With Herbalist & Founder of Anima Mundi Herbals
Adriana Ayales

A 5-module On-Demand Video Training


Prepare powerful plant remedies and learn about curanderismo rituals to help heal dis-ease, connect with your higher consciousness, and enjoy expanded wellbeing.


Rarely in our modern Western culture are we taken under the wise wing of an elder to learn the healing customs and practices of our heritage to stay healthy, safe, happy, and strong.

These days, we’re more likely to be fed conflicting information about our lineages, our body’s systems, and our health. We may be confused about what to believe and how to approach our wellbeing. 

Embedded in Indigeonous communities around the world is a shared wisdom about surviving and thriving in everyday life... as well as in times of crisis, turmoil, or danger.

WIthin these ancient and still vibrantly alive traditions is curanderismo or shamanism.

From a very early age, Costa Rican herbalist Adriana Ayales was guided by her grandmother, in this age-old tradition, to connect with the spirit world and the spirit of nature.

And, as she grew older, she developed a passion for communicating and collaborating with plants to bring healing to herself and others.

Join Adriana in a unique 5-step exploration of the medicine of plants, rituals, and ceremonies of this healing tradition... from the point of view of a true rainforest curandera.

You’ll learn ancient practices and remedies for purification, protection, and strengthened immunity, and to raise your vibration, dispel negativity, help heal dis-ease, and reconnect to your spirit.

The Power of Indigenous Plant Medicine

Along with her dynamic presence, Adriana is an expert in techniques for healing both acute and chronic issues with specific ancient plant medicine practices, recipes, rituals, and ceremonies, which she’ll share with you throughout this life-enhancing program...

... all designed to keep you grounded, balanced, and revitalized as you reconnect with Spirit and nature.

Drawing on the wisdom of her ancestors and her old-soul energy, Adriana will help you develop your own home pharmacy with plants you can grow and show you how to prepare plant medicinals to heal your whole being... mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll learn the way of curanderismo a tradition held by a web of healers who prepare and use holistic methods for diagnosing and treating disease so you can support your healing, detoxing, purifying, and space-clearing through potent rituals and ceremonies used time and again, generation after generation.

When you ritualize your life with these ancient practices and Indigenous plants, herbs, flowers, and fungi, you’ll move into a greater state of health and wellbeing to live a more grounded life... physically, emotionally, and energetically.

You’ll develop the power to care for yourself and alleviate physical ailments by maintaining a healthy gut, keeping your emotions balanced, regularly cleansing the spaces around you, and eliminating toxins. Adriana will also guide you to explore your subconscious mind and higher consciousness.

She’ll teach you how to reconnect with the natural intelligence of plants so you can achieve greater physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.




In this 5-part program, Adriana will share:

  • What exactly curanderismo is
  • An in-depth understanding of Yerberismo the shamanic approach to healing with plants
  • The origins of dis-ease on an energetic and archetypal level
  • Spirit tools, used by curanderos, for setting up an altar or sacred space  and ways to clear spaces, internally and externally
  • How to use the power of Indigenous plant rituals for protection, immunity, and purification to clear energy, nourish the mind and body, and boost the spirit
  • Traditional rainforest plants as well as superfood recipes and medicinal bath rituals... for immunity and spiritual resilience
  • Ways to create your own herbal bundles for smoke cleansing using easily accessible flowers and herbs that contain powerful energetic and physical properties
  • How to prepare herbal beauty enhancers such as Banos Florales, facial spritzers, and natural botanical oils, lotions, and liniments
  • Herbs and foods that address emotional ailments, including anxiety, anger, exhaustion, a broken heart, insomnia, depression, envy, and more
  • Wisdom about the subconscious, the pineal gland, and the third eye
  • Visionary and ceremonial herbs for meditation, lucid dreaming, divination, and reaching higher states of consciousness

In Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals From the Rainforest, you’ll find comfort in knowing such teachings are available to you, and that you can trust the plant world (and yourself) to keep you walking the path toward a strong sense of wellbeing... no matter the fear and confusion you may be facing in these dramatic times.

What You’ll Discover in These 5 Modules

In this 5-part transformational intensive, Adriana will guide you to use medicinal plants and curanderismo ceremonies for an expanded state of wellbeing.

This course will feature teachings and experiential practices with Adriana. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need for cultivating wellbeing... the curanderismo way.


Module 1: Indigenous Medicine The Healing Cosmology of Curanderismo


To curanderos, there’s no distinction between nature and humans. Like many native medicine peoples around the world, curanderos believe that the origin of disease and imbalances is energetic... as is the healing process. Energetic diagnostics is a key element within curanderismo to uncover the origin of a disease.

In this opening class, you’ll discover the varieties of curanderos  Hierberas, Parteras, Sobadores, Huesera, and more and explore how they diagnose imbalances. Adriana will share about classic diagnostic techniques... and how plants, flowers, fungi, and resins can be used for rebalancing.

You’ll dive deep into herbs classically found in a shaman’s toolkit for limpias cleansing rituals and ceremonies for protection. Adriana will also offer key recipes and techniques for making protective ritual tools, such as Agua de Florida, to clear spaces and the energetic field.

In this first session, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly curanderismo is
  • Diagnosis, treatment, limpias, plants, and spiritual tools for rituals
  • An understanding of the energetics of diagnostics according to curanderos
  • How to set up a sacred space to give and receive treatment
  • Key medicinal herbs used by curanderos for energetic cleansing
  • How to recognize patterns of illness and energetic imbalances within yourself and others 
  • What limpias are and the different kinds that are used in healing rituals
  • Protective herbs, flowers, fungi, and key tools for altars and healing spaces

Module 2: Plants of Power, Protection & Immunity Protecting Your Immune System the Shaman’s Way


In curanderismo, the immune system is considered one of the central aspects of our spiritual protective field. Maintaining health isn’t only for longevity... it also inhibits dis-ease altogether.

In this module, Adriana will introduce you to specific rainforest plants used in curanderismo for grounding, protection, and immune strength. You’ll learn about exotic and classic rainforest plants that have been used for millennia as antivirals and antimicrobials.

During this class, you’ll discover:

  • An understanding of the immune system according to Indigenous peoples, including its energetic and physical anatomy, and how it’s wired to your emotions and spirit
  • Traditional rainforest plants used since ancient times to protect and boost the immune system
  • How to make nutrient-dense superfood recipes for immune strength and spirit resilience
  • Protective plants to ward off evil spirits and hexes
  • Medicinal bath rituals for immune strength and spiritual connection

Module 3: Ancient Plants & Rituals for Beauty, Rejuvenation & Longevity


The meaning of beauty to native peoples is different from what we perceive in Western society. Since time immemorial, our ancestors have been in pursuit of longevity and rejuvenation. Many traditions around the world have revered the power of beauty with a myriad of rituals to cultivate beauty from the inside out.

Medical research confirms that the rainforest contains a plethora of “beautifying” plants to support these ancestral beauty rituals for deep rejuvenation. In this session, Adriana will reveal herbs and rituals for deep self-care focusing on the skin, hair, muscles, and joints.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The meaning of beauty according to the ancients
  • The anatomy of rejuvenation and self-care traditions and techniques to support it
  • Cultural and medical uses of key master herbs for inner and outer beauty
  • Rainforest recipes and rituals for mind and body rejuvenation
  • How to prepare herbal beauty enhancers, such as Banos Florales, facial spritzers, and natural botanical oils, lotions, and liniments

Module 4: Spiritual Nutrition Plants, Foods & Dietas for the Digestive System & Emotional Body


In curanderismo, a dieta is a prescribed diet to cleanse the emotions and mind and realign the body. Curanderos assign particular herbs and foods to patients to advance the body’s healing, and to cleanse the spirit before embarking on a visionary quest.

In this session, you’ll learn about the particular plants used for dietas... and to receive healing wisdom for one’s own life.

To many native traditions around the world, the gut and digestive system were seen as the core of our emotional body. And through the intake of particular plants and foods, we facilitate emotional purging and physical detox.

You’ll learn about:

  • The microbiome and the gut
  • How the gut and your emotional body are connected, according to curanderismo and backed by medical discoveries
  • Shamanic therapies, such as platicas prayers and rituals of purification to release unwanted emotions
  • Herbs and foods that address emotional ailments, including anxiety, anger, exhaustion, a broken heart, insomnia, depression, envy, and more
  • Foods and purification rites for toxic elimination, clarity, and balance

Module 5: Plants for the Mind, the Pineal Gland & Higher Consciousness


In Indigenous traditions around the world, there is a profound awareness of a higher intelligence. Since ancient times, mystics, shamans, monks, and yogis have participated in practices for connecting to a higher force field that pulsates throughout everything in nature.

In this final class, you’ll learn to work with:

  • The subconscious, the pineal gland, and the third eye exploring perception, brain waves, and higher consciousness
  • Tonics for the mind, pineal gland, HPA Axis, and the nervous system
  • Ancient visionary herbs used ceremonially to enhance meditation, deep states, and dreaming 
  • Rainforest entheogens used by curanderos for transcendance and psychic sight
  • Tonics for the mind, pineal gland, and nervous system
  • These masterful plants for higher consciousness and divination

The Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals From the Rainforest Bonus Collection

In addition to Adriana’s transformative 5-part online course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus recordings complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Herbal Wisdom for Challenging Times
Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Rosemary Gladstar

In this conversation, American herbalist Rosemary Gladstar shares powerful personal stories about connecting to plant spirit allies. You’ll discover what she keeps in her apothecary during the pandemic, and receive her famous Fire Cider recipe. Rosemary and Adriana also explore the power of common culinary herbs... and remind us that we all have access to a lineage of herbal healers.


Peruvian Shamanism & the Path of the Ashaninka
Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Don José Campos
In Spanish With Real-Time Translation to English by Adriana Ayales

Peruvian shamanism touches on the human urge to explore and understand the mysteries of the universe  and the role we play in it as we seek to live a life of authenticity and truth. Listen in as Adriana and Don José Campos (master curandero and renowned author) explore how Peruvian shamanism intersects with the path of the Ashaninka an Indigenous people living in the rainforests of Peru. You’ll learn about the use of medicinal dietas for emotional and spiritual purging and discover how Don José contacts plant spirits through the use of ayahuasca and other plants that help him access nature’s intelligence.


Rainforest Home Remedies: Common Plants Used by Traditional Healers of Belize
Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Rosita Arvigo

This fascinating conversation between Adriana and Rosita Arvigo (international speaker, author, and plant medicine expert) is full of both practical tips and inspiration. You’ll hear the remarkable tale of the “test” Rosita experienced on the first day of her life-changing apprenticeship with Don Elijio Panti, explore the physical and spiritual healing benefits of Rosita’s favorite plants, learn about her go-to daily tea for physical support, and so much more.


15% Discount to Anima Mundi Apothecary

As part of your participation in the course, you’ll receive a 15% discount on any purchases you’d like to make from Adriana’s online store. Anima Mundi Apothecary is composed of organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown botanicals. They’re devoted to making vibrant and medicinally potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony, and ancient formulations that have been substantiated by years of anecdotal and traditional evidence. Their goal is to continuously source pristine, unadulterated, and wholesome medicines for mind, body, and soul wellness.

Note: No purchase is required for the course. Neither is it required to use Anima Mundi products. You may use whatever products you’d like as you train with Adriana.


What People Are Saying About Adriana Ayales...

“Adriana Ayales... seamlessly integrates a lifetime of classical herbal training into modern Western culture.”

Medical herbalist, curandera [healer], author, educator, businesswoman, and mother, Adriana Ayales is one of the rare teachers who seamlessly integrates a lifetime of classical herbal training into modern Western culture. A highly articulate teacher, she presents the ancient knowledge of plant medicine with a clarity that draws from scientific medicine, years of clinical practice, and the magical realms of the psyche.
David Crow, Author, herbalist, educator, and founder of Floracopeia Aromatic

“Adriana is a true alchemist…”

Adriana is a true alchemist, weaving her deep roots and ancestral connection to plants with a masterful understanding of the medicine and gifts of the healing herbs. Her commitment as a healer is full of integrity and is visible in the way she honors the plants, the farms and ecosystems where they grow, and the people she shares her knowledge and medicines with. I so appreciate the wisdom Adriana shares and her voice in the herbal community, and recommend her to anyone looking to learn about rainforest herbalism.
Marysia Miernowska, Herbalist, author, green witch, and director of The School of the Sacred Wild: Regenerative Healing for Earth & People

“Adriana opens a portal for healing for all people and the deep care of Gaia.”

Adriana is an inspirational leader, blending her training of Western herbalism with South American ancestral plants. She is authentic, the speaker of ancient wisdom, and creator of beautiful medicine. As a mother, she is grounded in future care of her children. Adriana opens a portal for healing for all people and the deep care of Gaia.
Pam Fischer, executive director and founder at Berkeley Herbal Center

“… a vibrant and passionate speaker, teacher, and translator for the abundant plant kingdom.”

[Adriana’s] course on Indigenous herbal medicines will be a treasure to partake in. Adriana is a wellspring of knowledge of both the scientific and magical properties of plant medicine and herbal wellness, and her teaching will no doubt reach anyone who joins at any level in their studies. She’s a vibrant and passionate speaker, teacher, and translator for the abundant plant kingdom.
Leah Song, Rising Appalachia

“... a good and refreshing understanding of herbs”

Adriana Ayales has a good and refreshing understanding of herbs, and focuses on the botanical and healing properties of the herbs.
Steven Maimes, Author


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Five 90-Minute Video Modules With Adriana Ayales

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Adriana Ayales, herbalist and founder of Anima Mundi Herbals from the comfort of your own home. Each pre-recorded class session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to heal dis-ease, connect with your higher consciousness, and enjoy expanded wellbeing, by preparing powerful plant remedies and experiencing the rituals of curanderismo.

Five PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals From the Rainforest Bonus Collection
  • Herbal Wisdom for Challenging Times
    Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Rosemary Gladstar
  • Peruvian Shamanism & the Path of the Ashaninka
    Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Don José Campos
    In Spanish With Real-Time Translation to English by Adriana Ayales
  • Rainforest Home Remedies: Common Plants Used by Traditional Healers of Belize
    Video Dialogue With Adriana Ayales and Rosita Arvigo
  • 15% Discount to Anima Mundi Apothecary

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If you’re serious about practicing Indigenous medicine for physical, spiritual, and energetic wellbeing, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

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About Adriana Ayales

Adriana Ayales is an author, educator, and rainforest herbalist from Costa Rica. She has extensively studied several healing traditions alongside master herbalists and Indigenous medicine peoples for more than a dozen years. From a young age, she was immersed in the fields of healing and herbalism, and devoted herself to learning from different ancient herbal traditions.

Adriana founded Anima Mundi, a successful apothecary and herbal medicine facility in Brooklyn, New York, that crafts medicines sourced from Indigenous peoples, wildcrafters, and honest farmers from around the world. Adriana, who has written two books, Healing Tonics and Adaptogens: Herbs for Longevity and Everyday Wellness, currently resides in Costa Rica where she was born and raised.


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