By Patrick Kronfli

I look deeply into the distance as my mind remembers where I am and where I’m heading. I’ve been on this path for 15 years. The path of Inner transformation and service to humanity. It hasn’t been easy. As a matter of fact, it’s been incredibly difficult. I sometimes wonder if it’s all worth it or if I would rather go back to sleep. It’s sometimes good for me to implode, let go, and spiral inward until I land into a deeper center. It can be scary to let go of my identity, my judgements, my thoughts, my goals, my ambitions, my relationships, and allow myself to free fall internally until I hit “rock bottom.” But I’ve been through it enough times to trust. To know that my personality must die every once in awhile for a new, better, more evolved version of myself to emerge.

It’s in these deep inward journeys that I’ve encountered the most profound experiences of my soul. These “rock bottom” or ”mental breakdown” experiences happen about 4 times a year and last 2-3 days with many hours of meditation and deep sleep. The first part of the journey takes me through spirals of emotions, thought patterns, relationships, and business plans that have become rigid and I’ve become attached to. I become acutely aware of all the discomfort this density has created for myself and the people in my life. I watch, feel, and ask for forgiveness as I’m taken more deeply down the spiral staircase of my inner world.

At some point the stairs beneath my feet disappear and I start to free fall. I watch as the surface parts of my personality try hard to resist. The ego grasps for a handful of something solid, but it can only hold on for brief moments before being swept into the gravity of my inward spiral.

I fall over and over again, letting go more and more each time. At some point the struggle softens, dissolves, and something else emerges that is a force more powerful than every struggle I’ve faced my entire life. First it comes like the love of a mother. I’m held and nurtured. My breath grows deep, receiving nourishment and gravitational support of our Earth’s electro-magnetic heartbeat. My physical body aches as I open up to deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. Soon, another force emerges from within this experience that will change my life forever.

My inner vision lights up with what looks like a portal to the center of a bright white star with golden rays spiraling towards me with waves of electric sensation. My entire body tingles as I open to what has now become a waterfall of energy pulsating through every bone, muscle, and organ. My inner vision explodes with bursts of light and my taste buds experience a sweetness that makes my mouth water. Literally. Eventually, the waterfall of sensation settles, leaving me in what has now become my new center. A deep place inside myself from which I will now view myself and all life.

My imagination begins to paint the thoughts of my mind. I first see the people in my life that I respect and I allow myself to receive their guidance and wisdom. I then see family and friends, and a love takes over to show me new ways of being with others. This new way amplifies with ripples of inspiration. Visions of peace, collaboration, and happiness sweeping across our planet. I see, feel, and witness the possibilities of my life, the human race, and our world. These visions expand for hours sometimes, and then, like a graceful shift in wind direction, I let go of all my visions and relax into my center. I usually sleep for a very long time during this next phase integrating everything I’ve been experiencing. I wake up refreshed, energized, and clear.

I take the time to look at every major part of my life. Excitement drives my imagination. I observe from my new found center point and watch as life shifts before my eyes. I see relationships evolve. I see my business evolve. I see my service to our planet amplify. Life now has a deeper sense of purpose. The flavors of my experience are enriched with more depth and emotion. The river of Inner delight is constantly there even though my external life can sometimes be a storm of change.

The world is changing. On the surface, things seem chaotic. Maybe more so than ever. But I see a rising tide of human evolution emerging from underneath it all. A movement of Inner Peace that will one day become World Peace. I’ve been organizing global synchronized meditations since 2011 and the movement has grown exponentially. Millions of us are waking up more and more every day. We are each operating from newfound realizations and choosing to Be The Peace we wish to see in the world. It may be a long road ahead of us, but it’s a road worth travelling. I’m committed to doing my best to be at the forefront of my personal evolution and the evolution of our planet. I invite you to join me.

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Patrick Kronfli was born as a first generation American in Los Angeles, CA where he was raised in an entrepreneurial Lebanese family that owned textile manufacturing facilities. At the age of 20, he experienced a rock bottom awakening that created the opportunity for his ego to implode in on itself. He made a radical shift and started to focus an increasing amount of attention on his internal growth and evolution so he can serve in the world. Patrick now has 11 year old twin boys, a solar energy business, and is the operations director of, an organization that inspires global meditations in hundreds of cities around the world. To learn more, click here.


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This article appears in: 2016 Catalyst, Issue 16: 11 Days of Global Unity & International Day of Peace