With End-of-Life Doula, Educator, Author & Founder of Soul Midwives
Felicity Warner

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training

Embrace life’s final chapter with grace using this blueprint full of insights and practical tools  for dying gently so a person who is dying can have a peaceful transition, leave a meaningful legacy, and deepen their spiritual connections, enriching both the journey of dying and the essence of living. 

Learn how to offer meaningful support when medical interventions reach their limits during the dying process, moving from a feeling of helplessness to one of empowerment and active engagement.

A gentle death is a spiritual and mystical experience, involving a gentle unraveling of a life well lived and an honoring of the unique person that we have been.
Felicity Warner

Most of us prefer to not think about our own deaths until we have to.

We may see death as a fearful moment something we have no control over. Or, we may assume that our final days will become a sterile, clinical event involving bright lights and noisy machines.

In a society where death is often shrouded in fear and avoidance, it’s time to embrace a different perspective, one that honors the transition to the beyond as a conscious, sacred process even as a thing of beauty.

This is a view visionaries and mystics have always taught that death is a powerful journey and sacred initiation into something bigger than we dare to imagine.

End-of-life doula Felicity Warner shares that when you grasp that dying involves your mind, body, and spirit and see that in death, you are simply entering a new state of consciousness you can embrace this time with love, grace, strength, and empowerment, allowing fear and anxiety to fall away and instead feel courage and peace.

She wants you to know that you can do many things things for yourself, your loved ones, and your allies to prepare and tend to your soul emotionally and spiritually befriending death and leading to a deeper sense of peace and meaning in your own life.

Join Felicity in a highly experiential and healing 7-module video program, in which she’ll share her unique wisdom on how to become a “soul midwife,” as she calls it supporting yourself and your loved ones through this momentous transition, and helping to receive death as a sacred and gentle event.

A good death can be a positive and healing moment for all involved.

Felicity will share with you her decades of teaching, experience, and wisdom, and joyfully mentor you as you develop and refine your ability to actively engage in the emotional and spiritual aspects of dying.

Felicity is celebrated as an inspiring end-of-life care advocate a joyful and down-to-earth teacher who shares actionable skills and strategies to gracefully navigate the complexities of dying, enabling you to offer meaningful support and engagement in the process, reducing the fear and fostering a shared journey of acceptance.


During this soul-nourishing course, you’ll:

  • Realize the profound emotional, spiritual, and psycho-spiritual shifts that occur during the dying process
  • Learn how to craft an End-of-Life Comfort and Wish Plan, tailoring your end-of-life care to your unique desires
  • Leave a legacy of love through personal keepsakes, ensuring your essence is remembered and celebrated
  • Discover how to perform the sacred practice of vigiling, transforming the dying room into a space of spiritual passage and transcendence
  • Take part in a Sharing Your Wisdom exercise, empowering you to leave behind invaluable life lessons and insights for loved ones
  • Recognize the unbinding process of spirit and soul from the physical body, offering a peaceful transition to the nonphysical realm
  • Understand how to offer blessings and perform rituals bedside, creating a sacred space for transition
  • Gain tools to support and honor the deceased through sacred anointing and the cutting of the spiritual cord, facilitating their journey into the new
  • Embrace techniques to safely and effectively “Return to Self” after accompanying someone across the threshold, grounding yourself in the world of the living
  • And much more...

Felicity is a teacher, author, and founder of the global organization Soul Midwives. She created Soul Midwives after sitting with hundreds of people at the ends of their lives and now trains soul midwives to offer spiritual and holistic end-of-life care.

Felicity creates a tender, empathetic, and safe space to explore death.

You’re sure to feel much more calm and empowered about your death because you’ll have the opportunity to craft the peaceful transition that’s right for you and understand how you can support others in designing theirs.

You may not need this today, or tomorrow, but eventually everyone will be faced with death. This course will help you live the life and death you’re meant to, andunderstand how to help your loved ones find peace and comfort as they transition to the next plane of existence.


Funeral Celebrant Ellen Bower: “Felicity Beautifully Shares
Her Open Heart and the Light From Her Soul”


What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational course, Felicity will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully create a peaceful, dignified end-of-life experience, forge lasting memories, and deepen your spiritual journey, enhancing the quality of every moment lived.

This course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Felicity. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to gain profound tools for a graceful end-of-life journey, leaving behind a legacy of love and wisdom, and fostering a deeper understanding of life’s spiritual continuum.

Module 1: Embrace Your Transition and Experience Death as a Journey of Grace & Fulfillment


What does a good death look like, and how can we create one?

Most of us prefer to not think about our own deaths until we have to. Yet understanding dying as a creative and spiritual journey can be the first step toward a beautiful transition for ourselves and others.

In this inspiring opening module, Felicity will teach you how to prepare for a gentle death and reframe it as one of your life’s greatest events.

Through sacred tools and nurturing practices, she’ll guide you on how to befriend death, face it with courage, and use it as an opportunity for creativity and spiritual growth.

Discover ways to embrace death your own, or that of a loved one with inspiration, crafting a beautiful transition that honors the journey of life.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Discover how to make friends with death by creating your own narrative and ideas for a beautiful transition to enjoy a meaningful life
  • Learn what a good death feels like for you, becoming an empowered visionary for your life’s end as you curate your departure
  • Ensure your affairs are in order to avoid leaving a burden for your loved ones, focusing on practical end-of-life preparations
  • Explore the universal art of dying well through wisdom from cultures that see death as a grand adventure
  • Develop affirmations for a gentle death, training yourself to reframe anxiety around death with positive daily affirmations
  • Experience a Deathbed Journal exercise to focus on living your life to the fullest now

Module 2: Craft Your Peaceful Gentle Death Comfort Plan to Ease Your End-of-Life Worries


We’re great at making plans for the future, but most of us avoid planning for the end of our lives.

Felicity will help you craft an End-of-Life Wishes and Comfort Plan that reflects your desires for peace, comfort, and personal touches during your last days the sounds of specific music, the scent of particular flowers, the touch of a favorite item, or the joy of a champagne toast with visitors.

One of the secrets of a gentle death is discovering what soothes us when we are feeling frightened and in pain. Once your comfort plan is in place and shared with your loved ones, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your intentions for your passing will be fulfilled.

By exploring and expressing these needs, you’ll create a nurturing space to embrace mortality and ensure that your final days are filled with support, love, and personal significance.

Felicity will inspire you with ideas you may never have considered, sharing stories and options that spark your own creative thinking. Embrace the end of life with intention, dignity, and a personal touch, making your final days as meaningful and comforting as possible.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Unpack the myth that death is an uncontrollable, harsh event by empowering yourself through making personal choices
  • Discover the specifics of what comforts you, such as your favorite oils, music, and other special items
  • Explore therapeutic modalities that best soothe you, including touch, sound, and smell
  • Ensure your wishes are clearly communicated to loved ones, even those reluctant to listen
  • Craft your End-of-Life Comfort and Wish Plan, exploring who you want by your side and how to fulfill your deepest spiritual desires, empowering you to articulate and organize your end-of-life preferences, transforming them into a precious gift for your future self

Module 3: Create Your Inner Healing Sanctuary to Embrace Your Death With Energy & Vision


Dying is a powerful spiritual journey and a sacred opportunity for healing.

It’s a chance to return to your divine essence and become whole again, despite the fear, pain, and overwhelming emotion that may accompany you.

The anxiety and uncertainty of approaching life’s end is natural. Focus on the critical need to cultivate a safe sanctuary within yourself. This inner refuge can offer you strength, resilience, and peace, empowering you to navigate the dying process with energy and vision.

Felicity will introduce a variety of practices designed to help you create this healing sanctuary a place of rest, refocus, and rejuvenation.

Through gentle techniques, creative visualization, breathwork, and the application of sacred oils on specific pressure points, learn how to restore calm and find solace within. With this guidance, feel equipped with the tools you need to embrace the journey of dying with grace and serenity.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Create a powerful visualization leading you into a safe, sacred space for post-death orientation using meditation, music, and images
  • Craft affirmations to reinforce your thoughts and maintain focus, breaking cycles of nervous system overstimulation
  • Learn breathing techniques to soothe, calm, and realign inner peace for quick access to your internal sanctuary
  • Draw on ancient techniques using sacred oils, shifting from fear to calm, with a focus on deepening the practice with rose oil

Module 4: Ensure You Are Remembered After Death by Leaving a Legacy of Love


The fear of being forgotten after we die is universal. How can we ensure that we are remembered and celebrated for our true essence? How would you like to be remembered? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your death could comfort and inspire your loved ones?

Discover how to leave a legacy that comforts and inspires your loved ones, a legacy that extends beyond the physical and material into the very core of who you are your passions, values, and the unique imprints you leave on the world.

Learn how creating keepsakes and mementos serves not only as a therapeutic reflection on the gifts you offer future generations but also acts as a powerful tool in dissolving the fear of death by shifting your focus beyond the physical.

Explore how personal legacies like artwork, heartfelt letters, recipe books filled with cherished dishes, collections of poetry, and more can foster a lasting emotional and spiritual connection with those you love, ensuring you remain alive in their hearts and minds.

Recognize that the way you’re remembered through tangible and intangible treasures you leave behind can maintain your presence and influence, offering comfort and inspiration long after you’ve passed.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore joyful and meaningful ways to create lasting memories, like telling family stories, sharing jokes, and going through photo albums making annotations
  • Compile family recipe books to preserve cherished recipes like Mum’s Christmas cake, Irish stew, or tiramisu that were never written down
  • Create hand casts of the dying person as a tangible keepsake to cherish
  • Make voice recordings, such as a grandmother reading children’s book passages, ensuring her voice lives on for her grandchildren
  • Craft handmade keepsakes like jewelry, paintings, and poems for a personal touch
  • Experience an exercise of writing enduring pearls of wisdom for your loved ones

Module 5: Navigate the Process of Dying With the Elements to Experience Comfort, Connection & a Deep Sense of Peace


Our physical body is created from the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each element is a portal linking us to the world beyond.

As the dying process begins, these elements begin to withdraw from the body. When this happens, a set of distinct emotional, spiritual and psycho-spiritual shifts take place, which illuminate your wholeness and your most sacred Self.

Felicity will describe these stages as a profound model for understanding the spiritual and energetic aspects of dying, allowing you to experience a gentle death and attune to the mysteries of the deathbed, including visions of departed relatives and other phenomena.

Fully embrace dying as a transformational experience, recognizing the great gifts these changes bring to your spirit and soul.

With Felicity’s guidance, navigate and relate to these four distinct physical and psycho-spiritual phases, making sense of the shifts, emotions, mood changes, and processes that occur as the end of life approaches, turning our final journey into a deeply enriching experience.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore the four phases of death, each linked to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, to understand the sensory experiences of death and reduce fear
  • Gain an understanding of the Earth element, symbolizing strength and connection as the body’s vitality wanes
  • Discover the Water phase, reflecting how the subconscious prepares for death through memories and the surfacing of soul wounds for release
  • Learn about the Fire stage, a time for energetically clearing away what no longer serves, facilitating a departure free of psychic baggage
  • Examine the Air element, marking the expansion of consciousness, the release of the spirit, and the transcendental merge at life’s final breath
  • Take part in a “What to Bring in Your Bag” exercise for visiting a loved one in each stage of death, equipping you with valuable insights and practical actions for supporting someone in the dying process

Module 6: Revive Sacred Vigils to Help Nurture Spiritual Passage to the Next Realm


As dying progresses and the physical body diminishes and weakens, there is often a spiritual blossoming. This is a sacred moment called the “quickening.”

Our ancestors knew how to recognize this and shift their care from the purely physical into something more spiritual when this process occurred.

But as western dying has become ever more medicalized, sacred vigiling skills vital for a gentle, spiritually fulfilled death and long-practiced by our ancestors have been lost and forgotten.

Learn how to honor this sacred moment by keeping company with the dying, nurturing their experience with attention, kindness, and love, and creating a sacred space that allows for a peaceful transition.

This practice is beneficial not only for the dying but also for family members, offering a serene environment to transition from caretakers to mourners, gently preparing them for their own emotional journeys.

Felicity will share invaluable insights about these sacred vigiling skills, teaching you how to create a beautiful, tranquil space in the dying room that paves the way for transcendence.

By tapping into your “nous” the divine wisdom of the heart and prioritizing listening over speaking, you can become a powerful guardian of this sacred space.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Prepare the dying room as an oasis of peace and calm, recognizing hearing as the last sense to fade before death
  • Ready yourself emotionally and energetically with grounding and cleansing exercises, emphasizing a slow, loving presence
  • Include friends and family eager to be part of the process, fostering a supportive environment
  • Engage in singing, touching, and holding, tenderly caring for both the body and soul of the dying person
  • Learn how to offer blessings and perform rituals bedside, creating a sacred space for transition
  • Experience a transformative vigiling exercise designed to foster a safe, loving space for individuals to thoughtfully process their emotions and thoughts as they take part in the sacred act of accompanying someone close to death, all within an atmosphere of sensitivity and respect

Module 7: Become a Soul Midwife to Help Shepherd Those Crossing the Sacred Threshold


Just as a midwife helps you come into this life, a midwife for the soul can help others transition peacefully into the next realm.

Scholarly and esoteric research shows that shortly after clinical death, an extraordinary and subtle process takes place. Two separate energies spirit and soul begin to leave the body. This is called the “unbinding,” and is a gentle unraveling from the physical to the nonphysical realm.

Many wisdom traditions say the deceased often retain a heightened awareness, capable of hearing, sensing emotions, and most crucially, feeling our love.

The hours immediately following death present an unparalleled opportunity for deep, loving communion between the departed and their grieving loved ones a time when emotions are intensified, time seems to stand still, and a divine grace envelops all involved.

Feel guided on how to support someone as they take their final breaths, including the sacred practices of anointing, cutting the spiritual cord that bridges the worlds, and holding space during the unbinding.

Receive insights on how to energetically “return to self” after being a companion in someone’s transition, ensuring a peaceful and complete passage for both the departed and those left behind.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore the transition into death as an expansion of consciousness, becoming a traveler between two worlds and experiencing the duality of existence
  • Learn the sacred act of anointing to grace someone’s journey, understanding that this gesture of blessing and release requires reverence and love, not clerical status
  • Discover the unbinding process, where spirit and soul separate from the physical body in an extraordinary energetic event post-clinical death
  • Understand the crossing of the threshold into divine consciousness and the care for the newly dead, guiding you through this final act of grace
  • Recognize how to “return to self” in an experiential exercise guiding you to ground and center yourself after the intense journey of accompanying someone across the threshold, helping you focus on reconnecting with your surroundings and the world of the living


The Gentle Dying Bonus Collection

In addition to Felicity’s transformative 7-module online course, you’ll receive this special bonus offering to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Twenty Empowering Positive Affirmations to Help You Embrace a Beautiful Death
PDF Guide From Felicity Warner

Death. The mere word can send shivers down our spines, triggering fear, anxiety, and a host of unspoken questions. But what if we could reframe death not as an ending, but a natural transition and make it a powerful source of inspiration for living more fully? This 3-page PDF is full of affirmations to help you unlock a transformed perspective about death.


Whispers of Comfort: Tips for Accompanying a Loved One on Their Final Journeys
PDF Guide From Felicity Warner

Sitting vigil at the bedside of a dying loved one is an act of profound love and courage. It’s a time filled with a spectrum of emotions grief, fear, tenderness, and even moments of unexpected beauty. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, this 5-page PDF list offers gentle suggestions to guide you through this tender process. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers just your genuine presence and love, which are the most precious gifts you can offer.


Gentle Dying
Ebook From Felicity Warner

This 25-page Ebook is a must read for everyone. It’s a treasure trove of profound and gentle ideas about the art of dying, offering valuable wisdom for people from all walks of life. Whether you are personally facing the end of life, supporting a loved one, or simply interested in gaining a deeper understanding of this universal experience, Gentle Dying is a powerful and enlightening resource. Felicity has dedicated it to everyone seeking a compassionate and insightful perspective on the journey of dying.


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What People Are Saying About Felicity Warner...


Rev. Helen James: “Felicity Warner Is One of the Most Truly Radiant Souls”

Ana Isabel: “I Was Bowled Over by Felicity’s Generosity, Her Warmth, and Her Experience and Knowledge of All Things Spiritual”

Jade de Robles Rossdale: “I Am Extremely Grateful and Forever Inspired by Felicity and the Soul Midwife Community”

“Felicity is the most genuine, warm and approachable person you could ever wish to meet.”

Felicity is the most genuine, warm and approachable person you could ever wish to meet. She has remarkable skills of intuition and delivery, knowing what each soul needs and gently and graciously suggesting the right care or treatment or sacred oil that will provide just that. Her knowledge of the journey of the soul and spirit as the great transition approaches is profound... I wholeheartedly recommend the teachings of Felicity. In this chaotic world, her wisdom and the blessing of her presence brings deep peace and understanding from the realm of universal love.
Ann Yeomans, soul midwife, craniosacral osteopath

“I have been very influenced in my career by the work of Felicity Warner.”

I have been very influenced in my career by the work of Felicity Warner. I came across her work and used her first book while I was undertaking social work and counseling training, and going forward into my career focused on palliative care, end of life care, loss, and bereavement. Her wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for her work shines through always. I found her teaching very clear with good examples given throughout. She was able to blend theory and practice. What was also impressive was how she responded to the audience, able to easily clarify something when necessary, or enlarge on a topic. She also stayed focused and kept to time.
Sally Reynolds, soul midwife, grief recovery specialist, massage therapist, Reiki master

“Felicity brings decades of experience, light, love, and compassionate wisdom to the richest of life’s experiences dying.”

Felicity brings decades of experience, light, love, and compassionate wisdom to the richest of life’s experiences dying. Learning how to companion someone towards their death is not morbid rather, it’s practical spirituality, tender, beautiful, heartfelt and a privilege to be part of. I wish I’d learned of soul midwifery before my parents died many years ago as I could have brought so much more understanding and love to their dying process. And it would have helped me grieve more easily. Talking about death and dying is now my favorite subject!
Kathleen M., soul midwife

“Felicity is a wonderful soul and an amazing practitioner of love and light.”

Felicity is a wonderful soul and an amazing practitioner of love and light. Her words and teaching are lovingly filled with encouragement and guidance.
Sue Scaife, soul midwife

“I am deeply grateful to have found such a wise and gentle elder to support my journey.”

Felicity’s eclectic experience and depth of knowledge are unique and her way of demystifying the process of dying is invaluable to anyone who wants to die well. As a soul midwife in training, I am deeply grateful to have found such a wise and gentle elder to support my journey. Felicity’s teachings are wrapped in a warm blanket of love and ancient wisdom. Death was never intended to be a frightening event and her programs clearly underline this truth.
D. H., Reiki practitioner


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions With Felicity Warner

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from end-of-life doula, educator, and author Felicity Warner, founder of Soul Midwives from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and will guide you to transform your approach to life and death, learning to navigate the end-of-life process with dignity so you can create an enduring legacy.

Seven Transcripts of Class Sessions

You’ll also receive the entire class transcription after each session is completed. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Gentle Dying Bonus Collection
  • Twenty Empowering Positive Affirmations To Help You Embrace a Beautiful Death
    PDF Guide From Felicity Warner
  • Whispers of Comfort: Tips for Accompanying a Loved One on Their Final Journey
    PDF Guide From Felicity Warner
  • Gentle Dying
    Ebook From Felicity Warner

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Online Course, Gentle Dying


We feel honored that Felicity Warner has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online course. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an end-of-life doula, educator, author, and founder of Soul Midwives, whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about gaining the knowledge and skills to transform the end-of-life experience into a sacred journey, enabling a graceful transition, creating lasting legacies, and fostering a profound understanding of death’s spiritual dimensions for a more purposeful life, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind program.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own evolution, click the register button below to reserve your space now.


3 Payments of
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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely LOVE Gentle Dying or don’t feel that it meets your needs please submit your refund request form 2 weeks from your date of purchase and we’ll happily issue qualifying customers a refund.


More Praise for Felicity Warner...

“Felicity Warner is a wonderful, warm, wise, and inspiring teacher.”

Felicity Warner is a wonderful, warm, wise, and inspiring teacher. She radiates compassionate care and has a profoundly sensitive understanding of how to heal people’s fears and vulnerabilities. She is deeply involved in spiritual practice and inspires all her students to develop love and care to the very best of their ability. 100% recommended. We are fortunate to have her on the planet.
Dr. William Bloom, author and educator

“Felicity’s outstanding work is life-changing.”

Felicity’s outstanding work is life-changing. She reminds us of the wisdom of tender soul care that we can all offer those at the end of life. She reminds us of who we are  souls walking each other home.
Mandy Preece, hospice communications coach and author of Being Rock.

“Felicity is one of the extraordinary people whose teachings have helped shape my later life.”

Felicity is one of the extraordinary people whose teachings have helped shape my later life. She has a profound knowledge and understanding around the many aspects of death and dying, and she is able to impart this to those she works with in a way that facilitates them to unlock their own innate skills. She works holistically, supporting each individual to deepen their understanding. She brings wisdom, grace, and her wonderful sense of humor into her teaching, and she truly touches the heart. If you are interested in bringing understanding of death and dying back into life and living, then you could do no better than to engage with Felicity.
Krista Hughes, resident soul midwife, Mulberry Centre, United Kingdom

“Thank you, Felicity, for showing me the door to a beautiful and lost world.”

I am so grateful for Felicity's teaching on all aspects of life and death, embracing the world we can touch and the world which is just as present, but not visible. Felicity's teaching is down-to-earth, caring and connected to the spirits. Through Felicity's teaching I found myself met by a soul sister in what is essential to me and what has been dormant for a long while. Thank you, Felicity, for showing me the door to a beautiful and lost world.
Juliane Rasch, soul midwife

“Felicity Warner is an amazing teacher who has inspired me to learn more about soul midwifery and end-of-life care.”

Felicity Warner is an amazing teacher who has inspired me to learn more about soul midwifery and end-of-life care. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares generously and compassionately. Her teaching style is engaging, interactive, and supportive. She encourages deep reflection and discussion, and creates a safe and nurturing space for learning. I have learned so much from her courses and books, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the mysteries of death and dying and how to embrace them. Felicity Warner is a true pioneer and a blessing to the dying and their families and anyone who sits under her tuition.
Ashley Liddington, FSBP FFC chaplain, soul midwife, end-of-life practitioner


About Felicity Warner

Felicity Warner is the founder of Soul Midwives™, a global movement pioneering and teaching holistic and spiritual end-of-life care. Her work is used in hospitals, hospices, and care homes and within communities.

She is the principal of the Soul Midwives School, and lectures internationally on death and dying and sacred oils. She has authored four books, including Gentle Dying, A Safe Journey Home, The Soul Midwives’ Handbook, and Sacred Oils: Working with 20 Precious Oils to Heal Spirit and Soul.

In her healing work, Felicity is a myrrhophore (a woman who works with myrrh) and holder of a lineage dating back to Mary Magdalene. This ancient healing practice uses the energetic qualities of essential oils and aromatics for their interaction with the human energy field.

She is an honorary Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the University of Winchester and has won many awards for her work, including End of Life Care Champion of the Year by the National Council for Palliative Care, and the End of Life Doula of the Year by The Good Funeral Guide. She was a finalist in the Daily Mail Inspirational Women of the Year Awards.


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A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee for a full two weeks so that you can try out the course risk free. The deadline to receive a refund is two weeks from your date of purchase. To request a refund, please click here to submit your Refund Application Form. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we will send you an email confirmation when your refund has been completed. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there’s something we can assist you with, please email us at support@theshiftnetwork.com, and we’ll be happy to help!


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