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Andrew Harvey

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Explore the depths of Jesus Christ’s essential teachings to radically open your heart and awaken your own divinity.


In the divine mind, there is a dream which has already been realized... a dream of an embodied divine humanity fully committed to justice and harmony in action for all sentient beings and for a unified planet. As you can imagine, this is profoundly explosive and almost unimaginable to normal consciousness.
Andrew Harvey

Sometimes, life hands us challenges so difficult, so heartbreaking, that we experience a profoundly personal “dark night of the soul” an initiation that radically changes who we are and how we perceive the world.

Right now, the whole world is undergoing such an intense breakdown that some wisdom keepers believe we must undergo a radical and complete death and rebirth a process of transfiguration out of which a new evolutionary humanity can emerge.

We’re living through a global dark night. What’s urgently needed is for every one of us to ascend to the highest and purest place within ourselves to walk the path of Christ Consciousness, an awareness of the higher self as part of a universal system.

What is Christ Consciousness?

You’ve likely heard the term Christ Consciousness before. But, what does it really mean?

The Center for Christ Consciousness defines it as “the highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity.” They say that Jesus achieved this higher state of being in his human life. The term “Christ” is in recognition of his heightened spiritual evolution.

This path is open to anyone who’s actively striving to become a living vessel of love and truth on the planet regardless of their religious tradition, or lack thereof.

According to Andrew Harvey, mystical scholar, spiritual teacher, and founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, the true teachings of Jesus hold the essential key for our individual healing and collective awakening.

They’re the gateway into the sacred marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. They provide the portal for understanding the dark night of the soul. And the guide to the alchemical journey in which we turn “lead” into gold.

Andrew, along with many other scholars of the mystics, views Jesus not as a deity, not as someone who came to this world to be adored as a god, but as a soul chosen by the divine to be a revolutionary teacher...

... to forge a path of radical transformation and show people how to live a life steeped in the power of love and compassion in action.

Living the Christ Path

Like many, Andrew believes that the organized establishment of Christianity, with its rules and patriarchal dominance, has betrayed not only Jesus’ vibrant and inclusive message...

... but his living example of a perfect embodied infusion of the courage, power, strength, and willpower of the Sacred Masculine. And the kindness, compassion, and fierce demand for justice of the Divine Feminine.

Following in Jesus’ footsteps by living in Christ Consciousness is the sublime solution to thriving and getting through the dark night and being reborn as divinized humans.

So, how do we get there?

Join Andrew in a powerful 7-module course an unparalleled culmination of his lifelong teachings, study, and experience to explore the teachings of Jesus himself.

Andrew will share with you a variety of tools and practices to help you gain the strength, stamina, and passion you need to face the global dark night, surrender to the transfiguration process, and walk the path of Christ Consciousness and love in action.

In this essential program for these challenging times, Andrew will guide you through the core fundamentals and practices to awaken and embody Christ Consciousness and energy in your daily life. You’ll learn the essential stages of the divinization process and experience a clear vision of how this evolution into divine humanity can unfold.

And, you’ll experience potent practices of heart, mind, and body that you can consistently apply so that divine love and wisdom can act through you to transform the world.

The Real Message of Jesus

Jesus’ central message was about discovering the Christ within YOU, and within all beings. And embodying the divine.

He knew that this world was a manifestation of God... and that people could be divinized because he was divinized. Throughout his life, he urged people to understand that there was nothing in him that’s not in everyone. But, much of this raw message was lost.

In this magnificent course, Andrew will share how religion has masked the full intensity, splendor, and depth of Jesus’ teachings. Consequently, turned Jesus into a caricature of his true self which was profoundly human as well as radiantly divine.

Andrew will guide you to rediscover Jesus’ life with fresh eyes. You’ll begin to see him as a way-shower for all of us to embody more unconditional love for ourselves and all beings. In doing so, we can co-create a more just and compassionate world.

He’ll reveal the Christ path as a gateway into our divinity, expressed through our actions and relationships. The Christ path requires that we heal the split of the masculine and feminine. It insists that we cultivate a passion for justice. It requires that we pass through the intense purifying fires of transfiguration and learn to heal, love, speak total truth, and serve others.

Ultimately, Christ Consciousness is calling us to step into the power of love in action, and recognize the divine in all things.

We have the possibility of using challenging times to empower ourselves, and others, to actually get the planet to work more harmoniously for all. Embracing an uncertain future, we need to support leaders, who are inspired, courageous and effective to rise up.

We need to renew the energy of people who are burnt out and apathetic in institutions and corporations. If we point individuals to an inner compass that renews their passion, there is hope for real solutions and inspired creativity. All that we need is already there, in the currency of people, and it only needs to be tapped into.
Andrew Harvey


During this journey of profound transformation, you’ll discover:

  • The priceless jewels hidden within the depths of the essential teachings of Jesus
  • The marriage of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
  • An understanding of the dark night of the soul
  • A variety of tools and practices to walk the path of Christ Consciousness
  • The radical role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus’s life
  • The map of the transfiguration process in its 4 stages
  • And much more...

The Beauty of On-Demand Video

Experience a rare opportunity to learn with Andrew and experience his teachings through on-demand video via any connected device.

This course will feature teachings, interactive training sessions, experiential practices with Andrew. Each module will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to embody Christ Consciousness and step into the passionate power of love in action.

With so much wisdom being shared, isn’t it great to know you can take the journey at your own pace? 

Rewind and replay any section as many times as you wish. Immerse yourself into each of the modules. Let the information, practices, and wisdom that Andrew is sharing really soak in.

When you are going through a dark night of the soul, Christ Consciousness will empower you to experience the death of the false self. Ultimately calling you to step into the power of love in action, in every area of your life, to joyfully and passionately create a brand new life and world.

Enroll now to become a pilgrim of real love. Radically open your heart, expand your mind, and be inspired to walk a path of sacred action in the world.


What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-Module transformational intensive, Andrew will teach you the priceless jewels and practices hidden within Jesus’ essential teachings to radically open your heart, walk through a death and rebirth process, awaken to an embodied divinity, and step into the power of love in action.


Module 1: Rediscovering the Christ Path


Andrew’s wisdom draws on his own mystical experience of the Christ; the map of the birth given to him by his teacher, Father Bede Griffiths; the revolutionary message of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas; and the canonical gospels.

In this opening module, he’ll share how Jesus’ essential message was never about worshiping him as the unique son of God. Instead, his teachings were meant to urge people to claim their inherent Divine Consciousness and put love into action and realize the truth of what he called “the Kingdom.”

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A mantra practice of “Maranatha,” derived from Jesus himself
  • A vision of Jesus, not as the founder of a religion, but as a pioneer helping people liberate their own inner divinity on the path to birthing a new embodied divine humanity
  • An evolutionary understanding of our contemporary dark night
  • How we all can put love into action and find what Jesus called “the Kingdom” in our own lives
  • The great Christian mystic Father Bede Griffiths’ prophetic map of the birth of Andrew’s own transformative experiences of the Christ
  • The radical revelations of the Gospel of Thomas and 2 of its crucial sayings

Module 2: Embracing the Sacred Feminine


In this module, Andrew will share that the key to the birth of the authentic Christ Consciousness lies in a dynamic embrace of the Sacred Feminine.

He’ll show you how it was clear through Jesus’ life, teachings, practice that Jesus was as much a child of the “mother” as the “father”... and that true Christ Consciousness is born out of a radical realization of the sacred marriage of the motherhood and fatherhood of God.

You’ll discover that the suppression of this truth, throughout the evolution of the Christian tradition, caused the dissolution of the revolutionary promise of Christ Consciousness.

According to Andrew, Jesus’ embrace of the Sacred Feminine can be best understood and integrated through:

  • His identification with the Divine Feminine wisdom tradition in Judaism
  • His celebration of the mother as well as the father in the gnostic gospels
  • The role of Mary Magdalene in his life and awakening
  • The mystical tradition pioneered by women mystics in the medieval era of Jesus as mother
  • The vision of Mary as co-redemptrix and Jesus’ partner in the evolutionary path they walked together

In this module, Andrew will offer:

  • The practice of the Hail Mary reinterpreted for the death and rebirth process
  • The radical role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus’s life and teaching
  • The transmission of the authentic divine Mary and the yoga of transfiguration that Jesus and Mary birthed together
  • The 4 essential aspects of Mary as the Black Madonna
  • An exploration of the gnostic gospels’ celebration of God as mother as well as father
  • The way medieval women mystics worshiped Jesus as Mother
  • A vision of Jesus’ identification with wisdom as Sophia

Module 3: Activating the Divine Masculine


In this module, you’ll explore Jesus’ life and message as a thrilling new vision of the Sacred Masculine, which has the capacity to unravel the current masculinity that keeps patriarchy alive.

Andrew will focus on the eight facets of the authentic Divine Masculine as revealed by Jesus the Prophet, the Hero, the Warrior, the King, the Lover, the Servant, the Healer, and the Liberator.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The practice of the St. Francis prayer, in building Christ Consciousness
  • The radical importance of the 8 interlinked facets of the Sacred Masculine as lived by Jesus
  • The mystery of sacred androgyny and birthing the divine human
  • The radical nature and revolutionary possibility of the Sacred Masculine dedicated to the service of the Sacred Feminine in justice and compassion
  • The vision of tender brotherhood that Jesus lived with his disciples and John the Beloved
  • Andrew’s own experience of transformation through Jesus’ example of the Sacred Masculine

Module 4: Birthing the Divine Child


In this module, you’ll dive deeply into the central mystery of the path of sacred marriage that Jesus came to pioneer. This is the birth within us of the “divine child” the sacredly androgynous, transcendent, and immanent divine human being.

Drawing on St. Paul’s tremendous vision of the redemption of our bodies in the birth of a new creation, Andrew will devote a large part of this session to Logion (or Saying) 22 of the Gospel of Thomas. This logion shows how Jesus precisely laid out, stage by stage, the amazing journey from ordinary humanity to embodied divine humanity.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A practice of working with the descending golden light of birth to help embody divinity
  • St. Paul’s vision of the birth of an embodied divine humanity
  • A vision of the divine child through the marriage in our inmost being of God as mother and father
  • A detailed, precise map of this birth as laid out by Jesus himself in Logion 22 of the Gospel of Thomas
  • The transfiguration tradition in Catholic, Russian, and Greek Orthodox mysticism
  • A description of the transfiguration process as lived by Father Bede Griffiths
  • The essential secrets of this process as transmitted to Andrew by Father Bede Griffiths

Module 5: Walking the Christ Path


In this module, Andrew will present a radical and exhaustive map of the Christ path. This is a map of the unfolding revelations and stages that engender the birth of the divine human derived from the life and teachings of Jesus and the often-secret writings and experiences of the Christian mystics.

Andrew will walk you through the four stages of the transfiguration process: Awakening, Illumination, Union and Birthing.

In this module, Andrew will share:

  • The practice of the Jesus prayer known to have divinizing powers
  • The map of the path to transfiguration in its 4 stages
  • A radical emphasis on the transfiguration of the body and the difficulties and ordeals that need to be recognized at each stage
  • The transfiguration tradition as lived out in several extraordinary male and female Christian mystics, and its significance for us now
  • The astonishing powers of love, creativity, and vision open to those who come into union and birthing
  • A clear description of the 2 dark nights we need endure for our complete transfiguration

Module 6: Marrying the Opposites Light & Shadow, Soul & Body


In this module, you’ll explore the marriage of opposites that takes place in the later stages of the authentic Christ path and in the journey to what orthodox mystics called “theosis” or “transfiguration.”

Drawing on the Christian mystical understanding of Jesus’ transfiguration and resurrection, Andrew Harvey will show how you can open to a path of divinization that incorporates what Jesus called “the wisdom of the serpent and the innocence of the dove.”

You’ll discover:

  • The alchemical power of the golden light in the transfiguration process
  • A practice to invoke this divinizing light, derived from Christian and Hindu sources
  • A deepening understanding of what transfiguration is and what it implies
  • An exploration of God’s nature as a coincidence of opposites
  • The expanding marriage of shadow knowledge (the wisdom of the serpent) with expanding gnosis (the innocence of the dove)
  • The dynamic power of the mantra Om Namah Christaya, given to Andrew by Father Bede Griffiths

Module 7: Sacred Activism & the Divine Human


Our global dark night can potentially birth the divine human through the revelation of the Christ path. What’s needed is to live out the transfiguration process as Jesus did, and commit to an urgent practice of sacred activism. It’s through that dynamic fusion that we can push through the evolutionary shift that humanity now needs to literally survive.

In this module, Andrew will bring together his 30 years of experience in sacred activism and on the Christ path to explain what’s currently arising for us all.

In this final module, you’ll receive:

  • The Tonglen practice adapted for the Christ path to help seekers deal with the 5 main shadows of our contemporary global dark night
  • A detailed map of the 5 kinds of practice sacred activists need to live in joy and work with steady dynamic compassion and passion
  • A vision of the divine passion in action that Andrew received directly from the Christ
  • The evolutionary necessity to live the transfiguration process and sacred activism together to birth the new humanity
  • A summation of the revolutionary contribution of the Christ path to our global dark night and our capacity to thrive through it

The Rediscover the Christ Path Bonus Collection

In addition to Andrew’s transformative 7-module video course, you’ll receive these special bonuses to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Celebrating Angelus Silesius
Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Matthew Fox

Andrew Harvey and renowned spiritual pioneer Matthew Fox have authored books about renewing the ancient tradition of Creation Spirituality. In this powerful interview, they discuss Andrew’s book, Becoming God, and the extraordinary mystical depth of the being it celebrates. They share about the little-known but very important Christian mystic Angelus Silesius, who lived and wrote about the transfiguration process and the great mystery of the Christ Path. You’ll discover the evolutionary significance of Silesius’ journey in the great shift humanity is now experiencing.


Becoming God: 108 Epigrams From The Cherubinic Pilgrim by Angelus Silesius
Ebook Translated by Andrew Harvey

In Andrew Harvey’s book, Becoming God, he defines what God is and what God isn’t. The book consists of 108 short, eloquent epigrams each one a meditation and living prayer written by the 17th-century German mystic Angelus Silesius. It’s a brilliant, moving, and indispensable guide to the mystery of the transformation of the whole being... which the Christ path makes possible. It opens a window into the heart of God and awakens the joy of spiritual connection that everyone can experience.


The New Monasticism
Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Adam Bucko

Tune in for this inspiring conversation with Andrew Harvey and Adam Bucko, Christian mystic, practicing priest, and celebrated author of Occupy Spirituality which he co-wrote with renowned spiritual pioneer Matthew Fox. Adam reveals his spiritual evolution and his vision and pioneering of a new monasticism. He and Andrew explore what it means to live the authentic Christ path in these tumultuous times.


The Role of Fundamentalism in Our Global Dark Night
Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker is perhaps the leading spiritual intellectual of our global dark night. In this captivating conversation with Andrew Harvey, she talks about her new book, Confronting Christofascism, and her own experience as a refugee from the toxic experience of fundamentalism. She describes how a lethal mix of fundamentalist theology and right wing white supremacist ideology could potentially birth fascist authoritarianism in America.


Explore St. John of the Cross’ Knowing Unknowing
Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Mirabai Starr

In this rich conversation between Andrew Harvey and Mirabai Starr, one of our leading Christian mystics, they explore the profound meanings and possibilities of what St. John of the Cross called unknowing knowing which St. John believed to be the key to higher reaches of mystical experience. They’ll dive deep into the transmission of Mirabai’s beautiful translation of one of St. John’s most important poems.


What Graduates of Andrew’s Courses Are Saying...

“Andrew Harvey is such a brilliant, truth-telling, compassionate master who pierces light into the depths of people’s beings...”

The Engoldenment course was a complete revelation for me. Andrew Harvey is such a brilliant, truth-telling, compassionate master who pierces light into the depths of people’s beings and allows them to see so clearly and shine, as was my experience. Every piece of wisdom that was shared I found diamonds in for myself, and that has facilitated so much more clarity in my life and what is truly important continues to unfold daily in my world. It has been instrumental in assisting me to focus on how service in the world can show up in a more sacred way.
Jill, Sydney, Australia

“This course I participated in with Andrew Harvey has definitely changed the course of my life for the better.”

This course I participated in with Andrew Harvey has definitely changed the course of my life for the better. I felt as though I was on a magical mystery tour in search of the philosopher’s stone going ever deeper into the descent with every module. The “true view” Andrew transmitted in his teachings I feel is a lifetime’s worth of deepening vision study and practice for me to engage with. It is already benefiting me greatly in stabilizing my own personal journey and story. It seems like a language I have always been looking for, the language of the “cellular mind” and the “new species.” I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart to Andrew and The Shift Network team for providing this life-changing program.
Nicholas Jones

“Andrew brought the truth to me with such an open, sincere, and humble manner.”

Andrew brought the truth to me with such an open, sincere, and humble manner. He reminds me that in the transfiguration process, I am not alone, and always have support from him and the universal force.
May Li, Markham, Canada

“Following the sound of [Andrew’s] voice, the profound transmissions that took place each week were a balm for my spirit!”

Step by step, Andrew Harvey guided us in a mystical journey that led us to the touch point of the Heart of the Mother of Mercy. Each week I experienced more of the armoring and holding that were surrounding my heart being melted away by the instructions given. Through this Engoldenment process, breakthroughs came and I had a very deep and personal healing of my own Dark Night that has gone on for many years. Following the sound of his voice, the profound transmissions that took place each week were a balm for my spirit! Forever grateful!
Vida Vierra, Santa Monica, California

“I am suddenly playing guitar, writing poetry, planning a new book, and am very happy!”

An amazing opening for creativity has occurred in my life! I am suddenly playing guitar, writing poetry, planning a new book, and am very happy! I recommend this course because it truly creates a path for understanding what life on Earth can and perhaps should be like, considering its highs and especially its lows.
Kristina, Norway

“Andrew offered his love, kindness, patience, and wealth of knowledge to us in practical ways that inspired and moved me deeply.”

The timing of this course was perfect for all of us during these times of tremendous challenges and change. Andrew offered his love, kindness, patience, and wealth of knowledge to us in practical ways that inspired and moved me deeply. I will continue to work on these course materials because they are so rich and valuable. My deepest gratitude to Andrew Harvey, my fellow classmates, and The Shift Network.
Brooke Maroldi, Nashville, Tennessee

“Absolutely amazing!”

Absolutely amazing! No words describing the value of this class. Best class ever for the money.
Ava Agolli

“The course helped me to open more deeply and consciously to the depth of the profound changes we are all going through...”

Andrew’s work was relatively new to me, and I am grateful for the continuing availability of the recordings and transcripts, as I definitely need to go back over the transmissions to gain the full benefit. The course helped me to open more deeply and consciously to the depth of the profound changes we are all going through, and the importance of participating consciously and intentionally towards there being a positive outcome for myself and for the planet and all life on it.
Miriam, San Diego, California


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Video Modules With Andrew Harvey

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from the founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism from the comfort of your own home. Each module with Andrew includes video teachings and guides you to explore the priceless jewels and practices hidden within the depths of Jesus’ teachings to radically open your heart, walk through a death and rebirth process, awaken to an embodied divinity, and step into the passionate power of love in action.

Seven Audio Recordings of Class Modules

The audio for each module is available for you in a high-quality MP3 format. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Seven Transcripts of Class Modules

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Module

Between modules, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each week’s lesson..

The Rediscover the Christ Path Bonus Collection
  • Celebrating Angelus Silesius
    Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Matthew Fox
  • Becoming God: 108 Epigrams From The Cherubinic Pilgrim by Angelus Silesius
    Ebook Translated by Andrew Harvey
  • The New Monasticism
    Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Adam Bucko
  • The Role of Fundamentalism in Our Global Dark Night
    Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker
  • Explore St. John of the Cross’ Knowing Unknowing
    Video Dialogue With Andrew Harvey and Mirabai Starr

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If you’re serious about awakening to an embodied divinity and stepping into the passionate power of love in action, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

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About Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is an author, speaker, and founder/director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises. It encourages participants to become inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change to create peace and sustainability.

Andrew has taught at Oxford University, Cornell University, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the California Institute of Integral Studies, the University of Creation Spirituality, and at various spiritual centers throughout the U.S. He was the subject of the 1993 BBC documentary The Making of a Modern Mystic, and also appears in Rumi Turning Ecstatic and The Consciousness of the Christ: Reclaiming Christ for a New Humanity.

He is co-author of the bestselling The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and has worked with the great Iranian Sufi dancer, Banafsheh Sayyad, in producing a film, In the Fire of Grace, which marries Sufi-inspired dances to the stages of Rumi’s understanding of the path of divine love. He has written or edited over 40 books and received many awards, including the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Mind Body Spirit Award.


More Praise for Andrew Harvey...

“... the light he sheds is like a meteor bursting across the inner sky.”

Every age has its teachers who keep the eternal truths alive for all of us. And when a generation is very, very lucky, it encounters a teacher so illumined that the words he delivers must be illumined as well. In the case of Andrew Harvey, the light he sheds is like a meteor burst across the inner sky.
Marianne Williamson, author of Everyday Grace

“... a genius and an inspired visionary...”

Andrew is a genius and an inspired visionary who has the ability to interpret the meaning and significance of the chaos and patterns of change that are redirecting the compass of our contemporary culture.
Caroline Myss, author of Intimate Conversations with the Divine and Anatomy of the Spirit

“Andrew gives us a clarion call to go beyond admiration to activation...”

When the heart explodes in conscious oneness with the Beloved, what remains is a burning desire to be a servant to the One that enlivens all sentient beings, every speck of space. Andrew gives us a clarion call to go beyond admiration to activation of that same capacity within our own hearts so that we too may become a beneficial presence on the planet.
Reverend Michael B. Beckwith, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center

“A powerful, provocative, prophetic appeal to sanity...”

Using humor, passion, and analysis, Andrew Harvey challenges us to wake up and get up off of our couches to become the spiritual activists we all can be. A powerful, provocative, prophetic appeal to sanity and activism for our apocalyptic times.
Reverend Matthew Fox, author of Creation Spirituality and founder of Wisdom University

“... it just might save our skins.”

[Andrew] Harvey’s sacred activism is a corrective to the doomsayers and do-nothings who are part of our problems. He is a modern version of a fiery Old Testament prophet whose words were ignored at great peril. We must attend to Andrew Harvey’s message. Not only will it help us humans regain our sanity, it just might save our skins.
Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things


Caroline Myss, Spiritual Teacher and Author: “Andrew’s Whole Life Is Truly a Devotion of Passing on His Knowledge of Mysticism”

Mirabai Starr, Mystic Teacher and Author: “I’m in Complete Awe of Andrew Harvey”

Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network: “Andrew Harvey Has Been the Single Most Profound Teacher for Me”


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