With Andean Medicine Carrier
Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

June 29 July 27, 2024
Chinchero and Sacred Valley
Limited to 24 participants

Travel to Peru for Sacred Learning, Spiritual Initiation & the Journey of a Lifetime!


Immerse yourself in a profound in-person apprenticeship at the core of Andean shamanic culture exploring uncharted territories of consciousness within a serene mountain sanctuary and propelling your life’s journey to unprecedented heights and depths.


Your 28-Day Program Includes:

  • 20 day-long immersions in Andean healing traditions and cultural transmissions Monday to Friday every week
  • Intimate apprenticeship in a community circle, working with Puma, his extended family, and other respected Peruvian elders
  • Guided visits to sacred sites, including Quillarumiyoq, Chinchero, Ausangate, Sayhuite, and Saqsaywaman
  • Three optional ceremonies with Huachuma (San Pedro) in a traditional context and one Ayahuasca ceremony (imbibing the plant medicine is optional)
  • Special welcome and closing night celebrations including traditional sacred music with amazing Peruvian musicians
  • A one-on-one coca leaf ceremony and consultation with Puma to discern the wisdom you need for the next steps of your journey (20-30 minutes)
  • Special Andean cultural experiences, including musical, culinary, and weaving arts with Puma’s family and the local community
  • Lodging, from arrival in Cusco to departure
  • All meals and local transport included in the program, Monday to Friday; optional weekend travel excursions are not included
  • Small-group integration sessions throughout the journey to develop intimacy, community, and mutual support
  • Engagement with several elder wisdom carriers sharing about how to work with herbal medicines, energy, and ceremony
  • Three online preparation meetings in advance of your arrival (Jan. 24, Mar. 28, May 23)
  • Two online integration meetings post apprenticeship (Sept. 5, Nov. 7)
  • Access to selected sessions from The Shift Network’s Shamanic Wisdom Summit and Psychedelic Healing Summit
  • $1,000 discount on future Sacred Journey to Peru adventures with Shift

Realize the truth of who you are with a community of fellow explorers in a magical land, and emerge as a more realized, clear, and empowered version of yourself with an expanded vision for your life and your work on this planet.


Have questions? Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Click here to book a free consultation or email today and let us help you gain a deeper understanding of this month-long in-person program and the opportunity it affords you.


Invitation From Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network


Dear Fellow Seeker,

Since ancient times, humanity’s deepest wisdom has been passed on through in-person apprenticeships. As a seeker becomes ready, a gradual transmission of knowledge, healing wisdom, and capacity enables them to become a carrier for a tradition.

Over the past year, you’ve experienced a unique virtual apprenticeship with Puma. You’re already acquainted with the immense power embodied in the awakened heart and the vast cosmology of his tradition. Through the wires of the internet and the subtle energy that binds us, you’ve personally connected with this extraordinary wisdom. Deep within, you understand that Peru holds invaluable medicine for the world and that Puma is a profound carrier of that sacred knowledge.

Now you’re likely hungry for something more: an intimate in-person opportunity to learn the healing arts of Peru in a hands-on way in which you can be fully embraced by Puma and his family, receive the wisdom of the elders of Peru, experience the magic of sacred sites, and truly begin a next chapter of your life.

That’s why we’ve created the Sacred Apprenticeship in Peru with Puma. It gives you time in an intimate circle of allies to receive the full power of this sacred lineage to heal yourself more deeply, claim your medicine bundle, expand your healing skills with others, and advance your life mission all while building a community of conscious peers for support and collaboration.

You might become someone who is an emissary for Peruvian shamanism or even a full-time practitioner someday. Or, you might simply emerge more grounded, open-hearted, and fully aligned with a sacred vision for your life.

What is clear is that Peru is a birthing ground for a new humanity and that it can be a blessed birthing ground for a new You.

I believe that the Sacred Apprenticeship in Peru may be the best investment you can make in advancing your spiritual awakening and your service in 2024, as you receive a full-body wisdom transmission, unique cultural experiences, and profound spiritual openings and are graced by new gifts to serve the world.

We invite you to read this page, watch Puma share about this unique opportunity, and apply for one of the limited slots for this program.

In sacred friendship,
Stephen Dinan

Your liberation is inevitable.
Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Overview of Your Month-Long Learning From Masters

As you’ve already experienced, Puma is guided in each moment in a way that serves the group, so any curriculum or itinerary is only an approximation of what will happen (which will actually be even more magical!). The following roadmap gives you a sense of how this apprenticeship will unfold.

Each week will include:

  • Morning practices will consist of walking meditations in the mountains of Chinchero with specific intentions to receive guidance from spirit allies
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday, featuring delicious local Peruvian cuisine
  • From around 9:00am to 5:00pm, we’ll dive deep into core teaching sessions, demonstrations, rituals, and ceremony
  • Special weekly 1-hour sessions that focus on Peruvian cooking skills (Monday), traditional weaving arts (Wednesday), and Peruvian music (Thursday)
  • Sacred site visits, ceremonies, ancestral plant medicine, and much more!

Arrival Weekend (June 29 & 30)


To ease your acclimation to the high altitude of Chinchero, you’ll arrive to Cusco airport the afternoon of Saturday, June 29, and be transported to the beautiful town of Pisac in the Sacred Valley, a lower-elevation site that is not only a traditional ceremonial center with an important archeological site, but a place where spiritual seekers from around the world come to grow, explore, and heal. There are various healing spas, amazing markets, and beautiful hikes here.

We’ll convene for an initial gathering and celebratory dinner, and also have spacious time to acclimate from jetlag and altitude.

Week 1 Herbal Medicines for Healing (July 1 to 5)


On the morning of July 1, you’ll be transported to Puma’s home ceremonial center in Chinchero to begin your apprenticeship. The focus of the first week will be learning to work in a traditional (and multidimensional) way with herbal medicines.

During this week, you’ll:

  • Learn how to pray and commune with plants, giving you precise information and guidance for how they can help you or your clients
  • Perform limpias and herbal cleansings with remedies designed to clear the energy field of clients or allies as often used in shamanic rituals and plant medicine ceremonies
  • Understand how to call upon the actual spirits of different plants to partner with them in the healing process receiving precise direction for sequencing of herbal remedies
  • Explore how to call upon the plant spirits to form a healing partnership while working with clients
  • Receive recipes for herbal and flower baths as part of cleansing rituals with specific herbal medicines
  • Learn to collect flowers based on color frequencies that are designed for specific inner effects from opening to love, to calling forth abundance, to spiritual awakening
  • Engage in plant-collecting rituals that establish a deeper relationship with specific plants often collecting plants in the morning for rituals in the afternoon
  • Explore Featured Plants: While some plants are native only to Peru and can be used in dried form once you’re back home, Puma and guest faculty will focus on rosemary, mints, wildflowers, aromatic plants (perfumes and essential oils), and specific healing recipes for different conditions
  • Meet Special Guests: This week will include visits and teachings from some of Peru’s most revered elders and healers some of whom rarely share their wisdom with outsiders. (Note: Given that many of these elders stay attuned to spirit guidance, we can only confirm which will be guest teachers closer to the actual date.)

Week 2 Working With Your Medicine Bundle (July 8 to 12)


This week holds significant potential as it encompasses a transformative journey to seek counsel from mountain spirits in relation to your personal medicine bundle. Each shamanic apprentice and healer possesses distinct healing gifts, contributing to how they aid others. A crucial aspect of this healing work is gaining a true understanding of one’s own unique medicine bundle and its exceptional attributes. This awareness allows for discerning when to offer assistance and when to seek the aid of fellow healers.

In Peru, each mountain is considered to have its own specific “apu” or “mountain spirit” that provides particular guidance. One of the highest peaks in this area, which is particularly significant for receiving visions and guidance, is Apu Ausangate.

During this week, you’ll:

  • Learn how to work with mountain apus to receive specific guidance and support for your path
  • Understand the Peruvian approach to soul retrieval for retrieving parts of your soul that may have been left behind as a result of difficult experiences and engage in a group soul retrieval process
  • Make a pilgrimage to Ausangate over multiple days to receive your “star program” where you’re given more information about your specialty as a healing force on the planet (hands-on, plant medicine, oracular, etc.)
  • Find sacred stones to build your altar, balancing the white stones of the cosmic father with the black stones of the cosmic mother
  • Start working with the master plant teacher Huachuma in a guided outdoor ceremony (imbibing the plant medicine is optional)
  • Visit Sayhuite, a sacred site with gigantic stones carved by ancestors that has a special quality of energy that will serve in understanding and embodying your medicine bundle
  • Book an optional weekend excursion (not included in this program) to the sacred sites of Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu with Puma’s guiding team

(Note: Due to various ticket, train, and tourism costs, plus an overnight stay in Aguas Calientes, this trip will cost an estimated $450 and will need to be booked about three months ahead of the actual date)

Week 3 Activating Your Work With the White Mesa (July 15 to 19)


In the heart of shamanic practice in Peru lies a sacred centerpiece known as the Mesa an altar that embodies our intentions. Every object on it serves a sacred purpose, uniting to hold immense potential for healing, growth, and positive transformation. The mesa acts as a fertile ground where the seeds of your desired reality are sown, harnessing the universe’s transformative powers in precise, intentional ways. Crafting your own mesa and engaging with it daily is a potent medicine practice.

During this week, you’ll:

  • Learn to work with energy cultivated through working with the white mesa while in ceremony understanding the laws of energy connects you to the laws of the universe and makes you a more powerful creator and healer
  • Deepen your understanding of offerings, as nearly all Indigenous cultures use specific ritual offerings as a way of forging relationships with ancestors, discarnate spirits, and unseen forces and learning how Peruvian culture works with offerings in precise and effective ways
  • Learn how to deepen your work with the mesa, accessing its power and knowing when its cycle is complete and receive guidance on how to release perishables in sacred fire or bury them back into Pachamama
  • Develop skills in working with nature guardians and Pachamama herself
  • Receive practices for creating site-specific ceremonies and rituals for group healing work
  • Embark on a “shamanic shopping” expedition to the market in Cusco to find the most abundant variety of elements used in ceremony
  • Engage your second journey with master teacher plant Huachuma to access higher visions regarding your service (imbibing the plant medicine is optional)
  • Special Event on July 15: Virgen del Carmen Festival in Pisac This is a day to celebrate life and honor Mother Earth with beautiful dances, traditional Andean music, and colorful celebrations

Week 4: Mastering Energy as a Healer (July 22 to 26)


When we are accessing portals, we receive precise guidance and activate a powerful healer, pathways, and knowledge that we can use in our healing work. This will enhance your existing knowledge of working with a mesa, enabling you to engage energy in a focused and impactful manner. You’ll be instructed in the art of transmutation, elevating denser energy into higher frequencies... and how to open your third eye to perceive energy at a heightened level, enhancing your ability to identify and address challenges to produce sacred alchemy and profound realizations.

During this week, you’ll:

  • Synthesize your knowledge gained from learning how to work with the white mesa
  • Develop your oracular skills, learning to work with coca leaves, stones, and energy fields to discern what is out of balance and requires healing
  • Develop skills of transmutation by learning how to alchemize heavier or denser energy into a higher frequency enabling you to move from a defensive state against lower vibrations into a state of knowing how to transmute them
  • Open your third eye to perceive energy and frequency at a higher level, which amplifies your ability to identify issues or challenges
  • Engage the labyrinth of your mind in a way that creates sacred alchemy and births new realizations
  • Receive a deep wisdom transmission on the energetic healing lineages of Peru
  • Engage your third journey with the master teacher plant Huachuma to understand how to engage your highest abilities for working with energy to empower your leadership skills (imbibing the plant medicine is optional)
  • Sacred site visits to the Heart of the Condor, Temple of the Moon, and Sacsayhuaman, where you’ll receive guidance about the shamanic significance of these sites  and how you can use them to dialogue with cosmic forces and open to higher understanding
  • Special guest: Tito La Rosa (to be confirmed), a master sound healer who will create a healing evening of sound, and share how he works with it

Closing Celebration night (July 26)


We’ll celebrate the closing night of the program with nourishing Peruvian music, food, and blessing. Get ready to party with Puma! We’ll follow up the next morning with a heartfelt appreciation, blessing, and closing ritual.


Have questions? Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Click here to book a free consultation or email today and let us help you gain a deeper understanding of this month-long in-person program and the opportunity it affords you.


More About This Journey of a Lifetime

Have you ever been on a journey that changed your life forever?

Travel is a potent portal to growth... and when you travel to one of the most powerful sacred locations on Earth, accompanied by great healers, to apprentice with ancient traditions and life-changing plant allies, true magic is possible.

The goal of this Sacred Apprenticeship in Peru is to create a unique, life-changing initiation into traditional ways of healing with plants, energy, ceremony, culture, and beautiful natural environments all within a supportive community of conscious peers.

According to Puma and his lineage, Earth is currently going through a shift into a new level of consciousness in which the old destructive patterns in our human story are reaching their conclusion and the new is being born.

This shift is happening through us. It’s time to repair our history and reconnect our bodies, minds, and souls.

This Sacred Apprenticeship in Peru is a unique opportunity to activate a new and awakened you.

As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to work with ancient healing practices as well as profound sacred plants, including Huachuma, a visionary cactus that has long been considered a master healer plant in Peru. Huachuma (San Pedro) is often called Grandfather, and offers “gentle love” medicine in the light of day.

When this plant ally is approached with respect and honor, it can catalyze great wisdom for us. By cultivating a deep relationship with it along with the healing power of ceremony you can transcend feelings of disconnection, depression, and dis-ease, and shift into an awakening of your consciousness.

In Peruvian time-honored tradition, Huachuma is more than a mere substance. It’s a living, revered entity that holds a profound intelligence about the unique pathway of healing and awakening for each individual.

To ensure you receive long-lasting (and safe) positive benefits, you’ll have access to traditional healing knowledge, with the support of pre- and post-integration work that addresses psychological, spiritual, and physical healing protocols.

In this life-enriching apprenticeship, Puma, an Andean lineage holder trained in ancient ways by his grandfather from the age of six, will take you on a profound journey of evolution and healing for yourself and your mission.

In this apprenticeship, you’ll experience ancestral traditions that have been kept alive for thousands of years.
Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Highlights From the 2022 Sacred Journey to Peru


What Previous Participants Have Said About Shift Network Journeys to Peru With Puma

During my journey I was able to release so much pain and grief over an extremely toxic relationship... I have felt a tremendous amount of peace since returning.

Kim, Texas

I experienced and saw the matrix that connects all life and everything in the cosmos... It’s a miraculous experience.

Sally, Georgia

I actually received a new energetic heart and was cleared of old patterns of carrying unnecessary suffering, grief, and sadness of my paternal lineage.

Corrina, Oregon

I saw all of my personal growth efforts for the last 30 years coming together.

Dennis, California

For me it was truly a journey of a lifetime. I will always treasure this experience.


I felt I was being shown a new blueprint for my life.


I have a lifetime of downloads to process.”


I do feel like a different person inside.



Who Is This Apprenticeship For?

This apprenticeship is for those who feel called by their soul to engage in this work. It is not a journey primarily for entertainment or tourism but an opportunity to engage in a deep wisdom transmission and spiritual apprenticeship. We believe that those who are called to come are responding to a specific sacred purpose which may or may not be known in advance so that the medicine of this beautiful culture can be shared.

All you need is a courageous heart and committed mind, as well as a willingness to dive into the core of your being in a community of fellow explorers. We invite participants to be vulnerable, real, and committed to drop deeper into your heart each day.

This program is only open to those who will have completed the online 12-month immersion with Puma (or special exceptions for people who have already been apprenticing in-person with Puma) so that he can review the foundational teachings and focus on expanding into more advanced levels that can only be passed on in person.

While it’s helpful if you have previous experience working with sacred plants in a ceremonial context, it’s not a requirement. You can choose to connect with the plant spirit of Huachuma and not imbibe the plant medicine. All races, colors, genders, ages, and religious orientations are welcome.

This apprenticeship is not for you if you have psychological or medical contraindications that make it unsafe, or you’re not prepared to enter with a spirit of respect, reverence, and willingness to do the real work that’s often required for lasting change. We are requiring any applicants over 70 to have a special medical clearance to ensure that this is an appropriate next step for them since the altitude and climate adjustments can be challenging, and working with sacred plant medicines can be contraindicated. If you have questions about your medical clearance, please click here to schedule a meeting with Program Manager Lola Young.




Puma Fredy Quispe Singona
Andean medicine carrier

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona began training with his grandfather, the late Don Maximo, after an initiation by lightning at the age of six learning and mastering the Andean traditions and rituals by connecting with ancestral spirits, cosmic forces, and natural elementals.

He has worked deeply with direct lineages of the Huachuma plant from the coast of Peru and with Ayahuasca, the sacred plant of the Amazonian Shipibo people. Puma conveys a passion for the ancestral Incan teachings with a profound respect for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and plant medicine supporting our global consciousness awakening.

As a young adult, he attended and facilitated international gatherings of spiritual leaders and young leaders with YES (Youth for Environmental Sanity,) and has been featured in books and films about the Andean medicine path. Along with the team from his tour company, Pumadventures, he gathers groups from around the world for spiritual pilgrimages to visit sacred sites for self-transformation and rebirth processes.

He created and built Noqan Kani Global Community Center in his hometown village of Chinchero, where the local people, as well as the greater global community, can study and learn about these ancient teachings, keeping the timeless Andean ways, culture, and nature-based wisdom alive for generations to come. Puma’s mission is to continue his grandfather’s legacy by sharing the wisdom and the medicine of his ancestral Indigenous culture in his own unique, inspiring, and heartfelt way.


Special Facilitators, Elders, and Musicians

(click photo to learn more)


Tito La Rosa
Flute healing & ceremonial music

Tito La Rosa

Tito La Rosa is a sociologist, musician, sound healer, and builder of musical instruments. The last 20 years he has worked healing through sound using ancestral instruments from ancient Peru. He has 12 musical productions based on his proposal to unite the ancestral-contemporary in a dialogue of cultures and time. Conductor of harmonization workshops with companies and leaders of communities. Winner of the national award for his contribution to music for the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

Mama Irene
Medicine woman & healer

Mama Juana Irene

Mama Juana Irene Contreras Pumayalli was born in 1944 in the community of Pucamarca in the district of Chinchero. Ever since she was a child, she was blessed with healing gifts and was known in her community as “the little doctor.” At seven years old, she was struck by a bolt of lightning in the presence of mount Apu Antakillka, divinely initiating her as a medicine woman and starting her healing path of Kapaq Ñan.

Today, she is a powerful medicine woman with more than 60 years of experience of traveling and spreading Andean wisdom. She is a master of ceremonies, healing using plants and herbs, curing babies, despacho offerings, flower baths, and tarot and coca leaf readings. Her passion is teaching and initiating youth into a beautiful life with an awakened spiritual presence.

Don Sebastian
Q’ero Pampamisayoq

Don Sebastian

The Pampamisayoc Don Sebastian Pauccar Flores was born in 1960 to the Q’eros a community recognized by Unesco as a cultural heritage of humanity and declared by the Ministry of Culture of Cusco as the last Ayllu Inca (Inca Town).

From a young age, he worked his family trade of agriculture, livestock, and textile weaving, until at 14 he was initiated into the medicine path by an Altomisayoc (highest level of mastery of the mesa). After receiving the teachings of the mesa and being initiated as a Pampamisayoc, he started helping his local community and developing his path of Kapaq Ñan.

Today, he has more than 30 years of experience spreading Andean wisdom all around the world, including the U.S., Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Currently living in Cusco, he is dedicated to spreading his knowledge and wisdom for the raising of global consciousness. He is a master of ceremonies, despacho offerings, flower baths, Karpay (initiations), and coca leaf readings.

Don Pedro
Huachuma master & healer

Master Pedro

Master Pedro is a powerful and humble healer from the Cusco region. He was orphaned as a child as the oldest of three brothers. In order to provide for his siblings, he worked selling handicrafts or doing street work. Because he had no home, he spent the nights on the streets of Cusco until he found his way to the archaeological site and the powerful energetic vortex of Sacsayhuaman. At Sacsayhuaman, powerful guardians and mountain spirits started teaching him about the medicine path through dream time. They brought him all over the archaeological site, connecting him to the powerful temples and bestowing him with ancient knowledge.

He works as a spiritual coach and healer all over Peru, ever developing his wisdom with his spirit allies, and is recognized by the government as a powerful medicine man, tour guide, and teacher of ancient wisdom.

After challenging and disrespectful processes with students, he was about to quit the medicine path completely, but discovered that it was not a choice for him to quit as he was chosen by spirit to share this knowledge and heal the young generations. His graceful and loving heart is open for those who listen to the calling of Pachamama and our cosmic parents.


Wiñaypaq Takin
Ceremonial music

Wiñaypaq Takin

Wiñaypaq Takin is a cultural group that seeks to revalue our Andean customs through music, rescuing our identity. Our group intends to find conducive paths and recovery actions, awareness, strengthening, and dissemination of our culture and of the Andean entities, without denying the modernity and interculturality of current technology. Our intention is to contribute to the development of a better dissemination of the arts in our local and foreign environment through our work and increase interest in our culture and music.

Ñutu Runas
Celebratory, fusion folkloric music

Ñutu Runas

Ñutu Runas is one of the best folk bands in Cusco, from the beginning they always showed the proper attitude, something that few musicians have.

Lola Young
Program Manager & Facilitator

Lola Young

In addition to her role as Program Manager on the Transformational Learning team at The Shift Network, Lola Young is a licensed bodyworker, registered yoga teacher, sacred movement Instructor, and a Certified Integrative Sound Practitioner. She has studied with Indigenous wisdom keepers and master teachers around the world. For the past seven years, Lola has been immersed in Andean wisdom, rituals, sacred ceremony, and in guiding group journeys to Peru with Puma Fredy Quispe Singona.


What People Are Saying About Puma

“[Puma] has really given me another perspective in life, in general... in a spiritual way, in a mental way.”

He has really given me another perspective in life, in general... in a spiritual way, in a mental way. My connection to Pachamama I have never been the same since then.
Anaïs Mali, model and actress

“There’s really so much to learn in Puma’s teachings.”

Puma creates a learning environment in which you can really grow. He creates a safe space in which you can be your very own best. You’re so secure that you can be free. You’re connected, and you’re engaged in choosing your own path to evolve. There’s really so much to learn in Puma’s teachings. It’s like the threads that are already woven between you and the ancestral forces, the spirits, the essences, the elements, the animals, Pachamama.
Marion Conaway

“The gifts of Puma and these teachings are beyond measure.”

I feel so blessed to be able to study with Puma. His knowledge, wisdom, presence, and loving heart continue to invite me into a deeper truth of self. I am able to love more fully, to be that love, and to be in love with all that this life is offering in ways I was not before. Through the teachings and the Mesa, I feel so supported by Pachamama, the ancestors, and all allies. I feel held in a constant field of love, beauty, cosmic intelligence, and grace, and I am deeply grateful to know how to use my Mesa to offer this back in service and support of others. The gifts of Puma and these teachings are beyond measure. Much love and gratitude.
Lakita, Oregon


About Huachuma (San Pedro)

The following description was developed by Puma and his team, who see these plant medicines primarily through a traditional healing lens. Note that it’s not required to work with this plant medicine during the trip. You’ll always have the choice, and you can opt to commune directly with the healing spirits, as you have learned from Puma’s online program.

San Pedro (often called Huachuma), a cactus native to the Andes, is known to have been used by pre-Inca civilizations for up to 4,000 years. The active component found in this medicine is mescaline, and the nature or personality of this plant is perceived by many as the masculine grandfather spirit. It’s often depicted as having the spirit of the hummingbird.

Used to help perceive our self-created barriers and limitations, this medicine greatly aids in opening and connecting with our hearts. Each ceremony is a meeting with ourselves, Mother Earth, and the Divine, serving as a medicinal mirror to help us see where we hold on to self-limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives, gently guiding us to release what no longer serves us. San Pedro ceremonies are performed with psychological preparation and physical cleansing.

Ceremonies for deep physical and energetic cleansing precede ceremonies that can bring healing with deep vision and light. The journey is often difficult to understand in the moment. However, with the benefit of hindsight and integration, the deep wisdom of the plants reveals itself in time. It’s commonly understood that the medicine will give you what you need and what you want.


Psychoactive Masters of the Plant Spirit Kingdom


Sacred Site Visits Included

Qorikancha, the “Temple of the Sun,” is the center of centers of the Inca civilization. Completely adorned in gold, silver, and precious stones, with life-sized sacred spiritual symbols, it represents the cosmovision. This land is known as a vortex, where many ley lines converge. It was believed that the disc representing the sun was in this temple made of crystals and precious stones (some believe from materials not of this Earth!). Top chiefs, governors, military and religious leaders, and high priests and priestesses came to this sacred temple to ask the oracle questions and make important decisions for the Incan civilization. The people of the community were only allowed outside the temple walls to pray to their ancestors, the sun disc, and the Divine for enlightenment, self-realization, and illumination.

Saqsaywaman, the “Temple of the Enlightened,” is also known as “satisfied hawk” or “great head of the puma.” This temple was for the head of administration for top military, government, and religious leaders. The enlightened head of the puma is a terrace in the shape of lightning with lithic pieces and stones brought from a quarry 25 kilometers southeast of Cusco, weighing approximately 120 tons. At this temple, you can connect with the power of leadership, the enlightened mind, and enlightened consciousness. Here, the Andean people give homage to Father Sun and Mother Earth and keep ancestral ceremonies, rituals, and offerings of gratitude alive.

Moray, the “Green House of the Inca,” is the temple of rebirth, set above the Sacred Valley. It’s a series of concentric circles that offered advanced hydraulic engineering to the Inca people, creating microclimates for each terrace to grow products of the Amazon in the highlands. The Incas represented the figure of Mother Earth as a woman with concentric circles symbolizing the womb, where seeds were planted and discovered and human beings were chosen as seeds of a new humanity.

Chinchero, the “Land of the Rainbow,” was derived from the word Sincheraq referencing the people of highly evolved souls who discovered and offered their gifts from an early age to the family and community through the Tawantinsuyu (the four regions of the sun). In ancient times, this was a university where young people were trained in the arts of weaving, architecture, engineering, astronomy, and military. Today, Chinchero is an amazing altar for the sunset. It’s believed that these altars facing the west are meant to honor the ancestors, leaders, and high priests and priestesses, who have set with the sun and, with their light, are still guarding us to be in service for our evolution and self-realization. Chinchero is also known as the land of the rainbow and is the temple of the seven rays, which are the most important lineages and traditions of the world.

Ausangate is a place of profound spiritual significance nestled in the Peruvian Andes. Towering at an impressive height, the snow-capped peak of Ausangate commands respect and admiration, drawing pilgrims and travelers from far and wide. Revered by the indigenous Quechua people, Ausangate holds a central role in their cosmology and belief system. It is considered an Apu, a sacred mountain, believed to be a guardian spirit protecting the surrounding lands and its inhabitants. The glacier that graces its slopes is seen as a life-giving source, providing vital water for the local communities and their livestock. For generations, rituals and ceremonies have been performed to honor Ausangate and seek blessings for a bountiful harvest and prosperity. The site exudes an aura of ancient wisdom and spiritual connection, inviting those who visit to contemplate the harmony between nature and humanity. As travelers venture into the rugged landscapes and interact with the Indigenous people, they are immersed in a profound cultural experience that leaves an indelible mark on their souls. The sacred site of Ausangate is not only a physical destination but a portal to a realm where reverence for nature and spirituality intertwine, leaving all who visit with a sense of wonder and awe.

Sayhuite is an enigmatic and captivating archaeological site located in the Peruvian Andes. The main attraction at Sayhuite is a massive and intricately carved rock known as the “Sayhuite Stone.” This stone, measuring approximately 4 meters in diameter, is a testament to the advanced engineering and artistic skills of the ancient Inca civilization. The surface of the stone is adorned with a mesmerizing array of miniature terraces, canals, stairways, and various representations of animals, plants, and human figures. The exact purpose of this remarkable stone remains a subject of debate among archaeologists, with theories ranging from a topographic model used for urban planning to a sacred ritual site associated with water worship or astronomical observations. Regardless of its original function, Sayhuite continues to captivate modern-day visitors with its mysterious allure and rich historical significance. As one stands before the Sayhuite Stone, they cannot help but marvel at the ingenuity and artistry of the ancient Inca civilization, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the complexities and wonders of our shared human heritage.

Optional Excursions

Machu Picchu is a citadel built on top of the mountains right above the Willka Mayu or Willka Nota River, where the altar of Apu Salkantay, the most important mountain spirit god of the Inca people, resides. Built with white granite in the shape of the condor, and known as the crystal condor, the myth and legend is that the crystal condor carries the soul of the people of this Earth to the sun of divine origins. In Machu Picchu, you can connect with your original soul purpose and learn what you need to manifest in this lifetime, to leave as an offering and a legacy for generations to come. Machu Picchu is the temple of liberation, self-realization, and enlightenment, and honors the most important constellation of the Inca people the southern cross constellation also known as the heart of the Milky Way.

Ollantaytambo is the “Tree of Life.” In the middle of three valleys, the pre-Incan people built terraces, temples, pyramids, and astronomical observatories on mountainsides, showcasing their ancient technologies and highly advanced knowledge of architecture, engineering, and astronomy. Ollantaytambo means “observatory from above,” from the Pukina language a language now disappeared from the communities of the Andes. Myths and traditions say that the first civilization, descendants of the Atlanteans, settled here before moving into Cusco. Famous for its powerful temples to the sun, the sacred four elements, and the Pleiades, Ollantaytambo is the portal of entrance into Machu Picchu.


Local Immersion: Sacred Sites, Local Traditions & Cultural Exchanges



In order to optimize your integration and spiritual journey, Puma requested that all participants stay in single rooms in the town of Chinchero or in his own ceremonial center. We will be in the following hotels, which are rated as a 3-star level of accommodation:

Chinchero Boutique Hotel

La Casa De Barro Lodge

Free Resources Included in This Journey

  • Curated selection of sessions from The Shift Network’s Shamanic Wisdom Summit and Psychedelic Healing Summit
  • $1,000 discount on future Sacred Journey to Peru adventures, enabling you to return more easily to Peru should you wish to continue your apprenticeship through Shift.

Availability: We have a hard limit of 24 spaces in this program. All spaces include single bedrooms for the full 28 days in order to optimize your integration process.

Price is per person; airfare not included.

Ticket Price (Single Occupancy)

1 Payment of

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • If your application/health intake form is not accepted, your registration fees will be promptly refunded in full.
  • In the last year, there has been some instability in Peru which appears to be over. Rest assured, if The Shift Network needs to cancel the apprenticeship in the event of a recurrence, your registration fees would be refunded in full.*
  • In the event the apprenticeship is canceled by The Shift Network for another reason, your registration fees will be refunded in full.*
  • If your application/health intake form is accepted, the following refund policy applies:*
    • Before November 1, 2023, within 24 hours of purchase, registration fees are fully refundable. 
    • Before November 1, 2023, past the “24 hours of purchase” window, a non-refundable $500 deposit is retained. 
    • From November 1, 2023 through December 15, 2023, 50% of collected tuition is retained by The Shift Network. 
    • Beginning December 16, 2023, no refunds are available.
  • The registration fees must be paid at least 30 days prior to attending the apprenticeship.
  • Registration fees are listed in USD. You are responsible for any additional fees you may be charged by your financial institution such as foreign currency exchange fees if paying from a non-U.S. account. Contact Customer Support if you require assistance with your payment.

*Please note that this refund policy pertains to the registration fees you have paid to The Shift Network for the event as described above, and does not apply to your airfare and any miscellaneous costs, which are not covered by Shift.


Peru Is Waiting to Safely Welcome You


Insurance & Other Travel Arrangements & Terms

  • The Shift Network strongly encourages participants to come prepared with health insurance and travel insurance.
  • When purchasing airline tickets, we recommend that you choose to include the optional insurance coverage for your tickets offered by most airlines.
  • Additionally, we strongly recommended travel insurance that could potentially cover your registration fees in the event that you are not able to attend due to extenuating circumstances. Trip protection to cover unexpected events like loss of a loved one or unexpected illnesses, emergency medical insurance, emergency evacuation, and gear protection can give you peace of mind and support your positive travel experience. While Shift does not endorse any particular provider, here are three insurance options for your consideration:
  • Or, consider using a travel insurance broker, such as:
  • Travel arrangements and documentation, including visas, passports, flights, and transportation, travel insurance, health insurance, COVID-19 testing and policies as regards travel to and from Peru, and incidental expenses, are the responsibility of applicants/participants.
  • The Shift Network and all associated organizers, facilitators, venue owners, and management are not responsible for any personal injury or illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dates?


June 29 July 27, 2024


Q: What airport do I fly into?


(CUZ) Alejandro Velasco Astete Cusco International Airport


Q: When should I book my tickets to arrive?


After your application has been reviewed by our Medical Supervisor, you will receive travel information with guidance for arrival times.


Q: Are airport transfers included?


Airport transfers are included on the first day (June 29) and last day (July 27).

Arrivals on June 29: Book the domestic flight (Lima-Cusco) to arrive around Noon in Cusco.

Our team will greet everyone at the airport and transport our group to the Sacred Valley (an approximately 90-minute drive).

Departures on July 27: Book flights to leave Cusco in the late afternoon. We recommend arriving at the airport about 2.5 to 3 hours before your flight time.


Q: I’d like to arrive before the retreat starts and stay longer, is this possible?


Yes! You can choose to book your own hotel or Airbnb accommodations, or our Peru team will provide options for pre/post-retreat hotel booking and airport transfer requests beginning in early 2024.


Q: What travel insurance companies do you recommend?


World Nomads
*Recommended Travel insurance coverage to include:*

  • Program Fee
  • All Travel Costs
  • Medical Coverage

Q: What is the altitude?


Locations during our journey:
Ausangate: 5,000 meters/16,500
Cusco: 3,399 meters / 11,150 feet
Sacred Valley: 2,871 meters / 9,420 feet
Machu Picchu: 2,430 meters / 7,972 feet
Chinchero: 3,725m / 12,221 feet


Q: What is the weather like? What should I pack?


In July, the average low is 33º F (1º C ) and average high is 68º F (20º C). A suggested packing list is provided after the application review process.


Q: Will there be a doctor available?


A medical doctor will be on-call from a local clinic.


Q: What kind of physical activity level does this require?


Chinchero and the sacred sites we visit require light walking to moderate hiking.


Q: Are there any scholarships?


We are currently unable to offer scholarships at this time.


Q: What is the maximum number of participants?


24 people.


Q: Do I need to pay in full or is there a payment plan?


At this late date, the only available option is payment in full.


Q: What is the cancellation and refund policy?


If your application/health intake form is not accepted, your registration fees will be promptly refunded in full.

In the last year, there has been some instability in Peru which appears to be over. Rest assured, if The Shift Network needs to cancel the apprenticeship in the event of a recurrence, your registration fees would be refunded in full.*

In the event the apprenticeship is canceled by The Shift Network for another reason, your registration fees will be refunded in full.*

If your application/health intake form is accepted, the following refund policy applies:*

Before November 1, 2023, within 24 hours of purchase, registration fees are fully refundable.

Before November 1, 2023, past the “24 hours of purchase” window, a non-refundable $500 deposit is retained.

From November 1, 2023 through December 15, 2023, 50% of collected tuition is retained by The Shift Network.

Beginning December 16, 2023, no refunds are available.

The registration fees must be paid at least 30 days prior to attending the apprenticeship.

Registration fees are listed in USD. You are responsible for any additional fees you may be charged by your financial institution such as foreign currency exchange fees if paying from a non-U.S. account. Contact Customer Support if you require assistance with your payment.

*Please note that this refund policy pertains to the registration fees you have paid to The Shift Network for the event as described above, and does not apply to your airfare and any miscellaneous costs, which are not covered by Shift.