Shamanic Roots of the Maya

By Miguel Angel Vergara

This story takes us back to a past that has been lost deep in time and space…

Shamans throughout the world, throughout many different cultures, have one thing in common: they receive their gifts from direct contact with the Creator… in the world of the Maya that is represented by the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth, our divine Father and Mother.

As more and more people are finding their spiritual path and making their own direct connection with the Creator, the face of shamanism is changing and it is more important than ever to understand where the true power of the Shaman originates. In the Maya world it is very clear — the spiritual power of the Maya has deep roots, taking us back to Atlantis and beyond. Today, the Maya Masters of Light are still very active and open to sharing their knowledge.

When we talk about the sacred origin of the Maya Masters of Light, it is clear that we are also referring to the origin of those Maya Masters known as Halach Uiniks:

AH-Halach Uinik (sacred masculine)
IX-Halach Uinik (sacred feminine)

We find a reference relating to the origin of the Halach Uinik in the stories and legends written in the Land of the Mayab. The reference says:

“The Maya knew that before them, long, long before them, other men peopled this land and made it beautiful and great…
They were holy men and wise…
Each one of them had known the Gods themselves…
They had not come by way of land or sea…
They were there because…
He Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath created them here…
They were handsome men and brave, who gave love and mercy.”

When the Maya mention in this story that “He Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath” made them here, in this sacred land, they are indicating that the Mayab (the Land of the Few, the Chosen) has been the cradle and origin of the great wisdom teachers, at that time known by the name Halach Uiniks.

KuKuulKaan pyramid at the famous Maya site of Chichen Itza.
When Lord Itzamna came from Atlantis to the Yucatan, he decided to build “The Cosmic University of the Maya,” now called Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is a replica of the Atlantean Pyramids that, in that time, fulfilled the role of a Cosmic University. Itzamna rebuilt here the marvelous Palaces of the Ancient-Atlanteans in order for us to remember our ancestors the Atlanteans and their Sacred Knowledge, which came from that amazing city-island of Atlantis.

This story takes us back to a past that has been lost deep in time and space. It is a great mystery that permits us to “see” through the eyes of our conscience and heart that the term, “Halach Uinik” (truly true man or woman), refers to a conscious human being. It is enormously important to understand this concept and to understand that we need to apply it in this era we are now living.

One of the greatest of the Halach Uinik was the Lord Itzamna, who came from Atlantis and founded the Maya lineage in the Mayab.

Lord Itzamna, father of all, was ever with them; his hand, worker of the marvels of the world, was raised on high to guide and command them. He cured them of the ills of the body and he gave them the warmth of the Sun to illuminate their souls, which were thus every day blessed by heaven.
— Antonio Mediz Bolio in Land of the Pheasant and the Deer

The great Maya Lord, and Halach Uinik, Itzamna, said of his name; “I am the Dew of the Sky,” “I am the Dew of the Clouds.” He was described as possessing the same wonderful substance and energy that is formed from the dew descending from the Heart of the Sky to the Heart of the Earth. He was to love, heal, understand, teach, and share the sacred knowledge that he brought with him from Atlantis with all men and women; to unite human beings with God through his teachings.

The likeness of Lord Itzamna carved in stone on the entrance to the Ball Court at Chichen Itza reminding us of our roots in Atlantis. He is portrayed as an old man to honor his wisdom.

One of the most important teachings of the Halach Uinik is showing that all of us are Temples of God, which was described in the following manner:

“It was they who built the lofty and resplendent temples where men from near and far came to worship “He Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath.”

Each time that we inhale and exhale we are doing what they did, the Maya Halach Uiniks — we are “pronouncing the sacred unpronounceable name of God.”

Teacher Nazul tells us: “Inhale and breathe deeply and let the sacred breath of God purify you, heal you, and heal you in your mind, heart, soul, and body.”

It is really extraordinary, the understanding that our body, soul, and spirit is represented in the Maya as “The Heart of the Sky” since we are in essence spirit. We were created like poetry of the soul and flesh in the thoughts of God. It is for this reason that the Halach Uinik says that when we sing to God he is happy, and when we dance, we offer this dance of celestial music which then rejoices in the heart of everyone — sons and daughters in perfect love and harmony.

Consider from now, from this very moment, that you are a great Temple of Light where the Sun dwells and all that is missing is to hear the word of wisdom from your teacher, your Inner Halach Uinik, for all the light of your being to shine brilliantly in your life, bringing love, peace, and understanding to all of humankind.

The Maya sacred site of Ake.
Ake has one of the greatest temples featuring the architecture and vibration from ancient Atlantis. It is like the Crystal City from Atlantis that shines its light over anyone who opens their heart and mind to receive the gifts from the Father. Ake is a doorway to the past, to reconnecting with your Atlantis memories.

Itzamna, as a great Halach Uinik, led the Maya to the highest level of wisdom and the Halach Uinik shared the cosmic hope of the stars, placing them with his two hands in their temples and pyramids to be available forever.

Now, today, in this time that we are living on this planet, we are being offered a great opportunity to return to the wisdom and pure, clear knowledge directly from the heart to the heart. We need to open our hearts, our souls, our minds; to understand again the wisdom of the Halach Uinik.

We remember that in the ancient temples, human beings, without the burden of the “ego,” were able to “see” and communicate directly with God (Father – Mother), giving the respect and honor that they deserved. It is not too late to return to the Path of the Halach Uinik.

What has not passed in a thousand years can happen in an instant, it is enough that God sighs and the course of time is changed.
— Chilam Balam de Chumayel


Miguel Angel Vergara is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martín for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.

He teaches us how to connect with the Maya Masters of Light who are still at the sacred sites ready to guide us today as in ancient times. Going to the source of the Maya knowledge — to the ceremonies, mantras, sacred books, temples, stele, pottery, paintings, and oral traditions that are available today — he finds the essence of their knowledge and then teaches it in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his students.

Miguel Angel humbly and sincerely weaves a path to the pure authentic essence of the Maya cosmology and creates a space with beautiful ceremonies and stories where you can transform yourself and find your true spiritual path.

Miguel Angel guides people to the Maya Sacred Wisdom in sites in all the Maya world and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout the world. He is currently offering online courses on the Maya Sacred book, Popol Vuh, and is available for personal one-on-one Maya Destiny Birth Chart readings online or in person.

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This article appears in: 2018 Catalyst, Issue 13: Shamanism Global Summit