A 6-Month Immersion in BioSonic Repatterning for Sound-Healing Enthusiasts, Practitioners & Therapists


With Naturopath, Psychologist, Composer & Co-Founder of BioSonic Enterprises, Ltd.
Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD


Upon fulfillment of program requirements, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion in BioSonic Repatterning.

Develop your mastery of sound healing through this transformative program in BioSonic Repatterning, elevating your skills and promoting profound healing connections by employing a rich array of instruments and advanced tuning fork and evaluation methods.


Achieve next-level wellness through this empowering, spiritual journey — for yourself and your clients.


Program Starts on Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Open to a Limited Number of Students


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This immersion, led by Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, is designed to help you transform your life and the lives of your clients through harnessing the power of everyday frequencies — the sounds surrounding you in every moment.

Scientific research reveals that ancient sound-healing practices can significantly impact the mind, confirming that sound therapy may help alleviate trauma, enhance emotional wellbeing, and promote recovery from disease and illness, as well as offer gateways to altered mental states and higher levels of consciousness.

Sound healing, which is complementary to other healing modalities, stands as the most straightforward way to bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the subconscious mind so we can effectively release unhelpful patterns. 

Through entrainment, sound healing may also help us tune in to our intuition and receive guidance from higher realms. When we immerse ourselves in the healing vibrations of tuning forks, crystal bowls, and drums, we are naturally transported to a state of wellness and harmony.

The Biosonic Sound Healing immersion, led by Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, is designed to help you transform your life and the lives of your clients through harnessing the power of everyday frequencies — the sounds surrounding you in every moment.

Dr. John is one of the foremost philosophers and major innovators in sound-healing therapies and somatic communication. For 50 years, he has used and refined these skills in both his personal life and professional practice.

As a composer, sound healer, counseling psychologist, and board-certified naturopathic physician, Dr. John stands out as a global authority in integrative energy medicine, promoting healing and overall wellbeing. He’s excited to share the culmination of his life’s work with you, providing a synthesis that can be instrumental for your professional healing work as well as your own self-healing journey.

Unlike the medical establishment, which often focuses solely on evaluation, this program emphasizes the importance of all three elements (see accompanying graphic) because, as Dr. John shares, their dynamic interplay is necessary for holistic and effective sound healing.

BioSonic Repatterning, a 3-pronged sound-healing methodology developed by naturopath and psychologist Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, integrates the mastery of sound instruments, in-depth evaluation techniques, and the art of forming a healing alliance between the practitioner and the client — to create a comprehensive, holistic approach.

These three elements are interconnected, each constantly influencing and balancing the others.

BioSonic Repatterning, which can take place when these three elements are in harmony, is where real transformation happens. Clients don’t just experience temporary relief; they undergo profound and lasting changes — physically, structurally, and emotionally.



Whether you’re a wellness practitioner looking to expand your toolkit, or someone seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of vibrational healing, this program will deeply enrich both your personal and professional healing toolkit.

By participating in this immersion program, you’ll develop the following skills and knowledge to achieve proficiency in the field of sound healing and sound therapy:

  • Sound-Healing Practitioner: Sound healers can work as independent practitioners, offering individual sound-healing sessions to clients using various sound instruments — such as singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and the voice — to facilitate healing and relaxation.
  • Wellness Center Practitioner or Healthcare Provider: Sound healers may join wellness centers, spas, or holistic clinics, where sound-healing services are offered as part of a broader range of holistic treatments. They may collaborate with other practitioners to provide integrated healing experiences.
  • Meditation or Yoga Instructor: Sound healers with a background in meditation or yoga can become instructors who incorporate sound-healing techniques into their classes. They can guide participants through meditative practices, incorporating sound to enhance relaxation and promote spiritual wellbeing.
  • Retreat Facilitator: Sound healers can organize and lead retreats or workshops focused on immersive journeys or sound baths. These experiences allow participants to explore the transformative power of sound, engage in group healing sessions, and learn sound-healing techniques.
  • Musician or Performer: Musically inclined sound healers may integrate their healing abilities with their musical talents. They can create and perform healing music, soundscapes, or concerts and festivals that promote relaxation, inner peace, and spiritual connection.
  • Educator or Trainer: Sound healers can share their knowledge and skills by becoming educators or trainers in sound healing. They may teach workshops, certification courses, or provide mentorship to aspiring sound healers, passing on their expertise and experiences.
  • Researcher or Author: Sound healers with a passion for exploring the scientific and theoretical aspects of sound healing can engage in research or contribute to the field through scholarly publications, books, or articles — expanding the overall understanding and advancement of sound-healing practices.


You’ll discover a step-by-step framework for guiding yourself and others toward deep biosonic (lifesound) healing — transforming everyday frequencies into transformational sound healings.

No prior experience in sound healing is required — the program begins by teaching you the foundational knowledge needed to practice sound healing. As this immersion continues, you'll gain:

  • The understanding that effective sound healing isn’t just about techniques; it’s about how you connect with your client as a person and maintaining the right mindset during the session
  • Real-world experience with a variety of sound instruments, including tuning forks, your own voice, crystal and metal bowls, gongs, and wind and string instruments
  • Hands-on practice and expert guidance so you can blend these sounds seamlessly into your healing sessions, enriching your practice with versatility and depth
  • Theoretical and scientific knowledge about the vibrational nature of sound and its impact on the body and mind
  • Mastery and integration of BioSonic Repatterning techniques
  • Proficiency in using sound to guide others on their healing journeys — both individually and in groups
  • Spiritual and scientific understanding of sound and consciousness with the ability to listen to inner sounds as mantras and speak in mantric dream languages
  • Guidance from one of the foremost practitioners in the field
  • Diverse applications of sound-healing knowledge in both personal wellness and professional practice settings
  • Enhanced confidence applying and integrating sound-healing practices with other modalities, effectively communicating your approach to others, and maintaining strong ethical boundaries in your practice
  • A profound understanding of intuition, the Five Element Theory, sensory analysis, structural assessment, historical context, and testing to personalize and tailor your healing practices to each individual
  • Insight into how to establish a “right relationship” with clients — understanding how to pace sessions verbally, non-verbally, and behaviorally so you can create a safe, supportive, and responsive healing environment

Sound-Healing Skills, Tools & Techniques

  • Methods to integrate sound healing with other therapeutic modalities
  • Skills to conduct sound baths and individual healing sessions using tuning forks
  • Techniques to apply tuning forks in various healing scenarios, including balancing chakras and addressing specific wellness goals

“The effects that I have experienced are life-changing physical, mental, and spiritual wake-up calls to a world of health and wellness.”
— Celeste



During the Biosonic Sound Healing program, you’ll gain time-tested knowledge and skills about the healing powers of sound and tuning forks that you can apply to many areas of your everyday life.

This immersion is an opportunity to deeply explore and experience specific sound-healing methodologies to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of how to use vibration and frequency for healing — so you can apply this to yourself, your work, and the way you contribute to the world.

The faculty of the Biosonic Sound Healing program, along with a team of instructional design experts, have created an immersive and highly organized learning experience.


Weekly class sessions are held on Thursdays at 1:00pm Pacific.

Integration Sessions are held on two Tuesdays per month at 1:00pm Pacific.


  • Unit 1: Sound-Healing Theory — Listening & Daily Practice
  • Unit 2: Sound, Tuning Forks & the Five Elements
  • Unit 3: Evaluation Methodologies — Conduct Tuning Fork Sessions
  • Unit 4: Sound, Otto Tuning Forks & the Body
  • Unit 5: Crystals, Planets & Sound Baths

For Curriculum Details, click here


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  • 120-Minute Live Weekly Classes Taught by Dr. John on Thursdays at 1:00pm Pacific (28 Total)

    Classes meet each week. You’ll study the science, theory, and practical application of BioSonic Repatterning — providing a solid foundation and understanding of how to use frequency and vibration to cultivate lasting healing, how to ethically practice sound healing, and what kinds of profound impacts it can have on people’s lives. Each session includes 90 minutes of teaching and Q&A, which will be recorded and available anytime for review. Faculty will be present for 90 minutes; students will then participate in a (non-recorded) 30-minute Peer Discussion Circle — an opportunity to connect with fellow students to share your experiences and expand your learning.

  • 90-Minute Live Integration Sessions on Two Tuesdays Per Month at 1:00pm Pacific (15 Total)

    Live Integration Sessions facilitated by Dr. John and a team of experts offers you the opportunity for understanding, clarifying, and embodying the teachings through discussion, experiential practices, coaching, and Q&A.

    You’ll receive mentoring as you deepen your understanding of BioSonic Repatterning and how you can apply it to both yourself and working with others.

  • Video Recordings of Teaching and Integration Sessions

    After each session, the digital video will be available for you to stream in a high-quality format so you can review the material anytime and anywhere at your convenience. The Peer Discussion portions of the sessions are not recorded for playback.

  • Audio Recordings of Teaching and Integration Sessions

    After every session, the audio will be available for you to stream in a high-quality MP3 format so you can review the material anytime and anywhere at your convenience. The Peer Discussion portions of the sessions are not recorded.

  • Transcripts of Teaching and Integration Sessions

    In addition to the high-quality video and MP3 audio recordings, you’ll also receive the transcript from each session (not including the Peer Discussions). You can then review, print, and highlight the insights and practices you found most impactful.

  • Interactive Practices and Reflections

    Throughout the program, you’ll be introduced to a variety of optional exercises, practices, and tools to support your journey — with an opportunity to complete reflections for accelerating your learning and integrating each week’s content. There will also be unit assessments to help you integrate and digest the material as you make your way through the immersion.

  • Online Community

    Our exclusive online community is the perfect place to continue your discovery process after each session. Here, you can continue the discussion about your program materials and interact with your fellow students to take your exploration to an even deeper level.


Click on image for bio

Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhDPrincipal Faculty


Samer Ghadry Musician & Sound-Healing Practitioner

Andreas Ledermann Naturopath & Osteopath

Dr. David Perez  Integrative Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Sound-Healing Practitioner

Silvia Nakkach Grammy-Nominated Musician, Composer & Sound Designer

Joseph Schmidlin Classical Osteopath & Clinical Sound Researcher

Dr. Jerry Wintrob Holistic Optometrist



“Dr. John Beaulieu is one of the premiere teachers of sound and vibrational healing in the world.”

Dr. John Beaulieu is one of the premiere teachers of sound and vibrational healing in the world. As a crystal bowl artist and sound healer, studying with Dr. John and taking this course was one of the most phenomenal investments I have made in my ongoing studies. He is brilliant, thorough, sensitive, fun — a veritable fountain of experience and knowledge — and he shares his wisdom with unceasing joy and generosity. I highly recommend any of his classes to anyone who is passionate about sound healing and ready to take their practice to the next level.
— Ashana, Sedona, Arizona

“I have felt a big shift in consciousness and have been loving sharing this experience with others.”

I have felt a big shift in consciousness and have been loving sharing this experience with others. The feedback I am receiving is amazing. Thank you. I am so grateful to be putting together new connections and new learnings in a safe and honoring way for what is most important for me.
— Monica, Portland, Oregon

“The effects that I have experienced are life-changing physical, mental, and spiritual wake-up calls to a world of health and wellness.”

I have been inspired to explore the use of sound in many forms. The sound baths experienced are mesmerizing. The effects that I have experienced are life-changing physical, mental, and spiritual wake-up calls to a world of health and wellness. The Shift Network is a professional team that creates an organized, easily accessible, and welcoming environment. Dr Beaulieu presented a far-reaching and enjoyable program that will influence my personal and professional practice.
— Celeste

“Dr. John has given me a whole new way of looking at the world through sound.”

Dr. John has given me a whole new way of looking at the world through sound. I am excited at the infinite possible ways to create and learn new things, heal my mind, body, and soul, and open up my world to experiences I never thought possible. I did not want this course to come to an end.
— Jo, Hong Kong

“Experiencing how fast tuning forks change my state of being is amazing.”

Experiencing how fast tuning forks change my state of being is amazing. It provides a way for me to break up the old pattern as it arises before it gains strength. I loved watching Dr. John laugh like a child with all his heart.
— Nino, Santa Cruz, California

“I am beyond grateful for directly working with the legendary Dr. John!”

I am beyond grateful for directly working with the legendary Dr. John! His background and knowledge (and humor), along with his straightforward, no-nonsense approach was jam-packed with jewels. I appreciate the importance he placed in knowing the science but also knowing and becoming more aware of our own energy while integrating it in our other practices.
— Sophia, Cotati, California

“I am so grateful and will continue to be impacted indefinitely!”

I have now been utilizing tuning forks in my 1:1 sound-healing sessions, as well as in my sound baths. I absolutely love using them, use them daily on myself, and have them with me always to use on friends and family, as needed. I am so grateful to all that I have learned in these courses and am still going back through the amazing additional resources that Dr. John provides to make sure that I fully integrate all that he has taught! I am so grateful and will continue to be impacted indefinitely!
— Beth, Pineville, North Carolina

“A brilliant man with a range of knowledge about sound vibration and possibilities from science, personal experience, psychology, and music.”

A brilliant man with a range of knowledge about sound vibration and possibilities from science, personal experience, psychology, and music. His depth is phenomenal and his encouragement to develop intuitive knowing is enriching. And then there’s his humour...
— Hilary, Toronto, Canada


Curriculum Details

Live weekly Teaching Sessions are every Thursday at 1:00pm Pacific. Live Integration Sessions are on two Tuesdays per month at 1:00pm Pacific.

Unit 1: Sound-Healing Theory — Listening & Daily Practice (May 23 to June 18)


Sound is the perfect tool for healing practices and personal growth because it mimics the vibratory nature of existence, affecting us on all levels — anatomical, physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

You’ll discover how to harness sound for healing and growth, gaining a deeper understanding of the science of sound and the art of deep listening.

This unit offers both practical skills and theoretical insights, linking modern and ancient sciences of consciousness. Through harmonically relating to all sounds and exploring their nuances — from hearing to profound listening — you’ll enhance your mindfulness and reflective abilities, gaining a deep understanding of the frequencies in your everyday life.

This first unit lays the groundwork for advanced sound-healing concepts and equips you with the knowledge to excel in this field.

In this unit, you’ll:

  • Set the groundwork for your journey in sound healing, an essential step for advancing to more complex concepts
  • Discover how sound, as a vibrational force, shapes and sustains all aspects of existence
  • Learn to use tuning forks, voice, and mantras effectively, focusing on waves, nodes, and their relationship with the universal energy field
  • Differentiate between hearing and listening, exploring five levels of listening for a deeper understanding of sound and consciousness
  • Gain intellectual and spiritual insights into sound’s function and importance, linking modern science and ancient mystical insights
  • Explore the science of sound intervals, frequencies, and the unique differences between human and machine tuning, applying this knowledge for personal and professional growth in sound healing
  • Examine the significance of how the space between notes mirrors the space between our neurons
  • Learn to harmonically connect with all sounds, understanding their influence on your emotional and psychological states

Unit 2: Sound, Tuning Forks & the Five Elements (June 20 to July 18)


Explore the principles of energy movement through the lens of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. These elements are not just fundamental forces — they symbolize key universal principles and interact dynamically to influence all aspects of life.

The existence of archetypal elements is recognized in the philosophical, religious, and healing traditions of many cultures, all of which speak of one primary energy. This energy is often referred to as sound, dividing and stepping down in currents of elemental energy. There is no set formula for balancing these elements in a person. It’s a mobile, ever-changing interaction of elements between the self, the external environment, and the cosmos.

This unit emphasizes the fluid nature of these elements in relation to personal health and the environment. You’ll learn that maintaining balance in these elements is key to wellbeing, as rigidity can lead to illness, and adaptability can transform stress into euphoria.

In this unit, you’ll:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) and their cosmic significance, enhancing your ability to perceive and interact with the world more deeply
  • Learn the dynamic art of balancing these elements within yourself and others using the chakra system, sound, alchemy, and interval relationships, gaining skills to maintain wellness and adapt to life’s changes effectively
  • Gain insights from various cultural, philosophical, and religious perspectives on the elemental energies, enriching your knowledge and approach to healing
  • Discover the interplay between personal energy, the external environment, and the cosmos — and how to align them for better health and wellbeing
  • Master the unique voices and movement patterns associated with each element, allowing for a more nuanced and effective healing practice
  • Learn to establish a strong therapeutic alliance through effective communication, reflective listening, and meeting individuals at their level of need
  • Practically apply the Five Element Theory using sound-healing techniques with tuning forks
  • Acquire the skills to conduct comprehensive evaluations and create integrative treatment plans that align with elemental energies, leading to more effective healing outcomes

Unit 3: Evaluation Methodologies — Conduct Tuning Fork Sessions (July 25 to September 12)


Tuning forks serve as a modern-day lyre, consistently in tune and accessible for practitioners without the need for traditional musical training. By simply tapping these forks, you can mimic the effect of plucked strings, transcending the limitations of conventional musical instruments. These forks are unique in their ability to create distinct sonic spaces and precise overtones, resonating with the sacred sound deep within us and harmonizing our thoughts and physical being with their vibrations.

When applied directly to the body, tuning forks initiate a localized relaxation response by stimulating the release of nitric oxide. This molecule, produced within our vascular, nerve, and immune cells, is rhythmically released as a gas into surrounding tissues. Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in our health, possessing anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune-boosting properties that support the functioning of all major organ systems. By understanding the role of nitric oxide, we establish a vital scientific link between molecular biology, medicine, and the art of sound healing... opening new pathways for therapeutic practices.

This unit is designed to elevate your skills in sound healing, offering a modern approach to traditional practices. You’ll discover the versatile use of tuning forks, not just as musical tools but as powerful instruments in sound therapy — and learn to create individualized sonic spaces and precise overtones based on the Five Element evaluation.

In this unit, you’ll:

  • Explore the relationship between sound and the body, including the impact of sound on the vagus nerve, limbic system, and connective tissues, for a more informed and effective practice
  • Discover how to design personalized tuning fork sessions based on the Five Element Theory and energy evaluations for targeted healing
  • Explore the multiple methods of using tuning forks — from knee tapping to violin bows — adding depth to your practice
  • Learn to integrate tuning forks with gongs and crystal and metal bowls —  enriching your sound therapy repertoire
  • Enhance your sessions by integrating crystal and color healing techniques with tuning forks for a holistic approach
  • Develop skills in establishing a therapeutic connection through both verbal and nonverbal communication, deepening client relationships
  • Gain insights into the use of harmonic and Fibonacci Tuning Forks, understanding their impact on the body and mind
  • Acquire the expertise to organize and conduct tuning fork sound baths, learning room setup and group facilitation for optimal healing environments

Unit 4: Sound, Otto Tuning Forks & the Body (September 19 to November 5)


You’re invited to explore the empowering art of using your voice to heal both your body and emotions, focusing on the concept that vocal expression is a key component of healthy functioning. You'll learn how natural vocal expressions like screams, moans, cries, and laughter are forms of toning that reflect our inner states.

This unit emphasizes the liberation and spontaneous emergence of sounds, free from judgment or rules, to achieve emotional and physical healing. You’ll discover how to listen to, amplify, and resonate with your body’s natural sounds and those in your environment, using them as tools for healing and balance.

In this unit, you’ll:

  • Learn to listen to and amplify your body’s natural sounds for deeper self-awareness and healing
  • Master the technique of humming for focusing on and healing different areas of your body, tuning into your physical sensations
  • Develop the ability to resonate and hum in harmony with environmental sounds, integrating external stimuli into your healing practice
  • Expand your understanding of using spontaneous body sounds for emotional and physical balance
  • Explore the science behind speaking in tongues and its relation to sound healing
  • Learn the significance of humming in relation to connective tissue energy conduction
  • Gain skills in vocalizing felt sensations, transforming physical tightness into healing sounds
  • Discover how spontaneous vocalization can lead to a new state of balance and emotional wellbeing

Unit 5: Crystals, Planets & Sound Baths (November 7 to December 19)


The word “mantra” has been associated with Eastern religions, gurus, mystical powers, and enlightenment. Mantra comes from the Sanskrit verb, “man,” which means to think, contemplate, or meditate. In this unit, you’ll explore the role of mantras as powerful “sound thoughts” in meditation and contemplation.

You'll learn about the bija mantras of the chakra energy centers — each representing a seed of sound linked to one of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. 

This exploration not only offers a spiritual understanding of sound and consciousness but also connects with the scientific principles underlying mantras. You’ll learn to create and use mantras for healing, balance, and wellbeing... understanding their cultural and spiritual significance and how to apply them spontaneously in meditation practices and in everyday life.

In this unit, you’ll:

  • Develop a spiritual understanding of sound and consciousness through the lens of mantras
  • Learn to listen to inner sounds and felt tones as personal mantras for deeper self-awareness
  • Explore speaking in mantric dream languages, enhancing your meditative practices
  • Gain a scientific perspective on the relationship between sound, mantra, and consciousness
  • Examine mantras as “thought tuning forks,” creating vibrations for mental and spiritual tuning
  • Learn to create everyday life mantras based on the Five Element Theory and chakra balancing
  • Discover the art of spontaneously chanting mantras for personal healing and wellbeing
  • Embrace the universal principles of mantras, transcending language barriers and fostering a relaxation response


Invest in yourself and enhance your personal growth while making a meaningful impact in the world by enrolling in The Shift Network’s 6-month Biosonic Sound Healing immersion program.

To ensure that each person receives an abundance of rich learning and support in this exclusive program, it’s open only to a Limited Number of Students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost and do you offer payment plans?


A: The investment is $3,000 USD if paid in full (payment plans available). If you enroll now with a payment plan, your first payment will be due upon registration, and subsequent payments will be automatically processed every 30 days until complete. The total payment plan price includes a finance charge.

Q: Are scholarships available?


A: A certain percentage of spaces are available for partial scholarships for those who otherwise would not be able to enroll at the regular rate. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please review our guidelines, which includes a link to our online application form. (Do not submit a regular payment if you wish to be considered for a partial scholarship.)

If you are awarded and enroll with a scholarship, your purchase will be non-refundable.

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A: A refund for the program is available for any reason by Midnight Pacific on or before June 6, 2024. Refunds will not be available after this date.

To request a refund, please click on this refund request form and submit your request. Qualifying refunds will be processed within five business days of request and an email confirming the refund will be sent. However, we’d love to have a chance to address and resolve your concerns first. If there’s something we can assist you with, please email us at support@theshiftnetwork.com and we’ll be happy to help! (No refund requests accepted after the above date or with scholarships.)

Q: What are the program details and schedule for the immersion program?


A: All sessions will be held online live through Zoom. There will not be any in-person engagement.

The immersion program starts with an orientation on May 21, 2024, and ends on December 19, 2024. Classes with faculty begin on May 23, 2024.

Q: If I participate, how many hours per month should I plan to dedicate to this immersion program?


A: This will vary, depending on whether you choose to attend all offerings, but on average, you can expect to spend approximately 11-16 hours per month on this program.



When you participate in this immersive program, you’ll emerge with a professional-level understanding of:

  • Comprehensive Instrument Mastery: Beyond just learning individual instruments, you’ll master a diverse range of sound tools. This includes the precise use of tuning forks, the therapeutic application of crystal and metal bowls, and techniques with gongs and wind and string instruments — equipping you to create varied and deeply resonant healing experiences.
  • Skillful Use of Sound-Healing Techniques: You will be trained in advanced sound-healing techniques, learning how to skillfully integrate and apply various sound instruments and vocal methods into your practice. This includes understanding how to select and combine instruments based on client evaluations for optimal healing outcomes.
  • Customized Healing Approaches for Diverse Needs: This program prepares you to effectively serve a diverse clientele. You'll become skilled in customizing healing sessions for responding to a variety of needs — from physical ailments to emotional and spiritual wellbeing — enhancing both your and your clients’ healing journeys.
  • Targeted Client Evaluation: Our program includes instruction on how to apply comprehensive evaluation techniques with your clients. You'll learn to integrate intuition with structured methods like the Five Element Theory, sensory and structural analysis, and historical context assessment. This approach ensures personalized and effective healing strategies for each client, catering to their unique emotional and physical needs.
  • Ethical Therapeutic Alliance Formation: Emphasizing the ethical formation of therapeutic alliances, this program guides you in building trustful, empathetic relationships with clients. You'll learn how to establish “right relationships” and how to pace sessions both verbally and non-verbally, ensuring a supportive, respectful, and responsive healing environment.
  • Contribution to the Sound-Healing Legacy: As a graduate of this program, you’ll be part of an evolving legacy in sound healing. With your new skills and knowledge, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the field, inspire others, and potentially influence future sound-healing practices and methodologies.


“I went to [Dr. John’s] workshop to learn how to heal others. Instead, I was healed.”

I’ve been Dr. John Beaulieu’s student for many years now. When I first attended one of his courses, I fully expected to learn more about the physics of sound and to learn new techniques in sound therapy. The workshop delivered all of that with flying colors. What I didn’t expect was to actually transform through the experience of sound. I went to the workshop to learn how to heal others. Instead, I was healed. And through this experience I became a better healer. This type of “learning” is obtained only through experience. Each one of Dr. Beaulieu’s courses is a unique ensemble that harmonizes several facets of sound healing into one whole transformative and life-changing experience. Second to none, his classes interlace cutting-edge content with the penetrating experience of sound immersion and group work with his students. I will be a lifelong student of Dr. Beaulieu.
— Dr. Shawn Marie Higgins, DO, author, lecturer, physician, and sound healer, board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal medicine, and a director and faculty at the Osteopathic Cranial Academy


“Covering all dimensions of the field, [Dr. John’s] teachings are the foundation and the future of sound as a healing art.”

I have been collaborating with Dr. John Beaulieu for more than 25 years and he always amazes me with new research and new inventions. Covering all dimensions of the field, his teachings are the foundation and the future of sound as a healing art. Learning from John is the way to evolve, and his precious tuning forks are the path to dissolve... ahhhh... into the nature of harmonic magic.
— Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, Grammy-nominated musician, and founder and artistic director of the Vox Mundi Project and School


“I was totally blown away by [Dr. John’s] incredibly informative and entertaining multimedia presentations...”

The first time I saw John Beaulieu presenting his work I had no idea who he was, had not read any of the books he’s written, and was not aware of the important contributions that he’s made to the study and practice of therapeutic sound healing. I was totally blown away by his incredibly informative and entertaining multimedia presentations then, and now all over again seeing how he has managed to master online presentations during the pandemic!
— Dr. David Perez, psychiatrist and therapeutic sound-healing practitioner


“[Dr. John] is creating peace, stillness, and happiness in people.”

Dr. John Beaulieu’s sound world is deeply rooted in old traditions and in modern science. With his unique approach to tuning forks for healing and deep listening, he is creating peace, stillness, and happiness in people.
— Dr. Urs Honauer, PhD, director of the Center for Inner Ecology, Zurich, Switzerland


“[Dr. John] is a teacher gifted with a special ability to arrive at the central nodes of truth in seemingly disparate and conflicting fields of thought.”

Dr. John Beaulieu guides students through science and intuition into an understanding of the nature of our vibrational universe. Students learn how to use sound through the use of tuning forks to come into a state of coherence with universal vibrational principles. Every student learns through understanding based on a direct experience of sound. He is a teacher gifted with a special ability to arrive at the central nodes of truth in seemingly disparate and conflicting fields of thought. His insights and synthesis of the five elements, music, sound, archetypes, and life energy ranges far and yet is grounded and accessible to all.
— Dr. Steffie Yost, chiropractor and physician

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The 6-month Biosonic Sound Healing program offers some of the most comprehensive, integrative, and deeply transformative online teachings available within a thriving global community of learning and practice.

Join a community of students and practitioners from around the world and immerse yourself in the profound and practical application of BioSonic Repatterning to help heal yourself and others.

Please note: Because of the rigor and intimacy of this exclusive program, we’re limiting the number of students to ensure that each person receives an abundance of rich learning and support.

We have already served over 3,200,000 people
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I am blown away by the quality provided by The Shift Network — the magnitude, the depth, the intelligence, the knowledge, and the teaching… is nothing short of amazing!
— Dominique P. Gervais