England

“William Bloom exudes grace, peace, and a playful wisdom.”

William Bloom exudes grace, peace, and a playful wisdom. I call him my Wizard Teacher. And he will always be as I take with me the ideals he instilled of simplifying spiritual practice and following our own way, trusting intuition and receptivity over logical thought, or trying to do anything ’the right way.’ Highly recommend him as a teacher and guide.
Kaci M., Livonia, Michigan


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Nine 90-Minute Class Sessions With Dr. William Bloom

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from author and educator Dr. William Bloom, practitioner of metaphysics, shamanism, and spirituality from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and will guide you to gain refined techniques to work with subtle energies so you can contribute positively to the wellbeing of all.

Nine Transcripts of Class Sessions

You’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Advanced Art of Psychic Protection Bonus Gift
  • The Science and Practice of Spiritual Ecstasy
    Video Teaching From Dr. William Bloom

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Online Course, The Advanced Art of Psychic Protection


We feel honored that Dr. William Bloom has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online course. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an author, educator, and practitioner of metaphysics, shamanism, and spirituality whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about embarking on a transformative spiritual journey that equips you to tap into subtle energies, explore the depths of your soul and the universe, and leverage ancient insights for deep healing, safeguarding, and serving humanity, guiding you towards a life in perfect sync with the universe’s most profound vibrations, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind program.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own evolution, click the register button below to reserve your space now.


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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE The Advanced Art of Psychic Protection or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Dr. William Bloom...

“A genius. Separates new age nonsense from spiritual reality.”

Caroline Myss, internationally renowned speaker and author of Intimate Conversations with the Divine and Anatomy of the Spirit

“William Bloom has an encyclopaedic knowledge of meditation.”

Inner peace is as easy as breathing. William Bloom has an encyclopaedic knowledge of meditation.
The Independent

“Britain’s leading and most experienced mind-body-spirit teacher.”

William Bloom is a modern Western mystic and considered by many to be Britain’s leading and most experienced mind-body-spirit teacher. The heart of his modernizing approach and inspiring courses is to help people discover their own best way to connect with the wonder and energy of life, and then support them in developing a regular spiritual practice.
Yoga Magazine

“William’s wisdom and expert spiritual mentoring were practical, clarifying, and invaluable.”

William’s wisdom and expert spiritual mentoring were practical, clarifying, and invaluable. After the course, I was in the flow state most of the time, and everything worked well in my life (personal and professional). I understood clearly that spiritual/transpersonal development can shift personal issues in a very efficient, elegant way and with ease, almost automatically. Many of my personal issues just disappeared because I’ve shifted to a mode of being (as opposed to becoming). By going beyond myself, many blessings followed naturally and spontaneously. I attribute many of these benefits to this course  one of the best investments in spiritual and personal development. I’m eternally grateful.
Jan Cisek, environmental psychologist, London


About Dr. William Bloom

Dr. William Bloom, one of the UK’s leading educators in the field of spirituality and wellbeing, is the bestselling author of Psychic Protection, which has been translated into 16 languages.

He is director of the Spiritual Companions Trust, which pioneered the first UK government-approved course in spirituality and health. His background includes a 2-year off-grid retreat in the High Atlas mountains of southern Morocco.

William’s other books include Feeling Safe, Working With Angels, Fairies And Nature Spirits, The Sacred Magician, The Endorphin Effect, and The Power of the New Spirituality. He is on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation, Europe’s leading eco-spiritual center, and a trustee of Glastonbury Abbey. He has delivered many trainings in the hospice sector, especially around the practices of supporting the transfer of consciousness.


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