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With Creator of The Clear Beliefs Process
Lion Goodman
New Live Training Starts
Thursday, June 23, 2016

Discover proven methods to uproot your limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs — and replace them with beliefs that empower you to create the life you most desire.

Experience the liberation, joy, and success that flow naturally when you are no longer blocked from your full potential.


What prevents you from being as successful and fulfilled as you want to be?

It’s not a simple question to answer. Some people blame circumstances but more likely, you sense something internal is blocking you from all that is possible in your relationships, your career or a creative endeavor.

So what’s really in the way of having a life that makes you want to joyfully spring out of bed in the morning?

Underneath virtually every block and struggle you experience is a cluster of limiting beliefs about yourself, your life and your capabilities that were “installed” at a young age.

As children, we absorb what we see, and create beliefs that align with what appears “real.” It’s what our brains are designed to do, purely for survival.

So whether it’s about your creative skills, your lovability, your capacity for success, or your ability to fulfill lifelong dreams, you likely have a whole array of subconscious programming that is inhibiting your progress.

No matter how much meditation, therapy, yoga or personal growth you’ve done, you STILL have limiting and negative beliefs about yourself, others and the world that are affecting you daily.

It’s natural and it’s really not your fault.


However, you can shift this situation dramatically when you learn to remove these beliefs.

As you remove the old beliefs, you release your creative power to create your own reality. It’s like upgrading the operating system of your brain and getting rid of the “bugs” in the program.

It’s not as simple as waving a magic wand — otherwise you would have already done it. It takes the right focus, concentration and most importantly, a powerful, step-by-step approach.

As you develop these skills, you’ll reclaim the power to shape your own destiny, in a way that transcends often in-effective affirmations, “pep talks” or visualizations.

It’s about owning your own real power as the creator of your life.

The Nature of Resistance

Here’s one of the great secrets of the Universe — a secret that you should have learned when you were a child:

Whenever you create something new, such as a commitment, or an idea for a new business, this act automatically stimulates old conflicting beliefs to jump up and reassert themselves. They appear as doubts, critical inner voices and inner (and outer) resistance.

All of the things that have stopped you — including resistance from the world itself — are a direct result of the commitment to a belief you made in the first place.


This means that it’s not ultimately your fault when you fail. It’s only that you didn’t know about this automatic system, and no one ever showed you how to move past those inner voices, doubts and resistances in order for you to achieve your goal!

The primary difference between people who are successful and people who are not is that successful people know ways to handle their doubts, resistance and critical inner voices.

Unsuccessful people get stopped by them. They quit instead of keeping going.

When you learn to remove whatever negative programming blocks you, you regain your creative power. And then you can apply that power to achieve any goal or dream you choose.

Your limiting beliefs have put fences around your possibilities. And since beliefs can be changed, easily and quickly, there’s no reason for you to feel defeated by your limitations. If you can remove them, you can create any possibility, no matter how far-fetched it seems at this moment.

So are you ready to dissolve your resistance, blocks and barriers?

A Journey into Expanded Possibilities

In the Belief Mastery Program, Lion Goodman offers you a fast-paced, fun and courageous journey beyond the pain of limitation into the joy of creative empowerment.

You’ll receive a time-tested method to permanently delete old beliefs with his Clear Beliefs Process. You’ll also learn how to plant the right “seeds” that grow into truly empowering beliefs that lead you to be more effective, joyful and magnetic.

The Clear Beliefs Process is easy to learn and fun to apply. Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll explore your inner landscape to discover old negative and limiting beliefs that have held you back. You’ll delete them, one by one, in a gentle process that calls upon all parts of you, including your conscious mind, your subconscious and your higher self, or superconscious mind. This eliminates beliefs fully, so they don’t come back.

When you gain mastery of your beliefs, you gain mastery in any area of your life.

  • Master your health — remove what’s prevented you from dieting or exercise, such as “I’ll never be able to lose that last ten pounds,” or “I can’t stick to a diet”
  • Master your finances — delete beliefs like “There isn’t enough,” or “I don’t have what it takes”
  • Master your relationships — get rid of beliefs such as “All the good ones are taken,” or “This is as good as it gets”
  • Master marketing — dissolve beliefs that stop you, such as, “I’m not good at marketing,” and “There’s too much competition”

Together, we’ll break through your self-imposed limitations — the beliefs that have stopped you from taking the steps that move you toward your goals,
such as:

  • I can’t do...
  • I can’t learn...
  • I can’t find the right partner...
  • I can’t get my finances in order...
  • I can’t lose that 20 pounds...
  • I don’t have what it takes to...
  • I don’t have enough discipline to...
  • I’m not smart enough to...
  • No one will help me...
  • I’ve never been able to...
  • Others can but I can’t...
  • If I only had more...
  • The world/economy/society doesn’t support what I want to...

No more excuses! No more rationalizations for why you haven’t done what you want to do or why you don’t have what you really want in your life.

This 7-week journey offers you a breakthrough. You’ll clear the beliefs that keep you stuck where you are and start moving forward.

Have you heard of “The Red Paperclip Guy?” His name is Kyle MacDonald. In 2005, he traded one red paperclip for a pen, then traded his pen for a hand-sculpted doorknob, which he then traded for a Coleman camp stove. He continued to “trade up” 14 times (without any money) over a one-year period, and completed his series of trades by trading what he had for a farmhouse in Saskatchewan, Canada!

This is an example of why any excuses you’ve had for NOT creating what you want can just go out the window.

But “hey” you might say, “Doesn’t the world, our society and the economy create some real limitations?”


Good question. The answer is, “Sure!” But that hasn’t stopped thousands of other people from doing what they want to do, in spite of the world’s structure. In fact, they learn to work WITH the structures as they are, work around them where necessary and keep going in spite of difficulties.

The real difference between truly successful and fulfilled people and those who struggle is their beliefs, and their determination (which is produced by their beliefs).

Are you ready to break through the rationalizations that you’ve used to convince yourself of your limitations? Or the limitations you’ve allowed others to program you with?

Do you want your life to be one big “Yes!”? If so, remove the "No’s" that stand between you and what you want.

During our 7-week journey, you will choose ONE THING that you want to do, be or have. One thing you want to create or manifest. The first step is to get crystal clear about what that One Thing is. The second step is to discover what specific beliefs stand between you and having it. The third step is to clear those beliefs, one by one, until you can do what you have to do to have what you want.

  • Do you want to have a particular skill?
  • Do you want a physical something?
  • Do you want a (better) relationship?
  • Do you want to DO something?

What is the one thing you’ve been longing for? Pining for? Desiring? Frustrated that you can’t have?

Bring that One Thing into this 7-week trail ride in which we clear out your cobwebs — and all your excuses — so you can actually bring it to fruition in your life. And then you’ll be able to apply the same approach to anything else in your life.

The Importance of a Masterful Guide


Lion Goodman is the perfect teacher to guide you on this journey and ultimately teach you how you can transform your beliefs on your own. Lion’s Clear Beliefs Process is a proprietary methodology for shifting beliefs at the core of the psyche, which he has taught to hundreds of coaches and therapists internationally.

He has taught workshops and trainings across the US and Europe, and is the author of three books: Creating on Purpose (with Anodea Judith, PhD); Menlightenment: A Book for Awakening Men and Clear Your Beliefs.

He has a knack for making things simple and accessible in a way that gets results.

Lion will show you how to work naturally with your beliefs, so you can:

  • Remove resistance and barriers to your goals and projects
  • Eliminate pain and suffering from the past
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Manifest your dreams and your life purpose
  • Experience more fulfillment in your relationships
  • Attract more abundance and prosperity
  • Increase your energy and vitality — and as a result — your productivity!

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

Course sessions are on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Lion will guide you through the skills and competencies that you’ll need to address and clear limiting beliefs and create what you want in your life.

Each weekly, LIVE training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to own your creative power and clear any internal and external blocks that may arise.

Module 1: What’s Your One Thing?
(June 23)


If you don’t know what you want, it’s very difficult to get it. In this module, you will look at everything you want in your life: your job or career, family life, financial situation, living situation, friendships, self-esteem, fun, learning, rest, health, etc... and find ONE THING that if you shifted, would provide the most leverage to leap your life forward.

You’ll sort through the different options and difficult choices. If you had a different environment, would that solve the big problem in your life? Or is there something inside of you that needs to change?

If you got a promotion at work, with more pay, would that satisfy your need for meaning and purpose? If you knew your purpose on planet Earth, would you be able to live the life you’ve always wanted? This is not just a philosophical inquiry — it’s a very practical one. The sorting and prioritizing process is a much-needed first step in changing your life for the better.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how to sort through “too many options” to find your ONE THING to focus on during this 7-week manifestation journey
  • Recognize how different parts and voices each have their own desires and priorities — and how to handle the conflict
  • Interview all aspects of yourself — including your ego, your subconscious, and your higher self — to get valuable advice
  • Learn to make decisions without needing reasons to choose

Module 2: Uncover Your Biggest Blocks (June 30)


To achieve any desire, you have to climb to the peak of a big, intimidating mountain. Most people look up at the route, and turn around to go home to their comfortable bed: “Forget about it — I’m not THAT interested.” On the other hand, those who are determined look up at the same peak and ask, “What do I need to do in order to climb this mountain?”

Nothing GREAT comes automatically or easily. It takes more than the right thoughts or affirmations. It takes the right actions in the right order. The first big barrier, the one that can take the wind out of our sails, is the pile of limiting and negative beliefs. If you believe, “I don’t have what it takes,” you probably won’t move forward at all. Why bother, if failure is inevitable?

Look deeply into the beliefs you have, and determine which ones are keeping you stuck or preventing you from taking the actions that will get what you want. You’ll learn a powerful technique, The Clear Beliefs Process, that will enable you to clear old beliefs out of your psyche permanently — so they never return.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Recognize the work involved in doing anything great, and your ability — with the right tools and supplies — to climb any mountain
  • Document your subconscious negative and limiting beliefs, and bring them up to conscious examination
  • Find the “biggies” that have stopped you over and over in your life, and commit to clearing them, one by one
  • Learn to clear beliefs easily and permanently so they never stop you again

Module 3: Clear Your Interfering Beliefs (July 7)


To climb any mountain, or accomplish any goal, you need to have a set of tools that allow you to clear anything in your way. Every path forward has natural blocks and barriers. Do you have a saw to remove a fallen tree on the path? Do you have rope to get yourself across the stream safely? Do you have enough nutritious food that will give you the stamina you need to go all the way? Did you practice your moves in a safe environment before you started the climb?

Most of us have hundreds of negative and limiting beliefs, and they interfere with our forward movement all along the path. The Clear Beliefs Process is the tool-set you need at the beginning of your journey, to clear the beliefs that prevent you from starting, and all along the route, as other beliefs pop up along the winding and narrow trail.

When you’re confident that you have everything you need, you can begin to move forward with courage. When you get to your destination, you can see how far you’ve come, and enjoy your accomplishment.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn the joy of planning for your manifestation journey
  • Ensure that you’ve got everything you need, and no major blocks that prevent you from starting
  • Know that when beliefs come up along the path, you have the tools for clearing them
  • Take the first steps, and feel your creative power at work

Module 4: What Do You Need That You Don’t Have? (July 14)


Every journey begins with the first step. You’ve begun! But somewhere along the way, you notice that you’re missing something important. Maybe you forgot your toothbrush, or your ice cleats. Along the road, we recognize that we need some skills that we don’t have.

This discovery is not a barrier or a block — it’s one more learning opportunity!
You can’t prepare for every eventuality, and you’re not expected to be an expert when you start your journey. You may need to learn marketing skills, or financial management. You need to learn how to relate securely if you want to be successful in your relationship. If you recognize a weakness or a lack of skill, you have another new goal — to engage in a course of study and practice, or to get help from an expert.

If you find you need resources, you have to focus on gaining them. If you need self-confidence, you have to engage in practices that build it. “I don’t have it” is not a permanent condition. There’s no reason to let it stop you. Be honest with yourself. Recognize that you are a learning, growing being. In this module, you’ll sort through your list of “must have but don’t have’s,” and prioritize them, or learn to work around them so you can keep moving toward your goal.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Examine yourself honestly and determine what you need and don’t have to accomplish your goal
  • Set up learning practices to close the gap so “not having” will never again stop you
  • Find experts and mentors who can help you achieve your dream
  • Discover the joy of learning as you go, growing yourself in every dimension

Module 5: What Comes Up When You Move Forward? (July 21)


Here’s one of the most important principles you need to know, which no one ever taught you: Whenever you create a new thought, new plan, or new commitment, stuff comes up. Old beliefs — the ones in conflict with that new creation — automatically jump up and re-assert themselves. They’re part of the mind’s machinery.

They sound like doubts, second thoughts, resistance, or critical inner voices. Most people get stopped by them, and they never achieve their dreams. When you recognize them as a natural response to moving forward, you can deal with them, one by one. Then, you’re unstoppable.

In this module, you’ll learn the process for dealing with the “stuff” that comes up on every journey forward. When you look deeply within, you’ll find old beliefs from your past. The Clear Beliefs Process clears whatever pops up to interfere with your progress. After a bit of practice, you can remove these pesky barriers in only minutes, so you can continue forward toward your goal.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how old beliefs pop up automatically in response to your forward movement
  • Recognize them for the mind machinery that they are
  • Use The Clear Beliefs Process to clear them, one at a time
  • Feel the power of being unstoppable

Module 6: Measure Your Progress & Adjust Your Goals (July 28)


When you’re moving forward toward your goal, the world will provide you with feedback and interference. See it as a gift! If you’re sailing, the wind lets you know whether your sails are set at the right angle for optimum forward progress.

When you take steps toward your ONE THING, be open to the feedback of other people, the circumstances you find yourself in, and the world itself. If you put out a communication and no one responds, that’s not a failure — it’s feedback. A “no” doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake — just that you need to adjust your sails.

In this module, you’ll learn how to generously accept feedback from the world as you move forward. With that knowledge, you can make the adjustments necessary, or identify more you have to learn. The “beliefs of the world” can assert themselves, too, just as your internal beliefs do. Again, The Clear Beliefs Process comes in handy. How are you responding to the feedback you’re getting? That’s an inside job. Clear your reactions, responses and your beliefs — and keep moving on down the road.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to welcome feedback from other people and the world, rather than letting it discourage or stop you
  • Clear your internal reactions, collapses or retreats that have stopped your progress in the past
  • Accept interference as information that informs you where to make adjustments
  • Adjust your goals to make them more realistic and achievable

Module 7: Clear Everything in the Way Until You Achieve Your Goal (August 4)


Surprises can happen at every turn, distracting you from your goal. Advertisers tempt you with offers 24 hours a day. People you love get sick. Friends need your support. The economy tanks. A client suddenly goes away. At this point in the journey, you need stamina to keep going. If you get distracted, you can lose your way and miss the joy of accomplishing that One Thing you wanted more than anything.

Learn to clear whatever comes up, in any form, with The Clear Beliefs Process. It’s the most complete tool set available to clear blocks, barriers, resistance and distractions, one at a time. You’ll have more clarity, focus, and you may have accomplished one of your goals.

Of course the bigger your goal, the longer it may take. At this stage in the journey, you’ll be well on your way. You can see your progress, and how far you’ve come. You now have the confidence to keep going, and the tools that you need to keep going. It’s time to celebrate!

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to manage distractions, loss of focus, and falling off the trail
  • Recognize your progress, and see what else still holds you back
  • Get laser coaching to solve those sticky problems along the manifestation process
  • Celebrate how far you’ve come! And keep going!

The Belief Mastery Program Bonus Collection

In addition to Lion’s transformative 7-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course — and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Role of the Chakras in the
Manifestation Process

Audio Dialogue with Lion and Anodea Judith, PhD


In this breezy conversation between the co-authors of Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting through the Chakras, Lion and Anodea cover the most important topics of their book, including the top-down flow of energy and attention, the role of each chakra in the manifestation process and the blocks that can occur at each stage that prevent people from manifesting their desires in the world.

Anodea Judith, PhD is a bestselling author, international workshop presenter, psychologist, yoga teacher, philosopher and evolutionary activist whose passion is awakening humanity to its amazing potential before we throw it all away. Ordained as a priestess in 1985, she served in the Church of All Worlds for 20 years, as president and founder of its teaching organization, Lifeways — which led to her research in ancient history, mythology and Goddess traditions. Since her first book on the chakras (Wheels of Life, 1987) became a classic, her many books have been translated into 16 languages and spawned the birth of her current organization, Sacred Centers.

Awakening to Your Deepest Longing
Audio Dialogue with Lion and Arjuna Ardagh


Lion and Arjuna discuss the difference between ego desire and soul desire, whether one is “better” than the other or if both are necessary to live a healthy and whole life. They focus on practical aspects of the spiritual path of awakening, and the spiritual aspects of the practical path of creation in the world.

Arjuna Ardagh is a writer and speaker, and the founder of Awakening Coaching. He has trained more than 1500 people globally to become facilitators of awakening. Arjuna is the author of eight books, including the 2005 national bestseller The Translucent Revolution, Better Than Sex and Conscious Men. He has been a speaker at conferences all over the world including a recent talk at the United Nations. He has appeared on TV, radio and in print media in 12 countries.

Clear Your Beliefs
Ebook from Lion Goodman


In this introduction to the science of belief change, Lion answers the questions, What are beliefs?, Where do beliefs come from? and How do they function in the human psyche? Learn about various methods of belief change, and why most of them are only partially effective, or temporary. It’s an excellent introduction to Lion’s program, and a new way to look at your beliefs, from the inside out.

What Graduates of Lion’s Courses at The Shift Network Are Saying...

“[The Clear Beliefs Process] is something I will continue to use as I discover new hidden beliefs, clusters that remain, and other core beliefs that will reveal themselves after taking the class. I was amazed at new revelations following each class, the power of the group, validation from the sharing and my positive experiences. The generosity of time given in the support calls and the added tools and resources are incredible gifts. I recommend this class as a great step for making inner shifts to freedom from the chains of old beliefs.”
— Kathy, San Diego, CA

“While doing the course, I have noticed that my zest for life is coming back, I am beginning to experience joy and excitement and to create my life rather than letting it pass me by. I am looking forward to the new bright day that is dawning. I am very grateful to Lion and The Shift Network.”
— Monika Jacobson, Stuttgart, Germany

“[The Clear Beliefs Process] transformed several underlying beliefs which previously limited me. I gained not only new more powerful beliefs but also learned a process I can use in the future to fine tune my beliefs. Completely worth my time and energy!”
— Kathryn, Summit County, CO

“[The course] with Lion Goodman is the single best investment I’ve made in the wellbeing of my life in a long time. I experienced deep core insights right from the beginning and in each and every class. As I released old, limiting conditioning and confirmed new, revitalizing beliefs, my optimism, clarity, productivity and finances increased too! If you are ready to address the challenges you are facing and take a stand for having what you want, I cannot recommend this course highly enough.
— Sandy Kuehl, Des Moines, IA

“The course is exactly what I’ve been searching for but couldn’t quite find. It’s been liberating and enlightening to be able to finally uncover/discover the blocks and beliefs that have been problematic/worrisome/stressful/hindering in many different aspects and areas of my life. I appreciate that this is something I can continue to practice on my own with excellent results! Thank you!”
— Janna Ekstrom, Bend, OR

“One of my favorite aspects of the course was witnessing people releasing negative beliefs about themselves. You can hear the change in their voice — they sound lighter, and laugh and giggle like little kids! It’s been amazing and inspirational to hold that sacred space for each other, and to listen to Lion and the other practitioners work. I LOVED this class, and got so much out of it. Thanks to Lion, the practitioners and The Shift Network for making it possible.
— Thea Deley, Paonia, CO

“I feel that subtle shape-shifting is continuing and my Pandora’s box of old beliefs is becoming more of a beautiful treasure chest. I Shall continue to visit my Belief Closet on my own and connect with a practitioner as necessary.”
— Michele Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

“As a Stress Therapist I recommend [this course] to relieve stress and create a balanced life! I’ve studied cognitive work and may say it was more value for the money and it relieves your subconscious mind which is a rare case! Enjoy it and BE HAPPY!”
— Marina Malmberg, Stress Therapist, Sweden

“I find [The Clear Beliefs Process] amazing in terms of results produced during a few weeks. Core beliefs, which have been troublesome for many decades, simply lost their emotional charge — and were replaced by new beliefs that I now want to have.”
— Jim Bird, Downingtown, PA

“It’s really giving me confidence that troublesome beliefs can, in fact, be changed.
— Julian Graham, England

Join the Global Community


The Belief Mastery Program not only offers some of the most advanced online teachings currently available, it also offers a global community of support.

Join your fellow students and practitioners from across the world in the live interactive conference calls or in our online community to support and learn from each other while you learn to open your mind and expand your paradigm of reality.

This international community is also at the leading edge of a global movement of people who are committed to manifesting a better world for all beings. This emerging planetary movement is rooted in an open heart and stands for the principles of mutual support, cooperation, harmony and reverence for all of life.

Here’s What You’ll Receive


Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions with Lion Goodman

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with acclaimed personal development teacher Lion Goodman — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session guides you to learn the specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential. Course sessions are on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific.


Seven Audio Recordings of
Class Sessions

After each class, the audio will be available for you to download in high quality MP3 format. This way, you’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere — on your iPod, in your car and at your convenience.


Seven PDF Transcripts of
Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Seven 30-Minute Interactive Group Practice Sessions

With live class attendance, there will be a 30-minute optional interactive practice session directly following each class where you will be placed in an intimate group with several other participants on the conference call to interact, share and do additional practices to help further integrate the weekly lessons. If you’re unable to attend the calls live, the Online Community group allows you to connect with each other to find alternative times to interact.


Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each week’s lesson.


Online Community

Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you can ask additional questions, interact with your fellow students and get access to additional resources to take your exploration to an even deeper level.

The Belief Mastery Program Bonus Collection

  • The Role of the Chakras in the Manifestation Process
    Audio Dialogue with Lion and Anodea Judith, PhD
  • Awakening to Your Deepest Longing
    Audio Dialogue with Lion and Arjuna Ardagh
  • Clear Your Beliefs
    Ebook from Lion Goodman

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join The Belief Mastery Program Virtual Training

We are delighted that Lion Goodman has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive, LIVE online training. This is a rare opportunity to interact directly with the creator of The Clear Beliefs Process whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves — and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Lion’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you are serious about transforming your your beliefs and becoming more effective in creating your life, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

More Praise for Lion Goodman...

“What an extraordinary experience! The process is simple, straightforward, powerful and FUN! Changing beliefs is no longer a heavy, ponderous, months-long process. I finished my session with a smile, and the anxiety triggered by my old beliefs has disappeared. My new ’belief-outfits’ are perfect for me, and I’m wearing them with joy and enthusiasm!”
— D. T., Physical Therapist, Denver, CO

The Clear Beliefs Process has been exceedingly helpful to me on my own internal journey, and it’s a tool I reach for frequently in my psychotherapy practice. It leads to discovery, insight and change, often with an element of lyricism and poignancy. The explorations are both gentle and profound, and it provides rich material for reflection in the endlessly imaginative outfits that appear in the BeliefCloset. It provides real world results for my clients, and I continue to use, both in my practice and in my own personal growth.”
— Martha Bear, Psychotherapist, BeliefCloset Practitioner

“Thank you for taking me back to the beginning to help me hit the "reset" button. You demonstrated your mastery and provided an unbelievable learning opportunity. Thank you for showing me that there are no limits in the Imaginal Realm, and for reinforcing the power that resides in The Clear Beliefs Process. I am humbled and very grateful. I may never truly be able to comprehend all that happened and the changes to my mindset and my life. I wish I could put how I feel into words. My outlook is brighter, my steps seems lighter, and losing weight is now just an overdue task to take care of, without all the shame and emotions that had always been attached to it.”
— S.K., Life Coach, Ontario, Canada

“This valuable tool will enhance your life in ways you cannot imagine. It’s added extraordinary value to my life. I feel calmer overall, and know I have a tool that will enable me to keep growing and expanding.”
— C.T., Performance and Life Coach

About Lion Goodman. . .


Lion Goodman has 35 years experience as an executive coach, counselor and healer. In 1984, he founded The Goodman Group, an executive search and consulting firm that served more than 250 companies and C-suite executives over 18 years. He has coached business owners, technology executives and change agents around the world. He is co-founder of Luminary Leadership Institute, a consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders of businesses and organizations into alignment with their highest virtues and their True Selves.

Lion is the creator of The Clear Beliefs Process, a proprietary methodology for shifting beliefs at the core of the psyche, which he has taught to hundreds of coaches and therapists internationally. He served as Director of Men’s Programs at The Shift Network, where he created programs with more than 20,000 participants. He has taught workshops and trainings across the US and Europe, and is the author of three books: Creating on Purpose (with Anodea Judith, PhD); Menlightenment: A Book for Awakening Men and Clear Your Beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service). If there is more than one person in your household taking the course, you will each need your own line. We use MaestroConference to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate in groups and deepen your exploration of the course themes.

Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California; your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. You can also use Skype credit/subscription or Google Voice to dial in to MaestroConference; and you’ll need to use your virtual keypad to enter your PIN and to indicate that you want to ask a question. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers; and we also have a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world.

I have never participated before in an online course. The packaging, presentation, inclusion and Facebook postings created a wonderful, safe cocoon to participate. I haven’t seen a course so well put together ever — not in all the years of taking college classes — and I had my doubts about doing an online course. The wealth of organization and ease of learning materials and support made this fun as well.
– Claudia F., Medford, MA

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?
A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.

Q: Can you tell me about the Private Course Group?
A: We will have a private community group for all course participants on Facebook that will support you in making connections with others, sharing insights, engaging in discussions, completing homework assignments and exchanging information about events and other activities that can supplement your transformational journey. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects and growth throughout the Course.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this Training?
A: Yes, we always make a certain percentage of spaces available for partial scholarships, giving preference to those in developing countries or doing important but underpaid work to which they can apply the training material immediately. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which include a link to our online application form.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Your satisfaction with The Shift Network and this course is our highest priority! We offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can sample the course risk-free. The deadline to receive a full refund is July 7, 2016. To request a refund, please click on this refund request form and submit your request. Your refund will be processed within five business days and we'll send you an email confirming your refund. However, we'd love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there is something we can assist you with, please email us at and we'll be happy to help! (No refund requests accepted after the above date or with scholarship awards.)

Q: How can I reach Customer Support?
A: Please visit our Customer Support Center, where you should be able to find the answer to your question or the solution to a problem. And if you can’t, you can submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you.