With President of the Expanded Awareness Institute
Scott M. Taylor, EdD

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training

Explore the secrets of the nonphysical world and reconnect with your loved ones in the afterlife in a meaningful way through a unique and transformative approach from a renowned shared-death experiencer, academic, and educator using a specific vibrational frequency.

Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.
Terri Guillemets

Have you felt incomplete or had unresolved grief in the aftermath of losing a loved one? Are you struggling to find closure and a sense of peace?

Or perhaps you’ve always felt connected to something more living with the undeniable awareness that the world beyond the five senses calls you to live your deepest and most authentic truth as a spiritual being having a human experience.

What if you could learn to journey into the afterlife... at will? How might that change your daily life and reality?

Dr. Scott Taylor is a shared-death experiencer, academic, and educator who has dedicated his life to exploring the nonphysical universe and sharing his knowledge with others.

His journey began four decades ago when the woman he loved, Mary Fran, and her son Nolan were involved in a tragic car accident. Mary Fran died instantly and Nolan lingered between life and death for six days before passing away. At the moment Nolan passed, Scott had a visionary bi-location event, experiencing himself simultaneously in the Light with Mary Fran and Nolan yet still present in the room with other family members.

This experience launched Scott on a multi-decade journey to understand more completely how he could have experienced being with Mary Fran and Nolan in the Light. That journey has evolved into his life’s work of providing people with the insights and tools they need to navigate the nonphysical universe on the other side of the veil.

With over 35 years of experience teaching meditation for the Monroe Institute, whose mission is the global awakening of human consciousness, Dr. Taylor has developed a meditation method, supported by binaural beats audio technology, that allows you to explore what near-death experiencers describe.

Binaural beats are an auditory artifact that is perceived when two tones with slightly different frequencies are presented to each ear simultaneously. The brain processes the two different frequencies and perceives a third “beat” frequency that is the difference between the original two.

This phenomenon not only affects brain waves, it can also produce beneficial effects such as relaxation and increased focus. Depending on the frequency used, these outcomes can help you achieve the expanded states of awareness required to connect with spirits and ancestors.


During this healing and liberating intensive, you’ll:

  • Engage with your subtle body to clear, recharge, and renew your energy unlocking the power of your inner self
  • Meet your spirit guide to feel supported, connected, and empowered on your journey
  • Explore “the Tunnel” to expand your awareness, enhance your energy body, and navigate the transition from the physical to the nonphysical
  • Radiate gratitude as an energetic bridge you can cross to find a sense of belonging and inner peace in the clear light of love
  • Enjoy a reunion with your “transitioned” loved ones, including pets, and be reminded that you’re never really alone
  • Meet a Being of Light to experience the joy of sharing your total self with another for deep reassurance and healing
  • Experience and embody a new sense of inner expansion changing yourself to change your life
  • And much more...

You’ll gain access to essential tools for unlocking expanded states of awareness, helping you connect with your spiritual guides for support, empowerment, and help in navigating the afterlife.

Dr. Taylor aims to provide you with valuable tools, solace, and closure by offering newfound clarity and understanding through direct experience. With his practiced and profound guidance, you’ll learn to build a strong and lasting connection with the other side... allowing you to reconnect in a meaningful way with loved ones who have “transitioned.”

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Scott will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to experience a unique and transformative approach to navigating the afterlife.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Scott. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to reconnect with your deceased loved ones and pets, move beyond grieving, and find solace.

Module 1: Engage With Your Subtle Body to Clear, Recharge & Renew Your Energy Unlocking the Power of Your Inner Self


It’s time to enter a world of vibrations and energy as revealed by those who have glimpsed the afterlife. Journeying into the realm of near-death and shared-death experiences, you’ll learn to activate your energy body and become aware of the many possibilities of visual and nonvisual ways of perceiving.

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, you’ll harness the power of binaural beat audio technology to enhance and focus your meditation practice. With this powerful tool, you can unlock the secrets of the vibrational world within you... achieving expanded states of awareness to reach the full potential of your energy body.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover a vibrational world through practices informed by near-death and shared-death experiences
  • Explore the 8 modes of perception that allow you to sense both your physical body and your subtle energy bodies
  • Learn to shift your consciousness between your physical energy body and your subtle energy bodies, opening your mind to a more complete awareness of your existence
  • Activate your energy body to awaken new modes of perception and achieve expanded states of awareness with binaural beat technology
  • Understand the power of consciously setting and reaffirming intentions

Module 2: Meet Your Spirit Guide to Feel Supported, Connected & Empowered on Your Journey Through Life


We are about to enter the realm of the nonphysical world, a place where the limits of time and space fade away and the possibilities of existence are infinite... beginning with the acquisition of nine essential tools, each one a key to unlocking the door to expanded states of awareness. With these tools you’ll create a “meeting place,” a sacred space within where you can connect with your guide and begin your journey in earnest.

How do you recognize your guide? How do you communicate with them? The art of bi-location will allow you to explore the nonphysical world while remaining firmly rooted in your physical body. With this ability, you can traverse the boundaries of time and space, moving effortlessly between the physical and nonphysical realms.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Acquire the first 9 tools for exploring expanded states of awareness
  • Create a sacred inner space where you can connect with your guide
  • Recognize your guide who may appear in different forms such as animals, spirits, or human-like beings
  • Communicate with your guide listening with your heart, not just your ears
  • Learn bi-location experiencing the nonphysical world while staying anchored in the physical world

Module 3: Explore “the Tunnel” to Expand Your Awareness, Enhance Your Energy Body & Navigate the Transition to the Nonphysical


“The Tunnel” is a structure used by nonphysical guides to help you acknowledge the transition from the physical to the nonphysical universe. In this module, you’ll acquire 13 more tools for exploring expanded states of awareness...

... enhancing “The Buzz” for raising your energy body... directing your energy... dissolving your energetic boundaries... exploring the Tunnel... and teaching your soul how to fly.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Acquire 13 more tools for exploring expanded states of awareness
  • Enhance “The Buzz” for raising your energy bodies
  • Practice directing your energy
  • Dissolve your energetic boundaries
  • Explore “the Tunnel”

Module 4: Radiate Gratitude as an Energetic Bridge You Can Cross to Find a Sense of Belonging & Inner Peace in the Clear Light of Love


It’s time to learn to relax your physical body, set your intention, open your heart, move Love’s energy... and finally recognize that the Clear Light of Love is present everywhere in our physical environment. You’ll acquire six more tools for exploring expanded states of awareness, open your heart further with gratitude, create nonphysical wings for extra-sensory perception, establish and use a bridge of Love, learn to expand your sense of the Clear Light of Love, and physically see Love’s energy.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Acquire 6 more tools for exploring expanded states of awareness
  • Work with the energy of gratitude to open your heart
  • Create nonphysical wings for extra-sensory perception
  • Establish and use a bridge of Love to transition beyond the veil
  • Learn to expand your awareness of the Clear Light of Love in everyday life

Module 5: Enjoy a Reunion With Your “Transitioned” Loved Ones & Pets to be Reminded You’re Never Alone & Address Your Ego’s Fears


Now you move through “the Tunnel” and encounter the White Light, awakening your senses on a whole other level in the nonphysical world. You’ll set the stage, invite, meet, and communicate with departed loved ones including friends, family, and pets who have already made their transition. You’ll acquire six additional tools for exploring expanded states of awareness, distinguish between physical and nonphysical bodies, create “the Tunnel” as a passageway to the Light, encounter the White Light, and anchor your place in the White Light.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Acquire 6 additional tools for exploring expanded states of awareness
  • Distinguish between physical and nonphysical bodies
  • Create “the Tunnel” as a passageway to the Light
  • Encounter and anchor your place in the White Light
  • Enjoy a reunion with your “transitioned” loved ones

Module 6: Meet a Being of Light to Experience the Joy of Sharing Your Total Self With Another for Deep Reassurance & Healing


A Being of Light is one of the most helpful guides to the afterlife. By merging with this Being, you can communicate with it and discover the joy of sharing your total self with another. Shedding the “stuff” of the physical world and expanding your nonverbal communication skills will be important aspects of this exercise.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Acquire 8 more tools for exploring expanded states of consciousness
  • Shed the “stuff” of the physical world
  • Meet and merge with a Being of Light
  • Gain new spiritual qualities and abilities from this merging
  • Expand your nonverbal communication skills

Module 7: Experience & Embody Your New Sense of Expanded Beingness Change Yourself to Change Your Life Into the One You Want


It’s time to integrate the wisdom gained from the previous modules into your everyday life in this final module focused on recapping and integrating the previous modules. By embodying the Love found in the nonphysical universe and using the power of expanded states of awareness, you can manifest the life you want !

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discuss the after effects of your experiences throughout this course
  • Identify, discuss, and integrate your new knowledge
  • Begin to incorporate what you now know into your life
  • Learn to implement the new insights you’ve discovered
  • Practice manifesting visually and energetically


The Bi-Location Phenomenon Bonus Gift

In addition to Scott’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll receive this special bonus gift to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Unveiling the Hidden Magic of NDE Affirmations
Video Teaching From Dr. Scott Taylor & Dr. Charleene Nicely

Join two expert trainers Dr. Scott Taylor and Dr. Charleene Nicely and explore the transformative power of affirmations used during near-death meditations. Delve into the secrets behind these carefully crafted words designed to guide you on an illuminating journey beyond the physical realm. As you explore the afterlife, you’ll unlock the full potential of these affirmations and gain a deeper understanding of their profound effects. Discover the hidden magic of NDE affirmations when you join us for this enlightening conversation.


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What People Are Saying About Scott M. Taylor, EdD...

“An unforgettable experience for me.”

I came to the NDE Intensive expecting to have an NDE. I wanted to see my Mom who recently crossed over and two dear friends. By Wednesday, when nothing had happened, I just put my expectations to the side and decided to learn from the excellent presentations of Scott, and to let myself vicariously experience the insights that were happening to many in the group. Incredibly, when I did this, it happened, but in an entirely different way than what I expected! While in the darkness of my CHEC-Unit (controlled holistic environmental chamber) a bright light appeared in front of me. First I saw a figure appear dressed in white, then two others, and finally, the Virgin Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, appeared in all her splendor. She has been my spiritual guide in life since I was a child. The vision lasted until the end of the music that was playing. An unforgettable experience for me.
Betina Moreno

“I would highly recommend [Scott’s course] because you will learn that you are never really alone.”

The NDE course was out of this world. Scott prepared you thoroughly beforehand; however, you can still be completely surprised at who appears. If you have any fears of death whatsoever, I would highly recommend this course because you will learn that you are never really alone.
Sandy, Western Australia

“Scott Taylor’s NDE Intensive was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life.”

Scott Taylor’s NDE Intensive was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. It helped me for my future final transition, and has inspired me to live a more loving, meaningful, and compassionate life.
Kristen Volk Funk

“The notion of inducing an NDE is brilliant, by the way, and pretty bold.”

This workshop gave me the structure to progress in my meditation/ visualization practice. The guided meditations interspersed with voluntary discussion and questions from students, and guidance from Scott Taylor somehow helped me to have fairly vivid and meaningful visions. I say “somehow” because I neither planned nor even consciously willed or expected the result. Overall, I simply trusted in the process, though of course, trust is seldom simple. In addition, the sessions are not recorded, and confidentiality is requested of all participants, which also inspired trust. Scott directed the sessions skillfully. At any rate, for this veteran skeptic, the workshop worked, to coin a phrase. The notion of inducing an NDE is brilliant, by the way, and pretty bold. Yet all was safe.
S. Johnson

“There is synergy when serious people get together to explore consciousness.”

I enjoyed the meditations and the process of going progressively deeper and exploring, from deep relaxation, approaching the guides, the crystal city, the reunion with one’s soul group, and the life review and purpose. All of this is a profound taste that I know opens the way to going much deeper into being. I also found much interest in bi-location, which I find related to extended remote viewing. I enjoyed the interaction between all present. It was a welcome breath of fresh air to explore together. There is synergy when serious people get together to explore consciousness.
Barclay Milne


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions With Scott M. Taylor, EdD

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Scott M. Taylor, EdD president of the Expanded Awareness Institute from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and will guide you to experience a unique and transformative approach to navigating the afterlife.

Seven Transcripts of Class Sessions

You’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Bi-Location Phenomenon Bonus Gift
  • Unveiling the Hidden Magic of NDE Affirmations
    Video Teaching From Dr. Scott Taylor & Dr. Charleene Nicely

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Online Training, The Bi-Location Phenomenon


We feel honored that Scott M. Taylor, EdD has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the president of Expanded Awareness Institute whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about reconnecting with your deceased loved ones and pets, moving beyond grieving, finding solace, and navigating the afterlife, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own evolution, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE The Bi-Location Phenomenon or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Scott M. Taylor, EdD...

“Scott is a pioneer and master teacher in crafting guided meditations that simulate NDEs and SDEs.”

Scott is a pioneer and master teacher in crafting guided meditations that simulate NDEs and SDEs. We have worked together for years and I highly recommend his course!
William Peters, founder of the Shared Crossing Project, author of At Heaven’s Door

“Scott brings positive energy and competence to everything he does.”

Scott brings positive energy and competence to everything he does. His background combined with his expertise in expanded states of consciousness and the shared death experience make him an easy choice for an instructor.
Suzanne Giesemann, mystic, medium, and author

“This course will illustrate and teach us about the limitless possibilities of consciousness.”

I attended the virtual course offered by Dr. Scott Taylor. The content was exact yet friendly and warm creating a space for me to experience the possibilities of consciousness journeying into the Light at death. My personal experience in this course enabled (and continues to do so) me to enter the Light by intention and choice. This course will illustrate and teach us about the limitless possibilities of consciousness.
Kevin Jeffers , author of The Pattern: An Exploration of Consciousness


About Scott M. Taylor, EdD

Dr. Scott Taylor is one of the few people on the planet who’s a shared-death experiencer, academic, educator, and contributor to the field of NDEs and SDEs. He completed doctoral research on near-death experiences, and developed and teaches a meditation method capable of safely exploring the places NDErs visit during their experience. He is gifted in making the exploration of the nonphysical universe accessible to the curious.

Scott wrote and voiced six Into the Light guided meditation albums on near-death experiences, and hosts The Afterlife Files podcast. He taught meditation for the Monroe Institute for 35 years, and retired as Monroe’s president and executive director.

He is the president of the Expanded Awareness Institute (EAI), which helps people interested in near-death and shared-death experiences explore what these experiences mean to them and to our culture as a whole. He served twice as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), and served as co-emcee for IANDS’ international conferences for 12 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Binaural Beats and how do they work?
A: Binaural beats are specific types of sound recordings that have been used for decades by a great many individuals for a variety of uses. Some users have reported that this technology has helped them to reduce their levels of stress, anxiety and pain, increase their focus and concentration, assist them to reach deeper meditative states or even enhance their creativity.

Although binaural beats are widely used and generally considered safe to use for most people, they may not be right for everyone. Before deciding whether or not you wish to use this optional technology, please read our guidelines for optional use of binaural guides here.

The Shift Network recommends that you always conduct your own research and consult with your healthcare provider(s) prior to engaging on a new regimen or practice.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee for a full two weeks so that you can try out the course risk free. The deadline to receive a refund is two weeks from your date of purchase. To request a refund, please click here to submit your Refund Application Form. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we will send you an email confirmation when your refund has been completed. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there’s something we can assist you with, please email us at support@theshiftnetwork.com, and we’ll be happy to help!


Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please visit our Customer Support Center, where you should be able to find the answer to your question or the solution to your problem. And if you can’t, you can submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you.