One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light

is the first section in Robert Peng's book,
The Master Key

Installment #22

Chapter Five
My World Opens Up

Hainan Island

After each of the Qigong demonstrations, my popularity on campus surged higher, and an increasing number of students signed up for Wuhui’s and my Qigong classes and healings. Mr. Liu was also indirectly responsible for spreading our reputation as healers beyond the university. He had an influential friend who was involved with the local television station. Her situation was desperate, and he asked me to help her. The woman sent a car to my dormitory, and Wuhui and I were driven to her apartment.

Mr. Liu’s friend was an attractive woman in her early forties who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a big lump on her left breast, and her physicians had already scheduled surgery to remove the breast. Ironically, she displayed the same disapproving haughtiness Mr. Liu did when we first met, but behind the arrogance was extreme fear.

Wuhui and I treated her together a total of three times.

Less than a month later, she drove to the university and knocked on my door.

“May I come in?” she asked.

“How are you feeling?” I asked once she was inside my office. “The lump has gradually shrunk. This morning I checked again. I looked everywhere. It’s completely gone!” she exclaimed.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m absolutely sure. I check it every day. I check it ten times a day!”

 “That’s wonderful news.”

“Robert,” she said, holding my hand warmly, “thank you.”

After her healing more people from beyond campus began to come to Wuhui and me for Qigong treatments, and the number of students signing up for Qigong training continued to increase. We were spending more time practicing Qigong and healing patients than teaching our university classes. However, not everyone approved of our activities. During one of our Qigong classes there was a knock at the door. The president of the university came in with a group of security guards.

“We received an anonymous complaint that you’re involved in dangerous activities,” he said. “I insist that you stop immediately. I won’t allow anyone to get injured on my watch.”

We argued with him and explained that despite some of the dramatic feats performed for demonstration purposes, Qigong was safe. Finally, he relented and allowed us to continue, but the incident made Wuhui and me realize that the university campus was still not an ideal place for us to practice Qigong openly.

“The next time someone files a complaint, they could make us stop teaching,” I remarked.

Wuhui made a radical suggestion, “We should quit our jobs and move to Hainan Island. We can open up a healing clinic there safely and charge for our services.”

He was right. If we truly wanted to teach Qigong, Hainan Island was the best place to go. Back in 1988 Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China, had declared Hainan Island a “Special Economic Develop- ment Zone.” Government restrictions were loosened and millions of free-spirited Chinese flocked to the island in search of wealth and glory. Wuhui’s suggestion fired up my imagination, but I also questioned its practicality.

“Look,” he said, trying to convince me, “we won’t be accepted as professional Qigong healers here anytime soon. There’s still too much resistance. We’re young and talented. This is the time to make our move.”

“Wuhui, you’re absolutely right,” I told my friend after thinking about it. “They won’t accept us here. Not for a long time. Let’s do it!”

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