With Internationally Renowned Herbalist, Mycologist, Clinician & Research Scientist
Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc

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Explore the safe, legal, and most effective uses of the top 4 psychedelic medicines today psilocybin, ayahuasca, MDMA, and ketamine so you can make informed decisions about healing trauma, anxiety, depression, or addiction.

Learn from the direct experience of an expert herbalist, clinician, and research scientist how these medicines can help you navigate your life with greater ease, self-love, understanding, and a higher, more expansive consciousness.


You may have considered psychedelic-assisted therapies for trauma, PTSD, addiction, or anxiety, but wondered how to legally access the medicines, which ones to try, and whether to experience them on your own or with a facilitator...

According to internationally renowned herbalist, clinician, and research scientist Christopher Hobbs, emerging clinical trials show the significant benefits of certain psychedelics for deepening your spiritual connection in addition to reducing (or even eradicating) symptoms of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addiction...

... when used safely, in the right setting, with the appropriate dosage and form that’s best for you, and with proper integration.

Dr. Hobbs is eager to share the scientific wisdom and life-changing benefits of four of the most researched psychedelics so you can determine which medicinal path is best for you .

And, you’ll experience powerful breathwork practices, ceremonies, and rituals led by Dr. Hobbs’ wife, Rainya Dann, that can help you achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness without psychedelics.

Often, we seek external solutions for our greatest challenges. Dr. Hobbs believes psychedelics are meant to be experienced as portals into your own psyche and heart...

... keys into your inner world and other-worldly dimensions where you can receive the guidance and epiphanic awareness you need to transform and heal.

In fact, using psychedelics can be one of the most direct and powerful methods to address the root causes of emotional (and even some physical and mental) challenges and transform them.

Join Dr. Hobbs in his new 7-week live video course, where you’ll receive the leading-edge science, research, and information as you dive deep into four of the most clinically studied psychedelics, exploring their properties and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

You’ll learn about their scientific makeup, how they trigger different actions in your brain and nervous system, the results you might expect, how to legally source them, and how to work with them on your own, in community, or with the guidance of a facilitator.

You’ll also learn about their relative safety, accessibility, historical context, legal considerations, and the potential drawbacks of each.

You’ll explore microdosing and the addictive potential (or none) of the various psychedelics, so you can begin to discern which medicinal path might be the most comfortable, safest, and most effective for your wellness journey.

Dr. Hobbs has designed this course methodically, with three sessions on psilocybin (his specialty), one on MDMA, one on ayahuasca, and one on Ketamine and will also touch on LSD and DMT (an active ingredient in ayahuasca).

You’ll gain insight into the scientific evidence showing psilocybin’s benefits for brain health, cognition, neuroplasticity, and mental clarity.

Dr. Hobbs will also discuss one of the most fascinating aspects of the more organic psychedelics: the mounting (but not proven) evidence that they may have been used by the ancients and were likely part of the catalyst and foundational wisdom for some major religions, including Vedic traditions and Christianity!


During this science-based, experiential, and spiritually informed course, you’ll discover:

  • An extensive exploration of 4 psychedelics, their chemical effect on your brain and psyche, the benefits they offer, and ways to use them safely
  • Clinical trials highlighting the effectiveness of psychedelics in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, and existential fear
  • How psychedelics can help you access early traumatic events, so you can metabolize them and deactivate their impact
  • How to mitigate your risk as you use psychedelics including a positive mental state, appropriate setting, positive intention, and sourcing pure products
  • Integration steps as a crucial aspect of psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • The ethical and legal considerations, safety, accessibility, and long-term effects of each of the psychedelics
  • The role of psychedelics in ancient history, traditional cultures, religions, and the evolution of human consciousness
  • How to prepare for psychedelic journeys, and the importance of overall health for efficacy and safety
  • Resources for accessing pure psychedelics, DIY methods, and finding the right facilitator
  • And much more...

With more than 40 years of experience as a clinical herbalist, Dr. Hobbs has treated numerous patients using natural remedies. He is particularly renowned for his research on medicinal mushrooms, contributing significant knowledge to their therapeutic uses.

He’s also authored or co-authored more than 20 books on herbal medicine and natural health, and has contributed extensively to scientific journals. His writings are used as reference materials by both practitioners and students helping to educate the next generation of herbalists and health practitioners.

With Dr. Hobbs’ extensive personal experience, he’ll share what to expect from psychedelic experiences and how they can be profoundly transformative.

You’ll learn how the psyche and ego are formed, how they store traumatic events, and exactly how psychedelics facilitate healing.

You’ll also learn about the importance of a healthy and diverse microflora for producing serotonin, which is crucial for engaging psychedelic receptors.

You’ll walk away from this course with all the knowledge you need to choose your psychedelic journey for your healing process and the evolution of your consciousness.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Dr. Hobbs will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to understand the most well-known and scientifically explored healing psychedelics and how they can reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction so you can determine the best medicine path for you.

Join the Livestream or Stream Later to Watch at Your Convenience


You’ll connect with Dr. Hobbs and experience his teachings through livestreaming video via any connected device. This connection is easy to use and will enhance the impact of Dr. Hobbs’ transmissions. Can’t make it live? After each class, you can stream the video and audio recordings to enjoy anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Weekly Sessions Tuesdays at 9:00am Pacific

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive sessions, experiential practices, and Q&A with Dr. Hobbs. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to make a truly informed decision about which psychedelic healing medicine might be best in resolving your emotional, spiritual, and mental challenges.

Module 1: An Introduction to the Major Psychedelics to Discern Which Is Right for You, and When for Your Personal Healing (July 2)


In this opening module, you’ll begin with a deep centering exercise to settle in with gratitude, led by Dr. Hobbs’ partner, accomplished clinical hypnotherapist Rainya Dann.

Dr. Hobbs will then explore the rich history of psychedelic use throughout human history.

You’ll learn about the significance of mind-altering substances in ancient times and its potential role in the development of the great religions, perhaps even the development of human consciousness itself.

Modern analytical methods, for example, have uncovered psychedelic substances in wine cups found at ceremonial sites in the ancient world from over 2,000 years ago, and perhaps much older! Rituals that were central to a variety of belief systems, from pagan to Christian, are thought by some to have included psychedelic substances. You’ll review the evidence of this and place it all in a modern context.

Dr. Hobbs will also provide an overview of the major psychedelics and related sacred medicines and substances, looking at the differences, benefits, safety, and contraindications, with a focus on the current scientific research on each.

During this session, you’ll explore and experience:

  • The power of intentional breathing exercises, and how low-dose psychedelics can enhance and deepen the experience, and increase the benefits
  • The potential meaning of psychedelics in the history of our entire human experience and the development of consciousness and religion, from the most ancient times through the 19th and 20th centuries (based on the book The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku)
  • A comparison of the benefits and important aspects of the major psychedelics for your own healing journey MDMA, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, ketamine, DMT, and LSD

Module 2: Explore Psilocybin How It Works & Its Many Benefits for Metabolizing Trauma, Releasing Old Stories & Achieving Ecstatic States (July 9)


This week, you’ll delve into the sacred psilocybin mushroom, beginning with wisdom from Rainya Dann about ways to achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness without the use of psychedelics. She’ll lead a short exercise, and then Dr. Hobbs will then put that information in context within the psychedelic experience.

You’ll learn how psychedelics, particularly psilocybin, can either enhance or deter the achievement of mindful and ecstatic states in which you can connect to and really understand your higher self your true nature.

Psilocybin can also help you metabolize and release old trauma, resentments, and the stories you believe about yourself and the world that are not serving you.

Dr. Hobbs will share how the ego is formed, and the effects of psilocybin on the brain, ego, and normal reality. You’ll also hear about the many researched benefits backed by scientific studies and receive a few cautions.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Other ways to achieve different states of consciousness, combining psilocybin for more profound results
  • The formation of the ego and how psilocybin affects our default mode network
  • How psilocybin binds to key receptor sites, especially our nervous system and brain, and throughout the body protecting and enhancing neural growth, connectivity, plasticity, and glial cell activities
  • Scientifically tested benefits for healing depression, anxiety, and addiction, and for enhancing spiritual practice with meditation
  • That you can let go of old stories with the aid of psilocybin

Module 3: Receive Resources for the Use, Access & Selection of Psilocybin to Safely Experience Its Greatest Benefit (July 16)


Dr. Hobbs will provide a number of resources for legally acquiring psilocybin in a variety of forms dried fruiting bodies, chocolates, capsules, or liquids. He’ll also share about psychedelic churches.

These products are much more widely available today, and enforcement has eased in some states as our society increasingly understands the benefits and safety. You’ll look at other possibilities for acquiring psilocybin, such as growing your own through home cultivation, and making your own liquids.

You’ll learn about the genus Psilocybe and other mushroom species that contain the active psilocybin alkaloids. And Dr. Hobbs will share important information about the stability of psilocybin products and how to extend their shelf-life...

... plus the pros and cons of different products, and how to judge their potency to determine the correct dose for your constitution.

You’ll also explore various microdosing doses and regimes.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to legally access high-quality psilocybin mushrooms and products
  • What form is best suited for your needs whole, powdered, capsules, teas, chocolates, liquids, or gummies
  • How to avoid digestive upset and pain the “serotonin seize”
  • Resources and techniques to grow your own mushrooms at home
  • A look at the genus Psilocybe, picking wild, and cautions
  • The stability of the psilocybin alkaloids, and how best to preserve their efficacy
  • How to determine dose and dosage

Module 4: Review Psilocybin Clinical Trials, the Benefits of Microdosing, How to Start & Ways It Opens You to Many Gifts as You Face Life’s Challenges (July 23)


In this session, you’ll learn how psilocybin alkaloids affect the nervous system binding mainly to serotonin, glutamate, and dopamine receptors. Dr. Hobbs will explain that your microflora is responsible for most of your neurotransmitter production not your brain and he’ll share about how to, very simply, maintain a healthy and diverse microflora.

You’ll explore the psychedelic hero’s journey and take a deeper look at the benefits of microdosing as a way of inviting the medicine into your mind and body.

You’ll benefit from Dr. Hobbs’ more than 45 years of experience in microdosing and macrodosing this remarkable mushroom and what changes he’s experienced as a result. You’ll learn about a variety of microdosing schedules and benefits, as well as what happens at higher, more heroic doses.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How psilocybin actually works in the body
  • How to keep your microbiome healthy to produce serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters
  • The deeply archetypal hero and heroine’s journey as it relates to your own life
  • The way sacred medicines can be your mentor and guide in opening up many gifts both during and after struggles to find your own truth
  • A close look at the benefits of microdosing and how to transition to higher doses

Module 5: Learn the Benefits of MDMA in Resolving PTSD & Accessing Forgiveness & Self-Love (July 30)


MDMA, initially synthesized in 1912, gained popularity as a recreational drug in the 1980s, but saw limited use in psychotherapy, until now, due to its psychoactive properties.

In recent years, clinical trials sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) have demonstrated the potential therapeutic benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You’ll learn about the success of these trials in demonstrating significant reductions in PTSD symptoms, which has led the FDA to designate MDMA as a “Breakthrough Therapy.” Its potential approval is now being expedited as a new drug applicant for PTSD treatment.

This progress marks a significant step toward legitimizing the use of MDMA in a controlled, therapeutic setting, paving the way for potential future applications to address other mental health conditions.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The nature and action of MDMA in the body how it can affect you and your body through the release of dopamine, and more
  • MDMA as a heart-opening agent, which can lead to forgiveness, for yourself and others, and self-love
  • Why MDMA is such a powerful tool for couples and other relationships
  • Using MDMA as a way to come to terms with trauma and PTSD, including early childhood trauma
  • How MDMA works best when combined with psychotherapy and integration, but can be used as self-treatment
  • The importance of purity and what to look for when you’re buying it

Module 6: Understand the Ayahuasca Experience for Facilitating Healing, Spiritual Connection & Self-Discovery and Its Potential Drawbacks (August 6)


Ayahuasca, a traditional brew used in spiritual and healing ceremonies in the Amazon basin for centuries, is gaining attention for its potential therapeutic benefits. The brew, made from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis leaves, contains DMT, a potent psychedelic compound. Shamans have long used ayahuasca to facilitate healing, spiritual connection, and self-discovery.

In this class, you’ll receive a brief overview of recent clinical trials and how researchers are exploring ayahuasca’s potential for treating depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD. The experience, usually characterized by intense hallucinations, vomiting, and emotional release, can be challenging and is not suitable for everyone.

You’ll learn how ayahuasca is said to open a portal to actually see (not just as a hallucination) into the fifth dimension, helping you access your spirit guides and spirit animals.

It’s a powerful agent for purging and cleansing old energy, toxic thoughts, and baggage physically, mentally, and psychologically.

It’s important to use caution when entering an ayahuasca ceremony, because the substance can interact with medications and may be risky for individuals with certain health conditions.

This week, you’ll also discover:

  • The history of ayahuasca use in the context of shamanism, as well as an overview of how it’s being used today and studied in clinical trials
  • What ayahuasca is botanically and chemically, and its unique effects, benefits, and potential drawbacks
  • The different kinds of ayahuasca, the importance of setting, and how each shaman tweaks the brew
  • A description of the ceremonial experience
  • How ayahuasca works with other psychedelics
  • How to find a shaman or dedicated group, if you feel ready to try ayahuasca

Module 7: Discover the Clinical Trials & the Therapeutic Potential of Ketamine to Relieve Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & Suicidal Ideation (August 13)


Ketamine, first synthesized in 1962, is a dissociative anesthetic with hallucinogenic properties, originally used in veterinary and human medicine for sedation and pain management. It gained popularity as a recreational drug due to its unique dissociative effects, leading to its classification as a controlled substance in many countries.

Recent clinical trials have reignited interest in ketamine for its potential therapeutic benefits, particularly in treating treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Emerging evidence suggests that ketamine can rapidly alleviate depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation, though the long-term efficacy and potential risks, including abuse and dissociative side effects, remain areas of ongoing research. While its medical use is expanding, caution and proper clinical supervision are essential, due to its potential for dependence and adverse reactions.

In this closing module, you’ll explore:

  • The discovery of ketamine, its initial uses, its chemistry, and its effects on the body
  • The current state of ketamine’s accessibility and legality
  • What clinical reports and studies say about ketamine’s potential effectiveness in treating PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety
  • How, at lower doses, ketamine has no psychedelic effects, but can at higher doses
  • Which method of delivery might be best for you oral, sublingual, by injection and when
  • That ketamine is approved for licensed facilitators, where it’s more accessible as a prescription or underground facilitator and the benefits of using it with counseling
  • Where to obtain pure ketamine
  • How to find a facilitator and receive a psychedelic facilitator training


The Informed Psychedelic Healing Bonus Offering

In addition to Dr. Hobbs’ transformative 7-week online course, you’ll receive this special bonus offering to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Learn From a Master Psychedelic Guide
Audio Interview With Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc, and a Psychedelic Facilitator With PDF

This is an amazing opportunity to get an in-depth look at the benefits of using psilocybin in a group context from someone who’s been involved in these ceremonies for many decades. Our professional guest will share how and where to set up a psychedelic ceremony and what the ceremony itself is like. You’ll discover the importance of music and how to select it. He’ll talk about safety and much more.


Understanding & Accessing the Clinical Research on Psilocybin Medicine
PDF Excerpt From Dr. Christopher Hobbs’ Book, The Health and Clinical Benefits of Medicinal Fungi

The excerpt contains the most comprehensive yet accessible and compact summary of clinical trials on psilocybin to date. It’s arranged by study focus depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. It’s easy to read and contains all the key references. It’s a great resource if you want to understand the current state of scientific research behind the effectiveness and safety of psilocybin.


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What Graduates of Dr. Hobbs’ Courses Are Saying...

“Dr. Christopher Hobbs is a wealth of information, especially when it comes to psychedelics and mushrooms.”

Dr. Christopher Hobbs is a wealth of information, especially when it comes to psychedelics and mushrooms. His practical approach is safe and effective, and he makes it easy to attain and be self-sufficient with your choice of medicine. I learned new ways of enjoying potent mushroom medicine and will be incorporating these teachings into my life for years to come.
Leiko Leilani, Honomu, Hawaii

“I gained a lot of insights on the topic.”

Very detailed information. I gained a lot of insights on the topic.
Luzia, Austria

“I was amazed at how much additional information Dr. Hobbs presented.”

I have taken five classes from Dr. Christopher Hobbs. This is my second time taking this class, as I took it last year. I was amazed at how much additional information Dr. Hobbs presented. I know a great deal about mushrooms mostly edible and medicinal and I am astonished at the breath and the depth of his knowledge not only about mushrooms, but also herbs and other wellness-based modalities.
Melissa, Napa, California

“Well informed. Great presentations.”

Well informed. Great presentations. Small groups are a wonderful plus.
Bill Hickey, Fairfield, Iowa

“This was the perfect introduction course on magic mushrooms...”

This was the perfect introduction course on magic mushrooms, and it provided a really great foundation with information that will take me to the next level with the study of magic mushrooms.
Racquel, Hudson, New York


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You’ll join an international community on the leading edge of manifesting a world grounded in the principles of cooperation, harmony, and reverence for all of life.


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Class Sessions With Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc

Experience a unique opportunity to be mentored by and learn from Christopher Hobbs PhD, LAc, internationally renowned herbalist, mycologist, clinician, and research scientist from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a livestreaming video option and will guide you to understand the scientifically determined healing effects of psychedelic medicines their properties, safety, legality, and accessibility and how they can help you heal trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, and navigate your life with greater ease. Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 9:00am Pacific.

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The Informed Psychedelic Healing Bonus Offering
  • Learn From a Master Psychedelic Guide
    Audio Interview With Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc, and a Psychedelic Facilitator With PDF Transcript
  • Understanding & Accessing the Clinical Research on Psilocybin Medicine
    PDF Excerpt From Dr. Christopher Hobbs’ Book, The Health and Clinical Benefits of Medicinal Fungi

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Online Course, Informed Psychedelic Healing


We feel honored that Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive LIVE online course. This is a unique opportunity to interact directly with an internationally renowned herbalist, mycologist, clinician, and research scientist whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about informing yourself about the healing effects of psychedelic medicines their benefits and drawbacks so you can make a truly informed decision about which medicinal path is best for you, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind program.


More Praise for Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc...

“The blend of lectures, slide presentations, and text provided a thorough, well-rounded, integrated course on herbal medicine.”

The blend of lectures, slide presentations, and text provided a thorough, well-rounded, integrated course on herbal medicine. I especially appreciated the organization of the material by major body system and the holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. The lessons were very detailed and thorough, and I learned a tremendous amount from them. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants an in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine and energetic principles.
Julie Herzog, Elderberry Herb Farm, Sharon Springs, New York

“I have explored many herbal distance-learning programs, and this course is by far superior.”

I have explored many herbal distance-learning programs and this course is by far superior. The material is presented so that it’s easily understandable with great references, making the information easy to retain. The course goes beyond theory, and presents practical information that you can begin using immediately. I am finally making my own herbal remedies that are benefitting myself, my family, and friends. I would highly recommend Dr. Hobbs’ program to anyone interested in studying the wonder of herbs!
L.M. Vellucci, martial arts instructor, Redmond, Oregon

“I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of herbal medicine.”

The course has been an amazing adventure for me. There is so much information packed in a very organized way that builds from one lesson to the next. There’s an underlying theme throughout that helps one grasp concepts along the way. I especially loved the way that problems in each body system are addressed with well-defined herbal formulas that one can make. The information about the herbs themselves is invaluable, and I know I will be referring back to this course always. The course quizzes are a way to consolidate the information gained from each lesson, and at the end of each lesson one can continue with the additional projects listed, so the learning goes on!
Monique Portanger, registered and licensed occupational therapist


About Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc

Dr. Christopher Hobbs is a fourth-generation internationally renowned herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, herbal clinician, research scientist, consultant to the dietary supplement industry, expert witness, botanist, and mycologist with over 40 years of experience. The author or co-author of more than 20 books, he lectures on herbal medicine worldwide.

Dr. Hobbs has taught at numerous universities and medical schools, including Bastyr University and the National School of Naturopathic Medicine. He taught classes for seven years at University of California, Berkeley, as a PhD graduate student in evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, plant chemistry, and ethnobotany, and also as a faculty lecturer. He also taught a fully accredited lab class in all aspects of herbal medicine at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


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Q: Can I still benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?

A: Absolutely! You can stream the recordings and download the transcripts of all course sessions, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage with the full community and leaders in our private online community group.


Q: Can you tell me about the private online community group?

A: We’ll have a private online community group for all course participants on Facebook that will support you in making connections with others, sharing insights, engaging in discussions, and completing homework assignments that can supplement your transformational journey. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects, and growth throughout the course.


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