With Psychologist, Scientist & Social Entrepreneur
Dr. Shamini Jain

A 7-Module On-Demand Video Training


Use the power of your voice to connect with Vedic and Tantric goddesses through sacred sound and mantra exploring the many forms of the Divine Feminine, and experiencing their portals that catalyze joy, creativity, and grace.


Do you feel burdened by the complex state of the world today? Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or perhaps blocked creatively? Are you wondering how you and your loved ones will adapt to the new world that’s emerging from this global crisis?

Perhaps it’s time to call on the healing and empowering energy of the Great Goddess in ALL her forms!

This is a special invitation to embody your deepest feminine nature and catalyze your healing... by calling the Goddess through sacred sound.

By liberating your own voice, you will feel vibrations that cleanse, heal, and create new possibilities, allowing your truest self to emerge and awaken to peace, purpose, prosperity, and actual progress.

Modern science has been validating what ancient yogis have known for ages that sacred phrases called mantras have remarkable powers to heal, elevate, and enlighten us.

The ancient science of mantras uses sound to connect your biofield with elemental and planetary energies (air, fire, earth, water, space, solar, and lunar) to foster significant personal and planetary healing.

When used with intention and care, the right mantras can help you realign your nervous system, strengthen your spiritual connection, slow cell aging, release anxiety, focus your mind, and more.

Mantras can also connect you with specific goddesses archetypal forces that help you access the power to effect positive change in your body and life.

Each of these ancient goddesses is a face of the Divine, with specific healing abilities and qualities. Explore the many facets of the Goddess, and you learn how her forms can aid you in creativity, clear away negativity and attachments, foster abundance, and re-connect you with bliss.

Every goddess is connected to sound and other vibrational forms of energy that you can bring into your body through the biofield to help you clear blocks within you so you can co-create with your spiritual force, and bring in the changes you wish to see in yourself and the world.  

Discover more about this powerful process when you join us for this course with Dr. Shamini Jain, psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur.

She’ll share how you can work with mantras and elemental energies to clear away your patterning, heal yourself, maintain emotional balance, and realign with your spiritual core.

Be Guided by a Leading-Edge Practitioner of Consciousness Healing & the Science of Wellbeing

Ancient Eastern and Western perspectives of healing are converging with modern research to reveal the tremendous power you can have on your health. Scientist, psychologist, and healer Dr. Shamini Jain teaches both the science and the practice of healing that’s required for living a fully embodied, joyful life.

Born in an Indian Jain household, Shamini is rooted in Jain dharma as well as Tantric teachings and practices. A recognized expert in biofield science and healing, she has conducted pioneering research in the areas of meditation and hands-on energy work. In addition to sharing her knowledge and expertise via keynote speeches and TEDx talks, Shamini teaches healing self-practices at leading retreat centers across the U.S. She is also a performing singer and a student of Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere in the healing arts.

Deepak Chopra calls Shamini “a visionary scientist and collaboration catalyst, with the energy and heart of a healer.”

Shamini will teach you to use your voice to experience spiritual liberation through connection with the elements. She’ll also show you the use of your voice beyond just mantra practice so you can recognize and create sounds that relate to air, earth, water, and fire.

You’ll also open up the power of your voice for manifestation and healing activating your own healing power through the current of inner sound.


During this deep and inspiring Shakti upgrade with Dr. Shamini Jain, you’ll:

  • Create a personal connection with the Divine Feminine
  • Connect with grace through mantra chanting so you can co-create our new world with spiritual support from the Divine Feminine in ALL her forms
  • Become empowered to use your voice for self-healing
  • Understand how the ancient science of mantras connects your biofield with elemental and planetary energies (air, fire, earth, water, space, solar, and lunar)
  • Identify where elemental energies show up sonically in your life through music and other environmental sounds (nature) and discern how it makes you feel as you bring those sounds into your body
  • Harmonize your immune and nervous systems creating a bodily shift that could show up as better sleep, improved mood, and more
  • Feel divine support all around you even when things seem challenging
  • Bridge the ancient and modern to inner sound making by integrating music and your voice
  • Discover whole-person healing spiritual, emotional, and physical with integrations and mantra practices that bring the energies into your body to help you better deal with the world
  • Understand how to use sound for devotional purposes to connect with the Divine
  • Explore how science and spirituality aren’t at odds, but speak to different parts of the human experience

Seize this opportunity to work more deeply to liberate the full power of your voice, welcome divine vibrations into your biofield, and use sacred mantras to call forth powerful goddesses as portals to your own healing abilities.

During this vibrant 7-part course, featuring 20 minutes of lecture, plus mantra practice, and deepening practices, Shamini will empower you to use your voice as a force for healing.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this transformational intensive, Shamini will teach you how to use the power of your voice to connect with Vedic and Tantric goddesses through sacred sound and mantra revealing little-known insights into the many forms of the Goddess so you can experience their divine portals as catalysts for joy, creativity, and grace.


Module 1: Explore & Empower Your Sound


You’ll begin by exploring the power of sound for healing, discovering how to free yourself energetically by connecting your sound currents with your biofield. You’ll learn what ancient and modern science have to say about the power of sound and chanting for healing, and you’ll explore whether you have blocks in your own sound-making, and how to fully open channels.

You’ll discover tried-and-true singing exercises as well as ancient vocal sound-healing techniques to help clear and connect your energetic field, and ready yourself for manifestation and spiritual progression.

In this module, you’ll find your voice, learning:

  • What ancient and modern science say about the power of inner and outer sound for healing
  • How ancient Vedic and Tantric teachings on the four dimensions of sound can help expand your consciousness
  • How to scan your energy field and release stuck energy using your voice
  • How to free your voice  to free your life

Module 2: Sound Vibration, Goddesses & Elements


Ancient Vedic and Tantric teachings based on thousands of years of collective practice recognized that specific sound vibrations were connected with elemental and planetary energies. These energies are often represented by goddesses who can help us on our spiritual path.

You’ll find out how to connect with these energies through your biofield by using specific seed mantras. Then, you’ll start working with these seed mantras to restore harmony, strength, and peace in yourself, no matter what the outer circumstances.

In this module, you’ll connect with sound and:

  • Learn specific seed mantras and how to resonate them powerfully in your biofield, to better feel and harmonize your energies
  • Explore the connection between seed mantras and lunar, solar, fire, water, air, space, and earth energies
  • Assess which energies are strong in you, and which ones you feel you need to connect with more
  • Learn the power of the GODDESS as Generating, Orchestrating, Destroying Devis who Empower Soul Service
  • Work appropriately with seed mantras to further open your biofield to divine assistance, for a beautiful soul-filled life

Module 3: Being Grounded, Strong & Compassionate Receiving the Wisdom of Durga Ma


Durga Ma, often considered the Mother Goddess in Vedic teachings, enables us to persevere through difficult times with grace and strength. She teaches us how to both vanquish our enemies, and rule with compassion.

Learn how to connect with Durga Ma through mantra and visualization to bring a sense of groundedness, wholeness, and compassion for all living beings in your life.

In this module, you’ll deepen your connection with the Mother by:

  • Connecting with the strong yet compassionate energies of Durga Ma
  • Assessing areas of your life where you could use Durga Ma’s assistance
  • Cultivating groundedness and stability through your biofield, with a simple yet powerful Durga mantra
  • Learning how to connect with Durga Ma to help and protect you during challenging times
  • Receiving a Durga mantra you can voice for protection

Module 4: Clearing & Transformation Integrating the Power of Maha Kali


In this session, you’ll explore how to seek assistance from Kali Ma in a safe way to unlock powerful transformation and clear away negativity. Kali Ma is a fierce and compassionate goddess whose divine force can help you raise your kundalini energies, clear away habit patterns and attachments, and transform your life.

Maha Kali teaches us about the boundlessness of consciousness and the ability to transcend space and time to experience life beyond dualities. Kali Ma’s lighting-quick abilities also remind us that while change is inevitable, transformation can happen in an instant.

In this module, you’ll clear and transform your energy field by:

  • Discovering the different faces of Kali Ma from Vedic and Tantric teachings and how Kali’s manifestations relate to your letting-go process
  • Experiencing deep cleansing and energetic clearing of dis-ease patterns with a powerful Maha Kali chant
  • Exploring where Kali Ma’s lightning and motion energies of transformation are needed in your life
  • Learning how to approach Kali Ma to aid you in clearing away attachments, etheric noise, and unresolved emotions

Module 5: Fostering Creative Flow Matangi & Saraswati


During this class, you’ll learn how to unlock your creative flow and open up your wisdom channels with the goddesses Saraswati and Matangi. Saraswati, one of the three main Vedic goddesses, is known as the goddess of wisdom and the mother of the creative arts. Saraswati is reflected in the goddess Matangi, one of the Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses) in the Tantric tradition.

While Saraswati teaches us about the beauty of timing and precision, Matangi takes us beyond the confines of cultural conditioning to explore the unbridled, ecstatic nature of the creative force and the ultimate reality of subtle sound. Explore how these powerful goddesses can help you unlock your creative bliss and the flow of wisdom.

In this module, you’ll become a co-creator by:

  • Awakening the creative, flowing energies of your second chakra through mantra and sound practices
  • Exploring how sound, lunar, and water energies foster an energetic relationship between creative freedom, flow, bliss, and wisdom
  • Experiencing yourself as a limitless, creative being
  • Connecting with Matangi and Saraswati to bless your creative pursuits and help you gain wisdom

Module 6: Experience the Laws of Attraction & Abundance With Lakshmi Devi


Lakshmi Devi is a highly revered goddess in the Vedic tradition, who fosters abundance in all forms. While she is often worshipped for material wealth and fame, she, as well as the Goddess Kamalatmika (Kamala) in Tantric tradition, teaches us about the attractive force, devotion, and fulfillment through purity of intention. Learn how to connect with Lakshmi and Kamala Devi for powerful manifestation and spiritual ascension.

In this module, you’ll become abundance by:

  • Using your inner light to connect with Lakshmi and Kamala Devi
  • Learning how magnetic energies can be combined in mantra practices to attract goodness and abundance in your life
  • Becoming aware of things that can hinder the appearance of Lakshmi in your life and how to clear them
  • Understanding the relationship between purity and manifestation
  • Receiving a simple mantra to foster abundance in your life

Module 7: From Pleasure to Bliss The Magic of Tripura Sundari


Tripura Sundari, one of the ten Mahavidyas or Tantric Wisdom Goddesses, is known for her qualities of bestowing sensual pleasure and playfulness in her manifestation as Lalita. Tripura Sundari also teaches us of the ultimate liberating power of Shakti, the Divine Feminine

With Tripura Sundari’s guidance, we follow the Divine Feminine energies and unify them with those of the Divine Masculine to taste transcendence, and experience reality in its full unfolding as bliss and unity consciousness. 

Find out how connecting with the energies and forms of Tripura Sundari in your life can help you break through to bliss even in ordinary life.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Understand why Tripura Sundari is revered as one of the highest goddesses in Tantric tradition
  • Explore what she teaches us about the ultimate nature of wellbeing
  • Connect with Tripura Sundari through mantra to unlock your sensuality and playfulness​
  • Pray to Tripura Sundari through powerful meditative practices to help move beyond the veil of duality and experience blissful union

The Voicing the Goddess Bonus Collection

In addition to Dr. Shamini’s transformative course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


Transforming Trauma: The Role of the Biofield
Video Interview With Shamini Jain and Dr. Julie Yau

When it comes to transforming the effects of trauma, what’s the role of your biofield? Leading trauma therapist and embodiment expert Dr. Julie Yau opens up the conversation with a brief introduction into the key types of trauma. She draws on her expertise in both depth and spiritual psychology to explain how to best transform trauma, and what the role of your biofield is in doing so.


Vastu & Vedic Medical Astrology
Video Dialogue With Shamini Jain and Michael Mastro

What if you could reduce the stresses in your environment that cause life to be a struggle? Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of creating balanced living and working spaces for better health and wellbeing, is a system to help you do just that. Vedic astrology also offers tremendous insight into how to optimize your life and well-being. In this interview, Michael Mastro draws on his 40 years of expertise to illuminate the value of adapting these ancient practices to our modern world to help you find relief from stress and enhance your wellness.


Embodying Unbreakable Wholeness & Wellbeing
Video Dialogue With Shamini Jain and Richard Miller, PhD

Unbreakable Wholeness and its essential qualities such as ease, peace, self-compassion, and wellbeing exists innately within us all. Richard Miller, PhD, clinical psychologist, author, researcher, and yogic scholar, joins Shamini to discuss how when we don’t recognize our basic wholeness, we will always feel that something’s amiss in our lives. This feeling arises to help us reorient to our essential wholeness, and this video will inspire you with ways to do so.


What Graduates of Shamini’s Courses Are Saying...

“Dr. Shamini Jain is an excellent, wise, dedicated instructor...”

I feel much more connected to wisdom. Dr. Shamini Jain is an excellent, wise, dedicated instructor her loving energy is revitalizing and palpable.
Elena, Florida

“I learned the importance of grounding, how to ground, and how to bring forth the power of the elements...”

This course brought me to a better understanding of chakras from Eastern perspective; I learned the importance of grounding, how to ground, and how to bring forth the power of the elements into these healing/transformative energies. Viewing the chakras as three interrelated Triads was extremely beneficial!
Lisa, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Great course with a very knowledgeable and generous teacher.”

Great course with a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. The course provided a very helpful overview of Vedic perspectives and mantras, and deepened my knowledge of the chakras.

“... a very enlightening course...”

A big thank you to Shamini for a very enlightening course and new experiences of some very subtle internal shifts... I found her really inspiring to listen to and enjoyed the way she delivered the content.
Corinna, United Kingdom

“Shamini Jain made the chakras come vividly alive!”

Lisa, San Francisco, California


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions With Dr. Shamini Jain

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur Dr. Shamini Jain from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to vibrate with the sounds of the goddesses to liberate the full power of your voice and use sacred mantras to call forth Indian goddesses as portals for your own healing.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Voicing the Goddess Bonus Collection
  • Transforming Trauma: The Role of the Biofield
    Video Interview With Shamini Jain and Dr. Julie Yau
  • Vastu & Vedic Medical Astrology
    Video Dialogue With Shamini Jain and Michael Mastro
  • Embodying Unbreakable Wholeness & Wellbeing
    Video Dialogue With Shamini Jain and Richard Miller, PhD

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Voicing the Goddess Online Training


We feel honored that Dr. Shamini Jain has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn directly with a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur whose powerful insights and pioneering work in sound and biofield energetics are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about catalyzing joy, creativity, grace, and personal power, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

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More Praise for Dr. Shamini Jain...

“... inspires and empowers us to ignite infinite healing potential...”

Dr. Shamini Jain is a visionary scientist and collaboration catalyst, with the energy and heart of a healer. She’s a master synthesizer of diverse wisdom streams, weaving together scientific discoveries and practical wisdom in a way that inspires and empowers us to ignite infinite healing potential for ourselves, each other, and the planet.
Deepak Chopra, MD, Author of  How to Know God

“... a potent bridge... between science and spirituality...”

Shamini Jain, PhD, is that rare integration of open-hearted, open-minded, divinely feminine mystic, and grounded, pragmatic, rational scientist who serves as a potent bridge in a time when the divide between science and spirituality has never been more polarized.

Weaving this bridge together with the alchemy of her personal medicine, Shamini can be trusted to take you down rabbit holes you might otherwise be scared to explore, with the understanding that you won’t fly off the earth like a disembodied balloon or get too stuck in the morass of materialism that is so rampant in the dogmas of science right now. At the edge of where science and spirituality meet, transformation through Shamini’s guidance awaits you.
Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of  Mind Over Medicine and founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute

“... elevating, enlightening, mind-expanding, and fun.”

I am honored and proud to call Dr. Shamini Jain my friend and colleague. I am continually amazed by her energy, her incredible amount of talents, and her ability to make just about anything happen. I highly recommend that if you are considering undertaking anything with Shamini, no matter what it is, that you do it! She will deliver above and beyond whatever is promised in ways that are elevating, enlightening, mind-expanding, and fun.
Eileen McKusick, MA, Author and sound researcher


About Dr. Shamini Jain

Dr. Shamini Jain, a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, is a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), a collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, educators, and artists to help lead humanity to heal ourselves. CHI was formed through Shamini’s deep desire to bring key stakeholders together to create a coherent and effective movement to move us beyond models of “disease thinking” and the “decade of the brain,” into the study of systems-based healing processes, and personal and societal empowerment.

Shamini integrates her background in clinical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, Jain spiritual wisdom, and the healing arts to teach people how they can best heal themselves and live life with joy and spiritual alignment “on purpose.” She teaches fundamental principles and practices from Jainism, an ancient East Indian philosophy that is thousands of years old, which has influenced social change leaders and freedom fighters such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas K. Gandhi.

She teaches regularly at Kripalu, 1440 Multiversity, and Sivananda Ashram. Her research has been featured in TIME, US News and World Report, CNN, and other news media. She also shares research on the science of healing in diverse venues, including NATO, TEDx, major universities and medical centers, health-related conferences, and corporations. She has blogged for HuffPost and the Times of India. Her first book on the biofield and healing will be published by Sounds True in early 2021.

Shamini serves on the Board of Directors for Greenheart International, is a Steering Committee Member for Invest in Yourself at NEXUS, and is on scientific advisory boards for several social benefit companies, including Wacuri, Modern Spirit, and Leap Forward. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, and a member of UC San Diego’s Center for Integrative Medicine.


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