With Bestselling Author & Creator of Active Dreaming
Robert Moss

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training

Your soul has wings to visit other worlds in your dreams to uncover new wisdom, experience deep healing, meet yourself in other lifetimes, and explore unlimited possibilities.


Essential parts of human reality have always been hidden from the physical senses.

These include entire other worlds inhabited by gods, daimons, and spirits of the departed.

While we can’t use our five physical senses to access them, they’re no less “real” than what we consider ordinary reality, says dreamwork pioneer Robert Moss. These worlds are full of life-changing wisdom and profound emotional experiences.

Through Active Dreaming journeys based on Robert’s original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism, the doors to these other worlds can swing open as you visit them from wherever you are. 

You can steadily expand your personal definition of reality as you discover gateways and paths traveled by previous dreamers and yourself in other dimensions.

After all, says Robert, consciousness is not confined to your body and brain.

Join Robert for a 7-module course and explore Active Dreaming practices to travel to other worlds without leaving home, find wisdom you can bring back into your waking life, and discover untold stories that put your soul at the helm of the ship of your life’s odyssey.

You’ll learn to journey beyond the maps to recover knowledge that once belonged to you in other lifetimes.

Robert explains that part of the secret logic of our lives is that our paths constantly weave with those of infinite parallel selves sometimes converging or even merging… sometimes diverging ever farther...

You can connect with these other versions of yourself in the past, future, and parallel times all of whom believe their stories are going on now. What you do in each of these timelines affects the others and, as you’ll discover, it’s not too late to change what will ultimately happen in your future.


In this inspiring 7-module course, you’ll:

  • Access your animal spirits and your magical inner child to connect with your imagination, vitality, and joy 
  • Discover a deeper logic for life’s events when you visit the dream cinema in the Twilight Zone 
  • Explore new possibilities for your life and cultivate new wisdom as you grow your practice of shamanic lucid dreaming
  • Understand the spiritual causes of illness when you visit your temple of dream healing
  • Find and follow your songlines (roadmaps for your life journey), and find sanctuary and grounding in your trees of belonging (important landmarks and events on your life’s path)
  • Gain a clearer perspective of your life’s events as you explore the nature of your multidimensional Self
  • Travel to many worlds and places of initiation, guidance, and healing by using your dreams and personal images as portals
  • Meet up with your soul family at any distance, including beyond the apparent barrier of death
  • Explore your connections with personalities in past, future, and parallel timelines and rise to a life-transforming encounter with your Higher Self

You’ll also experience how your personal dreams and images are effective portals for traveling into a deeper reality.

Join Robert for these illuminating seven modules and experience how your dreams are both journeys and destinations. Robert will remind you that you were born to fly and as you travel to other worlds and encounter other selves in your dreams, you’ll remember that your soul has wings. 

“In my world, Robert Moss is the greatest dream teacher there is or ever was.”

In my world, Robert Moss is the greatest dream teacher there is or ever was. He is a pioneer in this field and I am so grateful to be able to take his classes via The Shift Network as I cannot travel to the West Coast for his workshops.
Lisa, Virginia Beach, Virginia


What You’ll Discover in These 3 Months

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Robert will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to embark on Active Dreaming journeys to realms of healing, discovery, and transformation in the multiverse.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Robert. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to visit other worlds to uncover new wisdom, experience deep healing, meet yourself in other lifetimes and expand your horizons of possibility for the life you’re living now.

Module 1: Connect With Your Imagination, Vitality & Joy With the Help of Your Animal Spirits and Your Magical Inner Child


Those who know have wings.

Pancavimsa Brahmana

Your inner child is a master of dreams and imagination who knows the magic of making things up. Your inner child engages effortlessly in the deep play that generates creative ideas without regard for consequences.

Maybe you lost contact with your inner child as you started to grow up and the adult world trod on your dreams… 

As the course begins, Robert will guide you to bring your inner child’s energy and joy and imagination into your current life. 

You’ll also connect with your animal spirits and bird allies who will reassure you that you are safe and you are fun, and will be your guides and psychic guardians in the journeys that lie ahead. 

In this foundational opening session, you’ll:

  • Grow a Tree of Vision as your inner sanctuary and departure lounge for journeys to many worlds
  • Connect or reconnect with power animals and the bird tribes
  • Journey to your magical inner child and bring that energy and imagination into your current life
  • Practice a fast, fun technique for sharing your dreams and personal stories that leads to creatively embodying their guidance and healing
  • Learn from the history of soul flight in ancient and Indigenous dreaming traditions

Module 2: Visit the Dream Cinema & Have More Fun in the Twilight Zone and Grasp a Deeper Logic of Life’s Events


One’s values are profoundly changed when he is finally convinced that creation is only a vast motion picture, and that not in it, but beyond it, lies his own reality.

Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

A century ago, Yogananda played with the metaphor that ordinary reality is a movie whose script and production crew are generally unseen. 

Today, a popular metaphor has us living inside a complex video game, or computer-generated simulation. This is the stuff of scientific speculation as well as science fiction… 

As Robert will explain, these metaphors prompt us to think about how we should look at the life roles we’re playing and get behind the screen to grasp a deeper logic of events. 

In this module, you’ll:

  • Visit your own Dream Cinema and see what is playing for you
  • Recover dreams previously lost by growing your power of visualization
  • Revisit your dreams to see which may have been produced, like movies, to entertain, educate, or shock you into waking up to something you needed to see
  • Embark on lucid dream adventures from the Twilight of the Dreamer, in the state between wakefulness and sleep
  • Join the Tinker Bell School of Dream Yoga as you recall Tinker Bell’s quote, “Look for me in the place between sleep and awake. There you will always find me.”

Module 3: Grow Your Practice of Shamanic Lucid Dreaming to Explore New Possibilities for Your Life & Cultivate New Wisdom


Dreams are the news the soul gives us when it returns to the body.

Kwakiutl elder to anthropologist Franz Boas

Most Indigenous traditions believe that dreaming is traveling we make visits and receive visitations... 

This was probably the view of all our early ancestors, and as Robert will explain, to this day it’s still true to the lived experience of Active Dreamers everywhere. 

Robert will guide you to confirm that your personal dreams and images are your best portals for travel into the deeper reality, and your royal road to lucid dreaming… 

A dream is a journey; it is also a place. You went somewhere in your dream, near or far from the fields you know in your regular life. Because you’ve been to that place, you can find your way there again. 

Whether you’re a frequent flier or are new to this kind of travel, Robert will invite you to:

  • Use dreams or personal images as portals for a shamanic journey
  • Travel with animal guardians and the bird tribes
  • Learn why in the languages of the First Peoples of North America the most common name for the shaman or seer means “dreamer”
  • Re-enter a dream to confront and resolve a nightmare terror, solve a mystery, or claim a power
  • Dialogue with dream characters
  • Embark on a group experiment in dream travel

Module 4: Visit Your Temple of Dream Healing to Understand the Spiritual Causes of Illness & Wellness


Great to humanity, soother of cruel suffering… You are welcomed, Master. By this song I beseech you.
Homeric Hymn to Asklepios

Your dreams open paths that go beyond diagnosis to spontaneous healing. 

Dreams now give us what Robert calls MRIs and x-rays of your physical and emotional health. They call us to understand the spiritual causes of wellness and illness and draw on transpersonal energies to heal yourself and others.

Pilgrims came from all over the Greco-Roman world to the temples of Asklepios in the hope of healing. In the Celtic world, dream seekers trooped to the precinct of the goddess Sequana with the same intent. 

  • Explore the detailed accounts of healing in the many surviving testimonies that authenticate the success of Asklepian dream incubation 
  • Practice invoking the Sacred Guide and Healer in the proper ways
  • Make a 4-part shamanic journey to the Temple of Dream Healing
  • Harvest effective dream incubation techniques you can follow any night
  • Learn from signature Asklepian practices that telling and performing your stories brings the full energy of healing through and pleases the deities!

Module 5: Connect to Your Trees of Belonging & Follow Your Life’s Songlines to Make Better Choices for Your Future


You walk in the Speaking Land.
Aboriginal saying

Aboriginal tradition holds that our lives may follow a dreaming track, or songline…

As Robert will explain, the word songline is used to describe the dreamways of the land, as sensed by those who are fully attuned to the land and its dreamings. 

Aboriginal tradition also teaches us that those who can hear the inner songs of the land can cross a thousand miles of desert without maps. 

When they follow those trails, they’re aware that everywhere they stop is a place of spirit, and engagement with the Speaking Land. A songline, in the life of an individual, is a path in life on which our soul's trajectory meets the spirits of the land. 

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to listen to the Speaking Land
  • Construct personal songlines roadmaps for your life journey
  • Use your connection to special trees that know you to discover how your soul odysseys correlate with the lands you’ve lived or traveled through
  • Identify your soul landscapes where the ancestors and the spirits of the land itself are calling us most strongly
  • Survey your path into the possible future, and make better choices

Module 6: Keys to the Third Kingdom Meet Other Members of Your Soul Family Across Time & Space


When you learn that there exists a world with dimension and extension other than the world of the senses… a world of innumerable cities, do not hastily cry “lie,” because the pilgrims of the spirit succeed in contemplating this world and they find there every object of their desire.

When we call something “imaginary,” we usually mean it’s something other than real. 

Yet, poets and mystics have always known that the world of imagination is a real world, a third kingdom between the physical universe and the higher realms of spirit and that it’s possible to travel there and bring back extraordinary gifts... 

The medieval Sufi philosophers called this world the Alam al-Mithal, or Imaginal Realm

Robert will invite you to journey to a marvelous locale in the Imaginal Realm called the House of Time. It offers many ways to meet other members of your soul family across time and space, and consult with master teachers. 

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn astral geography from great visionaries including Swedenborg, Suhrawardi, and Yogananda’s conversations with his departed guru
  • Develop your personal geography of the Imaginal Realm
  • Explore your connection with your own personalities living in past, future, and parallel timelines
  • Open paths and locales you can revisit for training, initiation, adventure, and healing and learn how to contact master teachers on these planes
  • Journey to a Magic Library where information and inspiration on any theme that is calling you is readily available

Module 7: Soul Growing in the Many Worlds Understand the Nature of the Multidimensional Self to Gain a Clearer Perspective of Your Life’s Issues


The soul has the ability to conform to her character the destiny that is allotted to her.
Plotinus, Enneads

Your deepening practice may lead you to discover that your personalities in other places and times with whom you are connected are all living right now and that the actions each of you take in your current life affects all the others… 

This goes far beyond ideas about “past lives” and reincarnation. It’s your key to understanding the nature of the multidimensional self and to growing your soul identity in the multiverse. 

As this course comes to a close, you may discover that your most important life guide is no stranger, but a self on a higher level… what the Sufis describe beautifully as the “soul of the soul.”

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Learn ways of envisioning and encountering the inner guide from many traditions
  • Master an everyday practice for contact with your witness self, your Double on the Balcony
  • Gain a clearer perspective on your life issues and restore your sense of divine comedy
  • Make a journey of ascension to the Higher Self 
  • Maintain consciousness in two or more states of reality at the same time 


The Adventures in Dream Travel Bonus Collection

In addition to Robert’s transformative 7-module online course, you’ll receive this special bonus collection to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Active Dreaming for Time Travel in the Multiverse
Video Dialogue With Robert Moss, Hosted by Kelly Sullivan Walden

You are a time traveler in your dreams... in this illuminating 45-minute conversation, Robert explains how you can travel to past, future, and parallel times plus rehearse for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As he’ll share, you can discover your relationship with personalities in other times whose dramas are relevant to your present life. With the beauty and power of dreaming, you can track parallel lives in which you made different choices drawing gifts and lessons from them.


Active Dreaming Toolkit
A Medley of Tools From Robert Moss

Enrich your Active Dreamer’s repertoire with these three essential tools designed to deepen your dreaming. These experience-enhancing tools include both 12-minute and 20-minute audio drumming tracks… Robert’s signature Lightning Process for Sharing Dreams & Life Stories (audio recording and transcript)... and a Creative Journaling teaching in which Robert offers you fun games to play in the most important book you may ever read or write your dream journal.


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What Graduates of Robert’s Courses Are Saying…


Kristin Clark: “Robert Is a Wise and Powerful Guide Between You and the Other Realms”

Alis Anagnostakis: “Robert Is One of the Wisest People I Have Ever Had the Good Fortune of Meeting”

Monica Kenton: “Robert Brings a Sense of Fun and Playfulness to Discovering the Dreamworld”

Kai Altair: “My Life Has Been Forever Changed as I’ve Stepped Into the Magic of Dreaming With Robert Moss”

Anna Bromley: “Robert Brings a Big Dollop of Magic to His Classes”

Jane Carleton: “It Really Is a Gift to Yourself to Spend Time With Robert”

“This course was a fascinating deep-dive into dreams as a gateway into a richer, deeper universe, or rather, the multiverse.”

This course was a fascinating deep-dive into dreams as a gateway into a richer, deeper universe, or rather, the multiverse. I came away with a renewed curiosity about how dreams fuel my reality and creative practices.
Laura, Seattle, Washington

“Robert Moss is the maestro of dreamwork.”

Robert Moss is the maestro of dreamwork. I feel very privileged to have studied with such a learned man. My dreamtime work has expanded my world to realms that I never before knew existed.
Pamela Roebuck, Tacoma, Washington

“The course was a continuation of growth in knowledge of self and a greater vision of all possibilities.”

The course was a continuation of growth in knowledge of self and a greater vision of all possibilities. A shift in knowing that there are many parallel lives being lived simultaneously and that, to some extent, time travel exists.
Mary Anne, Whitehorse, Canada

“I now have a solid sense of how I want to move forward in my life and [Robert] gave me the courage to make big life decisions when I was feeling afraid to do so.”

I had so many insights during Robert’s workshop. I felt transformed by these insights. I now have a solid sense of how I want to move forward in my life and he gave me the courage to make big life decisions when I was feeling afraid to do so.
Raura, San Francisco, California

“Thank you, Robert, for sharing your insight and tools for deeper learning and living!”

Each class opened up a willingness for me to be more present with myself. Having struggled with PTSD for years, I find it very difficult to be present in my body. With each class I developed a sense of security that allowed me to feel safe in the present moment. Thank you, Robert, for sharing your insight and tools for deeper learning and living!
Tasha, Portland, Oregon


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions With Robert Moss

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from bestselling author and creator of Active Dreaming Robert Moss from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and will guide you to explore Active Dreaming journeys to realms of healing, discovery, and transformation in the multiverse.

Seven Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Adventures in Dream Travel Bonus Offering
  • Active Dreaming for Time Travel in the Multiverse
    Video Dialogue With Robert Moss, Hosted by Kelly Sullivan Walden
  • Active Dreaming Toolkit
    A Medley of Tools From Robert Moss

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Online Training, Adventures in Dream Travel


We feel honored that Robert Moss has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the creator of Active Dreaming whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about understanding the nature of your multidimensional self, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own evolution, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Adventures in Dream Travel or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Robert Moss…

“Robert Moss reveals a powerful map of how to recover our soul...”

Robert Moss reveals a powerful map of how to recover our soul through shamanic dreaming.
Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval

“Robert Moss is one of our wisest guides...”

Robert Moss is one of our wisest guides to dreams and dreaming... [He] is dragging us, kicking and screaming, into a new vision of consciousness, space, and time.
Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind and The Power of Premonitions

“Deeply healing and useful!”

Robert Moss demonstrates how to explore the universal language of the imagination and the soul, which together bridge the inner world of spirit and the outer world of action. Deeply healing and useful!
Angeles Arrien, PhD, cultural anthropologist and author of The Four-Fold Way

“Robert Moss is a weaver of worlds...”

Robert Moss is a weaver of worlds... He shows us how conscious dreaming can lead us into the non-space-time regions of the inner universe, where all things are connected from whatever time, place, or reality.
Julia Assante, author of The Last Frontier

“[Robert Moss] transcends disciplines...”

[Robert Moss] transcends disciplines and provides an agenda for the role that dreams can play in ensuring human survival.
Stanley Krippner, PhD, co-author of Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work With Them


About Robert Moss

Robert Moss is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of modern dreamwork and shamanism. He survived three near-death experiences as a child, which provided him with early access to other realms. He leads popular seminars all over the world, including a 3-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming. A former lecturer in ancient history at the Australian National University, he’s a bestselling novelist, poet, journalist, and independent scholar.

Robert has written more than a dozen books on dreaming, shamanism, and imagination, including Conscious Dreaming... Dreaming the Soul Back Home... Sidewalk Oracles: Playing With Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life... and his spiritual memoir, The Boy Who Died and Came Back.

His latest book, Growing Big Dreams: Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Through 12 Secrets of the Imagination, is a passionate and practical call to step through the gates of dreams and imagination to survive and thrive during hard times. He writes about how to travel without leaving home and how to grow the vision of a more abundant life so rich and strong that it yearns to take root in the world.


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