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A 7-week Training
With Bioenergetic Medicine Pioneer
Dr. Sue Morter
New Live Training Starts
Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Discover powerful techniques to work with
your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy systems
to create radiant health and profound spiritual growth.

Be prepared to revitalize your body, expand your consciousness and liberate your full potential.


In recent years, there’s been an explosion of interest in subtle energies for healing — from acupuncture in Chinese medicine to Ayurvedic remedies to energy medicine to intuitive healing.

That’s because people are getting results with these methods beyond more conventional approaches to health and personal growth.

Whether you experience low energy, have chronic disease, feel somewhat depressed — or just sense that you’re failing to live up to your potential — chances are you are not yet tapping into the innate wellspring of pure energy within you.

When you do, you are more naturally joyful, creative, healthy and successful.

One of the most respected approaches to clearing and upleveling the energy systems that govern your body and mind is bioenergetics — a lineage that is grounded in physiology and neurobiology.

Bioenergetics takes your biology seriously, as well as your beliefs, your thoughts, and the way energy is flowing in your body.

It’s a holistic system which effectively addresses our health, growth and evolution because it addresses us as an integrated whole.


Working with bioenergetics can free up remarkable resources for healing. That’s because, at the deepest level, everything is composed of energy.

Real and lasting transformation often happens best through energetic work because it shifts the most fundamental patterns. Without addressing the underlying energetic blocks, you tend to attract the same negative circumstances that you’re trying to let go of — whether it’s a chronic health issue or a dysfunctional relationship.

To make real and lasting progress on our physical health, career, relationships or spiritual development, we all need to become much more masterful in working with our energy systems at the root level — far beyond the mind. But how?

Perhaps you’ve experienced some benefits of tuning your mind and body to “higher frequencies” of love or higher guidance... but then you lose access and go back to the same old patterns.

Unfortunately, it’s not always a straight shot from your conscious mind to the energetic level required to manifest healing, abundance and other blessings you wish to create.

Subconscious beliefs can block the flow of the sacred power and higher potentialy which is truly your birthright. Your mental habits can prevent new breakthroughs. Even the way you hold and move your body can distort and suppress your energy

Despite these challenges, the good news is that if you’re ready to work far more efficiently and effectively with the power of subtle energy to heal and transform your life, you have a unique opportunity to receive real keys to energy mastery throughBioenergetic Healing Through Your Energy Codes, led by Dr. Sue Morter.


Working with your Energy Codes helps you to access and unlock the deeper patterns that sculpt every experience you have.

These codes go all the way to the subatomic fields and quantum realities that swirl in and around you. As you access these fields, you unlock the secrets to living from higher states of consciousness in your daily life so you can reconnect with your greatest potential.

A world-renowned leader in bioenergetic medicine and a true modern mystic, Dr. Sue Morter will train you to recognize and work with the subconscious or unconscious lower frequency patterns that may be blocking access to your full creative intelligence and healing abilities.

Over the course of seven modules, she’ll guide you to access directly the higher frequency energies essential to creating a healthy, inspired life.

Drawing upon decades of pioneering work in holistic health and bioenergetics, Dr. Sue has elevated the concept and practice of energetic healing and transformation to new levels through her potent techniques.

She combines her years of direct healing work with patients, a detailed understanding of neurobiology and human physiology and a deep spiritual awakening which gives her access to more of the subtle blueprint that shapes all levels of reality.

By applying her methods — which blend scientific, therapeutic, and spiritual modalities — you’ll see how the shifts you desire in your life are attainable as a byproduct of clearing these energy blocks to the true you.

Over 7 live sessions, Dr. Sue Morter will guide you in accessing your Energy Codes to:

  • Reduce stress & free up your body’s innate powers of healing
  • Learn how to read your energy codes ’ “vibrational feedback” to shift from “low-frequency” beliefs, thoughts & emotions to energy patterns which inspire creativity and possibility for your life
  • Develop your capacity to enter into your body’s sensory awareness beyond the level of mind
  • Build the neurocircuitry to activate higher brain centers for generating higher thinking and perceiving
  • Practice specific brain patterns and body postures to sustain enhanced intuitions and energetic flows
  • Establish new patterns of healthy flow in interpersonal relationships and relationships with money, health and nature
  • Operate from your energetic “core,” THE source of vitality, creativity and infinite possibilities for your life
  • Align with your highest intentions, from a place that is “beyond mind”
  • Access and develop sensory resonance, which bridges from your bodily senses to your subtle senses
  • Manifest from your intuition and flow states vs. your intellect and will — this allows you to accomplish more with less effort
  • Clear out lower vibrations and patterns in your body and open up to the higher frequencies of creativity and love
  • Gain greater clarity about your soul’s purpose for being on the planet

In short, the Energy Codes are a new synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern science and energy medicine and the culmination of decades of Dr. Sue’s work as a leading pioneer of bioenergetics and human transformation.

The visionary model and techniques Dr. Sue will share in this course will help you ignite your genius and access a new freedom — the freedom to truly and consistently thrive in your life through aligning with your deepest energy.

You’ll step into the field of expanded possibility and truly experience a life of real, divine love, abundance and pure possibility. It’s a place of greater joy, ease and vitality. It’s about accessing your highest potential, and living as a radiant, WHOLE being emanating love and grace.

Your Energy Codes are part of the path to get there. By tapping the fields of energy within you, you come home to your true Self, live from your heart and exist in harmony with the world around you.

You become like a tree that had once received only partial light and whose growth was stunted, but that now bathes in full sunlight.

Bioenergetic Healing Through Your Energy Codes includes a focus on clearing away energy blocks and opening up to higher octaves of guidance, vision and insight... resulting in tangible shifts — from decreased anxiety to better sleep to more courage to live your dreams.

You’ll release limitations in your thoughts, your body and your energy systems, enabling you to tap into the limitless possibility that is your birthright.

And as you learn to live from a higher frequency of consciousness, you automatically dial into the frequencies of the natural world and reconnect with your innate wholeness.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

Each live teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to activate your energy codes and awaken the love, healing power and spiritual potential that is already at your core.

Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

Module 1: Beyond Healing
Revealing Your Magnificence (August 30)


Most people get caught up in trying to heal what is missing, broken or “wrong” in their lives. The challenge with this is that they only ever get good at finding and fixing problems that already exist; they are always behind the eight-ball trying to “make do.” In reality, you’re made as a creator and are intended to generate your thoughts and actions from a place of clear creativity versus reactivity. When you allow your magnificence to be revealed from the depth of your Being, the Universe responds in kind to manifest it. You simply have to learn how to build the neurocircuitry to support the process. The fastest way to do this is to learn how to work with the basic raw energy of your make-up, rather than having to work through all of your limiting beliefs to sort your way to your true underlying essential self. You will heal as a byproduct of your new focus.

In Module 1, you’ll:

  • Learn to Shift Reality: read the world from an energy-based model, drop the thought and master your innate energy flow for healing and empowerment
  • Advance your understanding of bioenergetics and how your body is a conduit and processor of larger energy fields
  • Practice developing your capacity to enter into your body’s sensory awareness beyond the level of mind
  • Learn to identify how your vital force is running in compromised patterns and begin to reconnect it to the quantum field
  • Begin to utilize bioenergetics to master your life experience for healing and beyond through learning the language and dynamics of the body/mind/breath triad
  • Identify and go beyond victim stories — even the “well-adapted victim” stories that say “you’re doing the best with what you’ve got”
  • Build the neurocircuitry to sustain this new identity through activating high brain centers for generating alpha thinking and perceiving

Module 2: Befriending the Unknown
Make it Known with the Energy Codes (September 6)


Embracing the unknown is one of the greatest human achievements ever accomplished. Sometimes entire lifetimes are spent trying to “Get ok” with not knowing what is “next” or “what will happen if....” Most of this challenge is because of using the responsive aspects of your brain and your consciousness overall, rather than the generative ones. The language of a greater knowing is within your reach. By getting in touch with those aspects of your wholeness, you can begin to “know” before you have physical evidence; essentially working ahead of time with the outcomes in your life.

A major block to this is unresolved subconscious emotional residue. Your body will lead the way to resolve and clear this residue.

In Module 2, you’ll:

  • Receive specific “on the go” techniques for unveiling past residue and unresolved subconscious interferences while living your life
  • Identify the actual reasons for withholds, procrastination, fear and tension and learn to clear them in just 4 minutes each day
  • Clear unresolved angers and find their original source — your own bioenergetics will likely surprise you as to what that is!
  • Establish and encode a new functional set point for your Soulful Self to allow comfort to take action before knowing the outcome
  • Train your mind to not “fill in the blanks” with what you don’t yet know and stay more open to sensory input and sustain your results
  • Receive breathwork practices that free, mobilize and move your energies and work through distortions in your bioenergy field in a nonverbal way

Module 3: Marrying Mind, Body & Breath for Deep Core Presence & Freedom (September 13)


Liberation happens when you connect to your Divine Source as a real and tangible reality, not just a concept to try to strive for or live by some day. What we seek is who we actually are. When you find the “Seeker,” you find what you seek. This module shows you exactly how to do that step by step. The mind is busy and rapidly writing stories to find a sense of safety. The body moves at a much slower and grounded energetic frequency. When the body and mind find each other, both are enhanced in their function in the physical world. The breath is what marries them — binds them together — in intimate presence with one another. Then, once you learn the secret ingredient to accelerate the benefit of this reconnection, freedom is at hand, and your life changes for good.

In Module 3, you’ll also map out a plan for yourself to take action on a daily basis to establish the neurocircuitry to sustain these great experiences and discoveries that are beginning to surface to your awareness. This allows practice during the 7 week program for feedback and clarification. Most students are experiencing results immediately at this point.

In Module 3, you’ll:

  • Connect with your core vibratory center in a way that creates more flow and divine access, moment-to-moment
  • Access deep, divine wisdom stored within the unconscious crevices of the un-awakened self, with techniques that stir it to wakefulness
  • Learn integration techniques to utilize all aspects of the self simultaneously, drawing upon the entire spectrum of available energies
  • Discover how to collaborate with your unique life path with grace and ease to fuel your own liberation
  • Recognize your core as the central channel of the body through which you are destined to operate; learn to find it and replenish it with regular daily practices
  • Increase your capacity to sustain your core when operating in groups and/or less supportive environments

Module 4: Build Your Own Bioenergetic Support System
(September 20)


As human conscious expands, it’s first experienced as a void — an unknown part of ourselves comes to our conscious awareness and we feel alone in an unfamiliar world. Even the most avid energy worker sometimes experiences a shift so immense it is difficult to translate new realities into working, functioning projects. This module ensures that integration and embodiment of new vibrational frequencies are readily accessible and applicable.

This module is not about learning to survive in this world with more tools to utilize in that effort, it’s about learning to see yourself as the true and tremendous Sensory Being that you are; capable of transmitting information from the multiple dimensions of your Essential Self into this life for a greatest of physical human experiences.

In Module 4, you’ll:

  • Deepen your understanding of the sensory system that is up to 1000 times more pronounced than the motor system
  • Learn techniques for mastering your ability to perceive the subtle energy actually available, rather than perceive through your limiting beliefs and set patterns from your subconscious past
  • Develop your sixth sense and your multiple layers beyond
  • Learn the research behind vibrational storage of higher frequency energies on a cellular level in order to maximize your baseline vitality
  • Develop the brain to support the new wave patterns of your awakening self
  • Practice specific brain patterns and body postures to sustain enhanced intuitions and energetic flows for ongoing support
  • Turn up the volume on gut feelings and signals from your body to give you increased information and flow

Module 5: Bioenergetics for Intuition & the Empath
(September 27)


Intuition is invaluable in our lives, and cultivating our intuition is one of most loving practices we can pursue. It is not cultivated through the thinking mind, but rather through the heart, the subconscious and the body, specifically the gut. Building the bioenergetic circuitry to easily trust your gut puts you in touch with billions of times more information than our thinking mind has access to. Through cultivating intuition and stewarding it with your mind, you will continue to refine your ability to “know” before the evidence appears in the physical world. This puts you in the creatorship zone in which we are meant to live. In addition, many people naturally have an ability to experience what another person is experiencing. Sometimes to an overwhelming degree.

Module 5 teaches you how to cultivate and direct your natural gifts of intuition in a manner that strengthens and supports your empathic self so that when you sense what others are experiencing, it enhances your life rather than ever overwhelms you; thus keeping you available as a contributor in the world on every level.

In Module 5, you’ll:

  • Enhance your intuition and “right use” of your imagination — accessing “whole use” of your senses and capacities to experience your wholeness, health and abundance
  • Reprogram your conscious mind, subconscious mind and energy fields to support your authenticity, establishing a new personal operating code
  • Awaken specific energy centers in the body with techniques to enhance the discovery of your empowered self
  • Learn specific testing procedures and body postures to access your intuitive knowing through your body
  • Manifest from your intuition and flow states vs. your intellect and will — this allows you to accomplish more with less effort
  • Use your body as a “divine compass,” pointing you to the deeper recognitions and shifts that allow your full expression to shine

Module 6: Creating Sacred Relationships
(October 4)


The greatest relationship we will ever create, the relationship that is even more important than the one that you have with yourself, is the relationship that you have with "the way things go.” When we build a trusted relationship with the way things go, we are inherently in good rapport with “ourselves” and are moving forward into life and its happenings... We exist in relationship with everything: our loved ones, our history, our fears and our dreams.

Module 6 provides key teachings from The Energy Codes to unlock that higher perspective on relationship and enhance your ability to remove subconscious interference. You’ll experience how to establish new patterns in interpersonal relationships and relationships with money, health, abundance, and nature. The concepts and techniques in Module 6 help you, as a part of nature, access your natural underlying and cosmically abundant energy exchange with life — opening you to the streaming energy of the loving heart instead of staying in a congested state created by the mind.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn why the loving heart is more than 5000 times more powerful than the most brilliant thought we can think — learn to capture this at the cellular level and use it to your advantage
  • Remove subconscious interference to meaningful and intimate relationships with others and set a new coding in place
  • Improve the expression of your relationship with money and health and abundance — redefine who you are relative to these aspects of life
  • Gain a higher perspective on relationships and why so many attempts to understand or improve them will ultimately fall short
  • Communicate with others from your vibrational core and learn to listen from an embodied, awakened space
  • Understand the protective function of your central nervous system that often leads relationships to plateau rather than manifest another level of grace and ease

Module 7: Manifest Your Highest Purpose: Serve Your Soul, Serve the World (October 11)


One of the first questions that arises within is “Why am I here, what is my purpose?” As you explore your inner depths and increase your awareness of your subtle energies, this question and its myriad answers spiral through your life again and again with greater understanding and clarity. The universe is holographic and what happens and heals within you happens and heals for all of humanity, globally and throughout space/time.

Module 7 answers the age-old question — how does my individual spiritual journey support human consciousness on a global scale? Through the weeks of dedicated practice to the BodyAwake exercises and breathwork, you have gained an awareness of how to open your body for the highest vibrational resonance and healing. Now, we’ll focus on how to take that to the macro level to assist in healing society, consciousness and the planet. Quantum science is showing us that there is only one of us here. When we heal ourselves, we heal an entire bandwidth of humanity. Learn how here.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Integrate that which we have learned and translate it into regular daily practice and life mastery
  • Gain greater clarity about your soul’s purpose for being on the planet
  • Bring your subtle energies into alignment with your higher intentions and release the stories of victimization
  • Reintegrate conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of you to create authentic, sustainable transformation
  • Learn quick ways to utilize and benefit from the Energy Codes principles and practices
  • Learn what to do and what to be to support the evolution and ascension of human consciousness on a global scale

The Energy Codes Bonus Collection

In addition to Dr. Sue’s transformative 7-week course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers and four of Dr. Sue’s meditation and coursework audio files. These bonus sessions and products complement what you’ll discover in the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Being a 21st Century Divine Messenger
Audio Dialogue With Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Nichols


In this rare conversation between these two powerful speakers and teachers, Dr. Sue and Lisa will explore what it means to be a 21st century divine messenger. Reflecting on their successful careers impacting millions of people, this dialogue will offer great insight into your own connection to your life’s purpose and what it means to show up as a vessel for a divine message each and every day.

Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences break through, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. Her participation in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, the Steve Harvey Show and Extra just to name a few. Lisa is a bestselling author of seven books including No Matter What and Abundance Now and is also the founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC.

Embodiment Meditation 101: Clearing the Central Channel
Audio Meditation From Dr. Sue Morter


In this bonus audio meditation, Dr. Sue provides a guide to chart the course for clearing the Central Channel for Prana (Vital Force Energy) flow. For beginners and experienced meditators alike, Embodiment Meditation 101 introduces practices for mindful focus and creating the physical space within the body for personal healing and empowerment.

Passionate Purpose
Audio Teaching From Dr. Sue Morter


Passion is not about specific experiences, but about our ability to access and live from the truth of who we are. Purpose is not about what we intend to achieve, but about what we are meant to Be — it is about revealing our magnificence. You don’t need a miracle and you don’t need a guru. You already ARE both. In this bonus two hour MP3 Audio download, Dr. Sue reveals how to discover, reveal and engage your power and passionate purpose for the rest of your life.

Energy Man Top 10
Audio Collection From Dr. Sue Morter


In this bonus audio from Dr. Sue, you will explore the Top 10 concepts that she shares worldwide regarding the Energy Man conversation. Discover an entirely new perspective on the aspects of everyday living with less stress, less pressure, less confusion, less pain. Learn to enjoy more self-love and compassion, joy and personal power with these life changing ideas about who we are, why we are here, and how to manage our lives from our most empowered perspective.

What Graduates Are Saying About Dr. Sue Morter...

This course will allow you to drop your old beliefs forever... easily, effortlessly, welcome to the real you!
— Teressa , Jeffersonville, Indiana

[The course] empowered me through understanding how the different energy levels communicate with each other and how I can improve this communication, so that my spirit can be heard and contribute to improve my experiences on the physical plane.
— Sandy Simon , Frankfurt

I am now more conscious and able to practice more easily the daily awareness of our universal interconnectedness and this understanding is now growing into a feeling and becoming a live experience for me as I am becoming lighter in thought and heart.
— Gilbert , Boise, Idaho

The simplicity of embodiment received through Dr. Sue’s keys is a blessed gift and has created a tremendous grace and peace in my life that has already shown up in more than a dozen ways.
— Aliha , Boulder, Colorado

The course helped me to know what I already know — helping me to trust and integrate those knowings, reframing life experience in transformational ways.
— Carmen Thompson , Mishawaka, Indiana

This course has been a beacon of light in a very dark time of my life... I had lost my vision as I had not worked with it for some time and it was so wonderful to reconnect again and feel like I am finding my way again back to my pure essence.
— Linda Leith , Nevada City, California

Dr. Sue gives so much information that can be used in everyday life and situations that arise. Dr. Sue is a professional who has a deep heart and love and compassion for others and this shows in her classes and in her work.
— Janice Weinheimer , American Fork, Utah

This is a excellent course to take to connect with your body and to understand what’s going on and how to release blockages without a story by breath work and some simple exercises, helps me to reconnect to my true self.
— Sylvia Carroll , Redding, California

I have been working on myself for many years, growing spiritually and raising my vibration. this course provided me with answers to questions that I hadn’t been able to find anywhere else. I feel such joy in knowing that I can now embody the highest version of myself!
— Lorie McCloud , Fort Worth, Texas

I love Dr. Sue’s insights and practical applications to tap into the essence of Creator, her sense of humor and lightness in this work.
— Dar , Santa Cruz, California

Join the Global Community


Bioenergetic Healing Through Your Energy Codes not only offers some of the most advanced online teachings currently available, it also offers a thriving global community of support.

Join your fellow students and practitioners from across the world in the live interactive conference calls or in our online community to support and learn from each other while you learn to open your mind, tap into your healing power and expand your paradigm of reality.

This international community is at the leading edge of a global movement of people who are committed to manifesting a better world for all beings. This emerging planetary movement is rooted in an open heart and stands for the principles of mutual support, cooperation, harmony and reverence for all of life.

Here’s What You’ll Receive


Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions With Dr. Sue Morter

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with pioneering spiritual teacher Dr. Sue Morter — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session guides you to learn the specific skills and abilities to awaken your spiritual potential. Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.


Seven Audio Recordings of Class Sessions

After each class, the audio will be available for you to download in high-quality MP3 format. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere — on any connected device and at your convenience.


Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.


Seven 30-Minute Interactive Group Practice Sessions

With live class attendance, there will be a 30-minute optional interactive practice session directly following each class. You’ll be placed in an intimate group with several other participants on the conference call to interact, share and do additional practices to help further integrate the weekly lessons. If you’re unable to attend the calls live, the Online Community group allows you to connect with each other to find alternative times to interact.


Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option to do related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each week’s lesson.


Online Community

Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each class. Here, you can ask additional questions, interact with your fellow students and get access to additional resources to take your exploration to an even deeper level.

The Energy Codes Bonus Collection

  • Being a 21st Century Divine Messenger
    Audio Dialogue With Dr. Sue Morter and Lisa Nichols
  • Embodiment Meditation 101: Clearing the Central Channel
    Audio Meditation From Dr. Sue Morter
  • Passionate Purpose
    Audio Teaching From Dr. Sue Morter
  • Energy Man Top 10
    Audio Collection From Dr. Sue Morter

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Bioenergetic Healing Through Your Energy Codes Virtual Training

We feel honored that Dr. Sue Morter has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive, LIVE online training. This is a rare opportunity to interact directly with a modern spiritual teacher who combines science and spirit and to connect with a global community of like minds and hearts who are doing this important, transformative work.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Dr. Sue’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you are serious about deepening your spiritual life and healing power, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training with Dr. Sue Morter.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your powerful spiritual journey, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

More Praise for Dr. Sue Morter...


Dr. Sue puts a powerful emphasis on embodiment, on activation, and actually living these truths. She brings people to the core ‘yes’ of their being. Dr. Sue is a real, authentic teacher, doing the real work... It is my Joy to be associated with her and to call her my friend and colleague.
— Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith , Agape International Spiritual Center


Dr. Sue is a master at blending the most cutting edge scientific knowledge with the most profound spiritual wisdom.
— Marci Shimoff , New York Times Bestselling Author


I had the privilege of sharing the TEDxNASA stage with Dr. Sue in November... and it was a chance to be witness to genius in action. I knew when I heard her message that A) She is ahead of her time which means B) the rest of us have a lot of catching up to do...truly a visionary.
— John St. Augustine , Award-winning Talk Radio Host


Dr. Sue — What an absolute honor it was to interview and dialogue with you. You are an invigorating, on fire and on purpose powerhouse whose desire is to instill our own indisputable knowledge of our greatness and our worthiness. One cannot help but be shifted by you.
— Farhana Dhalla , Author, Speaker and Coach


Dr. Sue is the most Humble High Energy, Soul Soaring, Traveling Spirit! She grabs you by the soul and the reverberation begins. She is a life changer & conscious expander and just a favorite Fun Transformational Teacher in this lifetime!
— Lynn Corbitt , Professional Coach and Trainer

I have had a huge awakening happen during the duration of the course. It was something that has been percolating for some time and I believe that the coursework assisted in bringing this aspect of my personality and its relationship to my life mission to the forefront.
— Sabine Brebach , New Orleans, Louisiana

To say this coursework is profound for me would would not be enough. Practical, doable, taught so gracefully and with such love by Dr. Sue Morter. I feel like I have a new friend who knows and cares.
— Ani Colt , Austin, Texas

The course taught me how to locate the cellular memory release within the body. It also taught me how to recognize the language of the Inner Self or Higher Self... and this was amazing!
— Heather Carlini , British Columbia, Canada

Over the years my inner guidance has prompted me to look at my grounding and I had no idea what I was requiring in that regard. Wow, after being guided by Sue... I could know what was possible being me and having the amazing capacity of my body!!!
— Joy Goch , Ontario, Canada

I have been stuck in an inability to make a decision for years — that being a decision to divorce after 38 years of marriage. During this course, I did the exercises and I was able to FINALLY decide to divorce and I am moving forward with that.
— Polli Koloa , Kauai, Hawaii

About Dr. Sue Morter


International speaker, Master of Bioenergetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary, Dr. Sue Morter utilizes the embodiment of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. Through her seminars, retreats and presentations she illuminates the relationships of quantum thoughts and energy medicine; the elevation of human consciousness and life mastery.

Dr. Sue’s visionary model and techniques ignite an entirely new approach to living in creative genius and personal freedom through capturing and enhancing high-frequency energy patterns in the body. She draws from her experience as a doctor for over 30 years, inspiration from a life changing awakening during meditation, and her personal passion for cracking the code of life itself. Her greatest joy is sharing her discoveries with others.

Dr. Sue is nationally published and has served on professional licensing boards, providing guidance to health care practitioners on integrative approaches to health care leadership. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council.

She is founder of the Morter Health Center and the Morter Institute, an organization committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques and a new approach to life based on Quantum Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a virtual course?
A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service). If there is more than one person in your household taking the course, you will each need your own line. We use MaestroConference to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, participate in groups, and deepen your exploration of the course themes.

Please note that dialing MaestroConference from your phone is a regular toll call to California; your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. Other options include calling cards and discount long-distance carriers. You can also use Skype to connect to MaestroConference at no charge, and we offer a webcast which is free to use from anywhere in the world.

I have never participated before in an online course. The packaging, presentation, inclusion and Facebook postings created a wonderful, safe cocoon to participate. I haven’t seen a course so well put together ever — not in all the years of taking college classes — and I had my doubts about doing an online course. The wealth of organization and ease of learning materials and support made this fun as well.
– Claudia F., Medford, MA

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?
A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full community and leaders on our private community website.

Q: Can you tell me about the Private Course Group?
A: We will have a private community group for all course participants on Facebook that will support you in making connections with others, sharing insights, engaging in discussions, completing homework assignments and exchanging information about events and other activities that can supplement your transformational journey. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects and growth throughout the Course.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this Training?
A: Yes, we always make a certain percentage of spaces available for partial scholarships, giving preference to those in developing countries or doing important but underpaid work to which they can apply the training material immediately. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which include a link to our online application form.

Q: What is your refund policy?
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